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50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessFashion is ageless, and it has no boundaries. If you like something, wearing it is up to you. However, there has always been a notion that after you reach a “certain” age, you should abide by the rules. There are some styles that I personally don’t like, or won’t wear. But, it is not because of my age, it is because of my body type. This plays right into my mantra, “Age Is An Attitude, Keep Yours Young.”
50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessBeing young at heart can, and should, spill over to your wardrobe. I am aware that there are some who have to dress a certain way because of your jobs. Hopefully, you can still have a little fun on the weekends with your style. Laugh, twirl, dance, and strut! There is no one else quite like you, and you need to remember how awesome you are. Your are one of the “GURLS.”
50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is Ageless

Today I am joining a bunch of lovely ladies whose ages range from in their teens to their 60’s. We will be showcasing how women from different age groups can still style a look. The theme for today is red. I styled red for a whole week for Valentine’s Day and Heart Health Month, so it was a little hard for me to find an outfit that I hadn’t already worn.50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessThis Lands End red boiled wool vest has been one of my favorite pieces since I bought it years ago. It is so old, I can’t even remember when I bought it. This is just another example of clothing that may not be the latest style, but I am not going to part with it. Similar. This scarf is reminiscent of Burberry, but not even close to the price tag. I have worn it several times this year. Here is one similar to mine, and check out the Burberry scarf and see if mine is similar. 50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessThe black purse was bought at the craft fair this past fall. I liked the hardware on the front and the strip look in the leather. Here is a price friendly version, and here is a similar Michael Kors.50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessThis gray dress/tunic is by Cherish USA and I bought it from Classy Closet when she set up at the craft fair my woman’s club organized this past November. Here is how I wore it last. It is super soft, and feels fabulous next to the skin. That is why I initially purchased it, I couldn’t get over how soft it was. Here is a similar tunic by Cherish USA. You will notice that in this picture I changed purses. I will do this often trying to decide which one I like. This one is a Dooney & Bourke that I bought at the QVC outlet. I looked everywhere I could think of to find this purse, but it must be discontinued. Here is as close as I could find. The black suede ankle boots were from Old Navy, and are several years old. Here is a similar version.50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is AgelessThis week in London, they finally addressed the idea that women over 50 are fashionable. Models over the age of 50 took to the runway and looked fabulous!!! I can’t believe they have ignored such a large part of the population, one that has a thirst for fashion and can usually afford to buy what they want. Wake up retailers, we are over 50 and hear us ROAR!

I know you have been waiting to see the pictures of the ladies who are joining me on the Sister Project Act. Be sure to check out their blogs.

Teens – Eve, (

20s – Miranda, (

30s – Miriam, (
Miriam Project red

40s – Sheela, ( Goh

50’s – Me50 Is Not Old | Fashion Is Ageless

60s – Greetje, ( leather jacket No Fear of Fashion 675Isn’t it great, how women of all ages, can look so stylish and fashionable. Each one is unique, and has their own style. 

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  1. ana brentlinger says:

    You are adorable! Enjoyed reading your blog and how you point your affordable findings most of the blogs out there is just about expensive clothes not for the working class. Bravo.

  2. What a fabulous post – you gals all look great! I’m in my early 60’s and would definitely wear the last outfit. I almost bought a white leather jacket the other day – now I think I have to buy it. 🙂
    BTW – I just discovered your blog via Covered Perfectly and am enjoying catching up.

  3. LOVE today’s post! Have a blessed weekend!

  4. Tania, I am so happy I got to meet you via this collaboration! What a fun concept brought forth by Sheela. I love how you styled your red vest, right down to the red nail polish! So cute. I hope you have a great weekend!

  5. As you know, I really like your outfit. And that red bag is so desirable (at least to me). I shared that articleon my Facebook. The one about women over 50 on the runway. I say YAY.
    So glad to join in the fun of dressing in whateverwewant.
    PS hear us roar… I love that. Perhaps that is why I like the song Eye of the Tiger?

  6. If pundits are to be believed, lord knows how many fashion “rules” we’ve collectively broken for this collaboration GRIN I just realised you’re wearing the grey piece as a mini dress with leggings. How sassy!!! Love love love. And thank you, Tania, so very much, for being a part of Project Sister Act. I’ve never subscribed to the mantra that certain garments and colours can only be worn by a specific genre, and you’re a perfect representation of how ageless style is xoxo

  7. I would agree that style is ageless. Fashion however, is a changing selection of items we get to choose from. If we chase too many trends, it can age us faster than anything. The rules I agree with are.
    1-we should wear what makes us feel happy and confident.
    2- chic is in the eye of the beholder.
    3- Proportion and color rules are fact of life. We get to choose whether we want to pay attention to them or not!
    Bravo to being over 50!!. Greetja looks particularly stunning!

    Have a great day!

  8. Great post! Have fun with all the gurls!

  9. I love love love the outfit you are wearing!!!! You all look so wonderful. I love the classic looks of you and Greetje. I am also very glad about London showcasing WOW (women of wisdom) Thanks for inspiring me to look my very best every day:)

  10. I’m loving that red vest! Now I’ll be heading over to EBay. I have one of those Burberry faux scarves & love it, especially the price! I think mine was called “Cashtouch”. Don’t you love how they play on these words? The tunic is very chic looking. I purchased a pair of ponte leggings & have been looking for a tunic long enough to cover my “dupa” as the grandkids call it. It’s my first venture into leggings, as I’m carrying some excess weight you know where! I’m still shopping around & haven’t come across anything like what you’re wearing. But it gives me an idea now of a style & color to look for. Soooo glad I came across your blog!

  11. I love the tunic. I love even more that most of your clothes come from purchases made over the past years. You have a great talent for picking clothes that will go through the style “seasons” unscathed. I guess the word would be timeless.
    I don’t dress according to age rules, but according to what I like. I have to admit though that I also dress according to function. Some days I am going to go give my 87 year old mother a bath before we go out to lunch together so the wardrobe has to be very, very versatile.
    I know on those days I will have to have a more casual cuteness, lol.
    Keepin’ it real……Happy Friday

  12. All the gurls look lovely. You’re absolutely right that age is an attitude and you should dress however you like. Whatever your comfortable with although it doesn’t hurt to try something new; you might be surprised. Love your outfit, yummy comfortable. Nice pop with the red vest.