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How to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space with Amazon

As warmer weather approaches, many of us are eager to spend more time outdoors. I am personally counting down the days to when I can enjoy a cup of coffee on my screened-in porch without being wrapped in a blanket!! One of my favorite ways to prepare for summer is to do a little outdoor living space refresh. I like swapping out pillows, adding a cute rug, enjoying my string lights, and ensuring the grill is ready to be fired up. This way, when Memorial Day rolls around, we are prepared to entertain and enjoy the summer. Here are a few outdoor living finds that will have you ready to enjoy your outdoor space!!

How to Refresh Your Outdoor Living Space

Outdoor Pillows

Add pillows if you are looking for the simplest way to give a space an instant refresh. Pillows add a pop of color that immediately transforms any outdoor space. You can swap out the pillows all summer long, red, white and blue for the holidays, blues, pinks, and patterns.

Outdoor/Indoor Area Rug

By adding a rug to your outdoor space, it can instantly transform it. While I love color, this neutral indoor/outdoor rug adds a bit of warmth to the space without being too overwhelming. The best part is, if there is a spill, simply hose it down!!

Outdoor String Lights

Let there be light; string lights are one of my favorite ways to upgrade any outdoor space. Simply string them up, and you are instantly transported to an outdoor oasis. We recently put up these on our porch, and they look fabulous.

Mosquito Repeller

This device is pure magic! With just one push of a button, you have instant protection of 15 feet from mosquitos. You can finally enjoy dining outside without having to spray yourself head to toe with bug spray.

Welcome Mat

Whether you come in from working in the garden, grilling, or playing in the backyard, having a welcome mat is a must at any doorway. I love that you can customize this one with an initial.

Waterproof Outdoor Pillow Inserts

I have finally found the perfect outdoor pillow inserts! Even though most of our pillows are covered in our screened-in porch, that morning dew can often cause a bit of mildew. These new pillow inserters are waterproof, so that solves that problem!

Rechargeable Lamp

Whether you are enjoying dinner outside, sitting by the fire pit, or grilling after dark, these little lamps come in handy! I love that they have different light settings, from dim to bright, so they can provide just that extra light when needed. An added plus is how cute they look on a tablescape and come in tons of colors.

Melamine Plates

When entertaining outdoors, I try and always use anything but glass to be on the safe side. These melamine plates are the perfect solution, plus they are super cute.


Pop this planter on your porch and fill it with your favorite greens or blooms. The lattice detailing on the side adds just the perfect element of elegance.

Herb Pots

Fresh herbs are great any time, especially during the warmer months. There is something about fresh vs. dried herbs that brightens just up a recipe. These adorable pots are the perfect spot to plant your herbs to enjoy all summer long. They also make a fabulous centerpiece for entertaining outdoors.

Are you refreshing your outdoor space this year?

I’d love to hear what else I should add to the list! I’ve been busy working on my patio. Several have asked how to refresh your outdoor living space, so I hope this post helps.

I’d love to hear what else I should add to the list!

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  1. Just placed my order!

  2. You have inspired me to get my porch ready for warmer weather! Love looking out at it when it’s all spruced up, and love being out there even more!!! Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  3. Great inspiration Tania! I replaced our cushions this year and it really freshened up the porch!

  4. Living in Florida, we’ve got a huge screened in patio, but no pool. my husband just repainted all of our patio furniture and I’m in search of new cushions. We’re also changing out our large planters that hold palm trees. We spend a lot time on our backyard patio and those dishes are calling my name!

  5. The waterproof pillow inserts are what I need! My front porch has a roof but isn’t screened in so it would be so nice to have these . Thank you, Tania!

  6. can’t wait to begin spending a lot of time outdoors on my patio! In Michigan we still have to wait awhile

  7. Our weather’s been so crummy that I haven’t even thought about our outdoor space. Tania, you’ve inspired me to get some shopping done!

  8. You always have the best stuff and ideas. There is so much I did not know I needed until you. Thank you so much.

  9. Donna Robinson says:

    You always have the best stuff and ideas. There is so much I did not know I needed until you. Thank you so much.

  10. Great ideas! I’m looking into several of them, especially the Mosquito Repeller, the pillow inserts, and the welcome mats.

  11. Joanne W. says:

    So many great ideas! I have the Mosquito Repeller on my list! Thanks so much Tania!

  12. I love the striped placemats, water hyacinth mats, and pillow covers… they are in my cart… along with the lights and poles from last week! And ps, I am a Sonic drink lover as well! My favorite is cherry limeade (in the huge cup, of course Hahaha)! I will definitely give a try to your flavor; sounds yummy!

  13. Sarah Fister says:

    Hey, Tania! Sonic sells regular size bags of their ice… at least they do here in Kentucky. I get them all the time, especially for parties or get togethers. They are only $3 for a big bag like you’d get in the store – probably about 8-10 pounds. Check it out!

    1. I asked them yesterday when I was at Sonic, and they said it was 20-something dollars for a 10-pound bag. I thought that sounded pretty high.

      1. Sarah Fister says:

        I’d ask someone else… I don’t think that person knew what they were talking about. It’s even on their menu board here, so check that too. Nothing like Sonic Ice! We’ve been buying it there for years.

      2. Sarah Fister says:

        Maybe they said 2 or 3 dollars, not 23… just a guess.

  14. Beautiful suggestions. I wish I could find that table shown with the rug.

  15. We don’t have a Sonic in our local area. I think the closest is about 50 miles. I’ve never heard of the sonic ice. Lol. I will have to try some drink from there next time I see one. I like the idea of putting the indoor/outdoor rug on the deck, but wonder how to take care of them when we get rain. In the Pacific Northwest we do have very warm, sunny days in the summer, but we also get a fair amount of rain. I worry that they would mildew.

    1. The rugs are built for weather, and when they get dirty, you just hose them off. I have also taken a pressure washer to mine in the past, but be careful not to apply too much pressure since it can damage the threads.

  16. what brand do you use for the cranberry/vanilla flavoring?

    1. It is from Sonic, so whatever they use.

  17. Ginger Hiller says:

    We spend a lot of time on our front porch, which faces the country road we live on, so it is the space I like to keep accessorized. A dear friend gave me two rather large decorative ceramic planters last year that I sit on the railing on one end of the porch. Yesterday I added some bright flowers to each pot that should attract the hummingbirds, along with adding color to the porch. Decorative throw pillows are a must for sprucing things up. I also like nice wind chimes and some sort of welcome wall hanging beside the front door. Hobby Lobby is my go-to store for accessories for our home. Our pest control people advised us to not have the solar lights hanging on our treated wood front porch because they attract the destructive carpenter bees, so I moved my string solar lights out to the fence at our entrance. Have a blessed day!

  18. Summer is the BEST (minus the flies and mosquitos). But I’m a warm-weather gal! And Sonic cherry limeade is my indulgence when I want to drink something besides water. 😀

  19. Yes, refreshing our outdoor spaces! So the mosquito repellent really works? Our daughter is sensitive to them. I will not have a nibble and she will have 10 bites.
    We have the instant read thermometer, I love it! Much better than others we’ve had. Thanks, Tania

    1. I’m not sure if it works, Joan. I just found it when looking for items for my patio. I’m ordering it, too, because Joe hates setting out and getting eaten up by them.

  20. Wonderful ideas as I sit here looking at a mostly bare deck! Can’t wait for really warm weather here in northeast Wisconsin! Thanks! Bringing up Amazon on my iPad as we speak.

  21. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I have those same pillow covers on my Amazon wishlist in blue/orange. They look so pretty! I just did some refreshing on my deck a couple of weeks ago…now it’s back down to freezing here in Indiana! Ugh. So ready for spring/summer!

    1. LeeAnn, it is chilly here too, but it won’t last for long.

  22. Dana Smithmier says:

    i love my patio! about ready to get it refreshed! thanks for the ideas-definitely getting new pillows!

    1. New pillows can change the look so fast, plus they aren’t that expensive.

  23. Joan Henry says:

    We just moved and have an outdoor space! Yeah! Thanks for taking the work out of hunting for outdoor space treasures!

  24. Oh what a motivating post! I haven’t refreshed my patio in a few years and I think it’s time. We power washed last weekend, but I think she could use some new cushions and pillows for sure. I just purchased the mosquito repellent. 🦟 It seems like I try something new every year for them. 🤞🏻

    1. I’m ordering that too, I sure hope it works!

  25. Great ideas for the outdoor!

  26. I can’t wait for Summer to get here! Love the post, it includes everything we need to get Summer started. The bug repellent is a great idea and the blue decor is lovely. We have frost here this morning hoping nice weather comes soon