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A Fabulous Nordstrom Rack Try On Haul For 2024

I’ve been wanting to do a try-on haul with Nordstrom Rack for a while. I don’t have a store anywhere near me, so I ordered some items to create several outfits, and I think they turned out great. Go get a cup of water, coffee, or tea, and get ready for a fabulous Nordstrom Rack try-on haul for 2024.

Nordstrom Rack Try On Haul – Cashmere & Jeans

I love wearing elevated casual outfits. An elevated casual outfit is one that is casual but looks polished and put together.

This Cashmere Colorblock Turtleneck Sweater fits like it was made for me! I also love how soft the sweater is; it feels like I’m being wrapped in a cozy blanket. The colorblock feature is a fabulous design detail. It goes across the shoulders on the back of the sweater and the bottom half of the sleeves.

Here is a photo showing the colorblocking on the back, and you can also see the length of the sweater.

Nordstrom Rack Try On Haul – Wool & Cashmere From Vince

If you ever want to treat yourself, and who doesn’t, you’ll want to try this Crewneck Wool & Cashmere Sweater. I have eyed them but never bought one until this summer. Vince sweaters are so soft, and the fit is fabulous; once you try one, you’ll be hooked.

I bought this sweater last year, but the fit was off. I tired to reorder my correct size, but it had already sold out. When I saw the sweater on Nordstrom Rack, I immediately grabbed it, and the medium fits perfectly. Vince items are great quality, but they can be pricey. When I can find them on Nordstrom Rack, I do a happy dance. Here are a few items I’m thinking about adding to my collection.

This Dooney & Bourke Leather Top Handle Bag is a perfect size and color. Ecru is a perfect color for spring and summer, but it can be carried all year round. I love that the bag has metal feet to keep the bag looking great even if you sit it on the floor.

Nordstrom Rack Try On Haul – Eileen Fisher Wool Sweater

When I was trying on this outfit, my husband walked in and said, “You’re keeping that outfit, aren’t you? He knows me well!!! I love everything about the look, and I’ll be wearing it a lot.

Oh, my word! This Wool Turtleneck Sweater is gorgeous! I love the oversized fit, which is extremely comfortable. The large ribbing at the neck, cuffs, and hem is a style detail that makes a statement. The sweater is 100% Merino wool but isn’t scratchy at all. My only fault with the sweater is that it doesn’t come in more colors. Lol!

I wore these jeans last week, and I got several comments and compliments on them. They are a great medium wash that is perfect for spring and summer. These jeans run a little small, so I sized up to a 30, and they fit great. Sizes are limited, so I’ll link to a few other jeans that might work as well.

Nordstrom Rack Try On Haul – Ecru

For the last look, I wanted to style a neutral outfit. I’ve always loved pairing ecru/cream/ivory with beige. That classic color pairing looks chic and stylish.

This two-tone chunky knit sweater is so pretty. I love the drop shoulders and the wide-ribbed cuffs. The sweater looks fabulous with the Ecru jeans, but it would also look great with a dark-wash pair. The medium fits me great, and I still have enough room to layer it with a button-down shirt.

The quilted Large Taupe Quilted Tote Bag is a nice size, and it will hold all of your essentials. This bag can be carried with jeans or a dressy outfit. The gold chain handles and the BM plaque details dress the bag up.

I love the color of the Ecru High Waist Flare Trouser Jeans, but they are a tad too long for me. The jeans have a 34″ inseam, and I usually wear a 32″. I’m wearing a size 29, which fits great. However, if you are between sizes, then you might want to size up.

More Elevated Casual Fashions From Nordstrom Rack

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  1. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Those jeans fit you perfectly. A flare leg helps balance the body for those of us that have some curves.

  2. MarieNoelle says:

    Thank you for this Nordstrom Rack Try-On Haul! Just ordered the ecru/cream neutral v-neck sweater at that very low price. I’d never have seen it, if you hadn’t posted. I also love your up-beat, good writing!

    1. Yay! I hope you like it!

  3. I sometimes have hip and/or shoulder pain at night. I think it’s because my mattress is too firm. Just gotta save up some cash to get a new one. :/

  4. Mary Carol says:

    Love the taupe tote bag.
    Sweaters are a bit pricey for me as I don’t get much wear out of them here in Texas.
    I am sorry about your hip pain. My shoulder pain keeps me awake many nights. Lately it’s my pets keeping me awake due to thunderstorms.

    1. I hate it when the babies are upset. No one can sleep if they can’t sleep.

  5. Patti Smith says:

    I’m not particularly tall (5’7”) but I am long waisted so the 23”-25” tops/sweaters are crop tops on me and at 70 I’m way past the crop top age!! Could you please do some blogs about tall items, especially tops. Thanks.

  6. Madge Wienke says:

    Love the neutral outfit. I’m all for ecru jeans but have difficulty finding them in plus sizes. The 34” inseam would be great for me

  7. Love the ecru knit sweater!

  8. I love the look of flare jeans, but my legs are so short even the petite are too long. Do you think they would look odd if altered? I would probably need at least two inches taken off.

    1. No, I don’t think that would look weird. It would look weird if I did the hemming though. Lol!

  9. I’m new to your newsletter and posts. Love what I see so far!! Thank you ☺️

    1. I’m glad that you are enjoying the newsletter and post! Thank you for commenting! ❤️😊

  10. The colorblock and the Merino wool are my favorites, but all the sweaters are lovely.

  11. Everything looks great on you! I especially love the colorblock sweater and the oversized turtleneck! I’ve been following you on Pinterest for a few years but just started following your blog. I love it! Thanks for doing all of the hard work for me.

  12. sue koren says:

    Love the colorblock sweater – I am seeing alot of these lately

  13. sue koren says:

    I always find something at Nordstrom Rack!

  14. Linda Williams says:

    Love the color block sweater. My favorite is the turtleneck wool sweater. Looks like so much fun to wear. Put me in any kind of cashmere or non-itchy wool sweater and I’m a happy girl!! I hope you have a Great Week. We’re going to be having 60° weather with rain starting this week in North Carolina. How is Virginia looking??

    1. It got up to 46 today, so I was thrilled!!!

  15. Awesome sweaters! Loved each one of them and the pointy booties.

  16. Love sweaters, but rarely get to wear them since I live in the south. Hope your hip feels better soon, so you can rest.

  17. Julie Lozano says:

    You look fabulous in those flared jeans. I went to the website and it looks like they aren’t exactly for the short gals. I know you’re not a petite but any suggestions of jeans for us short gals? I love Madewell petite stovepipe jeans, but those are the only ones I found with great fit. Thanks for the beautiful post.

    1. Julie, I don’t know of any petite jeans, but you can always find petite styles at Talbots, J.Jill, and Old Navy.

  18. The jeans are my favorite! Wish they had my size 😞

  19. Laura Crenshaw says:

    Ugh. Sore hips are horrible. I bought a leg pillow. Not sure how much it helps though. And I am over the cold and snow. Bring on spring!!!!

  20. Jane Martin says:

    Nordstrom Rack is a fun store to shop. Lots of fashion.
    I have bad hips too – right on the apex of my hip. I now get steroid shots in my hips. Relief!

  21. Diane Holley says:

    Love the sweaters and the purse. I usually don’t like wearing sweaters but this week I have dug some out of the closets. I love the cream one and may have to order it. Keep the outfits coming!

  22. Hope you feel better soon 🌞

  23. I love Nordstroms rack. The oversized sweater is so nice. I’m going to have to get those pointed toe booties. Before you go to bed tonight take 2 ibuprofen and rub some icy hot on your hip.

  24. You look great in all of the outfits! I love the flare jeans.

  25. Beverly B. says:

    Love the outfits!

  26. Regina R. says:

    Tania, the colorblock cashmere sweater is my fave on you! Plus that Dooney & Burke purse is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing. Hope your hip feels better soon.

  27. Alexia Maben says:

    Nice sweaters to choose from and recently bought sweater dress there online website.

  28. Elizabeth Ty says:

    I especially love the first three outfits on you – they are extremely flattering. The last one is cute too but those jeans were awesome!

  29. Robin Pickett says:

    I love all of that. Unfortunately, living in GA and being a “woman of a certain age “ 🙄😂🤣 plus medication that makes me hot ALL the time – I am unable to wear wool or cashmere sweaters. But I LOVE them.
    Looks great.

  30. Nice sweaters. Love the jeans.

    1. Brenda Norton says:

      Love the cream/ecru outfit!! So pretty ☺️

  31. Laura Garrett says:

    Love the peachy pink sweater and the oversized one! Stay warm and have a great day and an even better night tonight!

  32. Stephanie says:

    Oh the sore hip. I get the same thing and not sure what triggers it. Tonight you will sleep better. 😃
    Heading to Mall of America to hit the Nordstrom Rack there.

  33. Love all of the sweater vibes. Living in the south, the cold winter days, are few and far between. But, when I can, I do love pairing a bright color sweater/ legging combo. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  34. Oh Tania I sure can sympathize with your sleep issue last night. Years ago I had to resort to practically being a contortionist to find a comfortable sleep position. I have since had both of my hips replaced so that took care of that. You might not need to have this extreme cure for your issue but I hope you find relief going forward.

    I the color block sweater as well as the oversized one! I don’t live near a Nordstrom but I’m hearing that a Nordstrom Rack is coming soon so I will welcome another shopping option👏

  35. Sharon Steinhoff Smith says:

    I love the ecru trouser jeans! I need to time when I wear winter white in Minnesota, because with a little the snow melt, the slush is sure to stain the bottoms.

  36. Kim Thompson says:

    Love love love the Eileen Fisher sweater!!! Looks great in you!

  37. Love the colorblock sweater.
    Hope you get feeling better!

  38. All the sweaters are beautiful!

  39. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I’m a sweater girl and I do like these sweaters.

  40. Stacie K. says:

    Absolutely love the sweaters on outfits 2 and 4. 3 would be great if there were more colors.

  41. Cute sweaters

    Try sleeping with a pillow between knees. It really helped with my hip pain. You can buy one specially for this.

  42. Hip aches are the worst! Impossible to get comfortable. Hope you sleep better tonight.
    I love the beige and white V-neck with the adorable cuff sleeves. Great neutral color.

  43. Great try-on haul! The pink sweater is my favorite! Take care of that hip!

  44. Love all the outfits, flare jeans look great on you! Biofreeze helps when my hip or knees hurt. Get better soon!

  45. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    I’ve been on a bit of a buying spree since nice Christmas, largely thanks to you! I almost bought that black blazer ( what a deal!) till I checked my closet and found one very similar. I never thought about wearing it with jeans before, and I’m retired, so it got shoved out of the rotation. Can’t wait to try it with jeans. Thank you!

  46. I love those ecru jeans!! So cute!

  47. Thanks for modeling those outfits for us from Nordstrom Rack! The Ecru outfit was absolutely stunning! The brick and mortar store near me gets “shopped out” quickly, so there are definitely more options online!

  48. Marie Farris says:

    I love all of this haul 💞 have a blessed week

  49. Omaha is getting a Nordstrom Rack this year and I’m wildly excited. When I visit my daughter in NYC, Nordstrom Rack is always one of my first stops. Did you wish the gorgeous Eileen Fisher sweater was in a size small for your frame? I usually wear a size smaller than you, but wear medium in EF, so am conflicted. It’s so pretty!

    1. Tess, I like the oversized fit, so I didn’t want it smaller. It would depend on how you want the sweater to fit.

  50. Gail Salyers says:

    I am with you on no sleep last night. It was an aching shoulder for me but sleep is not my friend at age 60! I can’t turn my mind off and the hot flashes are back. So hard when you have to get up and go to work.

  51. I’m so glad that I found you years ago on Pinterest! I love all your try on hauls. You and I are pretty much the same size so if it looks good on you then I know it’ll look good on me. 💕

  52. I like to shop Nordstrom Rack. I like the look of the jeans. Thanks

  53. Such nice sweaters. I think I like the first colorblock sweater the best.

  54. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I love the turtleneck!

  55. Love the jeans and color block sweater, it looks great on you! I’ll have to check that out. Thank you for sharing. Feel better! 💐

  56. Love the Rack! You look fabulous in everything! Happy Monday❤❤❤

  57. Sorry to hear about your hip. Hope you sleep better tonight. I love sweater weather and you have shown some real bargains.

  58. Love Nordstroms pretty outfits as usual.

  59. Gay Manning says:

    I am 73 yo and I love your style. I especially like the ecru outfit. This makes me want to hook up with my sisters to shop. I have 5 and we live 500 miles apart! As I age, high neck sweaters are just too hot!

  60. I love Nordstrom Rack as well. I own several sweaters from them. The quality and prices are fantastic! The sweaters you styled are very attractive. Hope you get some good sleep tonight! ❤️😴

  61. Pam Bowling says:

    Love the first outfit and the oversized sweater.

  62. Linda Conner says:

    Good morning, Tania,
    I wanted to share how beautiful you look in each outfit you chose from Nordstrom Rack! You did a phenomenal job on picking the right sizes, and you look amazing! I love the jeans and sweater in the first picture. I can’t wear a turtleneck sweater, something about having a sweater wrapped around my neck drives me nuts! I love that the pattern goes around the body of the sweater. I think that makes a garment look well put together -not cheap. Thank you for sharing all of these beautiful items on beautiful you! May God bless your week.

  63. Going to order the Amazon wool coat. Do you feel it is true to size?

    1. Gail, I’m not sure which coat you’re talking about. I usually look at the comments, but only for sizing info. I rarely pay attention to likes or dislikes, you can’t please everyone and those who like something are less likely to leave a comment.

  64. Susan Mckenzie says:

    I don’t have a Nordstroms either!!?? Thank you for sharing!!! Great outfits!!

  65. The back view of the color block sweater and jeans is a great shot. You look sooo slim!!!

  66. Love Nordstrom Rack! Beautiful sweaters. Hope you sleep better tonight!

  67. Love the winter white colors!

  68. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Thanks for the outfit ideas

  69. Alicia Wilson says:

    When my hip start hurting I self treated for a long time and missed many nights of sleep.Finally I had it worked up and I needed a hip replacement. It was the best thing I ever did and wish I would have done it sooner. Just a thought for you. Thanks again for all your posts