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A Casual Business Outfit For Work Or Play

Since I’ve retired from working outside the home, I style more casual outfits. However, I’ve been getting requests to style a casual business outfit for those who work outside the home. Work attire is dependent on the workplace, and some might require a dressier look than this. But, for the majority of people, I think this casual outfit will work.

When it comes to casual business attire, it’s important to choose clothing that is professional and polished, but also comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. Choosing fabrics that are breathable and easy to move in, and accessories that add a touch of elegance without being too flashy or distracting is a recipe for the perfect outfit.

I chose this pretty blue Casual Linen Blend Button-Up Shirt because it is lightweight and looks polished and put-together. You would be able to wear this shirt on the weekends with jeans or shorts since it is so versatile. The shirt is available in several colors, but I thought the blue added a touch of femininity to the look.

I added the navy schoolboy blazer to give the outfit more of a business look. This is a nice quality blazer, and I love the gold buttons. You can wear this blazer later with jeans or over a dress, so you will get lots of opportunity to wear it other than work.

I’m a fan of Wit & Wisdom jeans, so I decided to try the ‘Ab’.Solution Skyrise Straight Leg Pants. I love the color of these pants, it looks like linen but it’s not. The seams down the front of the pants look modern and polished, and I thought the pants ran true to size. I saw some thought they ran large and some thought they ran small. If you are between sizes, then you might want to size down; otherwise, you usual size should work.

Brahmin is one of my favorite handbag manufacturers. They make quality handbags that are stylish, chic, polished, and you will carry them for years. I’ve carried this bag with jeans, shorts, and dresses, and it fine for work or play. This Brahmin Small Finley Satchel was my first Brahmin purchase, but I now have several others. Brahmin has a lot of fun colors and prints, although I chose a color that I knew I could carry with anything and anytime of the year. Here are some fun prints, let me know your thoughts on them.

I love wearing espadrilles in spring and summer. This cork wedge pair of TOMS are a last year’s purchase, but I’ll still be wearing them this year. The soft linen color looks great with everything, and I’ve worn them with jeans, shorts, dresses, and dress pants. They are very versatile.

I don’t do a lot of work outfits, so I would appreciate your feedback. Would you consider this a casual business outfit suitible for work?

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  1. Dena J Burch says:

    Tania, I love the outfit and think it’s great for work. My daughter💕in-law would wear something very similar to this and she’s an appellate attorney. (Not on court days obviously) I love the pants but thought they looked an inch or so too short on you! (Lucky you with those long legs!)
    Best Regards,

  2. Tania, I am looking for a new belt. I like the one you are wearing. Is it available?

    Thank you!

  3. Kellie johnson says:

    Yes this outfit is definitely business casual and appropriate for a professional work environment. Love it

  4. I live thus outfit and his all the pieces can be switched around with other items to make different outfits. The Brahmin purses are pricy but a good investment for sure.

  5. Yes, absolutely, Tania casual business for work. I really like the first multi-color bag.

  6. I love the outfit. I would wear it work. Those pants look perfect fir the business casual look. You have great taste! I enjoy your posts so much.

  7. Susan Weston says:

    You look Fabulous!

  8. I’ve had my eye on the JC Factory schoolboy blazers for a long time. The navy blazer in your photos appears really bright. Is that how it looks IRL? I need a warm, bright navy to work with my coloring. Thanks! Great look!

  9. Michele in SC says:

    I love this outfit and it’s perfect for work! I could absolutely wear this on a day I needed to dress up a bit on the college campus where I work. Definitely going to check those pants out!

  10. Love this outfit and look! A classic look with just enough femininity with some of the details. And the pieces can be mixed and matched with so many other items.

  11. I wish I could bring myself to pay $300+ for handbags 🙁

  12. LOVE this outfit – more please! Our work dress code is business casual with no jeans. (ugh!)

  13. Perfect outfit for work! I’m going to be making a purchase for sure. Thanks!

  14. I like this look but I don’t think I would enjoy wearing those pants. I have pants with the front seam and by the end of the day they have rubbed too much on my knees (which are boney…lol). I also think they would be too baggy through the hips for my bird legs. But the color combination I like. I’ll be using this combo for work next week. I’m sort of a grab and go person so I often put a blazer or cardigan over a solid color or white tshirt and it works for my office. Thank you for sharing your ideas. I get a lot of inspiration from you.

  15. I love this outfit for the office. I would probably wear a pair of loafers since I stand a lot. The pants look amazing!

  16. Love love love this outfit!!! Thank you for styling business casual. I really appreciate it becuase that is my current need – ideas for business casual.

  17. I’m interested in your NodPod. Do you wear it all night, and if so, do you strap it around your head for side sleeping? Deep sleep seems to elude me periodically and it can be frustrating, which can contribute to more sleep issues. Sigh🙄

    1. Tina, you can thread one strap through the hole on the other strap. Sometimes I do that, and other times I just lay it across my face.

      1. So then do you sleep on your back all night?

        1. No. I’m sleeping on my back more, but I also sleep in my sides.

  18. I love this casual business outfit and you wear all pieces very well. I certainly would like to see more if possible without a blazer. For work I tend to wear more sleeveless tops under longer cardigans with dress pants or shirt sleeve blouses as my office tends to get very warm by the afternoon with the warm sun’s rays. I love the pants also but I note that is the only colour available.

  19. Vickey Vaughan says:

    I like the business outfit. It would look good for casual Fridays but think a more polished look is better for regular days.

  20. Peggy Eaton says:

    Love this outfit for work. It looks comfy but polished. I loved the pants but they are sold out in my size. 🙁

  21. Yes a great business casual outfit. Go work and then out to dinner for a date night or dinner with friends. Thanks for sharing. Ce Ce

  22. I have that same bag and need more ideas what it will go with. Thanks!

  23. Mary Kinard says:

    A perfect business casual outfit! I love the pants!

  24. My husband bought me a Brahmin bag for my 65 th birthday, (which is at the end of April), so I’ve been waiting to carry it until then! It’s so tempting to unwrap it early😉. I love the blazer!

  25. What did you do for work before retiring?

    1. I worked at a home center that we own. I did the bookkeeping and office work mainly.

  26. Melissa Palmer says:

    I really like this outfit. I work from home but still enjoy wearing blazers from time to time. Usually I just pair them with jeans to make them a bit more casual. Love this look and those “fake” linen pants are lovely! Perfect business casual.