The other day I did a poll and asked women to tell me what they wanted for Valentine’s Day. There was a wide range of answers, including wanting nothing other than to spend time with their loved ones. Sitting by the fire was mentioned quite a lot, as well as having a family dinner together. Other items that some wanted was a Spa Day or a gift card for a massage,  a romantic dinner, and one of my personal favorites, chocolate-covered strawberries. I know Joe loves to spoil me, and he loves it when I get beautiful things for my birthday, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day. But, he hates having to do the shopping or thinking about what presents I might like. So, years ago, I decided to buy myself a Coach handbag that I wanted, and when it came, I told him, “I bought my Valentine’s gift from you, so you don’t have to worry.” I figured that he would be aggravated, but instead, he was thrilled. Now I always buy what I would like, and he is happy, and so am I.

Here are a few items that I thought that you gurls might like, and I know that your husbands will be happy you did. But, I didn’t want the hubbys to feel left out, so I also have a board just for them. I linked to a couple of items (golf) that Joe already bought for himself. Lol!

  1. Heart Sweater // 2. Gold Heart necklace // 3. Red Lipstick // 4. Red Wrap // 5. Chocolate Covered Strawberries // 6. Gold Heart Earrings // 7. Tory Burch Tote // 8. Kendra Scott earrings // 9. Gray Heart Sweater // 10. Black Heart Sweater


Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Men

  1. Ben Hogan Shirt // 2. Ray-Ban Sunglasses // 3. Ben Hogan Navy Shorts // 4. Ben Hogan White Shirt // 5. Ralph Lauren Wallet // 6. Range Finder // 7. FootJoy Golf Shoes // 8. Ben Hogan Gray Golf Pants // 9. Boss Watch // 10. Golf Net

Longer looking lashes from fashion blogger 50 Is Not Old

I had several ladies message me yesterday after I posted this photo. I was trying to show my earrings, but all that you gurls noticed was my lashes. So, here are the answers to the questions that I received; no, I don’t wear false eyelashes, my mascara is They’re Real by Benefit, and the reason that my lashes are so long is that I use Lash Boost from Rodan + Fields.

Add Lash Boost to your Valentine list, and I’ll reimburse you 20.00 as long as the purchase is made as a Preferred Customer. You can be a new or existing customer; this is my little Valentine’s gift from me. Here is the link to Lash Boost, and your reimbursement can be by PayPal, Venmo, or by check.

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  1. Linda T wrote:

    Hubs loves music so we are going to dinner and a concert. No shopping for either one of us.

    Posted 1.25.20 Reply
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