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2023 Fall Fashion Trends You Should Be Watching For

We’ve seen it all when it comes to fall fashion trends over the years, haven’t we gurls?! If I’ve learned anything being in the fashion business, it’s that trends come and go, and they almost always make a comeback. If you’ve been waiting on pins and needles to see what 2023 fall fashion trends you should be watching for, this post is full of some great fashion predictions for the coming months. I’ve been watching the runways and fashion magazines so that I can keep you, ladies, up to date on the latest and greatest in fall fashion, but the only way to know with 100% certainty is to watch as new autumn arrivals begin to trickle into stores.

2023 Fall Fashion Trend #1: All Things Fuzzy

2023 fall fashion furry sherpa trending
Ivory Faux Shearling Coat (Small) || Leopard Print Bow Blouse ( Size Medium) || Ponte Midi Skirt (Medium) || Clear Two Strap Wedge (Size 9.5)

I told you gurls that everything comes back around, and this is one of those trends that we’ve seen several times over the last decade. From fuzzy purses, cozy fur lined shoes, and sherpa ballcaps, soft and cozy accessories are going to be all the rage. You may even have a few of these items still hanging around in your closet from the last few years because I know I do!

2023 Fall Fashion Trend #2: Red

2023 fall fashion trends red

Can you believe that I NEVER used to wear the color red? Once I finally got up the nerve to try wearing red, I found that I love how it looks on me! Needless to say, I was excited to see this color is predicted to be a popular one for fall! From crimson tops and jackets to scarlet colored handbags and shoes, you’re going to want to pull out your red pieces from the back of your closet or grab a new item or two from the list below! You can even add a red lip or a beautiful red manicure to complete the look.

2023 Fall Fashion Trend #3: Leather

Leather is going to be trending in popularity this fall. You may be picturing a biker chick in your head, but it’s actually quite easy to incorporate this fad in small, classic ways that won’t break the bank or make you look like you’re in a rock and roll band. It’s as simple as carrying a leather crossbody bag, wearing a great pair of leather ballet flats or booties, or pushing your hair back with this cute leather headband. I know many of us have a leather jacket hanging in our closet, so it’s time to pull those out of retirement. If you’re feeling super bold, a leather skirt or pair of pants are going to make you look so chic and fashionable!

2023 Fall Fashion Trend #4: Sheer

Yes, you read that right… Sheer clothing is in, LOL! The runway models were baring a little more skin than I think most of us gurls are comfortable with, so I tried to find some modest examples of this trend! I think when tastefully done, it can look very sophisticated and add a lot of texture to an outfit. Mesh fabrics and crocheted tops may not be a fad you will want to dive into in the middle of the freezing winter, so I would try this one out while the weather is still mild.

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  1. Was looking for Fall trends for my blog..and came across your blog, good post & I love your blogs name.

    1. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

  2. I saw your post about your streaked windows- use a wet microfiber cloth and wipe – let the windows air dry and no more streaks! It works for me.

  3. RED, and sheer, and crochet. Love the story of your grandson’s sleepover. Our granddaughter has slept over for four years, now suddenly will only stay ’til after dinner. ???

  4. I love all the leather items shown but our fall crops just got hailed out so I may be looking for similar items I “pleather” this year.
    I do love red also so I’ll be looking for a pleather red jacket for sure but I did like the Levi’s red denim jacket.
    Enjoy those grandkids. My goodness they grow up so quickly!

    1. Barbara, faux leather isn’t like it used to be. It looks and feels great, and there have been times I would have sworn that it was real.

  5. Fuzzies, sheers, off-the-shoulders, reds- I’m all in!!! I love your inspiration! My, husband, well…. he may be getting tired of hearing,”But Tania says I need this in my wardrobe!” Lol

  6. The red jacket looks great on you and the fuzzy white one, too! The red trend will be nice for a pop of color❤️

  7. My favorite trend is red. I have some Mary Kay red lipgloss that I love because it is the perfect amount of bold. But I like fuzzy jackets and leather too. I think I wear my “pleather” jacket more though, because it can’t be ruined.

  8. Gina Luebke says:

    Love the red, I also really want a pair of mules with the shearling lining 🥰
    Oh and I love hearing about your grandson that’s soooo sweet!!

  9. Julie Wilcke says:

    Love the red! but not to sure of the furry purses. LOL

  10. Mary Kinard says:

    Love the leather looks!

    1. Having dark hair and fair skin I have always liked wearing red, but I’ve always been self-conscious when trying a red lipstick. Maybe I should throw caution to the wind and go for it!

  11. Karen Starnes says:

    Love all the fall outfits!

  12. I’m going to have to pull my red leather jacket out of the closet and pray it still fits!!t

  13. thanks for all you do for us Tania. I might have to get a cross body bag in red. I don’t usually do feed either, but it looks good on you for sure.

  14. Ginger Hiller says:

    I like all of the trends you shared but the sheer clothing. My favorite trend is fuzzy or sherpa, which I have plenty of. I’ve always had a hard time finding a red lipstick that doesn’t look pinkish/orange on me.

  15. Chris Falk says:

    I love that the moto jacket is still on trend! The ivory one looks so great on you. I have several Liquid Leather moto jackets from Clara Sunwoo. They look like leather but stretch like polyester. Something I definitely need at my age now! 🤣

  16. Sonja Allen says:

    I am soooo ready for Fall! And these looks and colors are going to be amazing! Thank you Tania.

  17. Marilyn L Comstock says:

    Definitely RED. I love red so this hits me!!!

  18. LouAnn Norton says:

    Love the faux leather!

  19. Yay for all things red!

  20. Great post thanks. Love the coat and jacket!

  21. Shearling is always great with cooler temps.

  22. Judy Adante says:

    The ivory faux shearling coat looks beautiful on you. I wish it came in other colors.

  23. Wearing the see through dress is a little out of my comfort zone. But the emerald see through blouse from Express is on my list to check it out. We are going to the on a cruise so it will be perfect.

    1. A cruise sounds wonderful, have fun!

  24. I’m a new gurl to the club and really enjoying your posts. Like you, red has not always been one of my colors but I did order an orange red handbag from your post and I’m excited about it. I may even go deeper and order a red sweater. Change is good! Thanks for your uplifting posts.

    1. I’m so glad you’re here, Willa! I hope you love your handbag. Thanks for commenting. ❤️

  25. luckily I have several of these items, red jackets, shirts, leather jackets, sheer tops, seems I am in the loop without knowing it! lol

  26. Reading about your grandsons birthday and his first night of over night stay made me smile. My oldest grandchild will soon be sixteen and he has his permit. This grandma is very proud, but scared to death!! Now for the upcoming styles. I love the fuzzy inside boots and shoes, but a fuzzy purse is another thing all together!!!

  27. Joanne W. says:

    Such fun to see what is trending!

  28. Love the crossbody purse from Amazon. I don’t know why but I love those things when I go shopping. Thanks for all the good deals you find for us.

    Grandbabies are the best. I love having mine overnight. They are so sweet. I’m glad you enjoyed having your grandson spend the night.

    1. I agree, they are great for shopping. And Amen to the grandbabies!

  29. Christine Anderson says:

    Not sure about red but soft and fuzzy could be fun for fall!

    1. I love having some soft and fuzzy clothes in my closet for fall! Thanks for commenting!

  30. Kellie Johnson says:

    Red has always been one of my favorite colors so I’m glad it is trending. I’m going to a wedding in September and bought a red dress to wear.

    1. It sounds like you’ll be right on trend!

  31. Cara MacNinch says:

    Happy birthday to your grandson. Grandkids are the best and it’s so much fun when they spend the night. I’m most excited about red items of clothing and leather skirts. I also think the fuzzy purses are cute for winter. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you. It really is fun having them at my house. 🙂

  32. I have two favorites I like the fuzzy and the red. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy your post.

  33. Nothing like those grandkids!! Especially fun sleepovers!
    I LOVE the red jacket and I have a weakness for leopard print. Love all the looks!!

    1. Thanks for commenting! ❤️

  34. Oh, my goodness, I love that white shearling coat! Looks very cozy and warm. The red jeans jacket is a favorite too. Thanks for all the cute choices!

  35. sue ann koren says:

    Love all these trends!

  36. sue koren says:

    Love the fuzzy trend for fall – so cozy!

  37. I enjoy your content since we’re about the same age I’m guessing! I have a black faux leather jacket that’s been hanging in my closet for years. I just might have to wear it this year!

  38. Thanks for keeping us updated on what to expect for Fall. It helps know what to shop for right now.

  39. Love all of the fall trends EXCEPT sheer. Not a fan of that. Thank you for all of the great inspiration, Tania.

    1. Thank you for commenting! 🙂

  40. I’m not sure how I found you but you have positivity change my life. From clothes, travels, and love you sharing your life and faith with us. Thank you!!!

    1. Thank you so much, Debbie! That makes me so happy. ❤️

  41. My youngest grandchild who is four won’t stay unless her brother stays with her. She is his shadow and he is so sweet and kind to her, whereas her older sister wants to mother (boss) her, lol.

    1. His older sister stayed all the time, but this is the first time he has stayed the entire night without his mom.

  42. I really like the navy dress. It’s not something I ever would have looked at it except for you modeling it. It’s gorgeous.

    1. I am so glad you like it. Thanks for commenting!

  43. I love that navy dress. It’s not anything I would have ever looked at from the model. On you it looks so different and gorgeous.

  44. My favorite Fall trend would be leather–real leather and of a good quality.

    1. I’ma real leather bag girl too.

  45. You are correct that everything comes back! I’m ok with leather – red – and some “furry” stuff (NO FURRY PURSES!).

  46. I love the fuzzy items, especially the Tom’s ankle boots!❤️ Great post today!

  47. I like red and leather. I never get rid of leather jackets or faux leather ones. Faux leather will peel after a long time. I have thrown some jackets out in the past. All that you showed is not extreme. I don’t do sheer. It’s too cold in winter and too hot in warm weather for me. Most sheer clothing is polyester. I like sheer crochet with a cami underneath.

  48. I love when my grandkids do something brave that their parents didn’t think they would ever do!🤣 I have a red leather jacket somewhere in my closet that I’ll have to dig out!

  49. I love that you show us examples of items from a variety of labels and prices. Red is not one of my colors, but a cute red accessory is something I’ll try.
    Happy Birthday dear Beckham! Grandparent/grandchild relationships are the best!

    1. Thanks, Danielle! I love being a grandmother for sure.

  50. Love it all – just want cooler weather so we can wear these trends. It’s going to be 105 in Dallas today!

    1. Wow. Stay cool, Cherise!

  51. Susan Nothwehr says:

    Ooooooo, you pushed some of my buttons!! RED!!! Love the Tory Burch purse and the red top with sheer inserts in the sleeves. Also, the moto jacket has been calling my name for a few years now. Love ‘em!!

  52. Right now I am excited about the sheer trend as I live in south TX and can’t even imagine wearing leather or warm fuzzy fabrics!
    But if it ever cools down I love both of those as well!

    1. Yes, someone else posted it’s 105 in Dallas today. Stay cool!

  53. Great post. I love the red blouse, but I don’t know about fuzzy.

  54. I have a package from Amazon in my mailbox several times a week. I ordered shoes with the fur today and compression socks yesterday.

    1. I hope you like the shoes with fur. I bought a pair the other day and I like them a lot.

  55. Fuzzy items are adorable. The hat is a must!

  56. Gale Bowen says:

    I love the color red! I’m definitely pulling out more of my red items (can you say “red backpack purse that has never been used and was on its way to Goodwill”?)! Another item in my Amazon cart–red Wrangler denim jacket! Thanks for the tips on fall fashion!

  57. I love the Shearling coat–I have an older one and am hauling it to the dry cleaners so I can wear it this fall! I’ll have to get the booties to go with it.
    THANKS for the post!!!

  58. Deb Dopson says:

    look forward to your posts every day!

  59. Brenda Summersgill says:

    Red, red, red. My favorite color and I usually always get compliments when I wear it.

  60. Patricia Konze says:

    Always wanted a moto jacket. I think this is the year!

  61. Love the color red! Glad to see it will be around this season. You can’t go wrong with Leather and I also love the sherpa (maybe not fuzzy) but sherpa is so soft and warm.

  62. I love the red jacket! You look great in red but then you look great in everything!

    1. Ha. I wish! Glad you found something to love.

  63. Love love the navy sheer dress!! So elegant, its perfect for a wedding.

  64. Marsha Morris Ingebretson says:

    I just love the “fuzzy” look!

  65. I like the fall colors for this year and will definitely add a few red items. Thanks for keeping us on-trend!

  66. Ana Harrison says:

    Happy Birthday to your grandson! I experienced the same situation with one of my grandsons except our night wasn’t great. He cried and cried and we had to FaceTime his mommy at 1am! 😂😂

  67. Bring on the fuzzy fall – those Chelsea boots are amazing!

  68. Not sure how I feel about what’s trending this fall. I did like the Red jacket.
    I see more sleepovers in the future.

    1. It was a lot of fun. I love having them!

  69. Debbie Price says:

    So glad leather jackets, pants and skirts are back. Plus red will be beautiful for Christmas.

  70. Happy Birthday Beckham! I love the fuzzy items

  71. I Love that faux shearling coat! It would be too warm for SC though! I enjoyed all your looks today! Some really neat looking Fall clothes. Loved all the jackets! Thank you for finding all these beautiful clothes for us! You put a lot of time into it! Your grandson, Beckham is a big boy now! I’m sure he had a fun Birthday!

    1. Thank you. He is growing up fast!

  72. Love to use red as a pop of color! Always fun to wear red!

    1. That is so true! Red is quickly becoming one of my favorites for adding a pop of color.

  73. I’m here for cozy and comfy fluffy clothes. I love them!

  74. Jacque Abell says:

    I can get on board with all the trends except fuzzy. Live the red and leather look.

  75. The trend I like the best is RED. It’s been a color that’s so hard to find these past years and it’s a color that brightens up most people. Red looks good with all the neutrals and is actually considered a neutral, I think. I won’t be doing the sheer clothing or the fuzzy clothing though. They seem like two opposites in that fuzzy clothing seems to add bulk and sheer would be sort of opposite. Thanks for giving us a heads up on Fall!

    1. The sheer/fuzzy trend is not for everyone. 🙂 But I agree; red looks good on a lot of people.

  76. Leather is probably my favorite. I like fuzzy on other people. I also like red but blue is my favorite.

  77. Cindy Long says:

    Good Morning!
    I’ve been enjoying your daily post! I really like the red denim jacket and the red shoes! I think red shoes will be in my fall lineup.
    Also I wanted to thank you for the City Lips suggestion! I finally took advantage of the BOGO offer. Just received them and started using the clear and the rose matte. They also sent me 2 free full size multi action sculpting creams! That was a nice little bonus!
    Have a great day!

    1. I’m so glad you gave City Lips a try! I’m a fan, obviously.

  78. Hi Tania- I noted on your Daily Finds that you feature two tops from Avara. Have you ordered from that store site? Their tops and dresses look so pretty, but I’m curious about the sizing.
    I look forward to your blog daily.

    1. Tina, I have several friends who love this brand. I’ve not ordered anything yet, but I think I will. From what I’ve heard, they seem to run TTS.

  79. Love, love the trend of the red color. It’s a great fall look that can transition right into Christmas. Your family stories are my favorite part of your blogs. You’ve got a very special grandson ❤️

  80. Yay for red! LOL I love red! I also like the fuzzy stuff. But, I’m a “big” girl and never wear fuzzy for fear of being mistaken for a bear! LOL The Anrabess kimono dress looks perfect for my upcoming cruise. Too bad it doesn’t come in red! 😉

    1. I love red, too! I can feel “bearish” in brown fuzzy items, for sure. lol

      1. Your grandson is growing up! Happy birthday to Beckham Reece! Enjoy them, they grow too fast.

        I’m loving the leather jacket and leopard print top. I think I’m too short for the flared jeans but love the look

        1. He is growing up so fast. I’m enjoying every moment. Thanks for posting, Sandy.

  81. Bekki Watkins says:

    Love, love, love anything RED!

    1. Yes, I have loved started to add red to my wardrobe! It is such a fun color. Thank you so much for commenting! ❤️

  82. My favorite is the leather. I lover leather jackets!!




    DSM, IA

    1. Ha! He did like it. 🙂

  84. I love a leather jacket! Always have. What are the jeans trends looking like for fall? I hope we can keep some high waists and straight to wide legs!

    1. I’m pretty sure those will still be a thing. I’ll start looking into it.

  85. Donna Ingalls says:

    The red Tory Burch bag is beautiful!
    Thanks for giving us the information on what’s in for fall.

  86. All of these fall trends are so cute. Thank you for styling them as it looks so much better worn on you than just a picture from the website. My favorites are anything red ! Also you showed a variety of price points – very appreciated.

    1. Thanks, Penny Jo. I try to wear most things, but sadly, I can’t buy everything I see and like. Contrary to what Joe thinks. lol

  87. I’m totally on board with the color red!

  88. Funny how fashions cycle back in over the years however I don’t think I ever remember
    fuzzy purses

  89. I am completely obsessed with your blog! I am 53, with 3 girls, and I struggle constantly on how to dress! You have helped me see, I can dress trendy! Thank you!

    1. Thank you so much, Angie. You’ve made my day. 🙂

  90. I will go with sheer and leather, maybe red if a little darker red will suffice!

  91. So happy to see leather and faux leather staying in style! I also like the long fuzzy coat you styled.

  92. Hope Matchniff says:

    I’m always a RED fan and I wear it every Friday! As a Marine veteran, I wear it because RED stands for Remember Everyone Deployed. I know we don’t all agree with where our military may be serving but I thank God ever single day they will fight to defend us. Be blessed!

    1. I’ve never heard that before but I love it!

  93. Rheana Corirossi says:

    I’m trying red for sure. maybe leather. I bought a red crepe dress from old navy and it’s pretty wonderful. you look good in red I’m glad you’re a convert 😊

  94. Carla Moore says:

    I love the Sheer look for the fall! It works well in the South since our weather doesn’t really get cold until late October. Tell your grandson Happy Birthday For me as well!!!
    God Bless!

    1. Thank you so much, Carla! I will tell him. 🙂

  95. Linda Shearer says:

    Not a big fan of the fuzzy but the red looks good on you!

  96. Love the white fuzzy coat, it looks beautiful! Great post for showcasing our fall colors, thank you.

  97. I need to buy red! I used to wear more of it but got out of the habit. I think I only have red tee shirts now. By the way, I love your blog.

    1. I love red, but I’m guilty of not wearing it often too. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  98. Cheryll Sampson says:

    Red items and leather purses and shoes are what I am looking forward to shop my closet and find! Thank you for keeping us informed.

  99. June Lewis says:

    Love it all! Makes me want to go shopping!

  100. This is a great post! I like to add a few things each season and now I have a guideline of the latest trends.

    1. Some trends will stick, and some will quickly fade, but at least you know what is coming for 2023.

  101. Marianne M says:

    I love that red is a big color! I love red!

    1. Can you believe I never used to wear red???

  102. Love all of the new trends, especially the RED one!!! Let’s all be bold this fall and wear RED!!

  103. LOVE the faux sherling coat…

  104. Dana Smithmier says:

    I’m on board with RED!! Planning a fall girl’s trip-I’ll be getting some of these❤️

  105. I love anything warm so fuzzy looks good to me!

  106. LeeAnn Barnard says:

    I have a sherpa bag left from last year, so yay! But really, I’m not ready to think about fall just yet. 😉

  107. Galene Morris says:

    I love the Sherpa look and the leather. I can also see a red purse in my future. Thanks for all the updates.

  108. Tania, the white furry coat was my fav and looks great on you. I love the red look too!

  109. Stephanie says:

    My favorite is the red trend for sure! Being a University of Georgia alumni, my closet is full of it!! Love that it’s trending!

    1. I bet! My sister married a Georgia Bulldog and lives in Atlanta so she knows the value of a good red/black combo. 🙂

  110. love the crimson. already have a jean jacket!

  111. Red is my favorite one from your list!

  112. Loving the fall predictions! I like leather jackets, and was so pleased to see the ivory leather moto jacket, since I still have the Chico’s version of it hanging in my closet. Or at least I think it’s still there, and has not been donated. Have a blessed week!

    1. Leather jackets tend to stay in style a long time. Thanks for commenting.

  113. Are fuzzy purses back in style? Cute!

  114. Thanks for the Fall fashion updates! There are definitely some flashbacks in there … leather pants again! Oh my 😉

    1. It seems like leather, or faux leather, is always in style.

  115. Love the red jacket! Sheer tops with a cami can be very elegant as well as fun… the green is so pretty!
    Yes, for a grandson sleepover!!

  116. Cindy Stiebe says:

    I bought a RED LEATHER jacket last year and I love it!

  117. Love red leather!! I had a red leather (sorta leather) biker jacket when I was young – wish I still did!!

  118. Laura Gray says:

    My favorite trend: Red! Fuzzy…not so much.
    As always, thank you for your posts!

  119. Well this is good news because I love red! I already have lots of red in my wardrobe so I guess I’ll be in style this fall!

    1. Yay to red! Glad you have some things to style already.

  120. Elaine Haynes says:

    Absolutely love the shear navy dress! I constantly look for a red purse and have trouble finding one. I am stepping up the search now! Thanks!

  121. First of all Tania, way to go Beckham Reece!!! Tania, red definitely looks great on you. I would like to see more ways and combos you can style the color red. I have worn red for years. Now that I have “ditched the dye” from dark brown hair, my natural platinum/white hair makes the color red really pop. Thank you for posting these trends. I have always enjoyed wearing faux fur so I am definitely glad that I did not purge some of my classic pieces.

  122. Nancy Worthy says:

    I love faux leather and red! No so sure about the fluffy stuff!

  123. With all the excessive heat warning days we’ve been having, I’m so ready for fall!!!!

    1. Me, too! It’s been scorching lately.

  124. Love the Sherpa jacket!

  125. GretaAnn12 says:

    Give me all the sherpa stuff – love it!

  126. Sue McKamely says:

    Tania, thank you for the fall fashion outlook. I am a fan of leather and the fuzzy fabric, but definitely Not a fan of anything red nor the sheer look. Might have to order the fuzzy ballcap!

    1. Leather is always a good buy! They tend to stay in style for years.

  127. Thanks for keeping us in the loop of up to date fashion!

  128. Ann Pavlicek says:

    I’m so glad to see red with be a good fall color. I love red and it is my high school color and now my grandchildren’s school color. Yay!

    1. Ann, red will work out perfect for you!

  129. Karen Daniel says:

    I live all these trends and I have a few in my closet, a fuzzy leopard coat, a white leather jacket and a red bag. Thanks for helping me feel great about fall! I love the treasure and bond leather bomber jacket with fuzzy collar!

    1. I bet the fuzzy leopard coat is gorgeous!

  130. Maybe the red. Not so sure about the fuzzy, and the sheer us a definite no!

    1. Angie, there are ways to wear sheer and look classy. I’ve got a blouse with sheer sleeves ordered, and I bet you’ll love it.

  131. So happy to see all the RED. My favorite color and it always seems to give me a feeling of positive energy when I wear!

    1. You’re right; red is such a happy color!

  132. Love all of the fall finds!

  133. I am so happy to see anything red. It is a color missing from my closet currently.

  134. Kelly Blackley says:

    I love fall fashion!

  135. I love them all! I love fall the best and can’t wait to haul out my fall stuff and add some more pieces to it. Love the leather and the fleece!!! I don’t tend to wear red but I do have some red shoes and a few bags in that color that adds a bit of pop to my more basic neutrals! Thanks for these recommendations!

  136. Debbie Head says:

    I can’t even fathom the time you invest in curating so many fashion pieces. Love it. Thank you for sharing!

  137. I’m excited about Red!!! I love red but don’t wear it often. I think I hear a red jacket calling my name.

  138. I love red it’s my favorite color! Thank you for doing the research! Love your blog!