50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEToday’s blog is going to be a little different. Part of my blog is talking about my family and that is what we will be doing today. Most of you, if you have read my blog before at all, know my husband, Joe. He is so supportive of my blog and I couldn’t do it without him. Just last night he brought home pizza because he knew I was going to be working late and be pushed for time. So, everyone, meet Joe.50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEToday is Joe’s birthday!!! Wasn’t he the cutest little thing. He was quite the Dapper Dan. Look at that buttoned up shirt and those cool white shoes. He was a sharp dressed man even then.50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEI swear he still has this haircut today. Lol! Don’t let that short haircut fool you, he is not an angel. When I first saw him I thought he was a fuddy-duddy because of that military cut. I think he has used that to his advantage with his teachers and parents. I wish I had loaded the picture of him in his later teens when they called him, “Hair Bear.” Then he had lots and lots of hair.50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEThis is the man I dated. This picture has been on my computer desk for years. I think this was when he was graduating from college, for the second time. Still a sharp dressed man. πŸ’œ50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEI had to include this picture. This was made around the same time as the one above. He kept his bicycle in his apartment. We both lived in the same apartment complex. Can you believe those shorts he has on? I mean come on, gurls. Now you see one of the reasons I married him. Lol! Those were the OP corduroy shorts. Do you remember those???
50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEThis was his favorite jacket. You could sure see him coming. We still have this jacket somewhere in this house. I have no idea why it was so special, he just thought it was cool. You can just see the meannessΒ oozing out of him. Haha50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOETalk about babies. Oh my goodness, look how youngΒ we were. This was made about a week or so after we got married. It doesn’t look like I have on any makeup and that is probably my natural hair color. Even thought I was white headed as a child it got darker as I got older. This was Joe’s normal look. He almost always wore a white or blue button-up shirt and khaki pants. He still wears the khakis but he has moved on to polo shirts.50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEAnd then the babies came along. Ashleigh looks to be close to three and Joseph close to one. I told you he kept the same hairstyle.50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEI thought I would show you a few of his hobbies. He loved his ping pong. He always told me that he was pretty good at ping pong and one day he decided to prove it by beating me to smithereens. I wasn’t that much competition for him so this table didn’t get to hang around for too long. It is a little hard to play by yourself. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEAnd then there was fishing. He used to love to go with his friends to Putin Bay and fish. I never went but I understand that it is somewhere close to Michigan, Ohio, or Canada. Does that narrow it down for you?Β 50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEHis other love is flying. When we moved to Grundy he decided he wanted to learn to fly. He took lessons and now has his pilot’s license. This was the first plane he ever bought. This is a V-Tail Bonanza, aka The Doctor Killer. He assured me that we had nothing to worry about because he wasn’t a doctor. Boy, that reassured me!!! He called me one day while I was gone to a festival and said are you sitting down. “I sold my boat and bought a plane.” Somehow I wasn’t surprised. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JOEHappy Birthday, Joe Stephens! I love you more than a farm in Georgia!

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  1. I loved your blog today! It makes me happy to see couples that have been together for a long time, meeting challenges, weathering disappointments, celebrating the good times, supporting each other through the not so good times, working together to make a lifetime together.
    Happy birthday to your wonderful husband, and congratulations to both of you for choosing each other!

  2. Happy Birthday Joe!!!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽ
    You did great Tania, writing about the love of your life. Y’all look fabulous together. I hope the both of you have many more happy and healthy birthdays. ~Lisa~

  3. Happy birthday to your Joe! Same day as my beloved sister πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚ I’m fixin to fly and see her! Woo hoo! Happy birthday and blessings for good health!

  4. Happy Birthday Joe! I love hearing the stories of your life together. The best gift in life is having someone you love to share it with! πŸŽ‚

  5. I am new to your posts so just learned about Joe. Happy Birthday Joe! He is so much like my husband except we had the airplane first and now a boat. We live on our sailboat in the Caribbean and love to fish and scuba dive. I am really enjoying your posts and have learned a lot about fashion. Thank you so much! God’s Peace, Karen

  6. How wonderful you both accept & celebrate the uniqueness of each other…but thank goodness those OC shorts went the way of bell bottoms. Happy bday Joe

  7. Happy birthday Joe! Wishing a fellow Pisces a great day, you already have been blessed with a beautiful family so enjoy it!

  8. What a great post! You and your husband are a lovely couple!! May you both celebrate many more birthdays! I must correct you, though. The name of the fishing place you mentioned is Put In Bay (not Putin which is the name of that horrible man from Russia — haha). It’s located in the western part of beautiful Lake Erie here in Ohio. The Lake Erie islands are awesome and a great place to visit for fun and relaxation!

  9. Happy Birthday Joe!! Both you and Tania are just the ‘bees knees.’ Have a wonderful day! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸ‘πŸ»

  10. Happy birthday! March is a great month for birthdays, my hubby’s was the 4th! Thanks for sharing the pictures, loved them. I still think I have a pair of OC shorts around here somewhere!!! πŸ™‚

  11. Ha-ha!! I am laughing over the shorts. My husband had some when I met him and I loved them! I wouldn’t let him throw them away and he kept them in the closet for over 25 years! Finally, I let him get rid of them last year when we finally admitted he could only get one leg in them and would never wear them again. Kind of like some of those favorite outfits I keep holding onto that I will NEVER be able to fit in again!!!! Yes, as someone mentioned, Put-In-Bay is in Ohio. It is a great weekend getaway for those of us living in this State. Tell Joe he should consider flying up some winter to go ice fishing. It’s an unforgettable experience. Happy Birthday Joe!!!

  12. Happy Birthday Joe! Love to look at old pictures…just to see how styles have changed…and how we have grown up…lol

  13. Happy birthday Joe! 🎈🎈🎈🍰

    What a beautiful tribute Tania! The pics were great and the story priceless!

  14. awww!!! Happy Birthday to Joe!!! I gotta admit…I burst out laughing when I saw the shorts….priceless!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  15. Tania, Thanks for sharing your beautiful family! Happy birthday to your husband, Joe. You are a blessing and gift to your blog family! Hope you enjoy Joe’s special day and have lots of cake. Lol

  16. Happy birthday,Joe! Love this blog! Maybe Joe could start a blog for men’s fashion? They need help!
    Will you share how you can eat pizza and stay thin?

  17. Thanks for sharing your sweet Joe with us! He’s a cutie and a keeper! Happy birthday, Joe! Hope all your birthday wishes come true!

  18. Happy Birthday Joe! I love your blog and look forward to it each day. It is so good to see a couple so happy and willing to show it to everyone. Blessings to both of you and thank you for the sweet encouragement each day :o)!

  19. Happy Birthday Joe! The funny thing with those pictures is you could put any of our faces in the pics as we all looked & dressed the same way! My ex father in law had a v tail Bonanza plane as well….did a couple of trips in it with him…was always an interesting time!

  20. What a great tribute to a man you are so obviously in love with – still. Happy birthday, Joe. It feels like we know you.

  21. Happy Birthday Joe. Pisces are the best (my birthday is tomorrow)! This was a sweet tribute to your husband. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed day!

  22. Happy Birthday to Joe! I wonder how many times he’s had to hear “Beware the ides of March” on his birthday?


  24. Beautiful post!!! My husband’s birthday is coming up and I’m going to follow your lead and create a slide show of memories. Love your blog!

  25. Loved hearing all about Joe! Happy Birthday Joe!!
    (BTW Tania, my hubby is a private pilot too, but instead of buying a plane, he’s building his!)

  26. Oh my goodness, I almost cried asI was reading this tribute to your very handsome, sweet husband! You two make the cutest couple! Oh my, the pic of him in the dark suit!! Made my heart flutter! Happy , happy birthday to the man who loves and takes care of my friend, Tania!

  27. What an awesome Birthday tribute! Happy Birthday Joe!! Mine is today too! The funny thing is I have a pair of OP royal blue cordoroy shorts. They’re stashed in a drawer in my room at my Mom’s house. Now I’ll have to get them out when I go to visit this weekend. I wonder is they still fit….Haha! Enjoy your day and have a wonderful birthday month!

  28. Happy Birthday JOE!! Enjoy your day and love the pictures, and have an awesome Birthday month, we are all
    going to enjoy it with you!! (ordering more Plunders, for the “discount”) LOL πŸ˜‰

  29. Happy Birthday Joe! We used to live in Ohio that is where Put-In-Bay is. Used to love to party there way before children. Hope you made his day special!!!

  30. March 15th is a great day for a Birthday! My son turns 20 years young today! He is a very kind loving & total outdoors young man! Happy Birthday to Your Hubby & may he enjoy the day!!

  31. Happy birthday Joe! The picture with the bike looked like “Risky Business” to me, I thought he was pantless, lol. You make a great couple, have a wonderful day!

  32. Happy Birthday Joe! Excellent post today Tania. We love Put-in Bay in Ohio. Its on Lake Erie and known for its abundance of walleye and perch. YUM!

  33. What a special birthday tribute to Joe! That pic of Joe Jr.’s smile is soooo cute! I am so excited to have discovered your blog and really appreciate Joe’s support of you.

  34. Happy birthday Joe! You are both such a lovely couple, congratulations.
    And yes you were and are a good looking man!