Worry About Yourself

Everybody longs for a trouble-free life. One with no problems, no worries, and no strife. While everybody longs for this, I don’t know a single person that actually HAS it. My sister once told me about a devotional she read that talked about how we should look at problems. She said it talked about how we should be “thankful” for ALL our troubles and problems. It said that instead of trying to find shortcuts to the problem, we should enjoy the process because it’s maturing us. WHAT???

When it comes to problems, I sometimes feel like a two-year-old: “I can do it by myself,” “Leave me alone; I know what I am doing,” or one of my personal favorites: “Worry about yourself!” Big, brave, and self-sufficient—that’s what I want to be!

Have you ever noticed that when you go into the store, most two-year-olds don’t want you to hold their hand? They walk around and think they are big… until someone speaks to them. Watch how fast they turn and quickly run back to safety!

I read a daily devotional by Sarah Young called, Jesus Calling. One of the devotionals was about making Jesus your focal point. Here is a section from that devotional:

When your private world feels unsteady and you grip My hand for support, you are living in conscious dependence on Me. Instead of yearning for a problem-free life, rejoice that trouble can highlight your awareness of My presence. In the darkness of adversity, you are able to see more clearly the radiance of My face. Accept the value of problems in this life, considering them pure joy. 

I try to listen when the Lord talks to me. Two times this week, I’ve had a similar message come to me, so maybe it is time for me to sit back and listen to what the Lord is trying to tell me.

We learn many things from troubles and problems. When we have problems, we don’t usually see the “silver lining” from them until the storm has passed.

When you lose a job, you learn to be resourceful. When you yearn to have children, you learn patience. When you are having arguments, you learn to compromise. When you are under attack, you learn to fight. When you are alone, you learn to love yourself. When sickness strikes, you learn to trust in the Lord.

One day, our troubles will be over. There will be no more aggravation, no struggle, and no more pain. But until that day, if you can’t be exactly thankful for your problems, maybe you can at least ask the Lord to open your eyes so that you can see the lesson.

To GOD Goes The Glory!

Have a Blessed Day!

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  1. I love this message!! Thank you- just what I needed to read:)

  2. I read my copy of “Jesus Calling” every single day! I also have the devotional “Jesus Always”.
    They prepare me for my day. So many daily readings directly pertain to me.✝️✝️. They help me understand so much.

  3. Cindi Brewer says:

    I love that video, the little girl is hilarious 😂

  4. Judy I will also pray for you and your husband and family. Take care of yourself . I have been through allot of loss and illness the past couple months. Tania this was a post that spoke to me. I always say thankyou God before anything else everyday.

  5. Great message. I too try to be fiercely independent.

  6. The Lord has been working on me regarding ’troubles, and hardships’. Most of the time I fight them..have a hard time accepting them. But scripture doesn’t say life is easy and that certain people are exempt. We all experience them. But God is teaching me to give them to Him, find the lesson I can learn and let Him walk through them with me. It really is very freeing. I know God has laughed at me and I laugh at myself now too because I have said “God how can I help anyone else while I’m dealing with this issue?” He uses everything for His glory and our good. He is faithful. 😊

  7. Barbara N. says:

    Great advice. Even though sometimes it’s hard to see the forest through the tree’s. I truly try to be grateful some days are easier than others.
    It’s a work in progress for sure.

  8. Thanks for this post.

  9. Genia Carter says:

    How true. Sometimes I think about so many who do not even have a roof over their heads and I realize the blessings we have received

    1. So true! We take our blessings for granted until they are in danger of being taken from us.

  10. Judy Thompson says:

    Your Sunday posts especially are such an inspiration to me. My husband has been diagnosed with liver cancer that is terminal. Hospice starts tomorrow. This was so sudden. He has been feeling bad a few months and thought it may have just been long Covid. The last two weeks have been dreadful. I hope you don’t mind if I copy and post a few of these Sunday messages with credit to you of course.

    1. Judy, I am so sorry! I’m putting you and your family in my prayers. I can’t imagine the heartache and fear you are facing, but thankfully, you do have a kind and loving Heavenly Father who will walk through this trying time with you.

    2. Judy Thompson says:

      Thank you, Tania! I appreciate your response and prayers!

  11. Thank you for your message today! I needed this reminder!! Have a Great Day!!

  12. Gardeningmama says:

    Thanks Tania, great reminder 🙂 I love that devotional, one day at a time, God causes all things to work together for good 🙂

  13. Girl! I’ve been trying to see the “bigger picture” for over a year now but I still can’t see the lesson. What I have learned is that I am not gifted for the situation I am in.
    However I can be thankful for the opportunity to have grown closer to the Lord and learning to lean on Him in the difficult times. Thanks!

  14. Julie Lozano says:

    Hello dear Tania:
    Great inspirational post this morning. I agree totally. As my husband and I are traveling to California and back to South TX in our Airstream, problems happen. There is no perfect day, perfect partner, perfect life. It’s the “getting through” the issues of life that build character, strength, and appreciation. Great words from you.
    Blessings, Julie

  15. Such a sweet video! I love watching those determined little ones. Great lesson today. I need to start asking not only Jesus for help but others as well.

  16. That’s is the cutest video! I love watching those determined little ones.

    Great lesson for me today. It’s hard for me to ask for help at times too. Although, I’m going to change that up some!

  17. Thank you for the post today. Great advice

  18. Love, love this message today! Thanks, Tania for the reminder!

  19. Ginger Hiller says:

    Amen! I have several devotions books by Sarah Young and really like all of them.

  20. Your post really hit home with me. God Bless.

  21. Thank you, Tania. I needed this today. I’m so glad that you write your devotionals and your ideas about the Lord. God bless you.

  22. Bonnie Hoover says:

    My word of the year is JOY. However, I struggle with seeing my troubles with joy. God made me human and as such I tend to try to solve my troubles myself first rather than taking them to God right away. I often wonder if the joy is in knowing God is always patiently waiting with open arms for me to come to him so He can do His job of teaching me through my life’s lessons.

  23. Linda Shearer says:

    Oh my gosh that little girl! So darling! Thank You for this post it is eye opening. And I get it because I had a heart attack and had to lose weight. Now because of that I am healthier and happier and I am thankful to God for that.

    Thats what led me to you because now I can wear normal clothes and I had no idea how to style outfits!

  24. Thank you for today’s Lesson! You reminded me to lean on Christ and He will make my path straight. The little girl was so cute and she made me smile LOL!

  25. Such an important message. Thank you! Enjoyed the little clip. I’m going to use that.

  26. Susan Weston says:

    Amen–yes worry about yourself! moreover look at today for tomorrow will have it’s own worries.

  27. Tania Thank you I needed to hear this today. My husband used to tell me worrying is like sitting in a Rocking chair going nowhere. I constantly worry about everything I pray every day, but I think I too need to sit back and listen to what God’s trying to tell me thank you, and God bless you

  28. Lori Duncan says:

    Well written post, Tania. Indeed we will all have trouble in this life but He is our rock and source of strength! So thankful for my Jesus! And you!

  29. Absolutely love this! I have a friend that just keeps having problems and situations pop up in life. I’m going to share this with her! Thank u!

  30. Thanks so much for this! It was so timely. And is applicable to everything.
    God’s Timing is always so interesting to me. Our son is an over the road trucker. He has a history degree but can make more money as a truck driver. Make it make sense!
    Anyway, we got a call this morning that he’s stuck in the side of the road and is probably going to have to have new batteries and has just replaced some other big part – I know nothing about maintenance!
    Anyway – he is discouraged and frustrated. This blog came as I was encouraging him that this is a temporary set back.
    Thanks so much for your part in encouraging him!

    1. I hate that he is having to go through this. I’m sure he is thinking that he can’t get ahead no matter how hard he tries.

  31. What a beautiful message! Thank you, Tania for sharing your faith! Happy Sunday🙏❤🙏

  32. Great thought provoking message- THANKS!

  33. Thank you for this message. It’s good food for thought and brings a wonderful perspective to us all.

  34. Thank you for your Sunday posts! And thank you for the cute clip…LOL. sometimes we just need to worry about ourselves, not everything going on around us!

    1. I have laughed at that Worry Bout Yourself clip for years. Lol! Joe and I say that to each other all the time.

  35. Thank you for your message today. It was helpful and gave me some perspective.

  36. Kay Sapienza says:

    My husband and I read from the same book. I think it is wonderful 😊

  37. Thank you , Tania. I agree that our problems are lessons in life and how we deal with them are an opportunity for growth. Happy Sunday!

  38. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Amen! What a great message from God through you today.

  39. I cannot express how much this spoke to me today, with what is going on with my grown children and my anxieties and worries for them. Thank you!

  40. Amen. Great message, Tania.
    I have the little book Jesus Calling too. I haven’t read it in a while- thanks for the reminder.

  41. I love Jesus Calling! I found Christmas and Easter versions I read for those seasons too. I pray to have that childlike faith of trusting my Father in all things. It’s difficult at times though because I want to “do it myself”! Thankful for His mercy and grace that lets me come back to Him.

  42. Julie Graham says:

    I LOVE Sarah Young’s devotionals. I am currently reading Jesus Listens. I learned that she passed away. Her devotionals make wonderful gifts. Thank you for sharing this today!

  43. So true. God’s Word is timeless truth, and I love how you apply it.

  44. SandhillJane says:

    A very well timed message for me this morning. Thanks and have a good day!

  45. Janet Dow says:

    I’m not practicing the faith I was baptized for but I am spiritual. Your Sunday post today really resonated with me. thank you, Tania!

  46. I loved this message. It is sometimes to count our blessings during difficult journeys but we or I need to. Losing my husband so very unexpectedly when he was 59 has been such a void in my life but reading when you are alone, learn to love yourself, has struck a chord with me. Thank you for today’s message! 🙏🩷

    1. Laura, that is my worst nightmare. I am so sorry for your loss, and I pray that the Lord has mercy on you.

  47. A huge reminder. I am a fixer in some ways; not too patient either! This ministered to me.

  48. Thank you for the message Tania! I think God was speaking to you because it will hit home with All of your readers. Have a great week!