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Women’s Fashion Over 50 – Try On From Ann Taylor

My sister has always been a huge fan of shopping at Ann Tayor. It is rare that she influences me when it comes to fashion, but I’ve learned to take her advice, at least on some things. She is the one who insisted I start a blog, and I am very grateful that she nagged me until I finally started 50 Is Not Old. I have recently been ordering a few things from Ann Taylor, and they have become one of my favorite brands! So, today, let’s look at women’s fashion over 50 with a try on from Ann Taylor.

Women’s Fashion Over 50 With A Try On From Ann Taylor – Navy

Let’s be honest, the biggest drawback with Ann Taylor clothing is the price tag. That’s a huge drawback! There is a way you can get the look without the price, and that is to take advantage of their sales. They have a lot of sales, and everything I’m styling today was purchased when a sale was happening. Even on sale, their clothing can be expensive. I used to be a quantity over quality girl when it came to clothing, but I’ve started changing my habits. I’m trying to be pickier about what I keep in my closets, especially since they are already overflowing.

I was so impressed with the quality of this Raglan Button Mock Neck Sweater! It is a heavier-weight sweater, and you can feel the quality as soon as you pick it up. It is comfortable and forgiving when it comes to the size. I’m wearing a medium, and it doesn’t show my lumps and bumps. The dark navy also helps to camouflage those, just like black does.

Here is a closer view, and you can see the ribbing in the sweater. The buttons are not functional and do not open. I was thrilled to see that because I didn’t want them puckering or showing skin through openings. The downside is that it has to go over your head, so it can mess up your hair or makeup. I use a silk scarf when I’m trying on clothing like this since I don’t want my makeup rubbed off on the sweater. I also keep one in my handbag for when I try on clothes in a store.

I’ve been a fan of Ann Taylor shoes for a while. I have several pairs that I’ve purchased over the years, and they have all held up well. Ann Taylor tends to be a classic retailer that offers a professional and polished image. Since my goal has always been to look polished and put together, I don’t know why it took me so long to include Ann Taylor in my closet. Just because I don’t work outside the home doesn’t mean I don’t want some polished looks. I love having these when we go out to dinner, to a movie, or I have an event or party I need to attend.

These pants are swoon worthy! Plaid has never been something I’ve worn much of, but these Side Zip Straight Pants immediately caught my eye. I think it is the wider leg that makes them look so chic. I was a little surprised they weren’t lined, but I’m fine with that. A lot of pants that I have that are lined end up with the lining showing. I don’t guess I’ll have to worry about that with these. Lol!

Women’s Fashion Over 50 With A Try On From Ann Taylor – Trench

A trench coat of some kind should be in every woman’s wardrobe. They are a classic coat that never goes out of style. There are times when they are trending more than others, but they are always Chic and Stylish and will take your outfit to another level.

Like the Raglan Button Mock Neck Sweater, this Long Twill Raglan Trench Coat is of great quality. It is a very nice heavier weight trench, and I love the deep navy color instead of the camel/beige trench that you would normally see. The buttons on the trench are gorgeous, and you can see they match the buttons on the sweater.

The trench has a belt, but I rarely use a belt on a coat. I have the belt latched in the back so that it stays in put and doesn’t hang. I’m wearing a medium, and it fits great, even with the heavy sweater underneath. Here are more trench coats that are slightly less expensive.

Women’s Fashion Over 50 With A Try On From Ann Taylor – Faux Leather

I ran out of time, but I meant to take a photo of the plaid pants with this Faux Leather Split Neck Top. I purchased both of these outfits with the idea that I could mix and match them. The Raglan Button Mock Neck Sweater would look great with the jeans, and that just gives you more options for wearing your clothing.

The other outfit was more classical looking, and this one is more modern and trendy. Both outfits look great, but your personal preference and lifestyle will dictate which outfit best suits you.

Boy, oh boy, faux leather has surely improved over the years. I love that my ring light shows how nice the faux leather looks. It is soft and subtle and looks like real leather. I love the 3/4 sleeve since that length is more flattering for most women, and the v-neck draws attention to your face. I’m wearing a medium, and the top fits me great.

Here is a back view so you can see the length of the top. These Mid Rise Boot Cut Jeans fit so well! I love the amount of stretch they have to them; they are so comfortable. I find this style of jeans to be generally flattering to most women. I’m wearing my usual size 8, and they fit great.

More Women’s Fashion Over 50 With A Try On From Ann Taylor

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  1. New reader. I eagerly look forward to your blog posts…I devour them! Love the looks you put together, especially since I love both Talbots and Ann Taylor (especially their sales). I so appreciate the Scripture verses. Even though I’m reading through the Bible again this year, your Bible verses never fail to give me a boost of awe, gratitude, insight, or inspiration. Thank you, Tania, for all you do. Love your house, too!

    1. Welcome! I appreciate your comment, it made me feel so good.

  2. Love this try on sesh and Ann Taylor is a favorite store however I’m an autumn so navy is not a color for me. Looking forward to more of your try ons though!

  3. Good morning! I am a new reader and I am in love with your blog, and posts, etc etc. One of my fave outfits of yours is the blue faux leather v neck with the jeans. You look awesome in that! I believe I may have to get that shirt.

    And I’m like reading the Bible verse too, you are beautiful and an inspiration.

    1. Terri, welcome!!! I’m thrilled you are enjoying the blog!

  4. I love the navy!! The pants are beautiful.

  5. DeWanna Greer says:

    Great article!

  6. Darla Weed says:

    It worked! I like the Post from the navy sweater to the shoes to the trench coat. I’m trying not to buy black all the time.

    1. Me too! I love black, but there are alternatives we can wear.

  7. Darla Weed says:

    Your website will not let me post a comment. I’ve tried many times and it always says it looks like I’ve posted that comment already. I’m going to try to post with my other name to see if that works!

    1. Darla, you just have to be patient. All comments go into moderation to be approved, and the comments can take a while to show up.

  8. Your website will not let me post a comment. I’ve tried many times and it always says it looks like I’ve posted that comment already. I’m going to try to post with my other name to see if that works!

    1. See my comment to Darla. 😆

  9. I like the whole navy outfit!

  10. I really like Ann Taylor clothing. I love everything about the 1st outfit from the sweater to the trench coat! It’s a nice change from black ( I have too much black).

  11. I really like the clothes from Ann Taylor. I love the faux leather top and jeans outfit. You look great!

  12. Janet Seavers says:

    I love your style. But I’m a plus size woman. I would it you could maybe should an alternative styles in plus size.

    1. I know Ann Taylor offers up to a 2x (I think). I try to occasionally do Petite and Plus size posts.

  13. Love these outfits! The navy is so chic and looks great on nearly everyone.

  14. How does the faux feel against your skin? I haven’t tried any on…

    1. It feels fine. However, the material is a little thick and heavy.

  15. I’d shop Ann Taylor a LOT if I could afford it. Love the classic look of their clothing. Good for you for encouraging mammograms. Mine is next week. I dread it a lot, but I do it yearly.

  16. Love the plaid pants and sweater, they look great on you!

  17. Like the outfit on you! Wanted to get the sweater but sold out in my size☹️

    1. Ugg! Isn’t that the way it always happens?!?

  18. Patricia Glock-McKillip says:

    You looked stunning in the blue top w/buttons and the plaid pants! For some reason the cut, style made you look slimmer; whereas plaid usually enlarges.

  19. I love everything about this post! I hope to order some of these items and make a capsule wardrobe. I love navy and Ann Taylor. The nice thing about Ann Taylor and Talbots is there clothes stay nice and last a long time. Tania you are beautiful inside and out! I’m so grateful I found your blog! Love the verses too!

  20. Erin Jones says:

    I’m 62 & I’m in.

  21. I loved the navy blue. It looks great on. The navy blue sweater was one I would like.

  22. Louise Logan says:

    Love that split neck top!!

  23. Karen Daniel says:

    The faux leather top looks awesome on you. I love that the sleeves are 3/4 length.

  24. Becky Kerwin says:

    I hadn’t always loved their clothes also but yes as my financial situation has changed I can no longer justify the price of their clothes anymore. Too bad, but hey I love looking at your try on’s. Lol!

  25. Plaid navy pants and sweater my favorites and you look absolutely stunning !

  26. The navy outfit looks so good on you!

  27. Deborah Williams says:

    What do you do with a scarf to keep tops from getting makeup on them? I’m trying to picture how tying a scarf around your head could prevent it and I just can’t figure it out. It sounds like a great idea!

    1. I drape out over my head and let it fall over my face. Then I tuck it into the neck of whatever I’m taking off. The shirt never touches my face.

  28. Love the jeans! They look so comfortable.

  29. Love the navy outfit. Very classy looking

  30. Talbots has always been a classic store. A little too pricey for me for everyday, but for special occasions it is the place to shop. Love the navy colors.

  31. Love everything about the navy plaid pants and sweater. A white or cream sweater would look nice with those pants too.

    1. Yes! They also have a light tan stripe than runs through them.

  32. The navy sweater, plaid pants and trench outfit is your best ever! It looks so flattering and polished!

  33. Love the classic, dressy outfit. If I still worked, I would definitely splurge on that one. I still can’t embrace the faux leather, just not for me. Happy Weekend!

  34. I just love Navy! You nailed it! Afraid to wear such a large plaid though…

  35. You’re so slender! You should do a post on how you keep your weight in check. I love the navy sweater and plaid pants. So far, I just haven’t been able to cozy up to faux leather. Too many bad memories of what it used to be, I guess!

  36. Donna Young says:

    Ann Taylor has very classy clothes!! I also love navy and have lots of it!!
    Thanks Tania!!

  37. CyndeeKay🌻 says:

    Tania, Navy is my favorite color for classic clothing. The outfit is absolutely stunning! I almost want to go back to work 🤣 Retired now, but I enjoy looking at all clothing you share. I did purchase a matching sweatsuit and can’t wait to wear it.

  38. Susan McMillan says:

    Love the faux leather top!

  39. Looks great! I especially like the pants!

  40. I’ve been following you for awhile and enjoy seeing the classic outfits you put together. I also like shopping Ann Taylor!
    Please add me to your mailing list
    Happt New Year!

    1. I added you, Laura. You should receive and email tomorrow.

  41. Nice outfits. Ann Taylor is very expensive even on sale. I hope I get to wear my Ann Taylor sweater dress I bought last year. Still not cold enough on Sundays when I go to church. Maybe you can do a post on how to style a black dress without looking like you’re going to a funeral. Or did you already.

  42. Love the blue sweater and plaid pants. The leather top looks good on you but is too boxy for my body.

  43. Ginger Hiller says:

    You look very nice in both outfits Tania.

  44. You look beautiful in all those pieces! Ann Taylor is so classic. I had my mammogram December 21 and got the “good news” card in the mail the following week! Taking care of our bodies is SO important!!! Tania, thank you for all you do and for being an example of a true LADY! Happy Saturday❤❤❤

  45. I love your haircut & color!

  46. Laura Garrett says:

    Love the navy plaid pants and trench coat – very cute! And your text for the day is a favorite of mine. Thank you for always including these in your posts!

  47. Love Ann Taylor! When I worked, I used to go all the time to shop their markdowns. I still love them though for those put-together looks! I love the things you picked out!

  48. Love the plaid pants with the mock neck sweater! Navy is a good color for you!

  49. Love the navy sweater. Great post!

  50. Phyllis Martin says:

    Happy Saturday! Rainy/snowy/cloud cover! Perfect day to snuggle inside.

  51. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I love the navy. It’s definitely a good color on you.

  52. Linda Shearer says:

    Love these pieces.

  53. Stephanie Weeks says:

    Like Ann Taylor stuff

  54. I really appreciate post so I don’t leave the house looking frumpy! love the Bible verses!
    Thank you!

  55. Thanks for the reminder about Ann Taylor! Love these looks.

  56. Love the sweater! Wish my feet were not too wide to wear the pumps!

  57. So elegant looking, just lovely!

  58. I agree that Ann Taylor clothing is expensive but they are classic and last forever.

  59. Tania,
    I had a chuckle this morning when I saw your first picture. I thought “well, that’s a different style for Tania “!!!
    I thought you were showing us a new style top.
    Ann Taylor is a favorite brand of mine but, yes it is pricey, even on sale. The upside is that the styles are classic and ,in my opinion, classic never goes out of style. I have a sweater that I purchased from Ann Taylor 20 years ago that still looks like new.
    Have a great weekend!

    1. Lol! That gave me a chuckle!

  60. Nancy McNitt says:

    I am so glad I found this blog! I love the whole Ann Taylor haul, and it’s giving me great ideas. Navy is an amazing alternative to black (which I also love). Those pants!!! 🔥

    1. Nancy, that is why I bought these pieces.

  61. Very classy clothes from there

  62. You look stunning in the plaid pants, sweater and navy trench! Wow!!! Such a gorgeous, classy look on you!

    1. I loved the look so much that I couldn’t send it back!

  63. I absolutely LOVE the plaid pants outfit. It looks sooo good on you. Good for you getting that mammogram out of the way. Mine is always in August. Something to look forward to 😜😜

  64. You’re rocking both of these! I really love the sweater, and the faux leather top looks like something fun to try! 💛

  65. I totally love the navy sweater and plaid pants, would love them in my closet, but I have sworn off buying more clothes that don’t fit my retired, stay at home, volunteering lifestyle. But that outfit is so tempting. Have a blessed weekend!

  66. Love the sweater and the plaid pants. Such a classy outfit!

  67. Browninga77@yahoo.com says:

    You look amazing in. Navy!
    Stay safe, I’m glad you started the blog.

  68. The plaid pants are adorable

  69. Tamara Llanes says:

    The outfits look beautiful on you. The plaid pants are my favorite.

  70. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Thank you for sharing all of your great outfits. I extremely like the range of prices you include— I sometimes can pair something I already have with just one item that you suggest. However, navy clothing, accessories and shoes are my all time best and favorites!! As I say, navy is the new black!!! Keep up the great work that you do.

    1. Susan, I try to show many different price ranges since everyone has a different clothing budget. Hopefully all my outfits can be used as inspiration.

  71. Love the sweater and plaid pants! The outfit looks so comfortable. Thank you!

  72. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Those plaid pants are great!

    1. I know!!! I love that entire outfit and I can’t wait to wear it out to eat one night.

  73. I love the outfits and the verse.

  74. Love this navy sweater….