50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day. It was a busy, long day for me since I was traveling all day long. I left Georgia and then headed straight to North Myrtle Beach to meet up with my hubby. But, today, I am meeting up with Jodie from Jodie’s Touch of Style. I have been friends with Jodie for several years, but this is the first time that we have linked up with each other. Jodie has a wonderfully unique blog that I know that you will enjoy. She posts along with her mom, Charlotte, and her stepmom, Nancy. That alone is unique, but she also can span several generations from the ’50s to the ’80s. In other words, there is something for everyone. I love Jodie’s upbeat attitude, and I know that you will also.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40It was a loooong day yesterday. I got up early, showered, packed all of my things, and then finally headed out on the road. However, instead of going home I headed toward North Myrtle Beach. Joe left Virginia and drove to the beach in an older car that we have that was his mothers. He drove it down so that he can leave it at one of the airports (small monthly storage fee) so that when we fly into the airport, we will have a car to drive around town. It is older, and by the time Joe had driven seven hours in the car, his back was killing him. It is a Lincoln Towncar, and it doesn’t set like his Toyota truck. Lol! I tease him every time I see him out riding in it because it just doesn’t look like something that he would drive. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40You know that I had to do a tiny bit of shopping while I was in the Atlanta area. Believe it or not, I was not the one who wanted to go shopping…it was my daughter. She wanted to buy a pair of jeans and a belt because she has lost some weight and her clothing is starting to be too baggy. We went and bought some makeup, some tops, some sweaters, and a few other things. BUT, we didn’t buy a single pair of jeans or a belt. That seems to be what happens to me every time that I go shopping. I did buy this gorgeous white tie front top while we were shopping. I loved the material, it feels like a soft crepe, and I like to buy a new white top every year. White can start to look dingy if you are not real careful ( I am not careful) so I like to find a new one every year. This will go with so many things, and I know that I will get a ton of use from this. I am wearing a large, and it fits great. This is machine wash and lay flat to dry. Go here to check the top out. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40Talking on the phone is how I take a lot of my photos. I will put it on speaker phone, and then I will lay the phone down while I take the photos. My sister thought it was funny that I was talking and posing for photos at the same time. I am a multi-tasker, and I can’t help it. Lol! I didn’t add much jewelry, just a few necklaces. The shorter necklace is the Jefra, and the longer necklace is the Vienna. I am loving the Vienna necklace; it reminds me of jewelry that you would wear while wearing Ralph Lauren clothing.50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40 I have on my Diana jeans from Kut From The Kloth. I love the dark color of the jeans, but it is the fit that sold me on this brand. They are true to size, and they are so comfortable. I have had this pair for a while, and they wash up fantastically. These jeans are still on sale for under 40.00 which is crazy!!! Here is the link and you better hurry before your size is sold out. 50 IS NOT OLD | WHY YOU NEED A WHITE TOP FOR SPRING | FASHION OVER 40I hope you like the Friday with Friends blogger, Jodie, today. Be sure to check out her blog and tell her that I said hello. ALSO, I forgot to announce the winner of the necklaces from last Friday. The winners are…Peggy and Joan. You ladies should have gotten an email from me last night so be sure to send me your mailing address.

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  1. June Keleher says:

    Hi Tanya, the next time you come or fly into North Myrtle Beach come visit me where I work, The Wine Shoppe. It’s close to the North Myrtle Beach airport on Highway 17S. Would love to see you. june

  2. You look great, as always. I agree that a new white top adds an attractive crispness to an ensemble. However, it doesn’t work for those with warmer complexions. Like black, it isn’t for everyone.

  3. Anne Mills says:

    Hi Tanya, I am a new subscriber but I have seen you a lot on Pinterest and enjoy all your photos as I love fashion and keeping up with new trends. As I live in Australia our seasons are opposite, I am amazed how you keep up such a pace and look forward to following all your future adventures ?

  4. Charlcy Green says:

    Hey Tanya I love cute white top with new jeans as well. Can’t see the necklaces so I will have to check them out. I think it is so cool how you introduced us to new blogs every Friday. I will have fun checking her out. Have a great time and warm Myrtle Beach

  5. I love the white top too, and yes a definite must have every year♡ It even looks soft!
    I’m also loving the red barn star in the tree behind you. It looks like a heavy wind came along and blew it in the tree so it stayed!! We have several barn stars on our home and I love them!

    1. It is soft, Sue. I think that my sister and I bought the same star one year on a trip to Pennsylvania. She painted hers red and my daughter painted mine blue.

  6. Always enjoy your blogs Tania. The outfit looks great and the greenery behind you makes me want spring to hurry on up! I will check out the 3 Ladies blog. Thanks for the tip!! Have a great weekend!?

    1. I am like you, Carol! I am rushing Spring and hoping that it is early this year.

  7. Cute outfit! I love the top, I have one almost exactly like it but in sea-foam green,

    1. They had another color in this top and I almost bought it too. LOL! But, I finally decided that I would get more wear from the white one, so I stuck with that one.

  8. Hey Tania, where did you go shopping when you were in Atlanta? I live here, and just wondering where you found all your treasures. Love that top! ?

    1. Hi Carri! I didn’t go real “shopping” while I was there. I only shopped at Old Navy, Target, and Francescas at Town Center Mall.

  9. I’m like you….I need a new white shirt almost every year. They do go with everything, and they do get dingy!!
    I’m glad we could showcase each other this way, Tania. You are always such an inspiration!

    1. I am thrilled to showcase you, Jodie! I know my ladies will love you and you will love them. They are truly the best!!!

  10. This store is one of my favs. Do you feel white shirts make people look broader (shoulders)? I have a tendency to avoid white shirts because I have broad shoulders and a large chest. What’s your advice? Also, any other women out there feel the same?

    1. Shari, I am in love with this store. I am ordering a ton of thing today to show everyone later on the blog. I do think that colors play a big role in how we look. That is why a lot of women only wear black, they think that it makes them look thinner. White will show more, making you appear larger than black does. However, I really think it is the cut and style of the top that you need to focus on more than the color. There are some styles that you should stay away from if you have broad shoulders. Some of those would be the off the shoulder look or the boatneck style. I would try to find styles that are v-neck or a deep round neck because those draw your eye away from the outer edge of your shoulders.