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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful pale lavender tee with a floral satin utility jacket and cropped flare jeans from Chicos

What a windy and chilly day! Is this Dogwood winter or Blackberry winter? All I know is that I was sure glad to have a jacket for today’s post. May has the most unpredictable weather; it can be sunny and 80 today, and pouring the rain, and in the 30s tomorrow. Since May is also supposed to bring you flowers, I am bringing them to you today.


Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful pale lavender tee with a floral satin utility jacket and cropped flare jeans

I love it when I can combine function and fashion at the same time. Sometimes, functional items are not fashionable. But today’s jacket is the perfect combination of both worlds.

I started by ordering this beautiful pale lavender ballet-neck tee. This is another item that combines function and fashion. The soft, lightweight material is specially formulated to feel cool to the touch. Plus, it has a double layer of fabric which keeps the tee looking sleek and smooth. This is a fabulous tee to wear for layering since it has a fitted style, or it can be worn on its own. I didn’t take a photo without the jacket (remember, it was chilly), but the sleeves are elbow length, so you don’t have to worry about your upper arm showing.

I am wearing a size 1 in the top, which fits me great. If you are worried about it being tight or clingy, then I suggest sizing up one size. This essential tee also comes in a huge variety of colors, so you can find one to match almost anything in your closet.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful floral satin utility jacket from Chico's

The star of this outfit is this amazing floral utility satin jacket! I’ll be honest; I wasn’t sure that I would like this jacket when I ordered it. But, it is so much prettier in person than on the website, and I ended up loving how it looked on me. The buttercream background is a gorgeous neutral color, and the floral print is vibrant and unexpected. It makes this a true statement jacket!!!

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a floral satin utility jacket from Chicos

Coming or going, you are bound to get a ton of compliments when you wear this jacket. I love the longer length that covers your bottom and the adjustable cinching at the waist. All of this combines for a very flattering look. I am wearing a size 1 in this jacket, and it fits me perfectly, even with the tee underneath.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pale lavender tee with a floral satin utility jacket and cropped flare jeans from Chicos

These denim cropped jeans have a tiny flare to them, which is great for ladies like me who have larger calves. There are times when I have to stomp around to get my pants or jeans to not catch on my calves, so these were a welcome addition to my wardrobe.

The crops are soft and comfortable, and they have a tiny bit of stretch to them. These will be great for a Memorial Day cookout if you don’t like to wear shorts. I am wearing a size 1 because I wanted the loose fit look, and they fit exactly as I wanted. And, the color that I am wearing is Blossom Indigo.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting on a large rock wearing a lavender tee with a floral satin utility jacket and cropped flare jeans from Chicos

The earrings and long strand necklace are both already sold out, but I’ll link to some gorgeous jewelry that I think you will love. In case you are wondering about the yellow block heel sandals, they are by Frye and Co. This outfit wasn’t the best choice for these shoes, but they are gorgeous. Here is a photo of them for you to see, and they are on sale for $40 off. They also come in black and blush pink.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a beautiful pale lavender tee with a floral satin utility jacket and cropped jeans from Chicos

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  1. Loya Palmer says:

    Hadn’t told you that your hair cut looks great! I think you look amazing! I wish I could get my hair to do what yours does. I’ve emberaced my gray, like to let my hair air dry, it’s natural curly/wavy/got body, I don’t like to mess with it, but I like to look finished-got any tips??

  2. The jacket is stunning!

  3. Love the outfit but why when I Shop the Post it says the T-shirt is $14.99 but when you click on it, Chico’s website has it for $45.50?

    1. The widget might be having a glitch. I’m sorry.

  4. I really like your outfit! Especially the jacket!!!!

  5. Cute outfit! Tanya, what is the product you started using that strengthens nails? It was a tasteless powder that you mixed in a beverage. Do you still use and like it?

  6. I love that whole outfit!

  7. What a stunning jacket! I love it and the lavender top also. Looks great on you!!

  8. Love the new hair! I did the same thing..hairdresser was scared to cut the pixie after wearing longer length for years. Jacket is just what I need.

  9. I am amazed at the way you can look at clothing on a website and see the potential! That jacket looks great with the lilac top & jeans.

  10. You totally rock this cute, casual outfit! It looks awesome on you!

  11. Love love love everything about this outfit.

  12. The lavender tee is such a pretty shade and that jacket looks great on you…love the floral print! Glad you didn’t blow away in the wind!!

  13. Love the whole outfit. The jacket is so lovely.

    1. Perfect denim capris!