50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40Wow, this week is flying by. I can’t believe that today is already Thursday, or as some people like to call it, “throwback Thursday.” That is the day when they show an old photo from the past, and it is a lot of fun to see how people have changed over the years. I’ll look and see if I have anything on my computer of me in the good old days and share it at the end if I find something. Speaking of old…I was talking to my sister yesterday who said that she was falling apart, and I swear, the same thing seems to be happening to me too.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I am not talking anything terrible, I am just talking about some muscle cramps that I have been getting in the middle of the night, and I have my right heel give me some problems. I believe that I need to start eating a banana a day to help with the leg cramps, but I bet my daughter will tell me that I am not drinking enough water. She thinks drinking more water cures everything that ails you. Lol! As for the heel, I am not sure what is going on with it, but it almost feels like a stone bruise. It has been hurting me for a couple of months, some times more than others, but it feels better when I stretch my foot. I have started wearing shoes in the house to give it some cushioning since we have hardwood and tile floors. I am hoping that saving it from striking the hard floor over and over will help it to quit hurting. You would think that me wearing heels would bother it, but it doesn’t seem to affect it. I guess that time will tell. Lol! In the meantime, I am on the lookout for cute flats just in case I find out that the heels are aggravating the condition.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I just got this top in the mail, and I couldn’t wait to take a picture. This is the cutest top, and it is perfect for wearing with black or white pants, crops, or short. I think this top would look fantastic for a vacation look, probably because of the large floral print. I am wearing it with an off the shoulder look, but if you scroll down a couple of pictures, you will see if worn higher for those who don’t look good with that style. This top is 100% cotton, and I am wearing a large. I probably could have worn a smaller size, but I ordered a size larger since they said this was a slim fit. Ummm, not sure that I would call this a slim fit. Lol! This top is under 25.00, so click here to check it out.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40Here are a couple of the new pieces from the new spring line at Plunder. I just got a few pieces in on Tuesday, and then I placed a big order that will be here in a few days. The Meadow earrings are very lightweight black wood circles. This reminds me of my youth which I used to play with Spirograph. Does anyone remember that?? The Louisa necklace is not my favorite. This came with the spring kit that was given to me; I would not have ordered this myself. This might appeal to some of you; however, it reminds me of arts and crafts. Lol!  I bet I sell a bunch of those today! Lol! I am never going to tell you that I like something if I don’t make 3.00. Haha! I do like my Tawny gold cross bracelet though; it is on an elastic cord, so it is easy to put on and take off. You can look at the new spring catalog by going here. They have revamped the website with bigger photos and even a section under each item that will give you suggestions on other pieces that will look good with what you are purchasing.
50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40Today, I am wearing a pair of black jeans with my top. The next time that I wear this, it will be with a pair of white pants. I love versatile items. The black jeans that I have on a so old and this will probably be the last time that I wear them. They are getting pills on them because they are a ponte jean, and I prefer the denim type. I noticed that stores are starting to carry “never-fade” black jeans, and I like that idea.

50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40I thought for sure that someone would have commented on the neon links that I gave you yesterday. Did you even notice that I snuck a guys photo in there??? Lol! Anyway, here is a throwback photo of Joe and me from 1986. Talk about babies!50 IS NOT OLD | WHAT'S BLACK AND WHITE AND RED ALL OVER | FASHION OVER 40

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  1. Sounds like you may have plantar fasciitis. This sounds like what was happening with my heel and that is what it was. Check into the symptoms & exercises for plantar fasciitis regarding your heel. The stretching exercises will help. Hope you are feeling better soon!

  2. Hey Tania, it’s Tania!!
    I love this top ?
    Being an off the shoulder, does it stay off the shoulder when moving about?

  3. Tania…. what ails your foot is Plantar Fasciitis!! Painful thing. Have you heard of it? Look it up if you haven’t .
    I love your outfit today!!

  4. Oh my gosh! You remind me of me and my husband in 1986. Cute! I can’t believe you didn’t wear red in past. It looks really good on you. I don’t usually like florals but this top is one I’d wear. Even off the shoulder.

  5. That look is beautiful on you. It makes you look thin and your gorgeous! You inspire me everyday! Thanks for the daily fashion tips and emails. I look forward to hear from you, it’s like we are friends!!! Lol have a great day!

    • Love this top on you – bold and feminine, good words to describe both the blouse and you, I think (even though I dont know you personally)!

  6. Hey Tania! Love that top. I really hope you’re not getting Plantar fasciitis. Its quite uncomfortable. Hurts worst when you first get up in the morning? I had to get orthotic inserts for my shoes. Keep stretching!!

    • So agree with Debbie! My foot Dr. said that as we get older, our arches start to fall and elongate so keep stretching that foot and maybe put a little arch support in that foot. Watch the fit of your shoes….. remember, as your foot gets longer, your shoe size might change, mine did. I moved up 1/2 size. I feel for you, the pain is awful?

  7. Love this top~ ordered mine already! We’re twins!

    Thanks for always keeping it real and funny and fashionable!

    Happy Easter to all !

  8. Love! Love! Love! That outfit is a home run! I am partial to red/black/white together and that particular brand from Target. Those colors are also my school colors where I teach kindergarten PLUS my wedding 30+ years ago was red/black. Thanks also for sharing a fun photo of you and Joe. I just recently discovered I could receive your blog daily…before I would just see your outfits pop up on Pinterest. I am enjoying your daily BLOG immensely.

  9. Beverly Dickes Reply

    I love red on you! Drink a spoonful of pickle juice for the cramps, gone! And see a physical therapist about your fit soon. Happy Easter.

  10. Try taking a 400 mgs of magnesium at night before you go to bed for the leg cramps, really works. So does drinking tonic water. Your foot issue sounds like a bone spur/plantar faciatis (sp.?) Believe it or not wearing flats is part of the problem. Try Vionic sandals or even Fit Flops they really help or a pair of shoes with somewhat of an arch. I suffer too, and a shot of cortisone into your heel really helps.

  11. Karen Kientz Reply

    Love this outfit on you!!! Very flattering! For your feet it sounds like plantar fasciitis. Stretching is good I also use collagen powder and that has helped with my feet and also issues I have with my knees. If it gets worse you may need orthotics. I have some but still can’t resist wearing my cute flip flops and sandals! Have a wonderful day!!


  12. Darling top and looks so cute on you!! TIP#……go to Walmart and buy some Potassium pills (they’re cheap) and take one EVERY night from now on and you WILL NEVER get another leg cramp. The same thing was happening to me and I refuse to eat a banana every day (too fattening…ha) and I don’t drink enough water either. My daughter told me to do that (her doctor had recommended it to her) and by golly it works!!! Love your throw back pic of you and Joe! You’re both still just as cute!

  13. love this look! You are just gorgeous and I love your style–inside and out. I look forward to reading your blog with my coffee every morning and feel like you are my imaginary friend. You have inspired me to purchase several of the items you showcase (I even made a road trip 90 minutes away to get the black top with lace sleeves at CATO for the holiday).

    Thank you for sharing your style and faith inspiration. You are a very special lady!

    PS love the TBT

  14. I agree with Debbie; it sounds like plantar fasciitis. Stretches are important, especially when you first get up in the morning. And shoes with good soles.

  15. Yep, sounds like plantar fasciitis. I’ve had it in both feet (several years apart). You definitely need shoes with support. The ones listed above are both good along with Chacos, which is what my podiatrist recommended. Also it helps to roll your foot over a frozen bottle of water. He also recommended Birkenstock’s, but the pair I bought were extremely uncomfortable. People say you have to break them in, but I couldn’t wear them long enough to do that. The thing the doc really wanted me to wear almost 100% of the time were New Balance cross trainers with prescription orthotics. I did as much as I could but they’re not very fashionable!? It took over a year to go away. I hope yours heals much faster! Good luck!

    • Dana Buckingham Reply

      I love this outfit and would totally wear it. I’m glad that you’re featuring clothes from Target too. I like their stuff. Wal-Mart ‘s too.

  16. Sally Bauman Reply

    It sounds like you have Plantar Faciitis! I have it and it always affects my heel first! Get some good walking shoes with arch support (Vionics, Birkenstocks, etc.) and I found Shockwave therapy helped with mine, but make sure to look it up and get some treatment for it or it will get worse! It seems to hit when we get older 🙁

  17. OMG! Y’all are the cutest!! 1986 Wow!

    I agree with others that posted about planter fasciitis. I went back to the foot work I did in ballet classes years ago and that seems to keep it under control. Mine is just my left foot so far.

    Darling top, btw. And, yes, very versatile.

  18. Tania, there are other foods that have a lot more potassium than bananas. Avocado, spinach, sweet potato, dates, and orange juice. If you want a big bang for your buck, try a couple of tablespoons of molasses (the good kind, not cheap brand). Hope that helps. And make sure you are not dehydrated! 🙂

  19. Kim in Minnesota Reply

    Ha! Neon is not for me, so I didn’t scroll through your examples yesterday… but I did after your comment today! So funny (and not a bad example, either).

  20. The top is cute; I like it. The heel issue I believe to be plantar fasciitis. Every teacher I know gets it sooner or later; they are on their feet so much. Dancers, runners, etc. also suffer. My podiatrist says he just looks at people who wear ballet-type slippers or flip-flops as his future patients. There are specific exercises, shots, supports to help with the pain. My sturdy, heavy-duty shoes are the first things I put on in the morning and the last things I take off at night. I truly hope you do NOT have this as it is not fun.

  21. Love your outfit. Sounds like you have plantar fasciitis in your heel. I’ve had it a couple times and it is really painful. Just the thing you need to hear! Suggest you see a foot doctor. As for the water drinking, your daughter is 100% correct. It does alleviate cramping. Gads, I sound like a doctor…In my 70s and I can tell you these crazy things start happening. Love your blog.

  22. Love the look. Red is very becoming for you.
    I agree with the others…plantar fasciitis. It is very painful! I wear good sneakers & custom inserts most of the time. I’ll wear regular shoes for special events…altho the heels aren’t as high as they used to be!!! There are special inserts for dress shoes.
    Love your throwback picture. You guys are adorable. (Can you imagine how upset you’d have been if someone said that to you ‘way back then!!) 🙂

  23. My link to your red shirt won’t work. Please tell me where you got it. I love it and want one. It looks fabulous on you. Love your blog and today’s retro picture of you and Joe…

  24. For leg cramps: I know this sounds crazy, and I thought it was just an old wives’ tale till I tried it, and it worked for me. Put an unwrapped bar of Ivory soap between the sheets on your bed near your feet. When I need a new bar of soap in the shower, I take the one out of the bed for the shower and put a fresh one in the bed. I think the help for leg cramps has something to do with the oils that give Ivory its scent. My husband still thinks it’s silly, but I very rarely get leg cramps now.

  25. Charlcy Green Reply

    That is the cutest outfit!! I gotta have the shirt. THAT IS A CUTE CUTE pictures from 1986! You look much better than I did in those early photos! Yes, if you have tile floors, Plantar Faciitis is very common from walking around on those hard surfaces all day! I have gotten shin splints from mine! Must wear arch support shoes at home & when walking dear!

  26. Love your top! As others have said above sounds ñike you may have planters faciitis. Dillards has ortho heel inserts that you can slip inside your regular shoes and makes a world of difference! Hope you find relief soon.

  27. Nice outfit! It looks good on you.

    I have found that inexpensive inserts called the 2 Oz miracle worked very well for me. I used to buy them at Walmart but you can find them online at Amazon. I like them much better than my more expensive inserts which ended up in the trash can. I hope you get some relief soon, foot pain is horrible.

  28. Elizabeth Vitullo Reply

    Very pretty! Hope you don’t have Plantar Fasciitis. I did and I had to be in a walking boot for a month,
    have custom orthotics made and it really limits my selection of cute shoes. Happy Easter!

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