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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing animal print luxe loungewear from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

Since it is the weekend, I figured there was no better time to talk about luxe loungewear. Loungewear is a word that was hardly ever mentioned before 2020, and now it has to be one of the most used terms when we talk about what we are wearing. Loungewear can be a lot of things, but it basically casual clothing meant to be worn around the house.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing animal print luxe loungewear from Chico'sI am wearing Animal Print Cardigan (TTS, I’m wearing size 1) // Animal Print Tank (TTS, I’m wearing size 1) // Animal Print Joggers (TTS, I’m wearing size 1) // Ked’s Platform Sneakers (TTS) // Maggie Small Hoop Earrings // Maggie Bangle Bracelet

2020 didn’t invent loungewear (here is a post from 2017), but it did bring it out of the shadows Before 2020, loungewear was mostly sweats or leggings that you threw on after a long day at work. This was the interim outfit before you put on your pajamas and headed off to bed. Since all that you planned to do in the loungewear was watch television or surf the internet, there was no reason to put a lot of thought into it.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing animal print loungewear from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

Wearing loungewear in public is now common, and loungewear makers have responded by making updated, elevated, and luxe loungewear. Silk and cashmere loungewear might not be in your loungewear budget, but you can still take your looks up several notches.

Monochromatic, tonal, and matching pieces are all ways to elevate your loungewear game. This Zenergy animal print outfit is super soft, lightweight, and perfect for lounging at the house or heading out the door.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing animal print joggers from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

Joggers are so “hot” in the fashion industry right now. You will find people wearing joggers with blazers and high heels for a work look, and they look incredible! We all know that animal print is the hottest print around, making these gray joggers a NEED instead of a WANT. The soft fabric has the perfect amount of stretch, but I haven’t experienced saggy or baggy knees.

The joggers have a drawstring waist and pull-on styling. The side pockets might be my favorite detail; gosh, I love loungewear with pockets. Lol! I am wearing a size 1 (8-10) in these joggers, and they are the perfect size for me.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing Ked's platform sneakers

I didn’t opt to wear my heels today and instead went with a more relaxed look. It looks like I am back wearing a brand from my childhood days. Lol! Who here wore Keds when they were younger??? These sneakers are way more modern looking, but the quality is still there.

The Triple Kick Luxe Platform sneakers are leather and are low profile. I love the 1″ platform, and all of you ladies are looking for extra height without the heel; here you go. The DreamFoam footbed is very comfortable, even for those who stand on their feet all day long. I ordered my normal size 9, and they fit me well. I had to loosen the strings that were laced a little too tight, but the length was perfect for me.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing an animal print tank, jogger, and cardigan luxe loungewear set from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

The animal print tank has a scoop neckline and nice thick straps. The neckline is not too low, and the straps are thick enough to hide your bra strap. This tank is made from the same soft fabric, which feels great against your skin. One of the great things about this tank is that it can be worn alone or under a blazer, cardigan, or jacket. The tank is a size 1 (8-10), and it fits me great.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting with her feet on a bench and wearing animal print luxe loungewear from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

The neutral grays of this animal print cardigan makes it perfect for wearing with almost anything. As I am sitting here typing the blog post, I am wearing this cardigan with a v-neck black t-shirt and a pair of wide-leg (Joe approved) jeans. This gorgeous animal print cardigan is one that you will find yourself reaching for over and over again.

I bought a size 1 (8-10) in the cardigan, which is the perfect fit for me. The cardigan is long enough to be worn with leggings without showing any of your rear, and I can see myself wearing this with black leggings quite often.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting on a black bench and wearing animal print loungewear from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

Because the outfit is the star, I didn’t need to add much jewelry. So, the small Maggie hoop earrings and Maggie bangle bracelet are all that I added. These silver pieces complement the outfit instead of competing with the outfit.

While I was taking these photos, my Energizer Bunny Friend saw me and came to say hello. We were talking, and she wanted to know about my outfit. She said that she wouldn’t have thought that she would like all three pieces being worn simultaneously, but she actually loved the whole look.

Even if you think the three pieces together are too much, you can always wear two of them together or even one piece by itself. This will be so versatile this spring, and I know that I will get a ton of wear from all of the pieces.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a gray animal print luxe loungewear set from Chico's and Ked's platform sneakers

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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing animal print luxe loungewear from Chico's and Ked's white platform sneakers

I am celebrating this month because it is Joe’s Birthday month. He told me that I couldn’t make a big deal out of his birthday. I don’t think that announcing for the entire world to see is making a big deal. Lol! So, randomly, each week, I am going to pick a winner for a gift. The gifts will vary in size and price, and I will pick the winner from the comments that I receive during the week.

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  1. LISA CASTRO says:

    Fun print and comfy? Take my money lol….

  2. Such a fun, versatile outfit!

  3. I love loungewear and am all about comfort while at home.

  4. What a really cute outfit and as you say very versatile to wear so many ways. You look so relaxed in this

  5. Barbara W. says:

    Cute outfit, and looks great on you!

  6. I think I should be the weekly winner since I told you about National Joe Day!!

  7. Very nice…I would wear this around the house…

  8. I have the cardigan and love it! I wear it with a black cami underneath and black leggings. It is so soft and comfy!

  9. I really like this outfit. I dont have any lounge wear but would definitely wear this.

  10. Love the idea of v neck black t and print cardigan! A very happy birthday to Joe!

  11. I wouldn’t have thought to put all 3 pieces together either. But it does create a definite flow. Love the shoes especially because they are leather. I’m not a fan of “pleather” or synthetic footwear. I have decided to wear more jeans as I was pretty much living in what I call ” pandemic pants” (exercise leggings). I find you lose your waistline in those types of pants when wore on a regular basis.

  12. Doreen A. Bednarski says:

    WOW! Do I love this outfit. Sure does look comfy and high style, especially on you.

  13. I love your blogs and posts and I love it that you go directly to my email😁

  14. TRISH JARVIS says:


  15. Kim☘️ says:

    I would wear all three! But not together, I would throw a little black v neck tee on with the joggers to break it up. 3 identical pieces just to much for my liking. But I do like all three!

  16. Love this! Would be perfect for the snowstorm arriving today here in Colorado!

  17. Love the outfit but not a big fan of wearing loungewear outside the house especially if you are also wearing your house slippers. Call me old fashioned.

  18. Really cute outfit on you and looks like it fits you perfectly. I would have to break it up and wear as separates…I showed your picture to my husband and he said “cute pajamas “😳
    Have a great weekend!

  19. Love the animal print loungewear! Looks so comfy!!

  20. Love this outfit! Especially those cute Keds. They look really comfortable.

  21. Laura Burell says:

    I can tell by your smile. You really love this outfit. I do too! Looks comfortable
    and so soft.

    1. My face always gives away how I feel about an outfit. Lol!

  22. Looks so cute and comfy I would definitely break up the pieces with a pop of color like bright pink.
    Thanks for sharing this one because we are definitely dressing more casual these days.

    1. That would look very cute, Monica. You can wear this outfit in so many ways.

  23. Karen Miller says:

    I love this outfit! Looks soft and comfy!

    1. It is very soft and comfy.

  24. Hi Tania! I had a flashback to my red Keds with the wide rubber toe guard! I had them in navy as well and, even at four, I LOVED them! Ah, sweet memories….enjoy this day.

    1. Yep! I think that I would love a navy pair.

  25. Ann Claire says:

    I joined R & F yesterday!😞

    1. I saw that Ann!!! I’ll be sending you a message later on how to use the product!

  26. I’m not sure I could wear this lounge set “out” of the house but it would be great for just on a weekend day at home but that’s just me. Maybe if I broke the outfit up with another color it would speak my name more.

    1. Sandy, you need to be brave. Lol!!!

  27. I have a closet full of Keds in different styles and colors/patterns. They are my go-to sneaker brand for sure.

    1. These were so cute and I wanted to try the platform version.

  28. All three pieces are beautiful, especially the pants(and they have pockets, bonus!!) but I would prefer to break up all of that leopard print with either a solid colour tank top or cardigan. Hope you have a great weekend!

    1. Janice, that is the great thing about this look. You can switch things around for a different look.

  29. I love lounge wear. I have a pair of plaid bottoms and ones with stags on them. They are just so comfy.

    1. This set is super soft and comfy, plus, highly stylish.

  30. Really cute and comfy outfit and you could get a lot of mileage out of the pieces wearing them separately! Glad you mentioned that!!! Love the print!!

    1. YES! That is what I love about the set. You will get lots of wear from each item by themselves.

  31. Gina Ryals says:

    That lounge set is so pretty and that same pattern all over is very slimming.

    1. I love it as a set, but I love being able to wear all the pieces separately.

    1. Thanks, Bernie. I hope all is going well for you.

  32. Love the Keds! Once we visited my mother in law and she had at least 30 prs of the basic keds sneaker in every color imaginable. Like a Crayola closet of shoes. I used to have a pair of white leather ones. And I had a pair that was like slides with laces on top. I miss those!

    1. She had me beat, I didn’t have near that many Keds. Lol!

      1. Leslie High says:

        I struggle with my loungewear – it never looks “put together” or cute. I’d love a cute, versatile outfit like this!