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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, and a red/black reversible ruana

Happy Valentine’s Day!!! XOXOXO I’ve been looking at candy hearts, and the XO’s was the one that I picked out for all of you. I genuinely appreciate everyone who follows my blog and takes time out of their day to spend a few minutes with me. There are too many of you for me to send each of you a Valentine’s Day gift. Instead, be sure to read all the way done to the end to see my Valentine’s giveaway.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, and a red/black reversible ruana from Chicos

I had another post all picked out to post about, but I thought that I HAD to have on something red or clothing with a heart for Valentine’s Day. I’ve posted about Valentine’s Day so much already that I have used up all of my heart clothing photos, so it looks like this red, black, and white outfit will have to work instead.

If you missed my Instagram Story about my Valentine’s Day present that I bought myself from Joe (hehe), you can see it below.

Brahmin handbag

I’ve wanted a Brahmin bag for about five years, and I finally decided to take the plunge. It is beautiful!!! This is the Finley Small Croc-Embossed handbag, and I am thrilled with the size. I was afraid it would be too small, but it is the perfect size for me. I’m sure you’ll be seeing me carrying it so much that you’ll probably get tired of it. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, and black pumps

The herringbone sweater tank was on one of the flash sales the other day, so I’m not surprised that it has already sold out. Joe is a huge herringbone fan, so that is why I bought this tank. I wore it the other day, and he immediately commented on it. Here are a couple of similar options for you.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, and a red/black reversible ruana

Red or black? You don’t have to choose since this reversible fringed Ruana wrap gives you both options. This is a nice heavy wrap, and it looks great dressed up or worn with jeans.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, and a black/red reversible ruana

I love both sides, and it will look great with a column of black. The black necklace is an old one from Chico’s, but my red Kyocera Opal heart earrings from Kendra Scott are still in stock. I’m especially fond of colored opals, and this is a beautiful deep red. The black opal ring that Joe bought me for my 10th anniversary is in Pennsylvania being repaired, and I can’t wait to start wearing it again daily.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, and a red/black reversible Ruana

The pants that I am wearing are from the So Slimming line. This pair has a slight slit at the ankle and the exclusive Hidden Fit technology that shapes your style for a figure-trimming fit. I love the fit of this pull-on pant, and it is so dressy and polished looking. I’m wearing a size 1 in the pants, and I think the fit is great. The pants fit slim through the hips and thighs to the knees, and the regular has a 27″ inseam.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, black pumps, and a red/black reversible ruana

I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with someone you love. Your love could be a hubby, a boyfriend, a friend, child, pet, etc. You can choose to celebrate anyone and everyone that you love any time of the year, not just on Valentine’s Day. Today, I’m celebrating all of you with a small giveaway. This giveaway is a little different because I am giving away multiple items.

Pearl Heart Earrings

Pearl Heart Earrings

Chico's necklace

Chico’s Necklace

Chandelier earrings

Chandelier Earrings

To enter, comment which item you would choose if your name is randomly picked. (Siri picks based on the number of comments) Keep scrolling until you see the LEAVE A COMMENT BOX to leave a comment.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is dressed in a herringbone print sweater, black pants, and a red-black reversible ruana

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  1. Hi Tania,
    I just received the black & red fringed reversible Ruana you featured recently. Thank you for modeling it as I’m very satisfied with it. Will definitely wear it during the holidays of Christmas & Valentine’s Day next yea.
    Enjoy your site and all the nice comments you always make in your site.

  2. Hi Tania! I just joined your list and loving your blogs!! Thank you for all your posts, great info love your style 🥰
    Laurie Ann

  3. Well, I love them all…you have such great taste! But I especially love the pearl heart earrings. There is just something about pearls! ❤️

  4. I really like the chandelier earrings. I used to love only post earrings but I am learning what an accent to an outfit earrings can be. The beads on the ends of the earring add a little shimmer. Pretty cute, I will have to check out Chicos!

  5. I would choose the Chico’s necklace if I was chosen. I have recently found your blog and love your style. Thank you for all of your wonderful posts.

  6. I love love love love those Pearl earrings. Pearls are my go to wear you can dress up or be causal with pearls. Those earrings would make a lovely addition to my jewelry choices.
    Loved the Black and Red outfit I am able to recreated with clothing ideas I all ready have.
    Have a wonderful day.

  7. I love the outfit that you shared with us. You look great in those colors.

    I think my fave is the necklace that you’re giving away. It has an aged look to it which I love.

  8. I love the pearl heart earrings they are absolutely beautiful! Thank you for all you do for us girls over 50!

  9. I really like the necklace because the style is so versatile. You could use it for a wide range of option from jeans and a tee to a knit dress.

  10. Joe has great taste (but we knew that already) lol I love the herringbone too and the pearl earrings. You look great in red!

  11. I LOVE THE PEARL HEART EARRINGS!!!! Besides loving hearts– necklaces, sweaters with hearts– I made a change this Valentines day by purchasing a pair of fun heart earrings by SugarFix from Target. What’s unique about me wearing these FUN earrings is– I have worn my diamond post earrings for the past 30 years– every time I try to venture out to wear a pair of cute dangly earrings– I never feel comfortable! BUT the Sugar Fix earrings changed me forever and now I am looking for more FUN earrings and THESE PEARL HEART EARRINGS are just what I would chose!! Thanks for so many many many GREAT style tips– I LOVE following you everyday!! <3

  12. I love the pearl earrings. They’re very different. Great post. Red white and black have a classic look to me. I never wear red but I would def try it as you’ve styled it. Thank you! You always get me to think differently about clothing choices

  13. Love the pearl heart earrings.. so cute! PS. You look great! The self love shows through. Keep up the life changes. 👏

  14. I love the red and black in your outfit. So perfect for Valentines Day. I also love all the jewelry
    pieces you have chosen. I would be happy with any of pieces.

  15. Those pearl earnings!!! I’ve wanted a Brahn bag for quite a while but haven’t had the nerve either.

  16. Love your outfit today. Anything black and white attracts my attention and the red shawl is just the perfect spark. Your new bag is just perfect! Love it.

  17. I like the paper clip link necklace. It would be something I could style a lot. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your style blog. I looked forward to reading it every morning and I have l learned so much!

  18. Love the Pearl Heart Earrings….and would give to my daughter most likely as i do not have pierced ears and she does so much for me at my age. God Blless!!!

  19. Chandelier earrings!
    I love the outfit. I wore red and black today as well. Its funny how the longer you are married, we just buy our own gifts. Great present Joe. 😉

  20. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love love love the Pearl Earrings. I wear Pearl earrings everyday. You can dress Pearl earrings up or just causal. Thanks for sharing Ce Ce

  21. I like the Chico’s necklace. Their jewelry is made well and lasts a long time.
    I enjoy reading the scripture verse you post daily in addition to your Sunday post.
    You must really be enjoying having your daughter around.

  22. Love the Pearl Heart Earrings! Pearl is my birthstone and one of my favorites to wear. Always enjoy your blog.

  23. I would like the charming Chico’s necklace in your giveaway. Keep up the great posts, I love your casual style outfits.

  24. Hi Tania , your outfit of the day is beautiful, love that combination.You wear it well! I really love the little pearl hearts! I enjoy your blog immensely and look forward to reading it every day. Greetings from Ireland!!

  25. I love all three, but I have to gob with the pearl earrings. I don’t think I have ever seen a pearl I didn’t like 😁.

  26. Tania, you look absolutely fabulous in that outfit! You look great in pale neutrals, but this outfit just seems to light up your face! I especially like it with the ruana worn black-side out, with the edges turned to red in front. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    I like the necklace best.

  27. I love the chandelier earrings. They are unique and would complement many outfits. Love your posts! You’ve inspired me to purchase many many things!!!

  28. Today’s outfit is a winner. I like the Chico’s necklace. It looks like it would be versatile. Happy Valentines Day!!

  29. The chandelier earrings are so pretty! Thank you for your daily email- ideas, positivity & Bible verse. Happy Valentines Day to you as well.

  30. I love the pearl heart earrings! I enjoy your posts. They’ve given the courage to branch out and not just wear a black shirt every day.

  31. You look great as usual. Enjoy your Brahmin purse, I have a couple and love to use them.. I would like the lovely pearl heart earrings. Happy Valentine’s Day

  32. Beautiful styling of red and black today! You look so sharp! If I had to pick one of your giveaways, it would be the pearl earrings. They made my heart sing when I saw them!

  33. I’ve enjoyed all of your Valentine outfits. Love the Brahmin purse, it’s gorgeous. I would like to have the Chico’s necklace. Happy Valentine’s Day!

  34. Hi Tania! You look gorgeous as ever! Everything you wear looks great on you. I pick the Chico’s necklace.

    Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  35. Happy Valentines Day! I’ ❤️ the pearl heart earrings. Thank you for showing the dress pants.. I’ll be heading back to the office soon and need something other than jeans and joggers which have been my attire the last couple of years!

  36. Happy V-Day Tania! I love your outfit. You look fabulous! I have a red blouse for today but I now know to wear my herringbone wrap with it. I would choose the pearl heart earrings to wear with my outfit so I hope Siri picks me. I love your bag by the way, enjoy it.

  37. Love the outfit that you had on today.. I am a red, black and white girl. I m gonna have to look into the Ruana.

  38. Love the necklace, think it would go very well with so much outfits.
    May you and Joe have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!!

  39. I love your Valentine gift “from” Joe. According to the Nordstrom link, it is sold out. (: He has great taste! Lovely choice of giveaway items. I Like the necklace best. Enjoy the day!

  40. Love your black, red and white outfit…so classy and that trio of colors never go out of style! I think the chandelier earrings are a fun look. ❤️

  41. Thanks for keeping me stylish now that I also qualify for Medicare. I would love to rock those pearl heart earrings!

  42. I love your style and I love your hair. I am transitioning to white/platinum. A huge difference from my mahogany colored hair which I loved loved loved but at 72 it’s time to lighten up …. lol. It’s a big adjustment to say the least. What I like so much about you…besides your style…. is that you are real. I would be happy with whichever item I receive.

  43. I think the Chandelier Earrings are so fun. That’s what I would choose if my name was picked. Did anyone else make mailboxes to hold Valentines from classmates when they were in elementary school? I loved doing that when I was a kid! Happy Valentine’s Day, Tania.

  44. I would love to wear the Chandelier earrings…I love your clothing styles and am excited to see what you are wearing….you give us young ladies (I’m 66) a webpage to go to for great style.

  45. Beautiful outfit. Love how you show your faith in God! I would love to win the pearl heart earrings. Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

  46. I would love the Pearl Heart Earrings! I so enjoy your blog and helpful examples. Thank you! Have a great Valentine’s Day!

  47. Love the pearl heart earrings! Pearls are so feminine and dainty looking, neither of which describe me-ha! A girl can dream, though.

  48. Love the red and black combo you are wearing! That’s my go-to tonight! The pearl heart earrings are calling my name!🥰

  49. It’s the Chico’s necklace for ME! Love these Valentine inspiration outfits today. And as always, you look gorgeous !

  50. Happy Valentine’s Day! Classic outfit today.. You will enjoy your Brahmin bag I have had mine for 10 years they wear beautifully. I would love the necklace.

  51. Happy Valentines Day! I love the red and black outfit today. It looks very versatile. I would choose the heart earrings if I were picked.

  52. Oohlala! Love ❤️ the pearl heart earrings! And always love your posts. Going back to the office soon, so appreciate the dress pants you styled today! Happy Valentines to you and Joe! xoxo

  53. Happy Valentine’s Day! I would love to add the chunky chain necklace to my closet since it is something my husband can’t make.

  54. Happy Valentine’s Day!! Beautiful outfit today! So classy and always in style. I love it! Oh, my gosh, if I won I would need the pearl heart earrings. I so enjoy your posts.

  55. Happy ❤️ Day, Tania! I’d pick the Chico necklace if I won the drawing— been looking for a paperclip piece 😊.
    Always enjoy reading your blog!

  56. Hi Tania, I look forward o reading your blog every day. You have inspired me, at age 70 in a week, to always look my best. I would love the necklace to go with the many outfits I’ve purchased since I’ve discovered your blog. Thank you for your humor, faith, and wonderful knack for putting together all the wonderful outfits!

  57. Chandelier earrings. I’ve always just worn small hoops or studs and I’m trying to break out into some new territory

  58. The pearl earrings are very classic and could be worn with casual or dressy outfits. Love the black and red combination

  59. Happy Valentines Day! I would select the pearl heart earrings. Love hearts I have a wall dedicated to heart decor. 💖

  60. Red is definitely your color! Your posts have inspired me so much lately that I had my hubby give me a new outfit for Valentine’s Day (which I picked out, lol!) If chosen, I would love the pearl heart earrings!

  61. I like the necklace! Haven’t read any blogs in a while as I took a hiatus from my tablet. Your outfit is very pretty and I actually like it much better than traditional heart inspired clothing as you get more wear for your money.

  62. You are always so stylish!! My daughter is a fashion major not far from you at Liberty University. Loved your outfit today and your verse. I also loved the pearl heart earrings.

  63. I love herringbone also, high five Joe! Also a fan of anything heart shaped like the pearl earrings. Thanks for taking the time to blog, love to get your email each morning.

  64. Happy Valentine’s Day! I love seeing your smiling face every day and love your style. I don’t get dressed up often anymore, but when I do, it’s pearls, pearls, pearls! My email address says it all – Southern Belle here in Richmond.

  65. Love your Valentine’s from Joe! I have a Brahmin tote that I’ve had for at least 25 years and it still looks brand new—they are beautiful work horses. I love the chandelier earrings, but all the pieces look fun.

  66. I love the beautiful pearl heart earrings. I collect pearls and also all things hearts. You look great in today’s post, Happy Valentines Day to you and your family.

  67. I would love the beautiful pearl heart earrings! They are gorgeous!! Thank you so much and Happy Valentines Day!!

  68. Happy Valentines Day. I love the wraps don’t how it can be worn to dress up many different outfits. If I was to win the give away I would choose the Chandelier Earrings

  69. I like the wrap. Gives you so many options of different outfits to wear it with. If I was to when I would like the Chandelier Earrings. Livening your post. Happy Valentines Day

  70. I love the Pearl Heart earrings! Love following you – always such a beautiful smile ! I can see you enjoy life – you’re a definite blessing to many

  71. Hi Tania, I am patiently waiting the delivery of our first grandchild a girl today! Praying for a safe delivery for mama and baby!
    I really love the pearl hearts, they would make a great memory of this special day today!
    Happy ♥️ Day to all!

  72. Happy Valentine’s Day 💕 Love your outfit…can’t go wrong with red & black and that bag is stunning. Joe sure does have good taste!

  73. Pearl Heart Earrings would be my choice – love the outfit today. You style it very nicely. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new handbag

  74. Happy Valentines Day! We have been celebrating since Thursday the 10th because that’s our Anniversary! Love ALL things Chico especially that necklace! ❤️❤️

  75. You look so sharp in the herringbone and red. It just reminded me that I have something similar in my closet and I need to pull it out and wear it. Thanks!

  76. Love that Chico’s necklace. Their jewelry is so beautiful and so are you in your Valentine’s outfit! Enjoy your day!

  77. I would love the pearl heart earrings!!! Such a classic style for Valentine’s Day!!!! What sweet giveaway❤️

  78. Happy Valentines Day! Thank you for all of the styling and sales tips! I would choose the pearl earrings.

  79. Good morning Tania and Happy Valentines Day! I would choose the heart earrings, and THANK YOU for always ending with inspiration 💖💗

  80. I love the heart pearl earrings. I also want to thank you for combining faith with style. I love that I can read your post and get ideas for outfits and inspired by scripture. Thank you

  81. I like the chandelier earrings. I am so jealous!! I have been wanting a bramien back for so long. At least 5, probably closer to 10 and I want it in that very color. It is beautiful.

  82. Happy Valentines Day!! I would love the Chico’s necklace!!! All three items are very nice though! Thanks for all you do , look forward to your blog every morning! ❤️

  83. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!! You can never go wrong with black, red, and white!! I would choose the BEAUTIFUL heart earrings— another classic!!

  84. So funny that Joe loves herringbone. My hubby hates it, so I wear it when I am working, or out with the girls. You look stunning, as usual. I would choose the pearl heart earrings

  85. I have a wonderful Brahmin story! My daughter, granddaughter and I were shopping at a Salvation Army and I found a Brahmin handbag for $7. WaaHoo and yay me!!! Love your blog and Happy Valentine’s Day!! I would love the Chico’s necklace.

  86. I love the Chico necklace! My husband and I try to celebrate Valentine’s Day every day of the year!
    It’s been 46 years so far!!!!

  87. Ooooohhhh! Love the outfit! Especially the ruana! I love the Chico pieces. The boho look is right up my alley so to say!

  88. Happy Valentines Tanya! Just love your inspirational posts as well as your daily versus – Thank you for keeping us positive and upbeat always – Love you Girl XOXO

  89. I love the ruins, but the Chicos necklace or pearl earrings either one would be a wonderful gift to me, lol! I also love Joe’s generous gift to you! 😜

  90. Happy Valentine’s Day. I love the black and red outfit on you and the giveaway is a very thoughtful gesture…thank you! I really like the necklace. <3