Tips For Taking A Good Picture

50 Is Not Old | Good Pictures My friends and family probably just spit out their coffee when they read this headline. Have you ever wondered how the celebrities always seem to take a good picture? I don’t know about you, but I have always hated having my picture taken. I was always the person behind the camera doing all the picture taking. At one point, I even wondered if there would be any pictures of me to remember me by, if something should ever happen to me. I think it is safe to say, there will now be plenty of pictures. Lol!50 Is Not Old | Good PictureMy children even nicknamed me turtle for a short period of time because I took such horrible pictures. They said I always had all the rings that are around a turtles neck. I tend to pull my chin back toward my body, and this creates even more chins. Not a pretty picture. But, I am doing better, and I thought you might want to be let in on some of my tips.50 Is Not Old | Good PictureDon’t do this!!! This is a straight head on shot, and it is not flattering on anybody. Every part of me looks wide, even my ugly ankles. To start with, you need to create some space. If you put your hand on your hips, or in a coat pocket, that will create an opening between your waist and you arm. 50 Is Not Old | Good PictureI promise I am not trying to look this bad, it just comes naturally. Lol Okay, this is some improvement, but not much. So now you want to narrow the body. Most people know to turn a little sideways, but there is more you need to do. Put your weight on the foot that is in the back. Then slightly turn, but not completely sideways.50 Is Not Old | Good PictureYou will notice that my weight is on my back foot, and my hips are pointing more toward the wall, and not toward the camera. So my body is looking thinner, but my face and neck needs some improvement. Next comes the awkward. or more awkward, part. Take your chin and move it forward one or two inches, but leave everything else the same. I know this feels weird and you think you look stupid. But here is what the camera sees.50 Is Not Old | Good PictureJust don’t let anybody take pictures from the side when you are doing this, you will look strange. You need to practice these techniques before you have your picture taken, or you will look stiff and unnatural. Have someone take your picture, or do like I do, and set up a tripod. You can always delete the pictures you don’t like and take more. The more comfortable you get with these poses, the more relaxed you will look in your pictures. Now, if we could only go through the day with this stance. Hahaha
50 Is Not Old | Good PictureJust in case you were wondering, the sweater is from Talbots, and is very old. The lion mane scarf is one I bought at Target last year. I liked it so much that I bought it in ivory and cobalt blue also. Here is a similar one.The leopard print pants are from Old Navy. I bought them earlier this fall, but I have only worn them once. I learned a lesson, and I will pass it on to you. These are a Harper pant, and I usually buy the Pixie’s. I made the mistake of buying the same size when I bought these, and that was a mistake. I think the Harper pants run larger. So, if you decide to buy a pair, either try them on in the store, or order a smaller size.

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  1. Loving your posts, your tips on taking photos I will try asI hate having my photos taken. Love your blue cold shoulder jumper, am searching for one similar

  2. Thankyou so much for the tips, I have been dying for someone to tell me how to pose, as I have no clue, and dread getting my photo taken, you look fabulous. And I love your outfit, I fact I love mist things you wear, thanks again, I will give it a go, have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Rosemary Study says:

    Love your style

  4. Jennifer Speidel says:

    I can attest to the head forward thing. My neck is straight, not curved like normal, so all of my ID photos turn out great. My drivers license, Costco card, etc.

  5. I anyways get a kick out of you Tania but I really enjoyed and learned from the picture taking tips post. I liked yesterday’s jewelry storage videos too! What a collection you have! I thought I had a jewelry thing but you put me to shame! ?? Hope your neck feels better soon-

  6. Wonderful tips! Who knew?!?! I recently found/followed you so I am reading all of your post as I can. You are so much fun and cute as a button. Can you tell I am from the south?? hugs!

  7. Thank you so much for these wonderful tips! I found your site a couple of weeks ago & just want to tell you that I love your way of writing & your style :). Thank you for being you I will enjoy following your blog. Have a wonderful day.

  8. I am not yet 50, but it isn’t that far away (a matter of weeks). I have been really obsessing on the number the last few years and it needs to stop! I just found your blog and LOVE it and your attitude! Every time I get dressed I ask if I am too old for this. Thanks for the fun and fabulous pictures and commentary, I will try to adopt your positive attitude! Thank you!

  9. Sooo glad to see this post. My pics always look awful. Can’t wait to try this pose. My upper body always looks so wide. I think this will help! Lol. You look great!???? Have you had your colors done? You colors are always bright an beautiful. I have a hard time fitting into those color categories.

  10. Great tips! Here’s one more. Practice the poses by taking pics of yourself in front of a full length mirror. I did this to send a friend a pic of myself in a new outfit. If you don’t have a full length in your home, snap a few in the fitting room at the clothing store. Safe place to try new looks, too.

  11. You crack me up!!! My husband looked at me like I was crazy as I cackled reading your blog this morning!! ????Absolutely great!! You mentioned earlier you’re trying to let your hair grow out and it is looking great!! Thankyou for the tips especially how not to do the “turtle” I catch myself doing that too????

  12. This is such great photo taking advice. I’ll have to put it to use. xo Hope you are having a nice week-end. We are celebrating my husband’s birthday…. I call it his Medicare birthday since that is exactly what it means for him.

    1. Tell hubby Happy Birthday!!!

  13. Wow, thanks for the tips. I feel like you have shared trade secrets. You look great by the way.

  14. Laughing so hard I didn’t even realize what the outfit looked like today! I teach high school so the kids keep me young! My husband always laughs when we take pictures and says “hands on hips”! Funny how these tips truly do work! HA! Enjoy the rest of the weekend gurl!

  15. I loved this post. I truly laughed out loud! Now I’m off to practice my pose.
    Keep it coming!

  16. WOOOOHOOOO, I love this post. And I’m going to save it and use your advice. Everyone always tells me, Oh, you take such good photos. But I know. I know exactly when I look good and when I don’t. That I prefer the left side of my face vs my right. How to really smile so that my eyes almost disappear vs. that solemn pensive look. How my hair must be curly, soft and puffed to soften my face and ‘hide’ the overly roundness of it. I didn’t know the thing about the arm space or the direction of the hips. I soooo will practice. Thank you. I just turned 50, working around 2 dozen 20 somethings. They keep me on my toes and very ‘look’ conscious. I can use all this help. Bless you! Keep up the great tips!

  17. Bernadine says:

    Today’s blog came just in time. My son is getting married in 5 weeks so of course there will be lots of picture taking. By the way, you are toooo funny!

  18. I think you did good! I just about lost my teeth when I saw that picture! (what not to do)
    My exact words were HOLLY COW!
    You look so good in every other picture!

  19. What a great post! Thank you. I am one that runs from the camera and I, too, thought that there won’t be any pictures of me after I’m gone. 😉 I love the way you showed in each picture the do’s and don’ts. I’m a visual learner so this helped me a lot!

  20. Great tips! I am also never in photos. I’m always the one taking the pictures. Maybe one day I’ll break this habit. 🙂
    Old Navy? Who knew they had such cute stuff! I’ve only bought for my daughters here and have never stopped to actually buy or look for myself.

    Enjoy your posts everyday! Thank you!

  21. I found your blog a couple weeks ago and want to tell you I love it!! I started blogging a couple months ago and it is such a fun experience. I love the way you write. It feels so real and like we are talking over coffee!! And it’s so fun to get ideas about fashion and being your best so thank you and I am excited to follow along!!

  22. Marie Dee says:

    Great tips, Tania! I will need some serious practice, but definitely worth it to actually have some pictures of myself that look decent! Talbots and Target…I love the combination! I recently bought a scarf that I LOVE from Rite Aid!!

  23. What a great post Tania! I really needed this and am going to try it out soon. Thanks so much and have a great weekend!

  24. Great pic tips, and boy do I need these! ???? I am so the “before”. Ha-ha. Maybe now, with your help Tania, I can appear more presentable. – Love the scarf & print pants! I’m working on courage to try printed pants. Look so pretty on you! ????

  25. Yep- the head forward thing makes me feel odd when doing it, but dang if it doesn’t work….. love your example pics, especially #3~ great “mug shot/drivers license” look! LOL
    Have a beautiful weekend 🙂

  26. Good morning! I laughed when I read your post, my daughter and I have been doing the “elbow out” pose for awhile now and now it is a big joke in our family….but don’t you know…all the ladies copies us! I’m a new follower, a 50 something as well, and I’m really enjoying your down to earth posts! I love your outfit choices and how you combine color and add so much interest with your jewelry and scarves! I have the slacks you are wearing and always wear them with a black tee, turtleneck or tunic…silly me, I need to get a camel colored turtleneck! Have a nice weekend!

  27. Thank you for these tips. I am also always behind the camera and try to never be on the other side. I always hate pictures of me. I will try your tips. And I love the outfit. You are a beautiful lady and I love your creative ability to put such cute outfits together. You inspire me.

  28. What a great post! With these tips, I just may brave having my picture taken more often. 🙂 Gave me a chuckle to see the before and afters. lol I really like your black shoes, do you have a link for those?

  29. This will definitely take practice. Enjoy your weekend!

  30. Thanks for the photo tips. I too have hated my picture taken; looking forward to trying these tips out. Outfit looks very cozy and cute. Going to check out Old Navy today, Have a happy day.

  31. This information is so helpful. I dread having my picture taken but will practice your tips. You always look so relaxed and natural. I love your outfit today and have a nice weekend.

  32. I have always dreaded getting my picture taken, but these are great tips. I am almost excited now about getting mine taken, just to try your suggestions out. You take such good pictures and Im loving the outfit.