The Saga of the Traveling Pants

DSC_0062I am off to the Tennessee. Three of my grandchildren are born in the months of September and October. So, they usually have a combined birthday party, which is a dress up Halloween party. (Don’t expect pictures) This is a 5 hour drive for me, so I try to dress comfortably when I travel. I just noticed almost every piece is from Old Navy. DSC_0065This snakeskin sweater is one of my husbands favorite’s. Every time I wear it, he always compliments me. I bought this last  year at Old Navy, but here, and here are similar ones. Since both of those are around 300.00, and mine was probably 25.00-30.00, I’ll just keep mine.

The jean jacket was the medium wash, and was from Old Navy this year. Honestly, I do not usually wear jean jackets, so this was a different look for me. When I walked in at work, I got a few comments about farming and cowboys. Lol!

The tortoise shell necklace was a recent purchase from TJ Maxx, (similar) and I wore a large plastic bracelet, with a cut-out design,that looked similar. DSC_0064I ordered these blue jeans, from Old Navy, in a tall. My daughter has a 36″ inseam, and for some reason, I felt the need to buy these in tall. Since my daughter is not going to be wearing these, I’m not sure what I was thinking. It’s a good thing that rolled up jeans are in style. I decided to wear the boots from Cato’s because they are comfortable, and are easier to drive in than ones with a higher heel. They were bought last year, so I could not find them online. This pair from Old Navy is similar.

The purse is old, I think it is Coach. I didn’t even notice I had brushed up against something till I got to work. Thankfully, it just wiped off.

So what do you wear when you travel?

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  1. Really cute! I always love touches of tortoise shell. Looks great with the top you have on and I’m loving the pink streaks. 🙂

    1. Thanks Stacey. I love the pink also, but I am glad they just glue in. My niece suggested I go with teal the next time, NOT!