The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters That Are Actually Cute

Tis the season! You know, that time of year when you get invited to a party with the directive to wear your favorite ugly Christmas sweater? I like to wear something whimsical, but I don’t go crazy. There’s a fine line between silly and downright dumb. lol. Today, I’m sharing the best ugly Christmas sweaters that are actually cute. You’re sure to be a hit in one of these.

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters – From Target

Come on! You’ve got to think this sweater is adorable! I love wearing bright colors in the winter, and this one is Merry AND Bright. Lol! The sweater is a little oversized; I’m wearing a medium, and I think I would have liked a small one better.

Who, me??? You gurls can vouch for me, right? How could anyone be naughty when wearing something this cute? This sweater is cropped, but it is fine with my high-waisted jeans. My granddaughter saw the sweater when she was here this past weekend. She is going to an Ugly Christmas Sweater party and wants me to bring it to her.

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters – From Walmart

See? Silly and CUTE. I love this Santa Baby sweater from Walmart. It’s bright and cheery and has just the right amount of whimsy. You don’t have to wait for a party to wear this sweater. I’d put this on the day after Thanksgiving and head out for all my Christmas shopping!

Here’s a more subtle version of the ugly Christmas sweater. This says Christmas without hitting you over the head with it. I love the single, sequined tree! The red is perfect for the holidays but comes in black and green also.

Santa, Santa, Santa! This warm and fuzzy Christmas sweater is perfect for the coldest days. I thought the black was fun and made Santa really stand out, but it comes in green, red, pink, and even pale blue. This sweater is shorter than some of the above, and I like the banded waistband.

Who doesn’t love a snowman?! Red and white is the go-to color combination for Christmas, but this also has some pops of color in the details. It says it’s a “relaxed” fit, but I like my Christmas sweaters loose. I’d probably size up one size.

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters – From Amazon

I couldn’t resist! What’s better than a pet-featured ugly Christmas sweater AND a pun?! This is perfect for you cat lovers. Of course, it’s actually an ugly Christmas sweatSHIRT, but it works. I like the grey because the colors really stand out, but it’s also available in red and green.

If you really want to get into the Ugly Christmas spirit, the LED light-up sweater manages to be fun and not over-the-top. Okay, it’s a tiny bit over the top, lol. I like the Christmas Tree design, but there are many others at the link, such as a reindeer and even an alpaca!

The Best Ugly Christmas Sweaters – From Kohl’s

Here’s a fun twist! I love the length of this sweater vest. It would be perfect to wear with leggings. I’d pair it with a bright turtleneck or long-sleeved t-shirt. If you get too hot or want to ditch the Ugly Sweater vibe halfway through the party, you’d be good to go.

For my tropical-loving Gurls who want to celebrate the season with some fun! How cute is the hot pink flamingo? This says, “I’m somewhere warmer in my mind,” lol. This is a classic fit and hits right at the hip. Size up if you want things to be a bit roomier.

What about it, Gurls? Will you be wearing an Ugly Christmas sweater this year? I want to hear about your favorite.

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  1. Fun Sweaters! I’m a little behind in my emails and social media, lol. Your plate looked just like mine!

  2. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    LOve the sweater that says, “Merry Christmas” and not Happy Holidays, etc.

    Love you with some lipstick, gives you a nice colour.

    All items look good on YOU, tell your bigger ladies NOT to EVER
    wear stripes across, makes them look even bigger.

    I find a lot of older big women wear stripes, because the items
    may be cheaper to buy!

    You sure are a busy lady, the Good Lord is keeping YOU and blessing YOU
    with your OWN in-house massage lady. That is being BLESSED!!!

  3. Mary Carol says:

    Cute sweaters!! I really don’t wear sweaters anymore because it rarely gets cold enough here in Texas and I’m indoors more now that I’m older.

  4. I love wearing ugly Christmas sweaters, they are so fun and festive. Have a happy Thanksgiving Tania.

  5. Never mind the sweaters, Tania, I think your lunch is the best!!

  6. Such cute sweaters! I’ll be getting the naughty one!!

  7. I love the ugly sweaters! Because they are so cute! I’ll be getting the naughty one from Target!

  8. Hope I get invited to an ugly Christmas sweater party so I can find some of these! Saving this post!!

  9. Ann Pavlicek says:

    Those sweaters are definitely ugly, but would put a smile on everyone’s face. Happy Holidays!

  10. Marie Farris says:

    love the jeans you’re wearing with these sweaters

  11. Why do they have to be the ugly sweater, some of these are just tooo cute. Thanks

  12. So many to choose from!!

  13. Jacque Abell says:

    You are right. Love the naughty sweater and the Christmas tree one. The others are bad. Just right for ugly sweater buys.

  14. I just came from Walmart and saw a lot of Christmas sweaters. Some would qualify as ugly but some are cute. Are they trending?

  15. These are all adorable! You look cute in them all.

  16. Love the Santa face sweater!

  17. The holidays can be be overwhelming, sad, or otherwise emotional for many. Thanks for the humor and lightness with the cute sweaters! Sometimes we just have to choose to be light hearted.

  18. I am normally not a fan of Ugly Christmas sweaters but these are kinda cute!

  19. Ann Thomas says:

    I love the fun sweaters, but we need to talk about the dressing on your dinner plate! Please share your recipe. It’s just like my Mother’s used to.

  20. Michele Mayer says:

    I am so happy I found that was able to subscribe to your emails!
    I have been a follower of your on Pinterest and I have lived you and your fashion for so long!
    Plus, you look identical to my sister! she is beautiful like you as well!
    One of my degrees is in fashion and you make putting an outfit together so easy! and they are so awesome, especially to me who will be 50 in 4 short months lolol 😸
    Thank you for bringing such great fashion ideas to us gals!!
    Michele Mayer ☺️ ♥️

    1. Nice to meet you, Michele! I’m glad you are enjoying the blog, and it’s funny that your sister looks like me.

  21. Jenniffer Groski says:

    I love the flamingo sweater!!!

  22. sue koren says:

    I love the sequined tree one!

  23. They are all very cute and look good the way you have them styled. My favs are the Santa Face and the Christmas Tree sweaters and the long vest.
    Your left overs look amazing. I’m looking forward to ours.

    1. I like the Santa Face one too.

  24. Fun post ,Tania! I might just have to order the subtle Christmas tree one ! It’s high time I added an ugly Xmas sweater to my wardrobe! By the way, thank you for all you do for us gurls, Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

    1. I think the Ugly sweater trend is sooo cute.

  25. All cute sweaters. I like the snowmen one the most.

  26. I would wear the red sweater with Christmas trees. I have only Christmas tees because in Texas it can be too hot for a sweater. You look cute in the naughty one.

  27. Tammy Files says:

    These are so cute! I love all the colors!

  28. Karen Daniel says:

    Best ugly Christmas sweaters ever!

  29. Two words – OH MY! Made me smile – thanks!

  30. Jayne Finkbohner says:

    Absolutely love the naughty sweater! Looks amazing on you!

  31. Kathleen O'Brien says:

    oh yes! I have a few vintage “ugly” sweaters to wear this holiday season. and I even cut up a few old ones into panels and made a fun skirt from them that I wear with tights and boots. Got to have some things to wear during the season that makes me and others laugh at the silliness.

  32. I’ve never worn a Christmas sweater in my 68 years of life. But this year for some reason, I’m going to. LOL. Go figure! Thanks for pulling all these selections together for us. I do believe there’s something here for me.

    1. WHAAAT??? Never? That’s wild!

  33. Delanie Collings says:

    What fun!! Waaaaaaay back in the olden days when Christmas sweaters were actually in style and pretty, I had many, many of them. Now, I’m starting to wrap my mind around wearing these “ugly” sweaters. Tania, you really picked some cute, fun “ugly” sweaters! I love the Santa Baby, Santa faces, and Christmas trees sweaters so much!! Thanks for, once again, doing the pre-shopping for us! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  34. Cathy Baird says:

    I like the final sweater vest, the snowman sweater and the one with the trees on it. the best I would take the bobbles off and feel comfortable wearing it all winter. thanks for all you show us.

  35. You look good in all of them but for me I would wear the one with all the trees 🌲!!

  36. Laura Garrett says:

    They’re all so fun, but my favorite is the Santa face sweater! Just too cute. Happy holidays, Tania!

    1. Happy Holidays! 😊❤️

  37. I like The Santa Baby one. It’s a little wild but cute!!

  38. These are great!! I like the Santa Baby one!

  39. Ginger Hiller says:

    I think most of these are not ugly! I really like the ones from Target and Amazon. I am going to freshen up my Christmas tops to start wearing them this weekend. I also like having fun tops that I can wear all winter, not just for Christmas. Your plate of food looks delicious.

  40. Linda Shearer says:

    The Merry and Bright one is my favorite.

  41. These are some of the cutest “ugly” sweaters I have ever seen. Being a “crazy cat lady”, I love the cat claws sweater. And the long vest is pretty and different- I like it a lot.

  42. Cute sweaters. Love the Santa faces and Flamingo sweaters!
    Your Thanksgiving leftover meal looked yummy.

  43. Mary Kinard says:

    I am not usually much of an ugly Christmas sweater girl – but I might rethink that! I could see myself wearing a few of these.

  44. Gay Manning says:

    Cute, cute sweaters 🧑‍🎄🎅 and great prices !

  45. I could go for the one with the Christmas trees 🌲. Cute!

  46. Marilyn Norman says:

    They are all cute!

  47. I really like some of these ugly sweaters! Ha! May I ask for your dressing recipe ? Can you take a picture of the recipe? I need a good recipe and that looks so good!
    I have to make dressing for our Thanksgiving dinner Friday along with lots of other dishes! Have a good Thanksgiving Thursday with Joe and Lucy Lu!

  48. The Frosty Friends and the Pink Flamingo are my favorites. Isn’t it ironic that what is today’s Ugly Christmas sweaters were the fashion trends in the 80s and 90s? I can remember buying a new sweater each year and if I had been really good, a classic Marissa Christina sweater was my splurge. They were about $100, 30 years ago, but often a Black Friday deal.

    1. I also had those Marissa Christina sweaters! They were beautiful, weren’t they? I finally either gave or packed away all mine, but I miss them. What fun. Thank you for that reminder. Good memories.

    2. Teresa I can remember. I remember a lot of these sweaters at Macy’s and Dillard’s. I remember my friend being upset because that year she couldn’t wear her Christmas sweaters because the month of December was so hot.

  49. Haha – that fine line! I’m like you when it comes to these things, although I feel like I can get away with a teensy bit more at school as a kindergarten teacher. 🤦🏻‍♀️😜🤣 These are fun!

  50. Hi Tania…all of the sweaters are fun! I like the Santa Claws and the Christmas tree one. Thank you for posting all the choices.