The Best Plus-Size Mother-of-the-Bride Dresses

Everyone knows that weddings can be stressful. Hello? There’s a reason for the term, Bridezilla! But you don’t have to be a bride to stress about what to wear, especially if you have a key role in the festivities. Don’t worry, Gurls. Today I’m sharing with you some of the best plus-size mother-of-the-bride dresses that will have you looking stunning.

It’s been a long time since I was the mother of anyone getting married. My son, Joseph, got married in 2016 but since then I’ve been just a guest. This photo is of me and my daughter, Ashleigh, the day before my niece got married in May. We had a great time helping my sister-in-law on the day of the wedding. While talking to both of the mothers that day, I realized how stressful it had been for them to choose their dresses. Hopefully, today’s post will help take away some of the stress of this very special day.

I had to show you the decorated car! Ashleigh is very creative and repurposed the flowers that had been used for the church decorations for the couple’s drive-away car. The car was the bride’s grandfather’s, and it was a special moment to see them drive away in it after the ceremony.

The Best Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses from Nordstrom

Cowl Neck Beaded Waist Gown

Navy is a very popular color for wedding parties. Almost every dress I’ve found is available in navy, with very few exceptions. I think this is so pretty. I love the slight cowl neck. It’s elegant and bra-friendly, always a plus. The beaded detail at the waist is lovely, and the slit adds a little va-va-voom!

Paris Sequin Bodice Gown

This beautiful dress is available in two colors – navy, of course, and black. It’s so flattering! Love the neckline and the 3/4 length sleeves. Even though it’s very formal, it still looks comfortable. And, it has POCKETS, my favorite! The reviews say that it runs true to size.

Mademoiselle Lace A-Line Dress

Of course, not every wedding dress has to be full-length. This lovely lace A-line dress would be totally appropriate as part of the wedding party, or just as a guest. I love the green, but it’s also available in six other colors, including navy. 🙂

Camille Lace Midi Cocktail Dress

Another pretty lace dress from Kiyonna. I love the sheer sleeves, a huge trend right now, and even though I’m usually all about color, I think this “storm grey” is gorgeous. If you want something a bit brighter, it’s also available in Goldenrod and Teal Topaz.

The Best Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses from Macy’s

Plus Size Embellished Cold-Shoulder Gown

This looks like a black dress, but it’s actually navy and gold. This is one of the more formal dresses featured today. If your wedding event is on the fancier side and being held in the evening, this would be perfect!

The Best Plus Size Mother of the Bride Dresses from Amazon

Miusol Women’s Plus Size V Neck Floral Lace Ruffle Asymmetrical Hemline Elegant Bridesmaid Maxi Dress

This dress looks a bit more summer than fall, but I just couldn’t show another navy dress, Lol. It is available in darker colors -navy, magenta, and black. It’s one of the least expensive dresses at only $69 dollars. If a dress is something you’ll only wear once or twice, then buying something that is less expensive makes perfect sense.

R&M Richards Women’s One Piece Short Sleeve Embellished Sequins Gown

I love this color! It’s officially mocha, but I’m not sure that is the best description. Either way, it’s gorgeous. If you’re not a fan, the lavender and the merlot are equally beautiful. The satin belt can be removed if you’d rather wear it without. The reviewers say to size down one size!

Alisapan Plus Size Women’s Split Bodycon Mermaid Ruffles Elastic Evening Cocktail Long Dresses

You know how I love interesting details. I know not all of you will be fans of these asymmetrical sleeves, but I think they take a fairly simple dress and provide a bit more interest. The same for the ruffle down the front of the dress. Like so many things offered on Amazon, it comes in several colors and even different lengths.

Miusol Women’s Plus Size V Neck Elegant Floral Lace

This is very similar to the blue dress in a few photos above. It makes sense because they are made by the same company. I like them both, but I think this sweetheart neckline and cap sleeve make this one a bit more elegant. I also like the lace-back detailing on this version a lot.

Which do you prefer??

Adrianna Papell Women’s Plus-Size Long Cap-Sleeve Gown

Wow! The only thing I can find wrong with this dress is that you might outshine the bride! It’s beautiful, but the beading can make dresses heavy, so keep that in mind.

It’s also available in this gorgeous Merlot color. It’s amazing how different it looks in a dark color! The good news is that if you’re wondering which one to wear, just ask the bride. She will absolutely tell you! lol.

In honor of weddings, I’m sharing one of my favorite wedding scenes ever. I LOVE this movie, and this is one of my favorite songs ever! This scene always makes me cry.

What’s your favorite wedding movie? Leave a comment and share!

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  1. Love all the dresses! Love your Joe stories and you and Ashleigh are beautiful ladies!!! Ashleigh did a great job with the flowers on the car!!! So creative!!!

    1. She is sooo creative, but it is hard to get her started Lol!

  2. Always heard if you’re the mother of the groom you are to wear beige and keep your mouth shut lol
    Love the miusol v neck lace in the magenta…stunning!! Loved the option of “sliding” to see which color you liked best. 😊

    1. Lori, that is too funny!

  3. Definitely the merlot colored one-so elegant! Thanks Tania!

  4. Very lovely selections!

  5. The first dress had the bling detail at the waist! I incorporated rhinestone bling in my mob dress last fall. And will be looking again soon for a mob dress for my other daughters wedding. Appreciated seeing the many choices!

  6. Thanks for the blog on these dress for groom or bride Mom. I will share with a friend her daughter is getting. married soon. She is having problems finding a dress she likes. Thanks again Ce Ce

  7. I Love all the dresses! They are beautiful! I, also love hearing all your Joe stories 😅

  8. The dresses are lovely! It made me smile to see the mocha one. I wore a long dress in a very similar color to my son’s wedding in 2001. It was the first dress I tried on and I bought it on the spot…then came home and was delighted to find a small antique beaded drawstring bag that matched it perfectly! It had been my grandmother’s.
    The getaway car your niece had was perfect!!

  9. I’m not plus sized and don’t have a wedding to go to this year, but I really like the first navy dress. My favorite wedding movie is Father of the Bride, both the original and the remake. Poor Joe!

  10. Awesome dresses! Great selection of styles and prices. Thanks Tania 👍🏻

  11. Kellie Johnson says:

    It is very stressful picking out a mother-of-the bride dress. You want to look your best, especially in the wedding pictures. Those pictures could be hanging on your walls for all to see. Navy blue was my choice of color when my oldest daughter was married. All the ones you show are beautiful.

  12. I love all the dresses. They are stunning. It is very stress to choose a dress when you are the mother of bride or groom.
    Thank you for including the car such a great memory for everyone.

  13. My days of being Mother-of-the-Bride ended in 2014. You and your daughter are beautiful in the photo.

  14. These are great, Tania! Looking at the dress from Macys led to another that I liked even better and it is 50% off – thank you!

    1. Jennifer, I’m so glad that you enjoyed this post! ❤️

  15. These dresses are beautiful but most are sleeveless or with cap sleeves. As a Plus size gal I might be uncomfortable in most of them and would prefer more arm coverage on a special day.
    Love all your posts!

    1. Thanks for commenting! 😊

  16. I like all the dresses, but I think I like the “stormy grey” one the best!

  17. These are beautiful dresses! Thank you for the ideas. I’m invited to a wedding in October and it says black and formal attire. I’m 5’2” and long dresses make me look shorter (and rounder). Is it proper to wear a shorter dress given the ‘formal’ on the invitation? I trust your opinion on these things!

    1. Sandi, you can wear a shorter dress to a formal wedding. The shorter the dress, the less formal it will appear. However, you want to wear something that you feel comfortable in, and it that is a shorter dress, then I don’t see an issue. But, if you want to send the bride or groom a quick photo of the dress and why you’re wanting to wear it, you can.

  18. Thanks for the beautiful mother of the bride dresses! I will hopefully need 2 of these in the future. I love Crazy Rich Asians! It is one of my all time favorites.

  19. Beautiful dresses for anyone! Very elegant!

  20. What beautiful dresses! I won’t be a mother of the bride (or groom) for a while, but these choices have given me hope that when the time comes, there will be options for me. Thank you!

  21. My days of being mother of the bride are done, but loved seeing all these gorgeous dresses. And the wedding clip above? Cried like a baby the first time I saw it!

    1. Tess, I loved doing this post. It was so fun looking at all these dresses.

  22. Although my children are married I enjoyed looking at your selections! They are all gorgeous!

  23. Beautiful options! Both of my daughters got married before online shopping was a big thing. They both had a much easier time finding a wedding dress than I had finding a mother of the bride dress.

    1. Lol! Joy, the MOB dress can be a hard, hard dress to find.

  24. All of these dresses are gorgeous! Wish I had an occasion to wear one!

    1. Cathy, I know what you mean. After I made this post, I had to order in a few myself. I’ll be doing an upcoming post soon and showing ways we can wear them.

  25. Thanks to a 50 pound weight loss, I’m no longer a plus size but I still vividly remember how hard it was to find beautiful dresses!

    1. I’m sure can be a struggle.

  26. Linda Shearer says:

    Your daughter is beautiful and very creative too!

  27. Hope Matchniff says:

    I love the one with the purple/blue options with the lace on the shoulders and the ruffle down the skirt. So pretty!!!

  28. Beautiful! No weddings yet though for my children.

  29. Beautiful dresses! I too had a hard time finding a dress for my sons wedding it was hard finding dresses that didn’t overwhelm my 5’1” frame.

  30. Tania, you have been an excellent guide for my dress choices in what to wear to weddings as a guest!

  31. Your choices are just precious! What a beautiful assortment of dresses Tania.

    1. Thanks for commenting! 😊

  32. Beautiful dresses and your daughter is so gorgeous!

  33. Beautiful dresses! Great post!

  34. Glad to hear Joe is okay.
    My MOB dress was from Nordstrom. They have such beautiful choices.
    Also, LOVE the drive away car decorations. Very creative.

    1. Thank you for commenting! 😊

  35. Love the dresses. Since I’m new to the club I wondered if you had done a similar posting for the regular size mothers of the bride/groom. If you have I’ll be glad to hunt for it. Thanks!!

    1. Willa, that is coming up soon. I have a lot of dresses, and I need to grab photos of them.

  36. Patricia Konze says:

    Beautiful dresses. Too bad my kids are all married!

  37. Kelly Brooks says:

    I love all of these. I am directing a wedding now so this definitely comes in handy.

    1. I am glad that you have found this post helpful! Thanks for commenting! 😊