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Thanksgiving Table Decoration Ideas

Can you gurls believe it’s already time to start planning for Thanksgiving? It feels like fall just arrived, and now it’s time to start thinking about the turkey! But hey, I’m not complaining! I love any excuse to get together with my family and friends and indulge in some serious comfort food. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned over the years, it’s that the key to a memorable Thanksgiving is all in the details, especially when it comes to table decor. So, let’s talk about some Thanksgiving table decoration ideas to make your Thanksgiving table the talk of the town (or at least the dinner table).

Thanksgiving Dinner Table Decoration Ideas

Pumpkin Place Card Holder and Place Cards

I love these sweet little pumpkin place card holders, and they will add the perfect amount of charm to your Thanksgiving tablescape! Each set comes with six pumpkins and six place cards. You can also grab them in white or a mint green color. Even if you let your family choose their own seats, you could leave the cards blank and let them fill them out themselves. I think the kids would get a kick our of seeing their names.

Fall Leaf Garland

I thought this beautiful leaf garland would be gorgeous running down the middle of a table, especially with some candles placed throughout. You could also use it on your mantle or on your stair railing to add a beautiful fall touch to your home.

Pumpkin Napkin Rings

Do you use real napkins for your holiday dinners? I know most people use paper napkins, but they do look so pretty folded inside a napkin ring sitting atop a plate and charger at each plate setting. I loved the look of these pumpkin napkin rings from Mud Pie!

Napkins, 54 Ct.

Speaking of paper napkins… they do make clean-up a breeze since there is less laundry to do, especially if you have a big family! These would be very cute sitting on top of each plate since they have a pocket for silverware! The little square ones are the perfect size for your dessert table or bar cart. I also thought these turkey napkins were darling!!

Heavy Duty Dinner Plates, Salad Plates, and Utensils

I hate doing dishes, but I also hate using flimsy, cheap plates for family dinners. These plates are the perfect solution since they look nice on your table but can go straight into the garbage! They come in round or square, and you can also do a rose gold or silver instead if that matches your decor better!

Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

What do you put in the center of your table? If you’re looking for a new Thanksgiving centerpiece, look no further! I love the combination of pinecones, berries, leaves, and velvet pumpkins. It would also look stunning on a mantle or entryway table.

Turkey Tea Light Candle Holders

I had to share these turkey tea light candle holders! Are they not the cutest?! These would be soooo adorable on your dining room table, or even around the house, like on a bathroom sink or office desk! If you don’t want to do real flames around kids, you could use these flameless ones!

Thanksgiving Apron

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner, you need a good apron! You gurls know as well as I do that cooking a big holiday dinner means you’ll be in the kitchen all day long. This cute Thanksgiving apron will protect your clothes and make you look festive while you cook and bake!

Burnt Orange Tablecloth

This burnt orange tablecloth is the perfect background for your autumn placemats, napkins, and centerpieces. It comes in several different sizes, and it’s machine washable! It also comes in bronze, gold, and white, but I am a big fan of the dark orange for fall. I also really liked this tablecloth if you like a fall print instead of a plain color!

Thanksgiving Kid’s Table Decorations

Thanksgiving Coloring and Activity Tablecloth

If you have kids coming to your Thanksgiving dinner, this tablecloth will keep them busy with lots of fun activities like coloring, tic tac toe, and word searches. Add a cute basket of crayons, coloring pencils, or markers, and they will be entertained while the adults eat and converse at the grown-up table!

Thanksgiving Activity Placemats

Here’s another fun activity to entertain the grandkids during Thanksgiving dinner! Even if you don’t have a separate table for the young ‘uns, they will love coloring and drawing on these Thanksgiving activity placemats. There are twelve in each pack!

Drumstick Headband

How cute are these drumstick headbands? These would be so cute at a Thanksgiving photo booth, or you could put one at each placemat for the kids to wear throughout dinner! You could also grab a few of these turkey headbands!

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  1. Michelle Roth-Sears says:

    Wow! Some great Thanksgiving decor! In Canada, we are onto thinking about Christmas. Love this time of year!

  2. Louise Logan says:

    Love love love the tablecloths and runners!

  3. Pam Baker says:

    So many cute ideas!!

  4. So many cute ideas to make our Thanksgiving amazing!

  5. We have used the table cloths for coloring on Thanksgiving, and the kids all loved it

  6. Patt Dyal says:

    I just ordered the cute place cards!! I love them.

  7. Susan ann Koren says:

    I love setting a beautiful table for the holidays!

  8. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    I can’t wait to walk into my daughters home on Thanksgiving Day with my turkey leg headband on. I would have never thought of such a fun idea, thanks for including in your post Tania.

  9. Why did it take so long for someone to think of china-looking paper plates?! I know my mom will want her real stuff out, but I might suggest it anyway. And the activity tablecloth? Perfect! Wish my kids were still young enough to do that. We used to take crayons to draw on the table paper at the dr’s office and places we needed to kill time. We still all get young and silly when we go to Macaroni Grill and they give us crayons. 🙂

    1. I think the tablecloth is brilliant!

  10. Oh my…. that apron is calling to me!!

  11. Love the tablecloth and placemats activity set. Will keep the little ones busy.

  12. What great activity ideas for the younger ones! In my cart now for both Thanksgiving and Christmas.

    LOVE your daughter’s costume. She is very creative and talented!

  13. we do a coloring table cloth every year the kids love it. Their favorite thing to color with are washable markers. We have tried crayons and colored pencils but the washable markers keep their attention the most.

  14. Stella Gustafson says:

    I was just looking yesterday for Thanksgiving decorations. Our one and only store. WM. Seem to hop from Halloween to Christmas. No Thanksgiving any wear. Thank you for this post

  15. Oh how I love these ideas!! All of them!! Especially the thanksgiving tablecloth and placemats the kids can color on. I’m definitely ordering these.

    1. I thought they were ingenious!!!

  16. What a Wonderful Idea….Turkey Coloring Table Cloth….my granddaughter will Love this as will her mom 🙂

  17. Love the napkin rings and the centerpiece.

  18. Great minds! I was just looking at purchasing a coloring table cloth! I think it would be fun for old and young alike. I think the coloring placemats look like fun too. Love this post, lots of great ideas!

  19. I love the napkins with pockets for the silverware. I’ve noticed this idea at some restaurants lately with cloth napkins.

  20. What a beautiful and creative daughter you have! This is a great post, lots of great options for Thanksgiving! Thank you!

  21. I love when pretty and practical meet, like with the pocket napkins. With our large family, I always hear, “Is this your fork or mine?” by the time all the food is on the plate. 🤣 These will keep utensils all together while still looking great with the place setting. 🍂 . . . I really do love all your choices here for a great Thanksgiving Day!

    1. I’m glad that you enjoyed this post! 😊😊

  22. What a great idea those activity placemats are. I have seven grandchildren six under the age of eight….these are a must have!

    1. I thought those were perfect for kids. I also like the idea of the tablecloth, I can see them enjoying sitting at the kids table with that.

  23. I love these ideas! You really did a great job with this selection of decorating items (love the turkey candle holders) and fun things for kids (placemats are awesome).

    1. I loved the idea of a coloring tablecloth. I think the kids will really enjoy that.