Special Occasion Dresses For Women Over 50

Many of you might be thinking that you don’t have a “special occasion” coming up and that you don’t need a dress. I love having at least one dress in my closet that I consider a special occasion dress. You don’t always get a lot of notice before an occasion, and it can be a huge ordeal trying to pick just the right dress. Today, I’m wearing four special occasion dresses for women over 50 in different lengths, but they all cover your arms.

What Is A Special Occasion?

Basically, a special occasion is any event that is special to you. It can be a birthday, anniversary, or a wedding. Also, a special occasion could be a high school reunion, a Christmas or New Year’s Eve Party, a retirement party, a charity event, or a red carpet event or ball.

Knee Length Special Occasion Dresses For Women Over 50

I wanted to show a couple of dresses that were knee-length or right below the knee. Ladies who are petite prefer shorter dresses since that allows more of their legs to show and helps them appear taller.

This sequined dress is the most versatile of the four since it can be worn without the jacket for a different look. I honestly didn’t think I would like this dress. I was afraid the jacket would make it look frumpy, but I ordered it since the jacket covered the upper arms, which is a pain point for a lot of women over 50. The was dressier than I thought, and I ended up liking the dress a lot.

Once I removed the jacket, the dress was allowed to shine…literally. The sparkle and shine of this dress are gorgeous, and it would look great for any special occasion. The dress is available in silver, gold, and a beautiful cranberry which would all look fabulous for a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party.

Below The Knee Special Occasion Dresses For Women Over 50

My DIL loved this dress, and she kept telling me that I needed to keep it for my next event. This metallic dress has the WOW factor and lots of drama because of the back draping.

However, I hold so much of my weight in my stomach area that the dress doesn’t look fabulous on me. If I’m going to be at a special occasion, I want to feel “special.”

The style of the dress was one of my favorites and would look gorgeous on an hourglass body. The rouching did a good job of hiding some of my rolls, but not enough to make me love the dress.

Maxi Length Special Occasion Dresses For Women Over 50

I love this dress, and I think it would make a great Mother of the Bride/Groom dress. The floral lace sleeves make a huge statement and cover your arms in style!

I didn’t order any special jewelry or shoes for this post (maybe I’ll do those in a later post), and I just added a few pieces I already owned. I wore my Michele Watch w/Diamonds and Cable Loop Bracelet with 18K Gold with all the dresses. I wouldn’t wear the 22 Inch Thin Chain Necklace in 18k Gold Vermeil and  Cross Charm, or the Letter Pendant Necklace if I was really going to a special event. Those are necklaces I wear daily, and I would choose special jewelry like the Peggy – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Hydra – Gold-Tone Freshwater Pearl Baroque Hoop Earrings instead.

The pearl jewelry looked great with the clutch purse. I think the clutch makes the outfit look elegant and special, and it dresses up anything and everything. It is the perfect size to carry a few essentials like your phone, lipstick, and a tissue or two.

This is the most expensive dress, and it is also the dressiest. I love the lead color of the dress, and it reminds me of the dress I wore to my son’s wedding. I think I would have liked this dress better if I had fixed my hair in an updo. The casual look of my hair ruins the entire vibe of the outfit. 😒

You make a statement coming and going in this gorgeous beaded dress.

UGH! I also needed to have removed the two necklaces that I wear daily. 😒 😒 Plus, I was wearing neutral lipstick, but something a little brighter would have looked better.

At least I was happy about the pleated evening bag. This bag is one that I will use a lot in the coming years.

Do you have a special occasion in the near future?

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  1. Barb🇨🇦 says:

    It is funny how we are so hard on ourselves. I literally stopped and gaped at that beautiful back drape dress on you. I thought you looked stunning and by far my favourite on you. And I don’t think I loved it because it was the dress, as that colour would wash me out.

    Been travelling and just catching up on posts.

  2. sue ann koren says:

    Wish I had some fancy occasion to wear one of the beautiful dresses to!

  3. I LOVED the sparkly blue dress with the jacket. It is beautiful and you looked great in it. I have no place to wear it now or in the near future that I’m aware of, but I did save it cuz I love it so much.

  4. Katherine says:

    The rouched dress looked amazing on you!

  5. Roberta S says:

    The blue is a nice color on you.

  6. Mary Kinard says:

    Great special occasion options!

  7. The metallic and the beaded dresses were both spectacular on you!

  8. love all the dresses. Thanks for some wonderful suggestions

  9. Elizabeth Ty says:

    I love how you pair the evening bags. I really need to buy a new one but I can’t pick a favorite yet.

  10. My favorite was the last one:) I hope you kept it!!

  11. My favorite dress on you was the Short Rouched Metallic Knit Back Drape! You looked stunning. I have 2 weddings coming up and may just order this! Thank you for sharing.

    1. Yes, it’s so pretty! Glad you found something you like. 🙂

  12. Jenniffer says:

    Love the ruched metallic dress!!

  13. The sequin jacket dress, and the illusion gown! They are beautiful on you, Tania! wow!

  14. Sue Quinn says:

    Thank you! Gorgeous dresses and purses. The short blue in and the silver version of your last gold purse are in my cart. I’m considering the long blue one. It I’m afraid the bow will emphasize my tummy.

  15. I loved all of them, except the blue maxi floral wrap dress. It looked a bit sloppy around the middle in my opinion. I think the first one is my favorite.

    1. It might have been my posture because in person it looked great.

    2. I agree, not the best fit. I adored the others!

  16. Teri McGill says:

    Blue looks good on you so you wear it often.

    Unfortunately not the same for me.
    But I enjoy your posts.

  17. I love the bags you carry with your dresses!

  18. The second dress, the one with roughing is my favorite!

  19. Now if I only had a special occasion to wear one of these to!!

  20. I agree the long blue dress would make a good mother of the bride or groom dress. I love the wedge shoes. I don’t have any special occasions coming up.

  21. You look great in all of the dresses, but my favorite is the Short Rouched Metallic Knit Back Drape.

  22. Jean kern says:

    Nice collection
    The short navy is my favorite!

  23. All the dresses are beautiful but I have to say the clutch purses really caught my eye and the prices are amazing! Thanks again for the gift card- I may need to order one of the purses!

  24. Sharon Steinhoff Smith says:

    I LOVE the blue sequined dress! So many special occasion dresses for women over 50 seem to make us fade into the background. This one has pop!

    1. It sure does! No fading into the background with that dress. 🙂

  25. The 2nd dress with the back feature is gorgeous, I love everything about it. including the color ❤️
    Your story about the “hidden card” was cute, kids are so imaginative!

    1. Thanks, Sue. Yes, kids are too funny. 🙂

  26. Love the first dress with the jacket and the one with the draping in the back!!!

  27. Those dresses are all pretty and everyone looks beautiful on you!

  28. Gorgeous not girgeous lol

  29. You looked girgeous in ALL of the dresses! They were beautiful. 🥰😍

  30. Connie Turner says:

    I love every dress. Being a petite woman I especially like the first one! Now I have to get myself invited to a special occasion!!

  31. Hi Tania…I loved the short knit dress on you…it was perfect!

  32. They’re all beautiful!

  33. Tania, GORGEOUS dresses, and they look fabulous on you. My fav is the metallic knit back drape dress. I’ve also been on the search for a party purse!

  34. I too love the metallic knit dress! Thank you for showing the back. I’m a little surprised that the site doesn’t show the back because that is the wow factor.

    1. I agree. It’s so pretty!

  35. Linda Shearer says:

    Oh if I could only wear dresses. The short blue one is gorgeous.

  36. Good morning! I had to laugh when I read this post about having a special dress in your closet, I’ve had one in my cedar chest for over 12 years and finally get to wear it in 4 weeks! Found that special dress, fit perfectly, was timeless style and was on sale at 90% off the original price so could hardly pass it up. Long story short…things didn’t work out so no wedding was coming. When the big announcement came last year, my son started off with “So Mom, you finally get to wear your dress!” It’s been a family joke! Also just had my first sleepover with my 3-year-old granddaughter this weekend, it’s just the best!!

    1. Wow, 12 years is a long time. I’m glad you are finally getting a chance to wear it!

  37. Wow! The sequin dress is in my cart, it is just beautiful! Loved all the dresses.

  38. The blue sequin dress was absolutely stunning on you! The color and style was perfect, definitely my favorite!!

  39. Love the beaded illusion gown! I just need somewhere special to wear it!

  40. Wow, you knocked it out of the ball park! Gorgeous dresses. I especially loved the draped back dress and the illusion dress. You looked stunning in them both.

    1. Thanks so much, Patti! Have a great week.

  41. Love the metallic knit dress

    1. I agree with your DIL- the ruched back short dress was my favorite.

  42. Love the navy sequins jacket dress. For some reason, navy is my go-to color for dressier occasions. Beautiful dresses.

  43. you find the prettiest dresses! Love the first two. those clutch purses with the last two are beautiful.

    You never know when you need a fancy dress so I try to keep one in my wardrobe at all times.

    1. That’s so true, Susan. It’s good to be prepared!

  44. Pat Ferguson says:

    This was very helpful! I need of Mother of the Bride dress for June. Loved the last one the best!