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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is using Walmart home delivery


If you look up the saying, “busy as a bee,” my photo should be right beside it. Since I “retired,” I’ve gotten busier, and I’ve found some things had to give. For me, I decided to give up spending hours shopping in grocery stores and utilize home delivery and curbside pick-up instead.

Raise your hand if you are like me. 🙋 Keeping the house clean, the family fed, and making sure the pets are walked, etc., can be a full-time job. I’m always on a tight schedule, so placing an order at Walmart and having it delivered right to my home for free with my Walmart+ membership is a lifesaver for me. I save time AND money since I’m only ordering the items I need. I use this service for my groceries and my everyday needs, plus I also slip in an outfit or two from Time and Tru since those are carried in-store at my local Walmart. ($35 order min. Restrictions apply.)

Tania Stephens is used Walmart home delivery for her groceries

Before I left for Tennessee to visit my parents, I ordered in some of Joe’s favorite items so he wouldn’t starve while I was away. I purchase Walmart’s private label brands (Great ValueMarketside, Sam’s Choice, and Freshness Guaranteed), which taste great and save us money He loves a Sam’s Choice Angus Burger for lunch with the Freshness Guaranteed Original Macaroni Salad. I prefer the Freshness Guaranteed Cranberries, Celery, and Pecan Chicken Salad, and I was able to make us both happy.

Walmart home delivery for her lunch
We both love our sweets, but we can’t agree on only one kind. The Freshness Guaranteed Variety Sliced Loaf Cakes give us options, and there is no wrong decision since they are all moist and delicious. 
Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing her groceries from Walmart 3188
On the way back from Tennessee, I knew that Joe would have eaten all the food in the house, so I placed a pick-up order for some Marketside Wraps and Salads. Oh, my word!!! These were soooo good. Joe and I don’t like big or heavy meals at night, so we split a sandwich and Caesar salad. He raved about them and told me to stock up on these for easy meals to go.
Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing her groceries from Walmart 3189
Look at the amount of meat on that Marketside Turkey Bacon Wrap!
Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is eating a Chicken Caesar Wrap from Walmart 3186
For lunch, I tried the Marketside Chicken Caesar Wrap, and I think it might be my favorite so far! I just placed a delivery order for four more Caesar Salads, and Chicken Caesar Wraps!!! This is an easy way for me to eat healthily without spending a lot of time in the kitchen. 

I don’t limit my orders to groceries and clothing; I also buy paper towelstoilet paperlaundry detergent, and dog food in bulk and have them delivered to my door. These are heavy and cumbersome items, and I hate having to load them in the buggy, so getting them delivered is perfect! Now, if I could only figure out how to get them carried inside and put away. Lol! By using free delivery with my Walmart+ membership, I’ve saved lots of time because they do the shopping for me.


walmart screen shot of savings


I have been a Walmart+  member since April, and I’ve placed countless delivery orders and saved a lot of money on food, supplies, and gas. I like to save money where I can to have extra cash for special items or trips. According to my account, I’ve saved $264 and 30 hours, and I’ve only been using this for a few months. This must-have membership allows me to save time, money, and so much more.

Every little bit adds up, especially when you fill up. Our Walmart and Sam’s Club have the best gas prices, and it is incredible how fast the savings add up.

  • Save up to 10¢ per gallon at participating fuel stations
  • Access member prices at Sam’s Club fuel centers
  • Over 14,000 convenient locations in 48 states




Walmart makes it very convenient for its customers to shop, especially since most people have a store within 10 miles of their homes. You can also sign up for Walmart+, where you get Free Shipping with no order minimums (excludes most Marketplace items, location & freight surcharges) and Free Delivery (where available) with orders over $35. I take advantage of home delivery several times a week and love that small convenience.

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Walmart+ members get 6 free months of Spotify Premium, so you can enjoy ad-free music.

Walmart Refer a Friend

I love my Walmart+ membership and all the benefits I enjoy. If you are a Walmart+ member, you can share a referral code with your friends, and you BOTH will get $20 off a future order. Here is MY code if you are not yet a member and would like to enroll now!

Walmart sponsors this post, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I’ve never tried Wal-Mart’s food. All the things you have bought and “reviewed” look delicious!
    My delivery service is my husband, who does all the shopping! I’m a lucky gurl!
    But…maybe it’s time to give him a break and check this out!


    Thank you for all your wonderful tips on saving time and money!

  3. Catherine A. F. says:

    Walmart has a lot of great options!

  4. I’ve never tried the premade wraps and salads. But if you and Joe say they’re good, I’ll give them a try. Thanks for letting us know.

  5. Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try the sliced bread and Marketside wraps and salads. They look yummy!

  6. That would be so handy. But We leave out in the middle of now where. I have to drive 50 miles to the closes town. So I’m always in the kitchen cooking

  7. I love Walmart’s curbside pickup! I’ve noticed that fewer time slots are available recently, making it a little less convenient.

  8. I didn’t know about these fresh options. I am a chicken salad fan, so I will try this.

  9. I love shopping at Walmart

  10. I use Walmart for most of my grocery needs. Unfortunately they don’t have delivery of groceries in my area but I’m off right now to do a curbside pickup. It saves me tons of $$ too.

  11. Those turkey wraps look delicious! Wal-Mart is a winner!

  12. Love Wal-Mart!! These ideas are great! I like going to the store, there is so much to see between clothing, makeup, household and groceries!!! Thanks for the tips!!

  13. I’ve just started using online shopping at Walmart and picking up my order. That’s a big step for me, as I love to shop. However now I am all about convenience. I really enjoyed your post!

  14. Love the chicken salad; I eat a LOT of it. I haven’t tried the wraps but as much as I love wraps, I’ll have to give them a try. The doughnuts are good too. Have you tried the Madeleines? Yummy. Thanks Tania for all you do.

  15. Linda Johnson says:

    I got my first delivery today and was very impressed with the prices!

  16. Linda Johnson says:

    I signed up for Walmart Plus after you wrote about it last week or so. I got my first grocery delivery today and it was great!!!!

  17. We can not get delivery to our home because we live in a rural area. But I know how great it is, because my sister is housebound in a big city and that’s how she gets just about everything!

  18. Gina Luebke says:

    I’ve been considering grocery shopping at Walmart for a while now, it isn’t as close as the local stores is why I haven’t but I’ve heard from many people it will save me money so it’s time to give it a try!! Thanks!!

  19. Thank you for the information on WalMart+. Inspired by your blog, I have become a WalMart fashion shopper.

  20. Our store only has self-check which I find cumbersome. Recently placed order to be shipped from Walmart over $35 so I knew I would have free shipping. I was so surprised when a Walmart driver delivered right to my door the next day. I was expecting delivery from USPS, FedEx or UPS. Will have to be desperate to shop in store!

  21. I, too, am about 30 miles away from a Walmart. I wish it was closer. I do love Walmart!

  22. I absolutely love Walmart pickup. It definitely saves me money and no impulse buying. I just wish my store was a super store; because they have everything! I also do pickup at my grocery store! Love this service!!
    Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks!

  23. Curbside pick up would probably work well for me. I manage to come out with a cart full of items when I go in for a couple things!

  24. Catherine A. F. says:

    This all looks so good.

  25. Catherine A. F. says:

    This all looks so good, I will have to try it. Did you know that Walmart makes the best doughnuts?

  26. The curbside pick up saves me money….I am not wandering around the store finding extra goodies that I really do not need at the time. 🙂

  27. We do not live close enough to a Walmart for delivery, but I use pickup when I’m keeping my baby grandson. It isn’t as quick as you make it sound for me. It takes time to search and add my cart (about 50 a week). I do like the quick, free shipping if my Walmart doesn’t have an item in stock with Walmart + though.

  28. Love Walmart+. Saves me so much time

  29. So convenient! I live in a rural area so I’m about 30 minutes from the closest Walmart. Wishing I could have my groceries delivered!

  30. Since he retired, my husband has volunteered to do the grocery shopping, but if he grows weary of doing it, we’ll definitely look into the Walmart membership with delivery.

  31. Rita Duda says:

    Does the Walmart+ membership have any fees?

  32. Stephanie says:

    I’m one of the unfortunate who lives 30 miles from a Walmart. And I just haven’t jumped on the pickup option yet, so into the store I still go. Maybe more posts like this will convince me to at least try pickup.

  33. I have only tried pickup at Walmart. I live too far from a Walmart for delivery.

  34. Cheryll Sampson says:

    That sounds really good, but I live in an area with no access to delivery. I am sure it would be wonderful.

  35. We’re going to try these wraps and salads. They look so good!

  36. My hand is raised, Tania! I’m a retired teacher, BUT, I substitute teach and boy, does the school keep me just as busy! I barely feel retired like you! This post really hits home. I live in the Catskill Mountains of upstate NY so it is an isolated area with very limited convenience stores. No home delivery for sure. There is a super Walmart about 25 min. away which I love. Haven’t tried the curbside pickup yet. It seems that you really enjoy and trust this service. I’m thinking of giving it a try. They really do have a wonderful variety of products. Thanks for this post!

  37. The chicken wrap looks yummy, I also look at the protein and calories the food offers also. Some can be deceiving.

    1. This is something I want to look into. I’ll have to check and see if our Walmart has this service.

  38. Hi Tania, I’ve considered trying this service for awhile. I’m so tired of grocery shopping for my family. I’m going to give it a try! Thanks for this post.

  39. Kathleen Jones says:

    How does Walmart+ handle substitutions if an item you ordered is unavailable? I love curbside pickup and delivery but sometimes find that many items are missing. Thanks for sharing so many shopping options!

  40. Great information to know thanks I will check into this! Thanks!

  41. My husband and I use to live in Springdale, Arkansas. He had Walmart as a customer. We loved Walmart. I met the Waltons. Great stores.

  42. Looks delicious! I’ve never tried the delivery or pick up from Walmart. We live about 20 miles away from the nearest Walmart. I sure have wasted many hours shopping and traveling though.

  43. Love Walmart grocery pickup