50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONMy youngest son asked me if I could babysit Emersyn for him and Kayla for a couple of hours this afternoon. Kayla had an appointment to get her hair fixed and Joseph couldn’t take off work. After he twisted my arm for a long, long time, I finally agreed. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONYou all know that I love watching Emersyn, she is a ball of energy. Normally when Emersyn sees me she comes running and yelling, “can we go to your house NeeNee?” She loves to come to my house, although I can’t figure out exactly why. I am sure that it has nothing to do with the fact that we play with play-doh, eat ice cream, and dance around the house. Haha! However, today she was not having any of it. She took one look at me and started screaming, “NOOOOO! I want to stay with my mommy!” Kayla confirmed my suspicion that she hadn’t had a nap. Kayla eventually left and I had a crying toddler on my hands. So I did what all NeeNee’s would do. I loaded her in my vehicle, turned on the DVD player, and drove around town acting like I was looking for her mommy. It took all of about 5 minutes for her to fall asleep, but I ended up driving around town for an hour and a half till she woke up. I was not about to wake that child up before she got her nap out. All at once she woke up and started chattering away and all was good with the world. A quick trip to McDonald’s and back to my house. Lol! 50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI know you have heard me say before that I love Christmas. This year I am struggling to get in the spirit because I am busy, the kids are all grown, and Ashleigh will not be able to come for Christmas this year. I haven’t put up on single decoration yet and I am threatening not to even put up a tree. This is the same person who used to put up a tree in EVERY room of the house. So, I bought this Santa scarf to try to lift my Christmas spirit out of the doldrums. I don’t do the ugly Christmas sweaters anymore, I like this more subtle way of saying it is the Christmas season.

50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONMy scarf is my necklace, so I only added a couple of bracelets to finish the look. You might have noticed that I have worn these same bracelets a lot here lately. Yes, I do like these bracelets, but that is not the reason. I took all my jewelry to the craft fair I helped with a couple weekends ago because I set up to sell Plunder and I still haven’t unpacked all my stuff. With all the Thanksgiving festivities going on I just haven’t even gotten it out of the car. I promise I will unpack soon. Haha 50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONI absolutely love this purse but you would never know that. I have had this purse for 3 or 4 years, maybe even more, but I have never carried it at all. In fact, I had to cut the tags off of it before I could put my stuff in it. At least I know where it came from since it still had the tags attached, Cracker Barrel. I paid a whole 29.99, can you believe that?

50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONYou might have noticed this was the same top and bottom that I wore with my Metrostyle coat yesterday. I wasn’t planning on wearing that coat to work at the lumber company, so I decided to restyle the outfit for you. I added this little red jacket from Cato’s that I bought last year. This is a shorter jacket than I usually wear and it is a one button closure. This one from Cato’s is similar, but not exact.

I have on a short sleeve black knit top which is also from Cato’s, but here is a long sleeve version that looks very similar.
50 IS NOT OLD | RED AND BLACK A CLASSIC COMBINATIONAnd now for my black Palazzo pants. I bought them at a little boutique up the road from me, and she had then in several solid colors. I never knew they were hard to find. I like the Palazzo pants, they are so comfortable to wear and they look really elegant.

Do you want to know who the winner of the Chadwick’s of Boston $100.00 gift card is???? It is Deborah Filipowski. Congratulations!!!

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  1. Tania you’re spoiling us with these gorgeous outfits! I just love these palazzo pants and I think that the length of your jacket is spot on. A mid length one would have hit them at the wrong point, yesterday’s fab coat and today’s lovely red number make your legs look like they go on forever (I’m only a tiny bit jealous!). What a fun purse too, I’ve never seen one like that before.

  2. Wowzer! You look stunning! I love black and red together. You look very chic, and the scarf is really cute. I love your red purse. Cracker Barrel has some cute stuff. Once while we were waiting to be seated, I bought a really cute jean jacket. It had embellishments on the top.
    I’m sure it’s more difficult to get into the holiday spirit with your daughter not being able to come home. However, putting your tree up might lift your spirits a bit. Plus you can Snap chat a picture of it to your daughter.
    Again, you look absolutely beautiful!
    I am receiving my emails btw.

  3. You look fabulous girl! That purse just screams Santa to me for some reason. Ha ha. Beautiful, classy outfit to get in the holiday spirit. I’m with you when it comes to those ugly Christmas sweaters! Yuck! Once again you show us how it’s done! Love it!

  4. I love your outfit! I’m a big black and red combo fan…it seems I have tons of that in my closet! I know what you mean about the Christmas stuff, speaking from experience, it really helps to start small and just put out a little bit. Remember, your little Emersyn will be looking for your tree and decorations! Love your story, what a great NeeNee! I do get your emails…

  5. Deborah Filipowski Reply

    Hi Tania,
    I was so excited to see that I won the Chadwick’s gift card. It was my first time visiting your blog! I just love it. I am 55 and have a similar style to yours. Thanks for brightening my day?

    • Tania Reply

      Wow!!! First time and you won! That is amazing. I bet you’ll come back more often. Lol!!!

  6. andreaswellnessnotes Reply

    Fabulous look, Tania! Red & black is such a nice combo, and I love the palazzo pants! You look fantastic!

    Glad your granddaughter got her nap! Tired toddlers are a challenge… 🙂

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  7. You look stunning in this outfit … both the color combo and the silhouette are so flattering on you. At first I didn’t even notice the Santa pattern in the scarf but I adore the subtle “holiday” spirit you’ve infused into the look. Thanks for hosting.


  8. I am getting your email reminders every day. Thanks for the pointers for being a Mimi. I’m a new grandma, and need all the help I can get!

  9. Another STUNNING outfit! ?

    I’m getting your emails. You’d be the first to know if I WASN’T! ? Love them! Hey, try putting on some Christmas music. That’s what I did. Put me in the Christmas spirit in no time flat! ?

  10. Barbara Johnson Reply

    I love your blog and will keep trying to subscribe, but somehow it doesn’t work! Will try again, thanks, Barbara Johnson, Ok. City, Ok.

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this purse! How precious is this!! I’m like you. I don’t put up a tree. We “do” Christmas at other family member’s houses, so why go through all of that trouble to put up a tree. I do put up wreaths, and use my Christmas china and decorate my mantel. That’s good for me.

  12. Tania, you look fabulous in this outfit. Do consider putting up one tree. Like others, I think it will lift your holiday spirits. And just think how much little Emersyn will love to see it all lit up at your house. I spend a lot of time with Play-Doh when my grandkids visits too- hey, it is kind of fun and they love it when we build animals together. Thanks for your blog, it is always a delight.

  13. As I said yesterday, I’m in love with those palazzo pants. I just love black, white and gray with a pop of red or hot pink. This outfit looks so classy!! I bought a big red bag at Cracker Barrel too. I’ve had it about 6 or 7 years and only carry it around Christmas and one year I used it on Valentine’s Day. I love this scarf and am gonna look for one for myself as I am also having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. Anyway, thanks for sharing!! And let’s get these trees out!! We gotta celebrate Jesus’ birthday!!

    • Tania Reply

      I thought about you, Lissa when I was making this post. I bet you thought I just ignored your comment yesterday. Lol!

    • A gorgeous outfit and I love wearing a scarf in lieu of a necklace, especially a holiday one. Know what you mean about decorating…I usually dedicate the weekend after Thanksgiving to do it but it seems like its taking me longer to do what I used to knock out in one day. It’s worth it though even if I am an empty nester, because I get joy from the decorations once they’re up.

      • Tania Reply

        I love the decorations, but I hate the mess of getting them out and putting the up. Not to mention the pain of taking them back down. Haha

        • Especially if no one appreciates the effort. My guys are 16 and 20. As long as they get their advent calendar they’re happy. My parents usually come over Christmas Eve so I do the tree etc. But my dad had a mini stroke and may not even be home for Christmas. If he is then we are going to their place. Christmas Day is at the inlaws (yeah) so I would be the only person that cares about decorating. So I have given myself the year off!

  14. Charlcy Green Reply

    I too hate the mess & getting in my attic & trying to get those huge tubs down by myself! Actually pulled a muscle this time! ALOT of work but if ever someone comes to my house during this time, it’s worth it! LOVE the purse!

  15. Wow! A perfect, striking punch of black and red and the purse absolutely makes it! I would love to find one like it.

    I’ve been going through a similar transition the last couple of years at Christmas with little family around. Scale back if you must but get the tree up for you and the family you have around you and enjoy it. You will feel better. I pushed myself and would have been miserable if I hadn’t.

  16. Melanie W. Reply

    Well I didn’t get the scarf you have on in the photo but I did order the green Santa one from Kohls. I’m so excited!!! haha. 🙂 This outfit is super cute btw. LOVE the purse!!!!

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