50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40I can’t believe that I am finally back home and sleeping in my own bed! It has been two weeks since I have been here, although that was not the plan when I left headed to my sisters. I had planned on staying at my sister’s until the 12th, but Ashleigh came to visit also and talked me into staying for a couple more days. Then I headed to the beach to meet up with Joe for a couple of days. We were supposed to have left there on Sunday, but every day we kept extending our stay. Lol! It is a good thing that someone had rented the place for Wednesday night or I might still be down there. Hahaha!50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40 Why didn’t somebody tell me that this was how it was when you are semi-retired? This is pretty dang cool being able to go and stay as you please. I am going to be working for the rest of the week and trying to get things ready for the taxes that are due next month. Plus, I am going to try and remember how to do payroll since I am pinch-hitting for my replacement who is headed to Disney with his kids. It has been a while since I have been to Disney with two small children in tow…I probably will have more fun doing the payroll than he will be having. LOL!!! I hope that I can remember the login information on how to get into the computer. No joke, it has been a long time since I have had to do any of this type of work. It is funny how fast you can forget the things that you don’t want to remember.
50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40 Did you know that one of the hot trends for Spring is going to be neutrals? Yep, you heard it here, start looking through your closets for your neutral colored items. Nothing that I have on in this post is new; it is all things that I have had in my closet for a while. I love buying new clothes, but I also like going to my closet and making new outfits out of items that I already own. Because I was traveling, I tried to take as few items with me as I could, and then to see how I could switch a few items around to make the outfits look different. Does this outfit look familiar to you? Here is how I wore it last week on the blog. I tweaked the look just a tiny bit, but I think that it changed the look a lot. What do you think? Anyway, this waterfall vest is one that I bought last year at Cato Fashions.

50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40LOOK!!!! I have proof that Spring is coming! I only have on a few pieces of jewelry with this relaxed outfit. The Larissa necklace is a long necklace that I have doubled, and it is made from wooden beads that are strung on a brown cord. The Tessie earrings were the only earrings that I took with me when I went to visit my sister. They ended up matching so many things, and the reason is that they are neutral. Neutral colored items can match anything even though they might not be the “best” look, but they still work. 50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40I have on a long sleeve crew neck white t-shirt. This is a basic shirt, and you can find this almost anywhere. I think that this one might have come from Cato Fashions last year. The suede or velvet jeans are a strange color. I am not sure if they are gray or if they’re are taupe, but I like them either way. These came from Old Navy last year, and I found a pair that looks similar to them here, but I am not positive that it is the same jean.

50 IS NOT OLD | NEUTRALS ARE A SPRING TREND | FASHION OVER 40How about a picture of my sister and me together for a change of pace? She was all into staying warm, purple hat and all, while I was freezing my tail off trying to get a decent picture for everyone. Lol!

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  1. Rhonda wrote:

    Love the outfit and the photo of you and your sister! She is as photogenic as you are! For such a simple outfit you rock it!

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Thanks, Rhonda! My sister is wonderful, even if she does like to dress in all black. Lol!

      Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  2. -Eugenia wrote:

    Love neutrals because they are so flexible! Yeah, I like the color of your pants but can’t say I know what color they are either. They’ll go with anything.

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      You can’t tell any better what the color of the pants is in person either. They are just strange.

      Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  3. Connieo wrote:

    I love this look, Tania! I really appreciate that you encourage us to shop our own closets. So many other blogs don’t encourage this approach. The photo of you and your sister is so fun. You two really look alike. PS-I want the necklace. Feel free to PM or email me.

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  4. Love neutrals as you can put them together in so many ways. Great to hear you are enjoying retirement even if only semi-retired. What I love most is that every day feels like a week-end. Love – Jill stylishatsixty x

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  5. Charlcy L. Green wrote:

    I do not look good in beige and taupe, but you sure pulled it off! I so like your outfit! The wooden necklace and feathery earrings just make the outfit! I loved seeing your sister. ShesS beautiful like you and you look so much alike!

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
  6. Lisa wrote:

    Some of my favourite colours are neutral. Love the boots. You and your sister are very alike, gorgeous.

    Posted 2.21.19 Reply
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