ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEEIt is finally here!!! The weekend! I have no plans but that doesn’t matter to me. I just enjoy puttering around the house and doing a whole lot of nothing. It is supposed to pour the rain (again) so I might start looking into building an ark. Lol! At least I know where to buy the building materials. I think this has been the wettest spring that I can remember in a while. Today we got a call at work that said, “A flash flood is imminent.” That will sure get your attention when you live beside the river. ?50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEEThe Levis river runs right in front of my house. There was a terrible flood in 1977 that covered most of the county. After that flood, they widened the river in front of my house and that has really helped. When it rains really hard you can hear the river roar. Normally I can’t see the water in the river from my house since there is a steep bank. However, when it rains hard and the water is up I can see it rushing. I am trying to talk Joe into making the bank in front of my house more attractive. It has large rocks and gets overgrown during the summer. I would like it all graded down and sewn in grass. I know he doesn’t want to have to mow so I am not counting on that ever happening. He did ask me about planting wildflowers or some kind of ground cover, so we will just have to wait and see.
50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEEI once read an article that asked women if they could only take one beauty item with them what would it be. I bet you can’t guess the answer by looking at my shirt. Haha! They chose mascara overwhelmingly. I have to admit that they were probably right. I also know most of you “HAVE” to have your coffee to start the day. This shirt encompasses it all! I bought this about a month ago at Old Navy and I took it with me when I went to Florida. All the Rodan and Fields ladies loved it. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEE One of my favorite things to do when I wear a tee-shirt is to wear bling jewelry. I love taking it from casual to glam all at the same time. I don’t know if my Evelyn Nicole necklace has ever made the blog before. I have worn it before but I can’t remember if I ever took pictures. I take so many pictures it is hard to keep up with them all. I have on the matching earrings but you can’t see them in the pictures. Oh well, I promise they match. 50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEE I have a lot of arm candy on today. The Kelby Lou is the HUGE rhinestone bracelet that is on the left. Would you have thought something so flashy could look good with a tee shirt and jeans? I also have on the Randi and the Raleigh. They are very dainty and perfect for ladies who like smaller jewelry. On the right arm, I have on three magnetic bangles. The Ezra, the Chalon, and the Amanda look great when paired with the Lucinda. I have a party opened for those who would like to make a purchase.  50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEE My cropped jeans are old. They are a pair from Izod and I have had them at least 5 years or more. I love the large cuff on the bottom of the pants and they have some pink stitching up the side. These are super cute and very casual.

50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEEI haven’t carried this Dooney & Bourke bag in a while. It was one of my favorites but I have just gotten used to carrying some others. This is a classic style so I will grab it from the back of the closet occasionally and show it some love and attention. I don’t have a problem mixing brown and black together so I think the brown purse looks fine with the black sandals.

50 IS NOT OLD | ALL YOU NEED IS MASCARA AND COFFEEIt has been a wonderful morning already and I hope the rest of the weekend continues along this path. If you didn’t check out yesterday’s blog post, be sure to go here. I will be giving away a Plunder necklace on Monday and that is where you will go to enter the giveaway.

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  1. Purchased this T at Old Navy this year! I wore it today, when to Downtown Plymouth Mi, received lots of compliments!

  2. I had my eye on this tee a couple of weeks ago. Then I thought, do I need another tee? So I put it down. Then you posted this puc and went right back to Old Navy and pur hased it. You look great ( as always).

    1. Mariana, I know what you mean about having too many shirts. I told Joe that we are either going to have to build on or I am going to have to sell some clothes. Lol!

  3. That T-Shirt is so cute! Love the nail color.

  4. Almetra Briggs says:

    Yes! Jesus, mascara and coffee and I am good! Wake, Pray, and Slay!

  5. Lynn La Rue says:

    Dear Tania,
    I am a new subscriber to your blog and I love it! I actually laughed out loud when I saw your photos for today….Mascara and Coffee! I live in CA and, of course, have my “Earthquake Kit” for when things get shaking too much. First two things I put in? Mascara and instant coffee! I’m not going through a disaster without those two essentials!!! Love your writing and look forward to seeing you in my
    in-box 🙂

    1. I would probably add lipstick to that kit also. Lol!!! Thanks so much for subscribing to my crazy blog and life.

  6. Hopefully the rain will stop before the need an ark. We’ve had major flooding in our area along Lake Ontario due to high water levels and some folks actually have their homes falling into the lake. The power of water is amazing.

    Tania, I wanted to let you know I finally watched The War Room. OMG. It made such an impact on me. I have watched it 3 times and am trying to think which room I will turn into my own prayer war room. I have had a long list of prayer requests and this will help focus me. Your post from months ago stayed with me so made sure to watch it when I could. So see, your blogs impacts us in many unexpected way!

    1. Lisa Higgins says:

      Your War Room reply caught my attention! The speech she gave the devil about not being allowed to be in her life blessed me in so many ways!! I take for granit that silent prayer is always the way. More times than I can count I should pray out loud! A prayer from the heart and the lips is powerful bc it is out loud!! When Jesus prayed at the rock.. He prayed out loud!! The devil speaks in temptation and foul play to us in so many ways everyday..we should return the ‘favor’ with good bible scripture tongue lashing!!!!! Remind that snake where his place is and we will not be joining him!!!! After all he will mess in our business as long as WE allow him to!!!

      Enjoy Your Blessings!!!!??

  7. Great look! Do you have trouble typing with all those bracelets?

  8. You look good in anything you sure are an insperation

  9. Maxine Bower says:

    Tania,this is so cute.i’m in a line dance group that dances at nursing homes. We’ve always worn jeans and tees with bling.The residents love it. After seeing you wear bling with yours, I thought why not wear bling with jeans /tees anytime.It works…always get lots of compliments…so THANKS!

  10. When I read the title, I thought your post might feature you wearing just mascara and coffee. Glad to see you haven’t gone all rock star .?

  11. T-shirt and jeans, my go to staple on the weekend! Love the look. Have a great weekend and stay dry! Rain here in Texas all weekend long as well, but we need it!!!!

  12. Such a cute, casual, adorable outfit!! You are precious Tania.

  13. You look great, love the outfit, jewelry and nail color too!

  14. Lisa Higgins says:

    AMEN!!! My children gave me an oversized coffee mugg inscribed ‘ all I need is coffee and mascara’! When busy seasons arrive this statement is a given for weomen! These days the seasons seem to NEVER slow down! Guess what my Granny said is true..’the older we get…the faster time goes’! That doesn’t mean we will stop looking and feeling our very best!
    So bulk up on coffee and mascara!! Your ideas on clothing help my busy/rushed mornings that match perfectly with my coffee and mascara!

    Enjoy Your Blessings!!!!!?☕?

  15. Super cute! I love how your choice of jewelry dresses up the jeans and tee!

  16. You look comfortable and stylish, love it. The T shiri is perfect for you, LOL!! Love all the jewelry, it definitely – made the outfit “bling”. I got my ” Broedrick Bracelet”, a couple of days ago and I love it. I think you were wearing it w/your pink ruffle dress. Thanks for another great blog, have a great weekend.