My Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry

I’ve been a Kendra Scott jewelry lover for YEARS (and even have the pictures to prove it)!!! I remember when the brand first came out, the colorful earrings and long necklaces were their biggest hits. Now, it has become my go-to brand for everyday jewelry. There are so many pieces to choose from, so I thought I’d share my personal favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry that I own.

Kendra Scott Jewelry Over the Years

I told you, gurls, that I have photos to prove my love for Kendra Scott over the years! I wanted to share a few oldies but goodies of some of my Kendra Scott jewelry pieces from my earlier days of blogging.

My Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry

I just got this variegated turquoise necklace and earrings, c/o Kendra Scott. Turquoise is a stone that I love wearing in the summer, and it looks great in the fall too. These make a large statement without being too big or oversized. Both of these are available in other colors, but I’m partial to turquoise.

These earrings by Kendra Scott are a little more glamorous take on a classic gold hoop. They also come in rose gold, silver, vintage silver, and vintage gold. This is the large version, but there is a smaller version also. If you pay close attention from now on, you’ll see them making an appearance quite regularly in my outfits!

If I’m not wearing my Maggie hoops, odds are that I am wearing my Colette large hoops instead! They are a little smaller and a little less glam, so I feel comfortable wearing them with just about anything! They come in both gold and silver and with as much wear as I’ve gotten out of them over the last several years, I would say they are well worth the $70!

I’ve been wearing the Daphne Convertible Gold Link and Chain Necklace in Ivory c/o Kendra Scott on repeat! I find it dainty enough to layer with my other pieces, but it’s cute enough to be worn all by itself, as well. I have the Mother of Pearl in ivory because white matches everything, but if you love color, it also comes in blue, coral, pink, and light green.

The Elisa Necklace is Kendra Scott’s #1 best seller, and it comes in so many different versions and colors. I have had mine for around five years, and it still looks brand new!

The Mini Elisa Necklace and Mini Ellie Stud Earrings are so adorable. I love the feminine, dainty look of these, and they look great layered with other necklaces. I’m wearing Mint and Fuschia, but they are also available in Mother of Pearl, Turquoise, and Pink Opal. Since my granddaughters have become huge Kendra Scott fans, they’ll be getting these for Easter this year.

I’m sure you’re not surprised to see my 18kt Gold Vermeil Cross Necklace on my favorites list. I wear this cross daily; I even shower and sleep in it, so you know it is durable. I wanted a larger cross, and I got this necklace last year when I caught it on sale; I only wear it for special occasions.

The letter pendant necklace is another great piece that looks great worn alone or layered with other pieces! I grabbed an S for my last name, but you could easily do your first initial instead. I also saw they have another initial necklace, and I love that version, too!

I couldn’t possibly leave out my Heather Link and Chain necklace from my favorites list! I am obsessed with the fact that I can wear this one in two different ways. You can wear it as a normal necklace, or you can loop the end through the links to create a Y necklace!

Kendra Scott Jewelry Makes a Great Gift

All of the women in my family love the jewelry as much as me, especially my granddaughters. Kendra Scott has become one of my favorite gifts to give them! Here are a few of my favorites that I’ve gifted before and they’ve loved:

Shop More of my Favorite Kendra Scott Jewelry:

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  1. Nancy Pithis says:

    I’m new to your posts. I love seeing the outfits you put together. I’ve never thought about Kendra Scott jewelry before. I’ll check it out. I live in the northeast. seeing your spring ideas gives me hope that spring will come someday!nl

  2. Sheila Lee says:

    I am very lucky because I know Kendra and she’s right down the street from me.

  3. Connie Nunn says:

    Love Kendra. Such beautiful pieces.

  4. Susan Wiley Grim says:

    Kendra Scott store recently opened in our mall. I need to check it out.

  5. You should wear lavender colors all the time beautiful on you

  6. sue ann koren says:

    Her jewelry is perfect for graduation gifts

  7. sue ann koren says:

    If you sign up on their website you get a 50% off coupon for your birthday

    1. That’s a great deal!

  8. My almost 13 year old granddaughter loves Kendra Scott jewelry!

    1. Mine are starting to get a nice collection.

  9. Phyllis Martin says:

    Kendra Scott is very well made and durable.

  10. Susan Weston says:

    My BFF gave me a beautiful bracelet from Kendra Scott for my ‘milestone’ bday this year. Itis beautiful and I am glad to know about this fabulous store.

  11. Such beautiful pieces! I may have to invest in a few items.

  12. I really need to try Kendra Scott jewelry!
    Have admired it for awhile
    Wonderful and fun post as always

  13. All the jewelry is beautiful. I love the Daphne gold drop earings. I love the pink. So going to have to get them.

  14. Laura Garrett says:

    Beautiful choices. I love Kendra Scott!

  15. I love Kendra Scott jewelry. I have a beautiful ring of different blue stones, every time I wear it I get compliments. Thanks for your Bible verses, so much inspiration.

  16. I love your Joe stories!!!

  17. You and Joe are the cutest!!
    I like the word “snippy” to describe someone’s not so happy mood.
    I do not own any Kendra Scott jewelry but have admired it on your posts. I am thinking of getting my ears re-pierced so I can wear pretty earrings again.

    1. It is a word he hears a LOT! Lol!

  18. Thank you Tania for the $50 Amazon Gift card as I was last week’s lucky winner!!!

    The blue dress color is stunning on you! And I love all the hoop earrings!!

    1. I’m glad you got the card. I hope you enjoy spending it!

  19. You were right! I love this post. I love all of my Kendra Scott jewelry and all of the pieces I have still look brand new even though I wear several of them on repeat. I still regret not buying the older necklace that you have on with the peach colored shirt.

  20. Delanie Collings says:

    Beautiful! These are going on my wish list for birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc!

  21. Dawn Milburn says:

    I’m obsessed with jewelry and have quite a bit of Kendra, myself! I’m looking forward to checking out some new pieces!

  22. Tania, the Target where I shop has a Kendra Scott section! I do love the pieces I have. You and Joe are too funny!!! Happy Thursday❤❤❤

  23. Funny story about Joe’s truck. It sounds very typical of all men I know, especially rural men. I used to drive a midsized SUV, but now I have a truck to drive as my vehicle or I can choose an older, larger, dirtier truck to drive. I can honestly say the only positive thing to say about driving the truck is that it has lots ot power for passing on a highway.

    I’ll have to check out the jewelry, I’m ready to invest in some better quality pieces.

  24. Love Kendra Scott. Probably have too many pieces to pick a favorite

  25. Loved the truck story! It really made me laugh while reading your post about your favorite jewelry today. I could only see you with coronation jewels adorned getting out of the truck and request/demand Joe to drive!!!

  26. Amy Alexander says:

    I absolutely love Kendra Scott earrings – I started out with a pair of chalcedony earrings and my collection has grown exponentially since then!! Don’t think I could pick out a favorite!

  27. Beautiful jewelry! Kendra Scott is my go to daily jewelry. I think they have wonderful customer service – lost an earring once and was able to buy one replacement! Also, during the month of your birthday you can purchase an item for 50% off. I have two daughters so this is a great discount!

  28. I like Kendra Scott too. I have 4 cuff bracelet and 1 regular bracelet. Her cuffs come in a really small size which fit my tiny wrists. I think it’s great she offers 50 percent off discount on your birthday month

  29. Love the turquoise set! I don’t like driving my husband’s big truck either!

  30. Sheryl Gossard says:

    I am not familiar with this brand and will certainly look into it. I love your story with Joe, that’s exactly what I would have done! lol

  31. Michelle Davis says:

    I never tried or noticed if it was Kendra Scott jewelry – I will now after looking at your pieces , thank you for sharing! Very classic looking pieces that I would love to add to my wardrobe.

  32. Roberta Schwandner says:

    Love this jewelry especially the turquoise.

  33. I don’t own any by her name. I should invest in a pretty piece.

  34. You are too funny! I probably would have done the same thing. Lol
    I love Kendra Scott also. When my daughter worked at a boutique through college I got several pieces. Love your cross necklace!!

  35. Hello, I love your blob posts. And I love your family news.

    Could you tell me where in Knoxville has this jewelry? I live right outside of Knoxville and would love to go to this shop. Also, yesterday you said you knew a shop that has vintage jewelry, is it the same shop? If not could you tell me where this shop is? I love jewelry and especially vintage jewelry.

    Thank you, Georgia

    1. Georgia, the vintage jewelry shop is in Livingston, Tennessee. That is about an hour and a half from Knoxville. Kendra Scott is a store that is lots of locations, but I buy everything online.

  36. Mary Kinard says:

    Love Kendra Scott jewelry!

  37. Jennifer Steadman says:

    Love these picks. Kendra Scott has great jewelry.

    1. I agree! I’m really excited about the mini jewelry. It will be great for gifts to the littles.

  38. Karen Daniel says:

    I love simple classic jewelry like hoops earrings! Would have bought a pair but the reviews said the post broke off and jewels fell out. Hmmmm.

    1. Karen, you have to realize that only people who aren’t happy usually post. The thousands of people who are satisfied are to busy to bother leaving comments. I learned this from owning a store. I only consult reviews for sizing info, otherwise they are pretty much useless.

      1. I leave positive reviews if it is merited. Many retailers ask for a review.I like to read reviews because of the sizing and about the fabric too. What happened after you washed it, things like that.

  39. The cross necklace in silver is my favorite!!!

    1. I love my cross necklaces! I wear one of them almost all the time, even when I’m sleeping.

  40. Great story about you and Joe – I can relate! I have a lot of Kendra Scott earring but need some of this beautiful necklaces! Love when you share accessibility and how to put them with outfits.

    1. I love that all the jewelry looks great year after year and holds up well. I don’t baby my jewelry, and it still manages to look great.