50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSHappy Monday gurls! Are you ready? You know what I am talking about, are you ready for Christmas? Are you ready for presents, the food, and the family? Christmas has a way of bringing out the best and the worst in people. You see heartwarming stories of those in need being helped. Unfortunately, you also hear stories of credit card theft and scams. Let’s focus on the heartwarming. Did you see the sweet letter that my granddaughter wrote? That was heartwarming!!!! 50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSThis is a Carly dress from LuLaRoe. This is the first dress I have bought from LuLaRoe and I like the style really well. It was the pattern that caught my eye, I loved the colors. The orchid color has been one of my favorite colors this fall, see here. This look is a little more subtle with some green and brown toning down the brighter colors. The Carly is short-sleeved so I added a burgundy cardigan from Old Navy. The last time I wore this cardigan it was with a dress also, so I am going to have to style it again with pants just to see if I can. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSJoe loved my Maltese Cross necklace. I bought this at the vintage fashion show I attended n Atlanta, GA earlier this year. It is gold-tone and covered in pearls with a large link chain. The only thing I don’t like is that the chain is so short. I guess I could always put the pendant on another chain to lengthen it. The other necklace is my Destiny necklace from Plunder. This has become my go-to gold necklace, at least for the time being. I go through different stages, it wasn’t long ago where I was only wearing silver. I ordered the “S” so that my daughter and daughter-in-law could both wear the necklace if they wanted.
50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSThe earrings are the Ashton that only came out in Plunder this fall. I almost didn’t order these earrings because I thought they were too big and bold. I am surprised that they are the perfect size for me. My hair hits right around chin length and most earrings do not show up, but these make a statement. These are my favorite gold earrings and the Mason is my favorite silver earrings.50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSIt was really cold this morning so I added my heavy winter coat. I have had this coat for years but I still like the coat. You would not believe all the compliments I got on this coat today. Joe just kept telling me how good I looked today. I have no idea what he liked so much about the outfit, but as long as he liked it I am fine with that. Haha

50 IS NOT OLD | LULAROE AND LEGGINGSJoe has driven me crazy this week wanting to know what I “want” for Christmas. He says that I have everything I need, but he wants to buy me something that I want. I can’t think of anything, isn’t that terrible. Last year I told him I wanted some Hunter boots but this year I can’t think of anything. The only thing I that I have been looking at is a new laptop computer but I don’t think he could pick out what I need. I asked you before what you wanted for Christmas and most of you mentioned something that had to do with family. But, this time I want to know what you want as a present. Something trivial, something for you personally, like a new phone or jewelry or a kitten. Haha! You never know, someone might read the comments and get you exactly what you want.

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  1. Joanne Scantlebury wrote:

    Love that coat, unfortunately I couldn’t even wear it here in winter.

    I would love One of those blow up pool chairs, so I can float around the pool reading my book in peace?
    Have some chance of the chair. It the peace might just be too much to hope for, lots of people in our house over Christmas .

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      That sounds lovely, Joanne. I saw your weather was really HOT!!!

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  2. Rena wrote:

    Another great look. Simple but chic, stylish without being fussy. Fabulous!


    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  3. Yvonne wrote:

    Wow, looking stunning this morning Tania – especially with that lovely long coat!

    Wishing you a great day!
    xx Yvonne

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  4. Caroline wrote:

    Another great outfit, I love everything but oh my especially that coat ? What would I love for Christmas? A hot tub! If my darling hubby is reading this, don’t worry about wrapping it, I’ll take it as it comes ?

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Just leave my blog post open on the computer so he can read it! Hahaha!

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  5. What a fabulous warm coat! Very chique!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  6. Sheryl Brockman wrote:

    I enjoy seeing you all decked out in your cute clothes and jewelry. The one thing I’d like to see it how you store(house) your jewelry!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  7. Teresa wrote:

    I want a Tiffany 1873 Wide Ring in Sterling.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  8. Linda wrote:

    I love the outfit too! I have a long black coat like that. I bought it to wear during cold recess duty! It doesn’t get a lot of wear now, but I did wear it recently to our Christmas parade!
    I bought a “necklace extender” at Cato’S to add some length to a couple of my shorter necklaces. Works great!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I have a necklace extender too. I use it often.

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  9. Melanie wrote:

    That dress is super cute! I’ve been wanting to try their leggings.
    I have a hard time picking trivial gifts but a pair of tieks has been on my list for years!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I have heard they are fabulous but I have not tried any.

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  10. Glenda Braun wrote:

    Love the look.
    Can’t thing of something I want. Ok maybe a necklace with my initial like the one you have on. Lol

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  11. Kimberly wrote:

    I absolutely love everything about your outfit today from top to bottom!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  12. Lynn wrote:

    Love these colors on you! I agree with Joe. I haven’t tried any LuLaRoe designs for myself, but I bought leggings for my granddaughters. I have a friend who sells the line and I plan to try the leggings first. They feel like “butta”. We are going home to south Alabama for Christmas with family, and that is all I want. Want to share how thoughtful my hubby is on my birthday and Christmas. He always gives me very nice gifts, however, he wins my heart with his drugstore purchases. He knows I love makeup, so he shops for lipstick, nail polish, mascara – whatever he thinks I would like. He pays attention to colors I wear and that melts my heart.

    I wish you and your family a blessed, happy Christmas. Lynn

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  13. Loryl wrote:

    I agree with Joe, you look stunning today! As for a present, I cant think of one thing I want. My husband and I have been married 36 years and don’t do actual presents anymore. We give “experiences” now. So I’m planning a trip to Cali for us in the spring.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  14. Amy wrote:

    You look wonderful in those colors!! I believe that is why Joe thinks you look so great in that outfit! Those colors really make you look radiant and the color and style of the coat is perfect on you!
    What do I want for Christmas? that’s hard because if I really want something I buy it for
    myself all through the year! But my husband asked me this question so I sent him about 4 different links to thinks I liked in a text message, 2 of the items were purses, and the intent was for him to see that I like both of them and maybe choose one, but since I receive paypal notifications directly to my phone, I believe he has purchased both!! LOL! and then it looks like he may have added in 3 surprise gifts because I have 6 rather large boxes under our tree and I have no idea what he has done!?! Maybe it’s Plunder jewelry that he wrapped in HUGE boxes LOL! no i doubt it, he is not very computer or internet saavy so he couldn’t have done that without me helping him LOL! I truly like the surprise part probably better than the gift itself and if he picked things out for me on his own, well that makes it even more special! Merry Christmas Tania!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  15. Tricia wrote:

    You look great as always, but, I think the dress is too long to wear with leggings .

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I probably wouldn’t normally wear the dress with leggings, but it was 5 degrees outside that morning as we were going to church. I dressed for warmth. Haha

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  16. I really want a golden doodle puppy, but I walk with a cane and have 3 joint replacements and need a fourth done. My husband says he would have to take care of it, and he does not want to. I have been putting it on my list for years, but I don’t think it will happen. I do have two cats, but neither one is very cuddly.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  17. Naomi wrote:

    Ohhhh I’m with your Joe, you look GREAT!!! Merry Christmas and many happy family blessings!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  18. Valerie wrote:

    The colors are so cheery for winter. You look gorgeous! The one thing I would like for Christmas is for my husband to take my car, get it washed and shampooed inside and out! I love a clean car.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  19. Jill wrote:

    I really like your LulaRoe dress. LulaRoe is sweeping through our small town and my oldest daughter loves their clothes. We live out of town during the week coming home only on weekends. I haven’t had a chance to try their clothes. I’d like to have a dress and or long cardigan. ??❄️❤️

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  20. Vicky Kessling wrote:

    You asked what we want for Christmas, not need. I recently started following you, so I thought I would reply. I would love long necklaces that can be used to ‘finish’ an outfit. I would also love some tunic style sweaters to wear with leggings.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  21. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    You look beautiful in this lovely coat!

    We were shopping in Amarillo last weekend and went into Kirkland’s and he spotted some bar stools that would go perfect in our house. We decided that would be our gift to each other, but I know he will buy me something else, and he knows I will buy him more too. What man wants bar stools? I need my favorite perfume bc I’m OUT! He (my hubby) bought me 2 big bottles of perfume not too long ago and they are nice, but not my fave. I like Romance by Ralph Lauren (the original) not the new ones. I really need NOTHING! I would love to see our kids and their babies, but won’t see them until the following weekend.

    Have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless you everyone!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  22. bellsonme wrote:

    A few weeks ago I bought a pair of Lularoe leggings in wild colors, really for around-the-house wear. They’re very comfy! One of my co-workers wears a lot of Lularoe and she loves the clothing line.

    I’m with you — I can’t think of anything I really want for Christmas. My husband’s easy to buy for because he leaves very good hints, but he seems to miss when I make hints! One year I found a bird-gutting knife in my stocking that he insisted I asked for. That neither of us hunt birds seemed to make no difference, he thought I wanted it. Thus I have learned to make a list of modest things that I would actually use so he can have some fun shopping for me, because that’s what it’s really about — giving him some pleasure.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
    • Caroline wrote:

      Oh my goodness, I laughed out loud when I got to the part about the knife! ?

      Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  23. That coat is really beautiful. Love your “S” necklace.

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  24. Lynne wrote:

    I love your outfit and the length of the dress looks perfect. I just don’t care for short dresses. You have great taste in jewelry! I would love an initial pendent necklace like the one you are wearing for Christmas. I might just have to order it for myself! I am new to your blog and I am really enjoying it. Merry Christmas!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  25. Mary Lou wrote:

    I love that cardigan. I’ve never shopped at Old Navy, but ima going to now that I’ve seen all the cute clothing you wear from there. What do I want for Christmas? A clothesline. I’ve been asking my husband to build one for me for 12 years. I’m waiting for him to surpise me one day. I might be waiting another 12 years. : ) Thank you SO MUCH for making me bold enough to wear youthful clothes again! I love your style!!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  26. Kathy wrote:

    I was excited to see your outfit this morning Tania, especially the Old Navy cardigan, as I had ordered it and received it today, I love it! I did most of my Christmas shopping online this year from Old Navy during Cyber Monday and was so pleased with everything I bought everyone else , I had to reorder some things for myself. Especially love the swing dresses….thanks to you I now have three! Lol….my husband and I don’t buy each other gifts , we only fill a sock for one another….always interesting! Ha!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  27. I love the colors in that dress and the cardigan is the perfect compliment to it! I need that “S” necklace but in “C”!

    Posted 12.19.16 Reply
  28. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    I feel like a broken record Tania, but everyday you look amazing! Haven’t tried Lularoe yet but sounds like something I would like. Thanks for being fabulous! I want a birthstone ring for Christmas and I believe Santa will deliver!

    Posted 12.20.16 Reply
  29. Cindy wrote:

    I went out and bought my own Christmas present from my husband~one Massage a month for a whole year.

    Posted 12.20.16 Reply
  30. Anne wrote:

    I have a dent I need the door of my new car. All I really want is to have the dent removed so my car will be my version of perfect again. May seem trivial to some but my car is my baby.

    Posted 12.20.16 Reply
  31. Audrey wrote:

    What a lovely outfit! Guess I will have to check in into LuLaRoe designs – I just ran into two people who also wear them, my hair dresser and Weight Watcher leader, both had outfits from them. For a while home parties were everywhere but now, not so much in my area.

    Love the Maltese cross, too!

    Posted 12.23.16 Reply
  32. Thelma wrote:

    Just discovered your blog and I love it. I am a southwest Virginia girl, too! Best place to live!

    Posted 12.30.16 Reply
  33. Selina Hopkins wrote:

    Love this look! What bag is that?

    Posted 10.21.18 Reply
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