50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERWho out there remembers Phyllis Diller? I have to confess that I can remember her a little bit. I remember the crazy laugh and the wild hair but that is about it. Are you wondering why I would be talking about Phyllis Diller? Well, my sweet, charming husband told me that I reminded him of Phyllis Diller this morning.50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERBefore I threw the skillet at him I let him explain. Actually, at that moment I was channeling Lucille Ball and said, “Ricky, you got some splaining to do!” He said that he could remember Phyllis Diller wearing leopard print and swing type tops, so I had combined the two items and ta-da……I looked like Phyllis Diller. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERI started to spray my hair out in a crazy hair style to see what he would say, but I had to go to work so I decided to let it go. Instead, I just added this lion’s mane looking scarf for an accessory. I thought at least that didn’t look like Phyllis Diller. Lol! I bought this fringed scarf last year at Target, I think.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERI added very little jewelry. With this bold look, I didn’t think I needed to add too many accessories. I added these statement earrings from Plunder called the Ashton and a turquoise bracelet that is unavailable. I also decided to wear my c/o wooden Jord watch in the Frankie series.50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERI wore black leggings under the tunic and I had a hard time deciding which shoe to wear. I’ll tell you which ones I wore and why at the end of the post. Here I had on my black boots ay Bandolino. I wore them the other day, (here) and you can see the links to them there.50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERThese leopard print ballet flats are too cute. They are by Isaac Mizrahi and I bought them last year I think. I am sure I bought them at the overstock outlet store in town and they are extremely comfortable.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERNow for the tunic. I bought this at a new little boutique in town. I love this mock turtleneck swing top tunic. The leopard print is beyond cute and it certainly leaves an impression. This is a brand called Christian Caliendo. I only found a few tunics by this brand online and none of them looked anything like this one. So, here are a few that are by a different brand.

50 IS NOT OLD | LEOPARD PRINT AND PHYLLIS DILLERI guess we have talked about almost everything except my black leather Emma Fox satchel. I LOVE Emma Fox purses. I have had several and they last forever. I had a black and white one that my daughter-in-law loved and mentioned several times that she wanted it when I was done with it. At first, I thought she was just being polite and then I figured out she really did like the purse. Can you guess who has the purse now? Lol!

Just in case you were wondering, I wore the boots. The reason I wore the boots is because it was COLD!!! I didn’t want my ankles getting cold. Haha Also, here is the picture that Joe brought up to show me how I was channeling Phyllis Diller. What do you think????pd-leopard

Okay gurls, this is the last day for you to send my your picture for Ugly Christmas Sweater Day on De ember 16th. I have been waiting patiently for your Christmas sweater pics. I don’t think I have received but four or five photos. I post for you gurls daily, it is time for you to now post with me!!! I don’t want you to make an ugly sweater or embellish one that you own, I want you to pull one out of the closet and send me a picture of you wearing it. I won’t mention any names but come one gurls, this will be fun. A whole post of me and my readers wearing our Ugly Christmas Sweaters. Over the next couple of days please take a picture and email it to me at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com I have only gotten a couple of pictures, let’s go, ladies, it is time to participate with me.

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  1. Love your leopard, and I loved Phyllis Diller!

  2. Charlcy Green says:

    WHAT’S WRONG W/ALL YOUR READERS NOT WANTING TO LOOK SILLY IN THEIR UGLY SWEATERS!? I think it’s fun. And there’s NO WAY you look like Phyllis Diller or sound like her either! But you do look really skinny in this outfit & I do like the boots with it!

  3. Tania where do you live, I feel a girls trip to the outlets in your area is in my future! Especially the QVC.

    1. Rebecca, I live in Grundy, Virginia. You would love the outlets, but you never know what they will have in stock.

  4. I remember Phyliss Diller from my childhood. One of the first break out comedians on TV. Could always hold her own with “the guys”. Always wore zany prints and crazy hair when in reality she was a nice looking woman. And she had a cigarette on one of those long holders. She was FUNNY. That top DOES kind of channel her. And Joe’s comment could have come from my dear departed Dad. He thought she was hilarious. So thanks for a cute outfit and a nice rememberance. Made my day!

  5. Susan Stancliff says:

    Glad you chose the boots. It’s winter time and cold! Love your outfit and scarf.

  6. I love leopard print. I almost always am wearing one piece. A bracelet, shoe, belt, jacket or blouse. Im glad you went with the boots tho just for me I never wear 2 pieces of leopard at the same time. That can feel old lady to me and Im no spring chicken, LOL!

  7. Jackie Davis says:

    Love love love this outfit! That color looks very good on you too. Haven’t heard about Phyllis Diller in years!

  8. Belinda Sands says:

    Phyllis Diller was quite sophisticated and known for her style offstage. Her on stage persona made her MILLIONS!!! She did use a lot of boas scarfs onstage & wrapped them around her neck—very similar to the scarf you used, funny you choose it to tone down your Phyllis look. You would look GREAT in a paper bag, lol Thank you for taking the time to put together all these outfits & inspiring us to do better. Merry Christmas to you & your family!!!

  9. Patti Collins says:

    Love this outfit and both shoes look great! I love the flats, but the boots are awesome too. Love the scarf with it. I have a hard time doing scarves. lol But wish there would have been a pic w/o it just to see the full tunic. But since it’s not available I guess that doesn’t really matter. hahaha Enjoy your day!

  10. Thanks for the giggle and trip down memory lane this morning Tania! I certainly remember Phyllis Diller (and Fang!). What other fashion blogger is going to reference Phyllis Diller? That’s why I have to keep checking in with you 🙂 You look great as well. Have a wonderful day…stay warm.

  11. Lanita Anderson says:

    Cute outfit – my favorite look is with the boots! And I do remember Phyllis Diller – kind of like you – the laugh and the wild hair!

  12. What a fun outfit! I am loving tunics with legging! Wish we had these when we were little girls in school and had to wear dresses. I have class pictures of all the girls in our cute dresses and pants underneath because it was so cold out. Also love the versatility of boots or flats. Adorable girl!

  13. Love the leopard look! But I think the scarf makes the outfit and just puts it over the top!!!?

  14. Love the leopard print especially with the boots. Lovely as always ? I don’t have a Christmas sweater, although I did in the 80s. No pics of it and I go through my closet every few months so nothing old in there. Hope you get some good pics. Stay warm – we are 7 degrees with wind chill in Ohio.

    1. Brrr, that is cold, Lynn. We are at a sizzling 19 this morning.

  15. Doreen Bednarski says:

    Yes, I sooo remember Phyllis Diller and her husband Fang! In fact, the picture you show is a rather good one of her. I remember her hair really wild and sticking out all over. Quite a sight! I see no resemblance at all between you and Phyllis in any way, even in a leopard top, which I love! I’m a real fan of leopard, always have been. Even in my youth, I had a pretty leopard jacket. Your outfit is stunning and I like the boots best. The flow of the top is very flattering. Excellent choice!

    Ugly Christmas sweater, ok I’m sending you a picture of me in an old Christmas jacket. Don’t know if it’s considered ugly or just outdated. One thing, it makes me look 30 pounds heavier! Look for it later today.

    1. In her younger days, she was actually quite pretty. I think she just found a persona of the wild hair and crazy look that worked for her.

  16. I am big fan of leopard print Tania and you rock it , you gave me a laugh this morning with your Lucile Ball comment :’) Have a lovely day 😀

    1. Joe and I channel Ricky and Lucy all the time. He will sometimes come through the door saying, “Lucy, I’m home!”

  17. Not my favorite, but never really liked the way Phyllis dressed either. Most of the time I can copy your clothing minus much of the jewelry. I prefer your simpler outfits using color for the wow factor

    1. That is what the blog is all about. Taking parts and pieces of my outfits and fitting them into your life. You add your touches and make the outfit “you.”

  18. Ooh I love this outfit! I need some leopard print in my life ? I would dearly love to send you a photo but I don’t have any ugly Christmas sweaters…

    1. I unfortunately have BUNCHES somewhere. I think they may be under the bed, I have got to pull them out today so I can take my own pictures. Haha

    1. I had forgotten about Fang, Julie! Hahaha

    2. LOL!!! Hubby’s response did make me chuckle, though. Thanks for sharing, Tania! I remember her from growing up in the 60’s – she was a comedienne(sp) on TV shows. I’d forgotten she called her hubby “Fang.” Enjoy your day, gurls!