50 IS NOT OLD | JUST A TWEAK HERE AND THERE | FASHION OVER 40Hi, everyone. I wanted to show you my newest headshots that I had taken for the blog. Occasionally I will get asked for a professional headshot and I really didn’t have one. The main reason is that I don’t do well when other people take my pictures. It is awkward and I hate having a fake smile. In other words, I just feel foolish. Do any of you know how that feels? 50 IS NOT OLD | JUST A TWEAK HERE AND THERE | FASHION OVER 40The 1st picture was one that Joe took for me when I was doing the QVC post and they needed a headshot. We draped a sheet on my front porch and he took the pictures with his phone. Do you think that is what they meant when they asked for a professional headshot? LOL!!! Anyway, I figured that it could use some sprucing up so I sent it to my brother-in-law the professional photographer and he ran it through his software. This was the results. ? Holy Cow!!! No wonder those models in the magazines always look so good. I am showing you this for that very reason. I was happy with my first photo. I thought it was great and then I saw the second photo and suddenly the first one didn’t look so good after all. Just remember, there are two versions of ourselves. The one we are and the one that is in our minds and on photoshop.

August 6th means that the Nordstrom sale is over. That means that you only have today and tomorrow to take advantage of the big anniversary sale that they have going on. I spent all day going through all 33 pages of the Anniversary Sale and I have picked out some items for you.

I know that is a lot to throw at you at once. There are so many items to look at and choose from and the prices are incredible. I sure hope that you save a ton of money as you shop till you drop. Lol!

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  1. Tania you look beautiful either way, is the beauty within that really counts
    Have a blessed day

    Posted 8.9.18 Reply
  2. Charlcy L. Green wrote:

    Wow, you look fantastic whether in Joe’s shot or thru you bro-in-laws perfect software! I love your hair! And that beautiful top looks fabulous on you!

    Posted 8.5.18 Reply
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