50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40Okay, gurls, you know that my heel has been bothering me for the last few months. So, I had decided to try and pamper my heel, and a new pair of walking shoes was on my “to-do” list. Talk about timing, because that afternoon I received an email from Easy Spirit wanting to know if I would be interested in doing a post about their products. I think that I responded with a huge YES and maybe a few exclamation points. Lol! I quickly decided on the Rockie Walking Shoe, partly because it looked comfortable, and partly because I thought it was cute. You know me, you can’t take the “fashion” away from me. Haha! I am generally not a sneaker wearer, but these babies might change my mind. I love that they are lightweight and that they are super comfortable and convenient to put on and lace up.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40The Rockie Walking shoes made the trip to Florida with me, and I have been wearing them the entire time that I have been here. They are perfect for your everyday activities like going to the grocery store or running errands, and you will do it all in comfort.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40I love how these shoes feel, they are snug, but they are not tight. They have a dual-density insole for shock absorption and molded rubber outsole for durable traction.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40I have been saying that I was going to start back walking and exercising, so what better time and place to put that into practice than here at the beach. We decided to go for a brisk walk, and my daughter made me do my stretches before we set out.
50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40I even stretched after we got back from our walk.
If anyone needed a new pair of walking shoes, it was ME. I am going to be wearing these shoes when I get back home to help with my heel since I have hardwood floors. I got in 2.4 miles yesterday on my walk, and my heel was not in any pain. These shoes are AWESOME! But, because I will also be needing “fashion” shoes, I had to see if Easy Spirit had anything that would fit into that category. Woohoo! Here are just a few shoes that I found.

50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40When I got back to Virginia, I went into gardening mode. I love playing in the flowerbeds because it calms my soul, and beautifies my home.50 IS NOT OLD | IT IS TIME TO PAMPER MY FEET | FASHION OVER 40 I love picking a bouquet of peonies for my table when they are in bloom.

So, if any of you ladies are like me and you need to get moving, then you need to grab yourself a pair of these walking shoes. It doesn’t matter if you are running errands, gardening, or taking a walk, these shoes have got you covered. What do you #movefor?

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  1. Sally wrote:

    I am a little behind in checking my mail. Because I have the same problem with my feet, I am always on the lookout for good, comfortable walking shoes. Those Easy Spirits are too cute! Love the exercise pants, too. What brand or from which store are those? Thank you.

    Posted 5.23.19 Reply
  2. Dawn wrote:

    Tania, please be aggressive with finding a solution to your heel problem (like others I’m assuming it is PF). A little bit of relief isn’t enough and you’ll want to stay on top of it or it will eventually get the better of you. As I mentioned before, I tried everything from exercises,OTC orthotics, semi-custom and custom orthotics and absolutely nothing worked. I’m a huge walker so this became a quality of life issue for me. I eventually found Good Feet orthotics which have saved me. No sign of PF since purchasing them. I also am very particular about the brands of shoes I wear (lots of Clark’s, Borne, Dansko and the like).

    Posted 5.14.19 Reply
  3. Sue wrote:

    I too have/am suffering with plantar fasciitis. Cheap shoes are no longer an option. My foot doctor said arch support is key. There are really cute and good for you shoes out there. I know you love a heel, but unless it has a platform I can not go to 3 inches. I talk about your blog all the time. Love your stories and feel your pain,,,, thank you!

    Posted 5.13.19 Reply
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