I give up, I quit! If my cold/cough was an MMA event, I’d tap out about now. I am miserable. One minute I think that I am getting better, and the next minute I am ready to give up. I can’t hold a thought, and posting today is impossible. I am taking cough medicine and going to bed in hopes that tomorrow is a better day. So sorry for not having something pre-planned.



    • Dana Buckingham Reply

      Tania, I’m so sorry you’re still sick! We’re praying for you! Get the rest you need and extra Vitamin C might help. We’ll be here when you feel like coming back.

    • Hi, yes get some good rest, lots of fluids, gargle with warm salt water. And take Aleve D. It’s on the actual pharmacy side. It’s 12 ( so take it in the AM) non drowsy, it takes care achy ish kind of feeling. Let’s you breathe!! I take it everyday for preventive measures. It’s awesome. Just take it in the no later 12pm. I swear by it. And of course loving thoughts and prayers for rest, healing and comfort.

  1. Wow, you must feel absolutely miserable. Rest up and be well. We’ll all be here when you’re feeling better. In the meantime, take care of you.

    • Angela Grafe Reply

      Gute Besserung! Feel with you and promise to be here when you are back!
      Take your time!
      Angela from Germany

    • Praying God wraps His loving arms around you and heals your body♡ No need to apologize, you write for us EVERY day, the only other entity I know that works daily is Walmart!!

    • Sandra L Cox Reply

      Be sure yo take Mucinex– that will help you get the congestion up and out of your chest. It’s a lifesaver for me. Your oxygen capacity is down and that affects everything. Sending up prayers for healing from Georgia!

  2. Aimee Spencer Reply

    Web MD says air that is too moist or too dry. Also not drinking enough water. Stress because it won’t stop and lack of sleep. So they all sound like what you have told us all week. You could just relax all weekend and take a day off from blogging! Get well soon Tania.

  3. kathieblackwell Reply

    You are sick…give in and go to the doctor. You might have pneumonia!! I did last year and I have never coughed so much in my life. Please take care!

  4. Janet Batchelor Reply

    So sorry you are not feeling well. Take care of yourself and don’t worry one bit about the blog or anything else:). Give yourself the grace you extend to everyone else. Hydrate as much as possible!! Flush that stuff out. Prayers.

    • You are always thinking of us,your followers before yourself. Take it easy. Take some time out and heal properly. We’ll still all be here when you’re well again x

  5. No need to apologize. Tania. You’ve been nothing but a source of inspiration for us, so please let us be one for you today. I pray in the name of Jesus that your cough gets better right away. Hang in there gurl. You will get better.

  6. Ava Nickerson Reply

    Take care of yourself. Hope today is a better day after getting some rest. Praying for your full recovery!

  7. Tania – Self Care is not a luxury it’s a priority. Take care of yourself!

  8. Bless your heart. Sending lots of prayers your way. Just rest….you need lots of it so your body can fight this off. Don’t worry about posting something every day. We aren’t going anywhere. Just want you well again! ???

  9. Margie or James Lewis Reply

    I think you should go back to the doctor. This is an order from mom.

  10. Hot and sour soup from Chinese takeout helps give some relief as told to me by my doctor one time. Again I thought that couldn’t really do any real good but he was my doctor and he was next to a Chinese takeout so I tried it. Drinking something hot helps with the coughing and soothes the throat and the hot spices help clear out the gross stuff causing the cough. Get well soon, I feel for you.

  11. Give yourself a break from your busy life. Sending you healing thoughts.

  12. Sorry you are still under the weather. Hope you start feeling better soon. Take care.

  13. Praying that you feel better soon! And don’t beat yourself up because life happens.

  14. So sorry you’re not better yet. Good for you taking a break! I would for sure call doctor back if the rest doesnt help!!
    Love and prayers sent for healing. ❤

  15. Beneath today’s post was a link to a previous post titled Pray Boldly. Pray boldly for healing today sweetie; I’ll do the same on my end on your behalf.

  16. Karen Miller Reply

    You need to take care of ‘you’! Get some rest! Hope you feel better soon!

  17. Steroids should have kicked in. If not better or (god forbid) worse by tomorrow you should return to doc. Pneumonia can sneak up on you and steroids won’t touch it.

    Keep us posted, thinking of you!

  18. I’m so sorry you are feeling terrible. ?I pray God will heal you and give you the rest you need, Be gentle on yourself. We want you to feel better!❤️

  19. Oh I hope you feel better soon! All of the above is good advice but please call your doctor again! The steroids should have cleared this. I love reading your posts but I’ve pinned so many of your outfits I’ll go back and re-read to get my daily dose! Best…Kathy

  20. Nancy Gaddy Reply

    Get some rest and practice self care this weekend. You are more important than any “to do” list. Hope you feel better soon! Prayers!

  21. Yes indeed rest rest rest. No cleaning, washing etc. it took my cough 3/4 weeks. Then the dr gave me an inhaler, for a short while. Plenty fluids. Feel better.

  22. Hope you feel better soon! Mom always said to get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. Rest is one of the best things for a sick body. One time I had a cough that was so bad, it strained my vocal chords and I could barely speak. As someone said, your followers will be here when you are feeling better. 🙂

  23. I hope you feel better soon. I completely understand how you feel. I have been depressed because an inner ear infection has caused vertigo and I just can’t stop feeling dizzy. I have been on two rounds of steroids but just haven’t had any relief. Take as much time as you need to get better, we will be here for you when you get back.

  24. I hope you feel better soon, rest up- you’re probably in cute pj’s and slippers, with at least 1 piece of jewelry 😉

  25. Oh Tania, I feel your pain! I had this same awful stuff you have and let me tell you it has taken me 8wks to get over it and I’m still not quite back to 100%. I was on 3 rounds of antibiotics and Rx cough syrup and an inhaler to try and beat this stuff into the ground. It’s viscous and long-lasting sad to say. Hope you turn the corner soon in kicking this because it does wear a body down that’s for sure!!

  26. Becky Sanchez Reply

    Hi Tania!
    I’m sorry to hear you’re still not feeling well! I think I have the same bug! It stinks! The good thing is, if your coughing as much as I am, I bet your abs are ripped!!! Get well soon!

  27. (((Hugs))) I promise you won’t lose a single follower. We will miss you but take all the time you need to get better. Let Go and let God heal your body. You are not superwoman.

  28. June Zimmerle Reply

    Have your hubby get a cough syrup medicine bottle and fill it up with half pure honey and half whiskey and take a tbls every 2 hrs. It really works!

    • Jo Kathryn Maddox Reply

      Add a little fresh lemon juice to this and heat. It worked miracles in our house!

  29. Hmmm…sounds like Bronchitis girlfriend. Time to make a trip to the dr for some meds. Don’t wait too long! Praying you feel better soon!

  30. Tania, have you been t a doctor? Not to be an alarmist, but someone I know suffered with and was treated for a cough for a year. It turned out to be something much, much more serious and she did not receive the proper treatment in time. Maybe there’s more to your story than I’ve kept up with and it is seasonal or a chronic issue that you deal with and only need to wait it out. If that’s the case, I hope it is short lived!

  31. Dear Tania, please be careful!! I had similar symptoms, was prescribed steroids and the following day ended up at emergency, unable to breathe! I had pneumonia, spent 5 days I barely remember in ICU, 6 days in the lower level of ICU! 11 total days! I had waited much too long, praying it would get better, found out at the hospital I was very critical. Please be careful, I wouldn’t want you to go through anything similar! Please take care of YOU!

    • Just found out my friend Miriam is in the hospital with similar symptoms, diagnosed with pneumonia, really sick, please Tania take good care of yourself, I pray this is not what you have, go see your dr, we look forward to your blogs. My prayers going your way for healing.

  32. I know the feeling, I had that horrible cough in the spring. It was so bad, I couldn’t function. I too was on all that medication,nothing worked. Finically they gave me a inhaler. It worked, praise the Lord. You may want to try that.
    Oh, I live in your hometown of Livingston, my daughter went to school with your son. Love your blog.

  33. Kathy Whitaker Reply

    I hope you feel better soon.. But you seriously need to go back to the doctor..don’t mean to be a bossy pants !!

  34. Prayers that you will be feeling better soon! ?? Don’t worry about your blog, your health is way more important! Take care of yourself!

  35. Sending prayers for a full recovery soon. Please take care of yourself; there are lots of peeps out here who love you!

  36. Oh dear, I’m so sorry you are feeling so badly! Please take care of yourself and feel better.

  37. You might want to get a referral to a pulmonologist. A few years ago before hurricane Matthew I got sick the cough lingered for months I went back and forth to the dr . I had spasm and could catch my breath, you’ve got bronchitis, asthma, I couldn’t sleep I coughed all night and day. The first thing the pulmonologist said is you don’t have any breathing problems. I had to go on steroids for almost a month and a inhaler with a steroid for another month it finally was gone. This is entirely TMI sorry, I hope you get relief soon.

  38. This counts as a post….a time to allow your followers to pray for you and send you love and encouragement….You’re “wearing” real life and you do it so well! Take care and know you are thought of by so many.

  39. Terry White Reply

    Please take care of yourself & get well soon! Praying for a FULL recovery.
    I’m a little behind, but wanted you to know that I love everything about your blog. I just retired from the public school system here in NC , and found myself in need of a hip replacement ( not the first thing I had planned to do!!). The one thing I miss the most is the daily conversations with my teacher friends. So, although we don’t talk in person, I LOVE reading your blog & can relate to so many things you say and do! Don’t change a thing! I liked the series on the black swing dress so much that I had to buy one over the weekend…WalMart… thought it was on sale for $7 …. it rang up as $3! Love those kind of sales!
    Keep up the excellent work!!

  40. You are the the “Give Up” type. You deserve a day off. Take care of yourself and get some rest.

  41. Sure hope you are feeling better by now! Sorry you have been struggling!

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