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Tips On How To Look Young And Modern Over 50

Raise your hand if you want to look older than you are. I am guessing that there aren’t a lot of hands going up in the air right now. Now, raise your hand if you want to look young and modern. If your hand isn’t raised, then congratulations because you must already look young and modern. But, for the rest of us, I’ve got some tips that will give you lots of confidence in your style and hopefully help you look years younger.

One of the things that I noticed as my age started to climb was that my style was in a rut. I didn’t want to dress as I did in my twenties, but I still thought of myself as young and vibrant. My mindset was that age is an attitude, but my birth certificate was telling me otherwise. There are several tips that I’ve learned to help me feel and look young and modern, and I hope they will help you also.

We Are Not Dead Yet

Okay, so we are double, or triple, the age of a twenty-year-old. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be sexy and stylish. Sexy looking at 50+ usually looks different than it did at 20 or 30. I am not letting it all hang out, but just because you are covered up doesn’t mean that you can’t still look sexy.

Get Out Of The Rut

It’s easy to get in a rut with the same ol’ outfit, but it’s boring. Just because you do pair that striped shirt with those pants all the time doesn’t mean it can’t work with a host of other options. Think about trying this season’s hottest pattern: stripes or florals. Add some animal print to your wardrobe and bring wildness to life. Just try something new; do not become that cliché old lady who has her ways.

We have to talk about it – fashion trends. Remember all these trends are for everyone—but surely, some fashion trends will fit with your style very well. If you usually wear tennis shoes, think about adding a pair of stylish sneakers. Trends can be fleeting, so it’s wise not to invest as much in them as you would in timeless pieces that have longevity. Nevertheless, adding some trendy pieces to your outfit shows that you really pay attention to fashion and how you present your best image. And, mixing some of them into your outfit doubles the winning hand, giving your look a young and modern, up-to-date polished look.


As we age, gray hairs tends to creep in. There is nothing wrong with gray hair, and I wish that mine were growing in that gorgeous shade of white-silver instead of the dirty yellowy color that looks like I got a bad dye job. Purple shampoo helps turn blonde hair whiter and get rid of brassy tones, and it does the same with gray hair. It really isn’t the color that ages us; it is the style. Pick a style that compliments your face and one that is easy to care for. A hairstyle that looks carefree will help you look younger than one that looks “styled.”


You can’t go wrong with classic pieces. They look elegant and stylish, and depending on your accessories, they can look modern. Spend more money on classic items that you can wear for years. Those items might be where you want to invest money on cashmere or silk items. Vintage and classic handbags are ones that you can hand down from generation to generation, so think of things like that as an investment instead of a purchase.


When you choose accessories, this is where you can have some fun. Pearls, diamonds, gold, and silver will never go out of style so you can wear those with anything. But they don’t scream young or modern either. If you want to add some fun to an outfit, then think about a pair of brightly colored earrings or a patterned scarf. Tying a scarf to a handbag is modern-looking, so give that a try. One fun item can change the entire look of your outfit and have you looking younger.


It doesn’t matter if your outfit is fabulous; if you are not confident in how you look, it shows on your face. You can’t fake a confident smile; your eyes will give you away every time. Throw your shoulders back, look in the mirror, and smile at your reflection until it reaches your eyes. Trying something new is hard, but you can do it, and I bet you will even get a few compliments. That will help your confidence to soar, and nothing looks better than a confident woman.

Young And Modern Outfits

This outfit looks young and modern because of the High-Rise Wide-Leg Jeans. They are wide-leg jeans, but not “W I D E” legged, if you know what I mean. Some wide-leg pants and jeans are overpowering, but these are a great width. The large hem detail is wonderful, and I love the way it looks.

Showing a little skin, especially the shoulders, is a great way to show that you aren’t dead yet. Shoulders don’t show your age like other parts of the body, so don’t be afraid to bare them. The Straight-Leg Cuffed Jeans are so cute! I love the large cuff, and cuffs are a huge trend this year. This pair fits me great, and I like the washed look of the jeans.

Stripes are huge this spring and summer. The Poplin Stripe Shirt is lightweight but has long sleeves for added warmth. This button shirt is made from a breathable and easy-to-maintain fabric. The French Blue stripes are a classic design that you can wear all year and can be dressed up or down. You might have noticed the Girlfriend Fray Hem Jeans. Raw and frayed hem jeans add a modern touch and these look and fit great.

I love the new Lady Jacket trend, probably because it is a take on a vintage look. It is inspired by a Chanel-ish look. It gives off a classic, upscale vibe, and I love the elevated casual look. I love the wide-leg look on me. NYDJ is known for how their jeans fit a woman’s body, and I’m impressed with this pair.

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To GOD Goes The Glory!

Verse of the Day

Psalms 18:NIV

The Lord is my rock, my fortress and my deliverer; my God is my rock, in whom I take refuge, my shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold.

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  1. Christina says:

    You r such an inspiration !!!
    Thank you for doing what you do.
    Keep the Bible verses coming, they r wonderful !
    Enjoy your Sunday !!

  2. This is just the reminder that needed. I feel like I’ve gotten into a bit of a rut.

  3. Mary Carol says:

    Boy does my wardrobe ever need a makeover!! Yes, I want to look modern but I need a push.

  4. Mary Reeger says:

    I love all the clothes that you wear. I am 91 yrs old and still love to dress in jeans, tops and am going to try a dress, altho I feel so uncomfortble in a dress. Everyone tells me I look younger than my age and I guess it’s the way I dress. You are certainly a model for older women ( I guess I shouldn’t call you older cause you don’t look it. I should also add that I have been married for 73 years to my beloved hubby have 6 kids, 11 grandchildren and 12 great grandchildren we have been truly blessed. I guess I have rambled on longer than I wanted to. Keep up the good work.

    1. Wow! Mary, I am impressed! It is fabulous that you still pay attention to fashion, that is one of the reasons everyone tells you that you look younger.

  5. Yes, thank you, I am glad you listed some trends, and how to keep up. I like to look modern, and not get into a rut, because it’s boring to do that.

  6. When I became a grandmother at 51, I decided to stop coloring my used-to-be-brunette hair. I wound up with lovely salt and pepper hair. Fast forward a few years, and I reversed that decision, based on some pictures of my husband and me – I looked older that he did, but realize now that the style was not best for me and aged me more than the color (lesson learned). For several years now, I’ve gotten highlights and lowlights to blend with the gray and loved that scenario for a long time, but now it looks a bit brassy and too yellow for my cool skin tone, so I’ve decided again to embrace my natural head of hair (that first grandchild is now 16!), but how to go about that without looking too drab? Today, my hairstylist simply applied a toner to lift and cool the highlights – not a shocking change, but I can tell a difference and I think I’m going to like this method as the old hair dye grows off and the gray/white grows in. The decision processes associated with go gray/hide the gray are exhausting!

    The off the shoulder top is so pretty on you! I’d be tugging on the neckline constantly (that’s just a “me” thing), but I love this look on others. Thanks for all of the ideas to keep us looking modern and youthful.

  7. Audrey Shamblen says:

    I really love how you put the outfits together. You exude confidence. Thank you for your blog.

  8. I’ve yet to find the perfect fit jeans for myself. I love the ones your wearing with the wide hem!

  9. Julie Robinette says:

    I really appreciated this article because it is a bit hard to look great and not look like you trying to look like your twenty.

  10. Yes, confidence is most important!! You can be dressed in rags but, if you have confidence in yourself, you shine!! Great post!!

  11. Very nice styles! Can’t decide which I love most!

  12. I absolutely LOVE the short-sleeve poncho from Chicos! Do you know if this comes in an x-small (or even a petite)? I checked their website via the link, but it appears it mostly likely only comes in a s/m and a l/xl.

    1. I think the S/M is as small as it comes since it isn’t a fitted item.

  13. sue koren says:

    Last thing I want to do is look “frumpy”

  14. Yes to your tips! Every outfit is so cute!

  15. Good advice for looking classy.

  16. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Great ideas!!! All are great choices/updates to any wardrobe!!

  17. Tania-Thank you for introducing the new wider style of pants and ones in our closets too. The variety is spectacular! I really enjoyed today’s selections.

  18. Cute outfits! Love all of them!

  19. As always, you give us great style tips for looking our best. Thanks for all you do!

  20. I love all of these looks and you wear them well. Thanks!

  21. Great tips for helping us to look younger without looking like we are trying to be 20 again!!

  22. Julie Lozano says:

    Hi Tania, I’m so glad you enjoyed your getaway!
    I’m loving the outfit from Kohls… the yellow floral top with wide leg jeans is beautiful and you look svelte and lovely.
    A V-Neck top works wonders for us ladies. Thank you for the affordable choices for us retired gals.
    Blessings, Julie

  23. Joanne Iannelli says:

    I love the shore sleeve knit poncho. I need so much help with my look and you are helping me with your posts!

  24. Tania, I have a top very similar to the one you modeled in which you bared your shoulders. Do you have any suggestions concerning what bra to wear with a top like this. I’d appreciate your expertise. Thanks, Fran

  25. Thanks for a great and helpful post. I want to dress modern but not like a 20 year old!

  26. Pam Mayes says:

    Love the straight leg frayed jeans. Now gives me confidence to wear. Thanks.
    Thank you for all the tips.

  27. Krista Preston says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and ideas

  28. Ginger Hiller says:

    Great suggestions for us, Tania! Thank you for encouraging us in the many ways that you do!

  29. These are great tips, Tania!

  30. Roeli Lutz (Canadian) says:

    Ladies, long hair on older women is not sexy. Dates you for sure,
    trying to stay young, just doesn’t work. Try something new like
    Tania is encouraging you to do. I watch make-overs, such a
    difference a hair style and some (little) makeup will do.
    GO for it gurls…you will love the compliments!

  31. Love the lamp. I will be trying to, find it. I can relate to the yellow, ugly gray hair. I don’t have salt and pepper mine is more cinnamon and butter….it’s awful! But grateful to be healthy and aging. Great ideas!

  32. Love poncho on you. But I can’t find it. When I click on it , it directs to the shirt instead.

  33. Love the button up crew neck sweater! Looks like you dog is in your purse Tanya!

    1. Lol! She doesn’t like to be carried, so she would hate being in a purse.

  34. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Love all the fresh looks!

  35. Lori Duncan says:

    Thank you so much for my Amazon gift card! I’m so excited! I have Vionic shoes in my cart ready to put that gift card to good use!

    Lori Duncan
    Springdale, Ar

  36. Good points. When I was young I always wanted to just look classy when I was older. The only tip I disagree with is scarves and colored earrings. I never see young women wearing those. (I’m not talking about winter scarves for warmth). I couldn’t give away my fashion scarves to a church thrift shop because the owner said no one wants them even if free. Maybe it’s the region I live in but I never see women of any age wearing fashion scarves like I did about ten years ago when I accumulated a whole bunch.

    1. Hold on to the scarves, Terri. They are always somewhat in style. I use them in a lot of ways. I tie them on handbags, as belts, as anytime I want to brighten an outfit. Just because they aren’t the latest trend doesn’t mean I won’t use them.

      1. I’ve kept the ones that I can use as a shawl. I did keep the skinny ones for belts.

  37. I’m finally caving in to get the Italian leather pointed bow flat by Quince because you seem to wear many outfits it looks nice with, but they don’t come in half sizes. Do you know whether I should order up to a 10 or down to 9 from my regular 9-1/2 size? TIA

    1. If you are between, then size up.

  38. I definitely lean to the classic style in clothing so really liked your post. The off shoulder white blouse is so cute!

  39. Great post! gotta love the IRS…I’m glad you got a little get away! Happy Monday❤❤❤

  40. I love the cuffed or frayed hem jeans. I need a pair! Thanks for reminding me it’s ok to try new things. It’s so easy to get in a rut.

    1. I have to remind myself of that too. I like pushing myself to try new items and brands.

  41. Georgia Taylor says:

    Tanya I really love the outfits you put together… unfortunately I’m too large, at 179, to pull-off a lot of the styles I think. Any advice besides… eating less. I’m trying 😃

    1. Georgia, my best advice is to love yourself at any weight. Don’t stress about it. I lost the most weight when I ate what I wanted, but made myself only eat half the normal size portion. I told myself that after I ate and waited at least 15 minutes, I could eat more but only if I was hungry. It turns out that I rarely was hungry. I had been eating too much and not giving my stomach enough time to tell me I was full.

  42. Linda Dearman says:

    NYDJ are one of my favorites. Thanks for showing them!

  43. Tania, I want to tell you how much I appreciate your suggestions and today’s message is spot on. I’ve been following you for the past year and have found so many inspirations. I want to be an inspiration to my daughter- you can stylishly dress without looking like a twenty year old. I look forward to your daily posts!

    1. I’m so glad you like today’s post. It can be a struggle to dress young, but not like a tween.

  44. The link to the short sleeved knit poncho brings up the striped shirt from Chicos. Could you let me know where you purchased that? Thank you!

  45. Thanks for the encouragement that we aren’t dead yet, Tania! You are the best!

  46. I’m so much more confident in my 50s than I ever was in my 20s!

  47. I love those ideas! God He’s a rocking fortress in our protector. thank you so much.

  48. Kerri White says:

    All cute, my favorite is the knit poncho

  49. Tania, you make all the outfits effortless! Love them all. Going to order the wide leg jeans from Kohls! Thank you for helping us seasoned ladies look our best!

  50. These are awesome outfit ideas. Love the wide leg jeans from Kohl’s! Like that poncho but the link goes to jeans. You put some cute ideas together! 😃

  51. Great post, wish you could come help me sort out my closet and put together outfits for me.

  52. Thanks for the ideas Tania. I strive to keep up with trends and tweak them for my age and what I’m doing. I can’t wait for the swimsuit edition!

  53. Donna Brown says:

    Love love all the content from this site…..what can u tell us about the haus lip plumper? Lots of brands r selling this type of gloss..thrive etc…would love to try it but really not sure if it’s right for me…tks.

  54. Yes great ideas at 58!

  55. Terri Bugh says:

    Thank for inspiring me! 🩷

  56. Love the look with the greenish sweater vest.
    Also appreciate showing the shirts not tucked in.

  57. I have those NYDJ and absolutely love them (I actually have two styles, one lighter pair with a raw hem). I hate high rise, and they are good. Cute outfits! I agree about hair, that is a huge part of looking and feeling youthful. Cute hair just puts a little pep in your step and helps you to feel better.

    1. I think those jeans look soooo nice! I’m glad to hear you like them too.

  58. Loving the age appropriate styles you show, classic pieces. 💐

  59. Betty Sanders says:

    Absolutely LOVE this outfit!!

  60. I just happened upon you on Pinterest, I love your style!

  61. Love this post and all the comments – so helpful.

  62. Charlcy Green says:

    Tania, I love this post and your advice on looking sexy over 50! So cute! And that other post that was most pinned was fabulous! And I just had to order the cross necklace!

  63. Shirley from GA says:

    Loved this post! AND I also went back and checked out your most pinned post and ordered that awesome blouse on your link! I LOVE that thing – I’m retiring in a month and I thought – This will be my RETIREMENT treat! I’ll be wearing that happily this spring/summer and smiling the whole time!

    1. Shirley, you will look Sekse in that top. Lol! Don’t you just love grandkids?

      1. Shirley from GA says:

        ABSOLUTELY! I’ll be spending time with my little loves – SIL & Daughter’s 9 month old baby boy and Son & DIL’s new baby girl due in July! Happy days for Mimi !!! 🙂

  64. You make everything look fabulous!! Thanks for all you do to keep us looking great too!!

  65. HAIR is definitely a key. Your hairstyle can tie you to an era if not kept “up-to-date,” even if you have no grey.

    1. Exactly, Sharon. If you are still rocking a 90s hairstyle, then it is time for an update.

  66. I have an older version of that Michael Kors handbag. It is one of my favorites! Love that it holds a lot without looking huge.

  67. G. Leanette Flentroy says:

    Great blog. Great tips to remember. Great advice; great look. You are a wonderful “asset’ to your daughter and granddaughter. Thank you, Miss.

  68. I love the outfit today! I’m with you on the sweater blazer, but I need a shorter one. I already have a navy one and burgundy. Looks sharp, feels like a cardigan!

  69. Needed to hear this post today. Love the outfit! Thank you so much!

  70. Kellie Johnson says:

    I love this outfit. I’m thinking of buying the shirt. Thank you for doing this blog. I look forward to reading it everyday.

  71. Laurie Nichols Orlando says:

    I LOVE that top – and the whole outfit looks SO put together! I feel like when it comes to jeans, just about anything goes right now and you have to make sure you pair your items accordingly, to rock your outfit stylishly.

  72. LISA CASTRO says:

    I love animal prints, This is a great look on you!

  73. Gorgeous, as always,…

  74. Really enjoyed the post. Needed to hear your “words of wisdom” today. Going to get my credit card to order the jacket, the shoes in that fabulous color are sold out in my size, but gave them my email just in case they become available. I love the whole outfit, and the price on the jeans is going to have me give this whole high rise mom jean look a try. Thanks for wearing all those tags for us so we can get a feel for things.

    1. Deanna, I am your guinea pig. Lol! I’ll try almost anything once…I said ALMOST. Lol!

  75. Love the top. Very cute

  76. Love this outfit, but what I’m loving most is the neutral color of the shoe and bag! I’ve been seeing this color a lot lately and I ❤️ it!! Have a great day!

  77. Paula Lang says:

    Whoo hoo love that you love the Lord and love fashion too…classy fashion at that! I am in the over ’60’ column but that is okay…short gray hair and 14, almost 16 grand babies!! Any suggestions for a comfortable loafer for a 7.5 wide foot?

    1. Paula, my blog might be called 50 Is Not Old, but I turned 60 last year too. We can still be as young and vibrant as we want to be. I don’t have any suggestions on a loafer at this time, but I would try brands that are known for comfort.

  78. Off to shop (or order)! Love the outfit!

  79. I love this look, especially the shoes. I need comfortable shoes, but it’s great when they also look nice. I love a casual outfit that looks put together. I have similar items in my closet, so I am going to try this look for myself! Thank you, I’m really enjoying your posts.

  80. I love everything about this outfit. Time to shop!!! Thank Tania.

  81. Tania, for such a time is this! This post is exactly what I needed today. I turned 61 yesterday and I’ve really been struggling about the aging process and not feeling good about myself. I have let my hair go gray over the past few years and it definitely looks “styled”. I have a hair appointment tomorrow and your post has inspired me to loosen up my style to help me with a softer look that doesn’t age me so much! I always appreciate your scripture at the end of your post and today is perfect—-I love being reminded that our Father is our fortress—-our Deliverer! Bless you, for all that you do to inspire us to be the best we can be! You are such a blessing!

    1. Cathy, I am so glad that you took this post to heart. I will be turning 61 in a couple of months, but it is just a number. My age doesn’t define me!

  82. Very cute and youthful-looking outfit. The leopard top is adorable and that it needs no ironing is a huge bonus. Also, you can never go wrong with a black blazer. I always keep my blazers when I purge my closet because they’re such classic items.

  83. Love everything about this outfit. I want it all!! LOL Great tips on today’s post. Thanks for keeping me inspired on a daily basis.

  84. Good morning!! I needed today’s post. I do catch myself wearing the same thing over and over and I’m sure my husband is tired of seeing it too. I have recently dropped 30 pounds. Working on that last 10 so it is refreshing to see some classic styles. Thank you again!!

    1. Michelle, I used to be guilty of that also. Funny how doing a blog every day will make you break that habit. Lol!

  85. Great outfit and thank you for sharing your tips. I wil try them out.

  86. Always looking so together.

  87. Love the jacket and blue jeans!

  88. Cheryl Chovich says:

    I love the look of today’s outfit! It’s good to know that you “ripped” of the tags and kept all of the pieces. I can tell by your photos that you are confident in how you look and feel in this outfit. Confidence is a good look on you!

    1. I keep WAAAAY more than I should. Lol! I’ve got to have a sale and get rid of a lot of things.

  89. Love the look, I went back to see your previous post with the “sekse . Love that one too. You make everything look fabulous. I am so grateful that I found you. My recently retired lifestyle fits right into most of what you show to the gurls

    1. I still have that sekse note tucked away. It makes me smile every time that I see it.

  90. Thank you for the tips. I would love to update my hair style for a more carefree look but it seems like I always go back to my old style. Cute outfit !

    1. Sandy, getting outside the comfort zone is hard. But to me, hair always will grow back or I can change the color. It is just hair.

  91. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    Love this outfit the top especially.
    This is one that won’t go out of style for me.

  92. how awesome that Iiterally just picked up this top yesterday! you look great as always!

  93. Love the whole look- very put together!! Like the tip about the purple shampoo -😉🤗

  94. Vicki L Werley says:

    Love your post! I just bought the Michael Kor’s purse.
    Happy Birthday Joe and enjoy your day!

    1. It is a great color, especially for spring and summer. You will love it.

  95. kim granzella says:

    Dear Tania,

    I am now binge reading your blog to catch up! (I do this occasionally when life is so busy). You look amazing! As usual! That R and F is something else!

    Keep up the positive, inspiring, uplifting, and motivating blog! You are truly lovely.

    Sending much love from Napa and thanks! Happy Birthday Month Joe!

    1. Binge all you want, Kim! Lol!

  96. Cute jacket! I love wearing hoop earrings that are about the same size that you’re wearing. I think they are youthful or at least they make me feel young!

    1. I love the large hoops also!

  97. Tania
    Outfit looks great on you & very youthful. Love Old Navy