velvet for elegant holidays styleToday is a very good day. I am starting to see some of the Christmas presents getting delivered, and I wrapped my first present. This has to be some sort of a record for me since it is usually the week of Christmas before I start wrapping gifts. I got in a present for Emersyn, and then she called and wanted to come over for the afternoon. I knew that she would see the present, so I wrapped several of them to confuse her. I am going to wrap all of hers in the same wrapping paper so that I don’t have to write her name on the package. If her name were on the package, then I wouldn’t be able to keep her prying hands from tearing a small hole in the present. Lol! After all, she is my mini-me, and I know that I would have done the same thing.
elegant velvet holidays styleThis is the first year in a long time that I am in the “Christmas” mood. I didn’t even want to put up a Christmas tree three years ago, and now I think that next year I need to get a real tree again. I like getting the trees that you can plant afterward, and since I have a huge space in my back yard that needs trees, I’ll plant one every year for a while. I love the smell of a real tree; I even bought a spray that smells like a fir tree to try and replicate the scent. Those room sprays work for a bit, but there is nothing like the real thing!!! Which type of tree do you prefer; real or faux?
red velvet top for elegant holidaysThe notched collar has become my favorite when it comes to blazers and jackets, and for a good reason. It is a classic and traditional style when it comes to blazers, so it will never go out of style. Also, it looks appropriate with everything that you wear, so you can’t mess up when you choose this type of lapel. This gorgeous black velvet blazer is one that you could keep for years because of the style, but also because of the quality. I was shocked when I went to pick this up out of the box; it weighs a lot! A velvet blazer makes everything you wear with it look rich and luxurious, even if you are only wearing it with jeans. For the holidays, and the parties that you might be attending, you can’t go wrong when you choose velvet. Now, for the bad news, even though I just got this, it has sold out already. The good news, I found several other velvet jackets for you to choose from. Lol!

red velvet tank top for elegant holidaysRed is also the color for the holidays. This sleeveless v-neck tank is the perfect blend of casual and elegant. The velvet material elevates this up several notches, but this would still look gorgeous with jeans. I can see wearing this for Valentine’s day also, so you don’t have to feel like you won’t wear this but once or twice. This tank is perfect for a night out on the town, dinner with friends, or even an office party with the boss. All you need to do is add a jacket or a cardigan to keep you warm, and then you are all set. Like the blazer above, this is a very nice heavyweight item, and it will last you for years. It is hand wash and lay flat to dry, so that is a plus. I am wearing a medium because it runs a tad bit on the large side. It fits me well and isn’t snug anywhere. Here is the link to the tank, which also comes in a leopard print with a tiny bit of metallic running through it.
black velvet blazer for elegant holidaysI love my vintage pearl cross necklace that I picked up several years ago at one of the vintage fashion shows that I attended. It is a striking statement piece, with the large cross, the large pearls, and the deep red stones. Even the large chunky chain makes a statement on this necklace. I wish that they made jewelry like they used to; it is heavy and sturdy. My best advice to you is to look on eBay or Etsy for vintage jewelry. I am wearing a discontinued pair of drop pearl earrings, but the Shaila large pearl studs are normally my go-to pearl earring. My red crystal bracelet is from Plunder, but it was a special one-time offer, so it is no longer available. I did find some cute red bracelets online, so maybe something will catch your eye.

wide leg black pants for elegant holidaysI lightened this photo as much as I could so that you could see the details of the pants. These wide-leg pants are very lightweight, so when you walk, you get a lot of movement. I let the tank drape over the waistband, but if you could see it, then you would see a small satin waistband. These pants are “pull-on” style, and I ordered a large, which is my normal size. The material is 100% polyester, so they are machine washable and lay flat to dry. The only size left in this pant is an X-Large, so if that size is not for you, check out the other pants that I linked below.

stylish and elegant velvet holidays outfitI added a pair of snakeskin heels that I have had for several years. My heels are by a brand called G.I.L.I., and I bought them from QVC ages ago. The snakeskin print has become quite popular this year, so I pulled them back into service to wear for this holiday outfit. Like leopard print, the snakeskin print is also a neutral print and can be worn with anything. These shoes would look sassy with a pair of black tight leg pants, and the rest of this outfit. It is all about deciding what looks best on your body type.

stylish and elegant black and red velvet holidaysI changed the way that the emails for my blog post notification were sent out yesterday. I am hoping that will help those of you who have had issues finding the email. There is one more thing that I need to get done; my blog has to be “authenticated” so that your mail servers won’t think that I am SPAM. That is also in the works, but they tell me that it can take up to 48 hours for them to fully get that finished. I am still chewing away…one bite of the elephant at a time. (Stupid saying) How about instead, one bite of the butt fat at a time. Lol! If you don’t know what I am talking about, then you need to read yesterday’s blog post. (here)

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  1. I love a real tree. Growing up we never had real trees and when I got married I began right away with getting a real tree and have ever since. Yes, I am still finding pine needles from last years tree every once in a while but I think that is part of it’s appeal somehow. I also love velvet. I love it when it is in fashion and even when it is not. To me it is luxurious and so rich. It feels great and warm in winter.Your fireplace setting is very pretty. Wish you a very happy Christmas.

    • Tania Reply

      I used to have a Christmas tree in EVERY room. Bedrooms, bathrooms, dining room…everywhere! Then, my kids grew up and moved out, and I went through the blahs. I am starting to get my Christmas groove back. Yipee!!!

  2. Yay I got the email !!!!! And it wasn’t in my spam mail where it has been showing up for about a week now. The good news is Tania that even when I couldn’t find you in my email I hunted you down by just googling your blog – I definitely don’t want to miss your daily post.

    • Tania Reply

      Yay!!! Marilyn, that is music to my ears! I appreciate your hanging in with me through my transitions.

  3. I love real trees, but unfortunately I can’t have one due to allergies. We tried a few times getting a real one, but it wasn’t worth being sick during the holidays. I have a beautiful artificial tree from Balsam Hill. Kind of pricey, but worth it!
    Your outfit looks beautiful on you! Elegant and classy…just like you!

  4. Beautiful outfit, Tania!! Oh, and I’m loving your pics standing in front of your fireplace!! So gorgeous!!

  5. love both kinds of trees! and I love this outfit, I zeroed in on those pumps immediately, love them! I have flats that are so similar, but heels are definitely on the list. you look so put together, have a great day.

  6. Lovely outfit classic velvet blazer and startling red. I received your email and I did not have to retrieve it from Spam. I love a real tree and would not have compromised in the early years with kids running around, but now I must say I go for an artificial tree. Small and bold with colour!

  7. That’s a beautiful, classy outfit w beautiful jewelry! I have been missing your posts for a few days, so welcome back! Sorry it’s been so much work! I have a nice fake tree that I like, but when my kids were little we always went to the mountains and cut a tree. A wonderful memory and smell!

  8. kristin greene Reply

    I love real trees. I live in Oregon that’s one of our biggest exports. We go cut 3 down every year. One for living room 12 feet tall. One for master and one for our boys. We love our family tradition

  9. DEANNE HOPE Reply

    Gorgeous outfit!! Love every single piece of it!!! I bought a beautiful new fake tree this year with a lot of snow on it and then had navy ornaments I hand decorated each one myself. it is very pretty.

  10. My hubby just brought my REAL tree in the house and I’m looking at it and smelling it for a bit before I begin putting the hundreds of lights on it!!! We go to the mountains and choose & cut our trees. Love, love that smell. It’s messy but surely worth it to me!! (I also have a fake tree in my dining room that I put up earlier than my real one!) BTW: Haven’t had any trouble getting your e-mails. I wouldn’t like it if I did….you are one of my very favorite bloggers!!!

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