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Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan with jeans and brown loafers

Last Saturday, my daughter and I went to a local Farmers Market here in Abingdon. It was sooo cold, and I was bundled up in a puffer coat that I bought in early fall at Talbots. There weren’t many vendors, but there were still plenty of goodies to choose from. I was drawn to the freeze-dried candy, but my daughter dragged me off before I could buy a freezer full. Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan with jeans and loafers

Instead, she dragged me to a gentleman named Walter, who was selling micro-greens. I’m sure that is a fancy term that means the plants are grown in small containers instead of the ground. The next thing I know, she has him snipping off leaves from a purple radish plant and is handing me a few sprigs to try. Next, he snips off tendril peas sprigs and gave them to me to eat. I was shocked at how tasty the sprigs were, but I was starting to feel like a rabbit. Lol! Guess who ended up coming home with micro-greens and NO freeze-dried candy?

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing the micro-greens she bought at a farmers market

You have to admit; these do look tasty!!!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan

Since today is Wednesday, it is time for Hit or Miss. I bring an outfit to you each week and let you be the stylist. Every outfit has parts that you will love and parts that you are not to your liking. Thankfully, we all don’t like the same things, or we would all be dressing alike and have no individual style.

The first item that I’m showing you is this colorblock cardigan. There were several color choices and designs, but I decided to try this neutral-colored one. I like the length of this cardigan that hits me about the knee, and I love the light camel, gray, and charcoal dark gray of the sweater. It is a decent quality sweater and well worth the $32.00 for it. It seems to run true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan from Amazon

Here is the side view that shows the length of the cardigan. The cardigan doesn’t button in the front, but it does have POCKETS! Lol!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan with gold jewelry

Today, my jewelry is all gold (not surprising), and two of the items are new. I got a package in the mail from Kendra Scott, and the Adeline Chain Necklace, the Adeline Hoop Earrings, and the Danielle Gold Link Earrings in Mother of Pearl (not shown) were in it. Usually, I steer clear of shorter necklaces and only wear my Gold Vermeil 18 Kt. Gold Cross Necklace. But I love how the Adeline Chain Necklace looks with my cross necklace; it feels a void perfectly!!!

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan with distressed jeans and brown loafers

I will admit that I sometimes struggle with colorbocked items because I can’t decide what color shirt or sweater to wear underneath. Today, I chose to wear a sweater in the shade or two darker than the light camel. I bought the Forever V-Neck Sweater in camel brown earlier this fall, and I’ve found many opportunities to wear it this year. The sweater comes in many other colors, and it is on sale for 50% off! I’m wearing a medium, and it fits me great.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing distressed jeans and brown loafers

I know many of you are not fans of distressed jeans, and that’s fine. We all don’t have to like the same thing, and I’ll link below to some similar jeans without distressing. The jeans that I am wearing are Curvy High-Waisted O.G. Straight Ripped Jeans for women. These fit loose through the hips and thighs but are snug in the waist. I’m wearing a size 8 since these are the curvy version, and they fit fine everywhere except for the waist.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss colorblock cardigan with jeans and a Louis Vuitton handbag

Loafers and flats are what a LOT of you are asking for me to style. I tend to go toward heels, so I am ordering in a few flats to see if I can incorporate them into my outfits. These leather loafers have a unique buckle feature that keeps them from looking like every other loafer out there. I always look for unique features when shopping for clothing, shoes, etc. These loafers were purchased in early fall, and this color is not available, but there is a pearl version that would be perfect for spring and summer. These run TTS.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is showing a Louis Vuitton Handbag

I bought this Artsy Louis Vuitton handbag a couple of years ago through The Real Real. The Real Real is a high-end consignment shop where you can buy designer handbags, clothing, etc., and the product is authenticated to be real. When my daughter was here (2019), she asked if she could take the handbag with her. She never carries a handbag, so I immediately said, yes! She brought it back to me when she arrived earlier this month, and it looks like it has never been carried. Lol! Oh, well, I’m happy to carry it even if she didn’t.

Here are handbags that look similar to Louis Vuitton if you don’t want to make that kind of investment in a handbag.


Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss color-block cardigan with distressed jeans and brown loafers

Now it is your time to leave a comment about this outfit. The comment portion is located below this post, so keep scrolling down. You can ignore that portion where it asks for a website unless you have a business website. Also, be sure to read the other ladies’ comments and feel free to comment back to each other. Remember to be kind in your comments, only comment on what would work for your body/lifestyle, and what wouldn’t.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a Hit or Miss color-block cardigan and distressed jeans

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  1. I love the camel sweater, I prefer colorblocking to be smaller in size so that you don’t feel like you have 2 different sweaters on.

  2. It’s a miss for me! Don’t care for the colors, the length or the style of the sweater. I also don’t wear distressed jeans. The whole outfit wouldn’t be polished enough for my style. Love the bag though!

  3. It’s a miss for me. I prefer more vibrant colors on you ( and myself ). I’m not a fan of distressed jeans but I know lots that are. Thanks for always showing everyone a variety of looks.

  4. Hello Tania! I really enjoy your blog, very new to it. I’m a true shorty bring 4’11. I love cardigans but have a hard time finding ones that fit me properly without making me look frumpy, lol. I’m going to order one of these cardigans. I’m hoping it will fit me more like a duster and will take me into spring with style and a smile 😃! Your outfit is a hit with me! I am a fan of distressed jeans! Thank you for all the work you put into your blog I just love it!

  5. I love everything about this outfit including the jeans. It looks great on you and it’s something I would wear.

  6. I love most of your outfits, but this is a miss for me. I DO like the darker tan sweater underneath the color blocked sweater. It MIGHT be because the colors are too bland and makes blonds (which I am!) look washed out. And, I DO like the loafers!!

  7. A hit! I looked up the cardigan, and there are so many choices. I have some frayed-hem jeans but nothing distressed. After seeing you wearing them in so many outfits, I’m going to get a lightly-distressed pair!

  8. It is a hit! I like my jeans with very mild distressing.
    The sweater is nice and comes in so many colors hard to go wrong.

  9. Hi Tania – you are so doggone adorable that this outfit looks good on you. for me it’s a miss. The first thing I thought was oh no – neutrals, I’m ready for the color. And you lead the way on that. I bought a pair of RED shoes to wear with a black and white outfit today for a presentation. I got so many compliments and I owe it to you and your bold color choices. I absolutely love this type of post and hope you continue them. You are one sell confident woman to put yourself out there!

  10. The overall elements of the outfit are a hit with me. This is how I dress most of the time. The tweaks to the look for me are the sweater being one color, and the jeans, non-distressed. Everything else works for me. I adore the gold chain necklace you are wearing. I recently purchased a bracelet in that style. Seeing how you styled two necklaces together I just might order the chain necklace soon. Thanks, Tania for continuing with this fun, interactive post!

  11. I love everything about your outfit except the jeans!! As an almost 71 year old, I can’t see me wearing them!!

  12. Hi Tania, this is where I am kicking myself for all of the times that I should have posted when you have hit a home run in the day’s outfit – which is like 99.99% of the time — I love to see you in color because your personality shows through (and I only know you through your blog), but I can see that you are a vibrant woman. I like everything but the colorblock sweater, bc in my opinion, it’s a bit drab — I love that you mostly wear color and I think especially in the winter, we need to do that to keep ourselves out of the doldrums (this said while I’m wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweats inside, ha!). Anyway, I guess I would have to say it’s a miss for me — I like the idea of the long cardigan over the jeans, but I would like the colors to pop a little more. Thanks for giving us options, and sorry I haven’t responded more in so many of the beautiful outfits you have chosen!

  13. I love everything but the color block sweater. I usually like color block so it might just be the colors in this one. I have a pair of destressed jeans that are my absolute favorites. You look great in everything. The purse is a little big for my taste, but it looks great with you and this outfit.

  14. Love the color block sweater. I am always looking for long cardigans that are not just one color so this one is perfect. The only reason I am not a fan of the jeans is because they are from Old Navy. Old Navy clothes seem to be cut smaller/slimmer than other retailers so I cannot wear their items. Otherwise, love the entire outfit.

  15. I love the colors and think they lend a bit of “polish” to the distressed jeans. Shoes are super cute but the bag is sooo big it throws off the whole look. Smaller LV would be better.

  16. Hi Tania! For me, the cardigan s a miss. I like color blocking, but this one has too many separate colors. A charcoal dark gray top underneath might work, but I’d most likely pass on this sweater. You look great in those distressed jeans and loafers. 🙂 And your jewelry is always gorgeous.

  17. Sorry, miss for me. I would change to undistressed jeans, your beige wedge pumps that look good with everything & would pull together the beige in color block sweater

  18. I like this outfit except for the distressed jeans but that’s just my personal taste. I like the cardigan in any colors I’m sure. Keep up the good work.

  19. I like the sweater! I looked at the link and it comes in lots of color combinations! Some good options for early spring when it is still cool but you feel like wearing “spring-y” colors.

  20. I am not a fan of the cardi. The color combo does nothing for me. Maybe in the fall? I love the loafers. So cute. The jeans are cute but a bit too distressed for me but I feel that if others like that style ( my sister would love them!) then go for it. I am also not a fan of bags with logos emblazoned all over them. I don’t feel I should be a walking ad for anything. Lol!

  21. You do a great job of making anything look fab! After your leather loafer post last fall, I bought a pair and love them except one of the shoes has recently started popping like bubble wrap when walking! 🙂

  22. Hit and miss for me! Love the color block cardigan, I ordered the wine red one. Jeans are a miss, only because they don’t look good on me but super cute on you! Love the loafers and bag.

  23. This outfit is a complete HIT for me! I would wear this in a heartbeat and I’m 62. Love distressed jeans, especially when you elevate them for the occasion. Great look!

  24. Ok, you asked. I like the individual pieces but I would wear the cardigan with jeans that are not distressed. I like the sweater but I would wear a tee or tank in the lightest color of the cardigan. The flats and bag look great.

  25. I really like the color top that you chose to wear under the colorblocked cardigan! Like you, I have the same struggle. To suit my personality and my style, I would change the distressed jeans to a pair of full length straight jeans. The loafers are so pretty!

  26. I guess I need to pay better attention. I told you that I’m not a fan of mule and you are wearing loafers…wrong post LOL

  27. I love the cardigan and the length is perfect. I love distressed jeans. I’m not a big fan of mules. I personally would’ve worn booties with this outfit, but you look cute as always.

  28. First, I love just about everything you try on…you look great. However, this outfit is a miss for me. I am not into distressed jean or the colors of the color block sweater. I think another color sweater underneath the cardigan might help the look. I like you best in brighter colors. It’s a very nice handbag.

  29. Super cute outfit! Age 53 here and I would totally wear something similar – maybe with an elevated sneaker though. I understand the complaints about “hole-y jeans” and wanting to look polished, and “age-appropriate” (whatever that means), but in some cases, the distressing keeps the outfit from looking too stuffy. The sweater, cardigan, flats, and designer bag are classy and classic, and the minimally distressed jeans keeps things modern and fresh.We should all wear what we are comfortable with, but if we are 50+ and consider ourselves not old, maybe we need to re-think those out-of-date fashion “rules” we grew up with?

  30. This outfit is a Hit! I would wear this or something very similar. I might wear slightly less distressed jeans, but I love the flats and the overall caramel/tan color combination with jeans.

  31. You look cute (as always) but for me, the colorblock cardigan, distressed jeans and LV bag (because of it’s size) would be Misses. The jewelry and loafers are a Hits.

  32. This outfit is part hit and part miss. I love the color-blocked cardigan and v-neck sweater. The jewelry and handbag are beautiful, too! I can’t see myself in distressed jeans, and the loafers would make my size 11 foot look too big. I try to stick with ballet-style flats that I think make my feet look less large.

  33. It is -14F here in Calgary Canada so I can’t get behind pants with holes in them! I am short, and I feel the holes stop your eye at the knee and are not flattering.
    I like everything else about your outfit and think it looks great on you.

  34. I like the entire outfit. I am transitioning to jeans with distressing/fraying in the hem only. I prefer the comfort of flats or wedge shoes. Love the sweater and jewelry!

  35. It’s a miss for me. I do love color block clothing. But this one is confusing. I couldn’t tell if it was a different sweater underneath. Love the length though. Not a fan of the jeans. Love the loafers.

  36. Miss
    Not a fan of color block. I’m 5’1”, so I can’t pull off the longer cardigans.
    I know you are thrilled to have your daughter with you. Our daughter and two grandsons just left this morning. We had so much fun! Always hard to see them go.

  37. This one is a MISS for me. Every shade of brown is at the bottom of my color rankings. Also. not a fan of distressed jeans. You look put together, but it’s just not for me.

  38. I like most of the items, just not together. It’s kind of a mismatch for me. I like distressed jeans, but only mildly distressed (kind of like my mood sometimes, haha). These are a little beyond my comfort zone. This is a fun post. Thank you!

  39. I’m not a fan of distressed jeans. I like the cardigan, but it needs to be brighter. I think the color would wash me out.

  40. You look styled and set to go! I LOVE the flats! My shorter frame and olive skin however needs a shorter duster and brighter color scheme. I prefer un-distressed jeans, but that’s just personal preference. It’s a hit for you, but a “needs adjustments” for me. With a few simple tweaks I could definitely make this work! I do LOVE THOSE FLATS!

  41. I always struggle with color block cardigans. I could put together your look and it wouldn’t look right on me. The struggle is real….

  42. I think it’s super cute for a fall day at the farmer’s market etc. I feel at the age of 50’s the ripped jeans don’t work for every occasion. I live in WI so the outfit will only work for a few months of the year. I’d like to see more out fits for when it’s 20deg. and I have to go to work and transition from snow to office.

  43. This one is a Miss. I don’t care for the distressed jeans especially worn with a $2200 handbag. Seems a little off to me.

  44. I like everything but the cardigan. It’s just okay. Just a little bit drab. Maybe with a different coloured top underneath. You a look great in anything though ! Enjoy your micro greens. They always seem like a garnish to me lol

  45. I was one of your followers that said I don’t do heels (nothing over an 1 inch or so). I don’t like flat flats either….i do like short booties. Thanks for doing what you do.

  46. Thank you for always sending us fresh ideas. I love everything except the cardigan. I am 5’1” and colorblock styles just don’t seem to be my friend.

  47. Sorry….this is a MISS. The look is too schleppy for me especially the jeans and the flats. The only saving grace is the LV handbag but I would never pair that with this outfit.

  48. I like the style. I tend toward COLOR but know neutrals are classy. Neutrals tend to wash me out So I would use a brighter color. You look casual and put together.

  49. The color block looks great on you love the jeans but I am 5’2 and color block anything makes me look that much shorter😂😂

  50. I like the outfit but I don’t wear distressed jeans so would choose others. I would probably wear leopard loafers. I love The RealReal. Awesome deals there on high end bags.

  51. I’m not crazy about the cardigan but do think it would look better with a black collared shirt underneath. Love the jeans and loafers

  52. The outfit is ok but not outstanding. It says fall to me rather than spring. I wonder how the sweater would look over a column of black.

  53. The distressed jeans are a no for me; too young for me. The cardigan doesn’t work for me either; I like the colorblock but it’s quality and fit makes it look shapeless and blankety…not a word, I know.

  54. The cardigan is not for me and the ripped jeans are okay for teens. Personally I can’t figure out why an adult would wear them.

  55. Love that you try new combos for us. The sweater and the v-neck are a hit for me, but the jeans and the loafers are a miss for me.

  56. I love the jeans, shoes and V neck sweater! I find color blocked items make me look wider because of the different colors on each side fooling the eye to “stop and start,” instead of just glide over my silhouette. Just my opinion, but as usual you look great in everything!

  57. Like it but don’t love it. I think the color block just chops up outfits a little too much for me. Love the jeans on you and the loafers and bag are great!

  58. Hi Tania. Today’s outfit looks great on you, as does everything you wear, but I couldn’t see myself in that particular cardigan or distressed jeans. I do love the V-neck sweater, shoes and that gorgeous LV handbag!

  59. Ok. Honest answer. This color block cardigan is a miss for me. You are right, it seems difficult to coordinate. Also, it’s too “meh” on its own. I don’t think this piece is one I would want to reach for over and over. The price is great, but not worth it if I don’t love wearing it.

  60. This is a miss for me. I think the colors are throwing it off in my head. I’m not a fan of loafers because they seem to make feet look larger and legs shorter. Maybe a ballet flat would help. I can’t wear heels but you always look so stylish in them!

  61. That’s a miss! I don’t care for the white panel, though I loved the other colors. I also can’t see a sweater that long not having pockets.

  62. Love the color block cardigan. I have not bought destressed Jeans yet. I need to find a pair they look fun to wear!

  63. GM
    I don’t care for the colors on you. I like you in bright colors. The sweater maybe in a different color.

  64. It’s morning here so morning Tania … I love the colour block cardigan but being shorter than you I would have to style it slightly differently. I would need heels and a solid black line underneath. A black top, black straight leg trousers or jeans with black heels under it would suit me betterI think!! I’m not blessed with long legs and too many colours would make me look messy. Sadly I’ve never been able to pull off distressed jeans either and I’m dreading the new jeans trends this year so I shall be watching your blogs closely for tips xx

  65. I love microgreens!

    As for the outfit, it’s a miss for me. I like the three pieces, just not put together. I think the jeans and sweater would look better with a shorter casual jacket. The cardigan seems too long for the length of the jeans in my opinion, but then I’m no fashion expert. Not sure about the shoes, perhaps I’d go with a white sneaker or a boot with a block heel.

  66. This is a 1/2 hit for me. I like the cardigan and the deeper toned V neck you paired it with.The jeans are a miss. It’s not just the distressing, it’s the blue. I’d love this with dark gray or black jeans with some camel suede ankle boots to tie it all together. A few years ago you styled a tan/white/gray Amazon popcorn knit turtleneck with black jeans & tan booties. It was casual but super super sharp & classy. I think a similar pairing here would really elevate this cardigan. Some may like the blue denim because it’s different.