50 IS NOT OLD | FINDING THE LATEST STYLES AT A GREAT PRICE | FASHION OVER 40Is “fashion” the first thing that comes to your mind when I say Walmart? For those of you who didn’t say yes, I am going to change that mindset this coming week. Welcome to my local Walmart store here in Grundy, Virginia! This store is pretty unique because the building is three stories. I’ll show you later this week how we manage to get our carts from floor to floor. But, the cool thing about Walmart is, you can order online and have your items shipped directly to your home or your local store.
50 IS NOT OLD | FINDING THE LATEST STYLES AT A GREAT PRICE | FASHION OVER 40 My entire blog centers around looking fashionable at the best price possible. I believe that everyone should have the opportunity to look stylish, and feel great about how they look, on any budget. So, when I was presented with the opportunity to work with Walmart, I couldn’t have been happier. Walmart has a new campaign, “We Dress America” and the concept behind this is that fashion should be available to everyone, no matter where you live or the clothing budget that you have. Sound familiar? The great thing is that these fashions are also the latest trends.  Interested in STRIPES, or ROMANTIC STYLESor even the sporty UTILITY look? Then, all you have to do is click on the highlighted links to see the latest fashions available to you.
50 IS NOT OLD | FINDING THE LATEST STYLES AT A GREAT PRICE | FASHION OVER 40I have been in a classic black and white phase lately, so this 100% cotton top with the embroidered neckline caught my eye immediately. I love the flowy boho style of this top, and how it is so lightweight and comfortable. I ordered a size medium, and the top fits me perfectly. I am always looking for unique details, so in addition to the embroidered neckline, you have a notched collar, embroidery on the sleeves and adorable white tassels trim. Here is the link for this top. I also found a few other styles that you might like, see below.

50 IS NOT OLD | FINDING THE LATEST STYLES AT A GREAT PRICE | FASHION OVER 40I bet that you can spot the unique detail on these white denim jeans! Lol! I bought several Sofia Jeans by Sofia Vergara, but these were the first ones that I put in my cart. One of the things that I love about these jeans is their versatility. I love having the jeans cuffed so that I can see the unique black stripes, but they don’t have to be cuffed which makes them more versatile. These feature a high-rise waist and also have the flattering straight leg style that most people can wear. I ordered my normal size 10, and they fit me well. If you are between sizes, I would recommend sizing up since some of the Sofia Jeans styles do seem to run small. Here is the link for this pair of jeans. Here are a couple more white jeans with uniques details that I think that you might like.

50 IS NOT OLD | FINDING THE LATEST STYLES AT A GREAT PRICE | FASHION OVER 40I know that by the end of this week that you will be jumping onboard the Walmart fashion train with me. After all, who doesn’t want to dress in the latest fashions at an affordable price?

This post is sponsored by Walmart, and I will receive compensation, but the opinions expressed are my own.


    • Hello,
      I have been to that Walmart. I like that top I will be sure to stop in there the next time I’m in Grundy! My daughter goes to the pharmacy school there.

    • Thanks for the great blog! I purchased the Black & White peasant blouse online, and I just love it. Thanks much for providing info on what size you’re wearing. That really helps. I’m 5’4”, 135, also got the medium. It’s lightweight & very cute.

  1. That is one big Walmart! Are the white jeans see through or so thin that they show lumps and bumps? I cannot seem to find a flattering pair. I love Walmart’s tees. They are soft and don’t shrink up in the wash. I usually buy the basics-solid white, black, and gray.

  2. I buy things at Walmart each year. I have bought Lee Jeans there for years. Their tees and trendy tops are a good purchase. I got slightly ripped denim capris there a few weeks ago. I am sad we do not have a KMart anymore as their clothes were classic and trendy. BTW thanks to you and Beverly I now own a pair of Rockstar Jeans and they feel wonderful. “Ripped”, I am 69 this year! Thanks to you for helping me out of my comfort zone.

    • Now that is a Walmart! Never seen one 3 stories before. I have a nice one where I live but nothing like that. It’s funny your highlighting Walmart because I’ve seen and bought some very cute clothes there lately. Look forward to more posts about styles from there. Like your look today too. Especially the top.

  3. By the way, love the shoes. Where did you get them? I need some like that this Spring and Summer.

  4. Thank you for having fashions from stores that many of us shop in. I do not like to pay high prices for clothing since I like many styles and different choices in my closet. I shopped at QVC for a few items but mostly Walmart and TJ Maxx is my go to. Target and Kohl’s and other department stores occasionally.

  5. Thank you! I have been a Walmart fan for clothes for a while. I kept admiring what a colleague was wearing, and she kept telling me that she got it at Walmart. My local Walmart is quite small. I will check out the website. Thank You!

  6. Walmart is really stepping up their game. I actually purchase some really cute stuff there recently. I love your shoes but I have arthritis is my feet so bad I have to wear comfortable shoes.

  7. I visited your Wal-mart when I “stalked” you. It is a great store in a beautiful valley!

  8. Charlcy Green Reply

    That is a really cute outfit and I can’t believe its from Walmart. But then that Walmart looks nothing like ours! I would love to buy that outfit if I could find it here. Thanks for being willing to be real and willing to branch out to more affordable shopping.

    • Tania Reply

      Charlcy, I ordered my outfit online. My local store is small, the first two stories are for parking, and only the top floor has products.

  9. Connie Johnson Reply

    Wow, what a great outfit! I absolutely love it!! I haven’t bought clothes at Walmart since I was a broke, college newlywed until a couple of weekends ago. I took my Mom in to look for an outfit and ended up buying 2 very cute jumpsuits and a gorgeous pair of black and white floral joggers. I’m so glad to see all their new styles.
    P.S. I’m enthralled by your 3 story Walmart. Here in Oklahoma, they’re not that cool. ?

    • Tania Reply

      Connie, you will be surprised when you see all of the clothing that you can purchase online!

  10. Dana Buckingham Reply

    Now that’s a super Wal-Mart!! None of our stores have more than one story. I like Wal-Mart clothes – I’ve bought quite a few things there. I like this outfit too!

    • Tania Reply

      Dana, my Walmart is actually small in Walmart standards. We are limited in our area for flat land, so the first two stories are a parking garage. That is really neat when it is raining or snowing outside!!!

  11. Sheila Montgomery Reply

    Check “walmart clothing hauls” on you tube-great ideas at affordable prices. Love to make a dash thru clothing, shoes & accessories on my Saturday morning grocery trip.

  12. You didn’t mention your shoes and I’ve been looking for some like that!

  13. I have been to that Walmart. I will have to stop in there the next time I’m in Grundy! My daughter goes to the pharmacy school there.

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