What do you look for in life? That is a pretty broad question. In church last Sunday, one of the remarks that my preacher made was, you get what you look for.

The first thought that came to my mind was if you are an optistic person, then you will find SOMETHING to be happy about in every situation. The same holds true for the pessimistic person. They can always find SOMETHING to gripe about.

I am not sure if you can choose which person you are, maybe you are just born that way, I don’t know. I am one of those people who can always find a silver lining in most situations. This can drive Joe nuts, he thinks I live in my own little world. He on the other hand, he can drive me nuts because he is always sure that things are going to go bad. Maybe this is where opposites attract.

Being a Pollyanna has it faults. I tend to think the best of people and situations, And I can be hurt and let down when people don’t turn out to be what I thought. Joe on the other hand can be pleasantly surprised when someone actually does do something nice.

There are good and bad, ying and yang, in every situation. Besides marriage, children, work, and health, there is also your faith. Do you look for the silver lining when you are going through a rough spot? Have you thanked the Lord for the difficulties that have molded you into the person you are? When everything is going great, we might let go of the Lord’s hand. A bump in the road will send us scurrying back to the Lord in a hurry.

As hard as it is, I thank the Lord for every bump in my life. Those bumps have let me grow as a person and have drawn me closer to the Lord. I actively look for his hand in my life, those little surprises that I believe He made happen.

When I was standing in line to go through security to board the airplane going to Las Vegas, the lady looked at my ticket and told me I had been TSA prechecked, I needed to go to a different line. This was a much nicer and easier check in experience. This was a small event, but I choose to think the Lord was telling me not to worry about the flight, He was in charge.

If you look for the good and you look for the Lord, you will find what you are looking for.

Have a blessed day!


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  1. Brandye wrote:

    My husband sees things as “half empty” and I’m the “half full” kind. And, like you, I get let down and can take it kinda hard. But I also know that no one gets through this life without scars. Some are more visible than others. Some have more than others. I would much rather err on the side of expecting the best. Higher expectations generally yield higher results. 🙂

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  2. Angie wrote:

    Thank you Tania for your sweet post! It does get us thinking! I am like you, I try to be happy and make others feel happy too! And my husband is like Joe! But I try to make him look at the bright side. haha

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  3. Rhon wrote:

    What a beautiful message- thank you!

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  4. I enjoyed reading this so much. I actually printed it out to read again. You are such an inspiration to me and I am sure others. I have a tendency to be the same way that your husband is but sometimes I try to see good first but I seem to always get disappointed with that person. Thanks again for all of your blogs. Please don’t stop.

    Posted 10.10.16 Reply
  5. Joyce Mullenix wrote:

    I think that I love your Sunday posts the best. Today’s was a great reminder. I recently lost my 26 year old son. It his hard to understand the whys but I know that he safely ressting in the arms of our Saviour. And I daily thank Him that I will see him again soon. Thank you so much for your post.

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  6. Debbie wrote:

    Thank you for this post today. It is wonderful! I love your blog and many things about you, and especially the fact that we are sisters in Christ. God is using you through your blog to minister to many ladies. Thank you!

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  7. Naomi wrote:

    Beautiful post. ❤️

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  8. Linda Radley wrote:

    Now that I am older, and have seen my share of ruts in the road (yes mine were ruts, not just bumps) I realize those were life lessons to help me grow. I thank God for those lessons. Be present in your life, and know everything happens for a reason.

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  9. Debra wrote:

    I remind myself daily that God has a plan and HE is in control! Thanks for your blog!

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  10. Cathy wrote:

    Life is full of ups and downs. Like you I try to look for the positive, that being said when I get down and life gets hard, I refocus to gratitude. Today is Our Canadian a Thanksgiving. I woke up sore and tired, I refocused and said a prayer of thanks for life, for health, for family and for friends. Gratitude gets me through everything!

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  11. Audrey wrote:

    Attitude and outlook make such a difference in my life. Like you, I generally see the silver lining and my spouse sees storm clouds. Opposites attract in our house, too. My mom always said ‘never lose your sense of humor’ and that mantra has stayed with me all my life. A smile, a chuckle, a lighthearted comment can work wonders in difficult time.

    I see the need to stand back and recognize how God uses the hard places in my life. I’ve heard my care receiver placed in my charge through the Stephen Ministry program at church has suffered a stroke and is in a coma. Feeling sad, teary, grateful for having walked beside her and reflecting on what God has spoken into my own life during this time.

    Have a blessed Sunday!

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Audrey, I know you must be so sad about your care receiver, but I know you greatly blessed her in a number of ways. Thank you for being there for her?

      Posted 10.9.16 Reply
  12. Mmmmm, but there are also people who get to many bumps. What about those, why is that? Why get some people all the luck and why some so little. I dont have the answer to that, but I wonder sometimes why. I always find a positive thing and my partner is like Joe, but I am also like Joe when it comes to people while my partner is more like you when it comes to that? I think I life is a beautiful miracle and you have also have to work hard to make it a miracle …But as I sad there are also people who life is hard for and we have to think about them too.

    Posted 10.9.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I have often wondered about that too, Nancy. Some seem to just skate through life, while it is a horrible struggle for others. I have witnessed some of that while walking down the streets out here in Las Vegas. I can only hope that the Lord has rewards set aside for those later in Heaven.

      Posted 10.9.16 Reply
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