50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40Do you remember that several months ago I went and picked up a puppy for my son? My daughter and I traveled into West Virginia and picked up Koda James, the Newfoundland puppy, who was only nine weeks old. Even at nine weeks old he was a huge dog, but you should see him now!!! I didn’t even think about them having Koda, so when they showed up at the house with this massive monster sized dog, I thought that Lucy Lu was going to have a heart attack. Lol! The great thing about Koda is, he is one laid-back puppy!
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40Isn’t it funny how the little dogs are the ones who are all hyper and barking, while the huge dogs are more laid back and quite? The kids got in the swimming pool before 8:00 am this morning, and they weren’t the only ones to go swimming. Newfoundland dogs were originally bred to do water rescue, so Koda jumped in to swim also. He swam the length of the pool about three times before the kids were able to coax him into walking up the steps to get out. I just wanted Koda to know where the steps were so that he could get out once he got tired. If only we could get the kids to come out when they get tired. Lol!
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40So, today, I am still wearing the same tank top as I had on in the blog yesterday. But, I am using it as a supporting item, instead of as the main item. I added my beautiful paisley button-up shirt over the tank top, and I could wear it either partially buttoned or left open fully. The shirt that I have on is from Talbots, but it must have already been taken off the website. Talbots has the twice a year sales event, so I am sure that items are flying off the shelf. Here are a few similar items for you.

50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40The Anadia necklace is perfect for those who like simpler and daintier jewelry. It is a cream/gold colored druzy rectangle bar on a silver chain. You can barely see my Jones earrings that I am wearing. They feature a clear, white & gold beaded hoop with a blue bead accent; they are a 2.75″ drop. Finally, I have on several stretch bracelets in shades of blue. Two of them are from the Stacia bracelet set, and the other two are from the Rachel bracelet set. Also, you might want to be sure and check out the entire website since lots of new jewelry has been added recently. I already have several items on my wish list. Lol!50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40 My shorts are from Crown and Ivy from Belks. I found them on sale, and I ordered several, and they are still under 20.00. I like the way that these shorts fit me, and I ordered my normal size. This style, the Caroline, comes in a lot of different colors and prints. Here is the link to my shorts. The ballet flats are a pair that I bought earlier from Michael Kors. I love wearing these flats because they are comfortable, and also because they go with almost anything. Here is a link to the flats.
50 IS NOT OLD | EXTENDING YOUR WARDROBE SERIES, DAY 2 | FASHION OVER 40I can’t believe that July is already here. How did the first six months of this year go by so fast? That is how I sometimes feel when I look in the mirror…how did time go by so fast? That is why I work so hard to keep the hands of time from showing on my face. I am trying to increase my water intake, I am looking into ordering silk pillowcases to sleep on, and I use highly effective products on my skin. I am not telling you this because I sell Rodan + Fields, I am telling you this because I want you to be aware that you do have the power to change the way your skin looks. Did you know that only 20% of aging is genetic, and the rest is in your control? Take control of your skin, and if you choose to use the same products that I am using, then you have a 60-day money back guarantee on all the products. Here is how you order: go here and take the solutions tool. That will give you an idea of what products you need. If you are still confused, shoot me an email, and I will try and help to see what works best for you. ([email protected]) Then hit the shop tab and choose your products, and go to checkout. At checkout, you will see a box to check that says Join PC Perks, click that to become my Preferred Customer and receive 10% off and FREE shipping. I am implementing a new program for my PC’s where each month they will have the option of ordering the Product of the Month at substantial savings. This is from me, not Rodan + Fields, so other consultants do not offer this. This is only for MY customers.

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  1. Patricia wrote:

    Post a picture of the Newfi. Please.

    Posted 7.2.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      I tried to get a video of him jumping into the pool, but he refused to jump while I was recording. Lol! Maybe I will have better luck today.

      Posted 7.2.19 Reply
  2. Sue E. wrote:

    Very cute outfit, and you look adorable in it! Enjoy every minute of your family and grand dog. Lots of memories being made, I’m sure♡

    Posted 7.2.19 Reply
  3. Dana Buckingham wrote:

    I love this blouse and necklace!

    Posted 7.2.19 Reply
  4. Jennifer Kranawetter wrote:

    I too want pictures of the swimming puppy!!! I’m sure he’s adorable.

    Posted 7.2.19 Reply
  5. Turning casual to smart. Looking good.
    Regards Jill stylishatsixty

    Posted 7.3.19 Reply
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