Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is going with a dressy outfit to go out to eat

The weather has driven me inside for my photos. You might see me in this location a lot this winter since I would have blue lips otherwise. It was 27 degrees outside this morning, and Lucy Lu and I didn’t tarry when she went outside to do her business. I’m going to show you two looks today, and it is up to you to decide if your style is dressy or casual, but both are gorgeous.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this dress/casual outfit

Joe and I have been going out every Saturday night to eat, and we are both loving this new routine. In the past, he has always wanted to call in the food for pick up and eat at the house. I kind of insisted that I wanted to get dressed up and go to a restaurant instead of staying at home. He grumbled for the first couple of times, and now he looks forward to it as must as I do. This is the type of outfit that I wear when we go out, it is dress/casual, and it works for almost any restaurant.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this check blazer which could be worn dressy or casual and rust shell

The other day when I styled a pheasant cardigan for Thanksgiving, I forgot to wear this spice-colored shell with it. Of course, the shell is now sold out in this color, so I don’t guess that it matters anymore. You can get this shell in a couple of other colors, so check that out. My style must be popular since everything I pick out is sold out before I can get photos of it on the blog.

I have recently been trying to share “what I have on order” with you so that you can grab what you like before it sells out. To get this feature, you have to be an email subscriber, which is included with my Steals and Deals email that goes out on Saturday or Sunday.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is going out to eat in this check blazer which could be worn dressy or casual

I don’t know why I am even bothering with this post since the band collar jacket is almost sold out also. You can still grab this jacket if you like blue since it is available in virtually any size. I like the little check pattern of the jacket, which is an interesting pattern. And, the trim at the collar and on the pockets is also a nice touch. This type of jacket could be worn dressy or casual, and I like having options. I am wearing a size 10 in the jacket.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a modern ankle jean that can be worn dressy or casual

There is some good news and some bad news when it comes to these modern ankle jeans. The good news is that these jeans fit great, have a velvet strip down the leg for a unique detail, and are a great length for showing off your ankle boots. I am sure you’ve already guessed the bad news, they are sold out except in size 10, and that might be already gone by now.

These jeans are still available in 2, 6, 8, and 10 in Petites, and the inseam for those are 24 1/2″. I am wearing an 8 in these jeans, and they fit me great, just a little loose which is the trending style lately. You can still get the overall look, just without the brown velvet stripe, and I’ll link to similar jeans for you below. Just click on the photo to go to the pair that you like.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this chambray button-up, cable-knit cardigan, and ankle jeans

Let’s change things up a little and go with a more casual look. The jeans and boots are the same, but I switched out the tops and changed to a cardigan instead of a jacket. Simple tweaks can change the entire look of an outfit, so don’t be afraid to play around. I experiment all of the time with my clothing, and I have way more misses than hits. But, the hits make up for all of the misses, and I have fun learning what works for me.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this chambray button-up, rust cable-knit cardigan, and ankle jeans

Yes, you can wear denim with denim. I know that many people aren’t comfortable with the look, but I see people who are way more fashionable than me doing it, so I’ll follow their lead. When I wear denim on denim, I try to wear different shades to have a nice contrast. In this case, my denim/chambray button-up shirt is much lighter than my side strip ankle jeans.

The chambray shirt I have on was from Free Assembly, but it is no longer in stock. But I have several of these shirts, and I’ll link to those.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this chambray button-up and cable-knit cardigan

This cable-knit cardigan is so thick and heavy! It is an excellent cardigan, and the price is also pretty good, especially since it is on clearance. I am all about shades of brown this year, and this rusty color is top of my list. The cable-knit design extends around the back also, and you would think this cardigan was high-end. You could change out the chambray shirt and then have the option of styling the cardigan dressy or casual. I am wearing a medium, and I saw that sizes are getting very limited. So, if your size is available, don’t think about it too long.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a chambray button-up and cable-knit cardigan

Here is a close-up of the cable-knit design for you. Since you can also see my jewelry so well, I list those pieces too. I know that I wear them all of the time, but new people find the blog daily, so here are the links. Large hoop AVI earrings // Layton Gold Statement Necklace // David Yurman bracelet // 18 Kt. Gold Vermeil Cross necklace //

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this chambray shirt, cable-knit cardigan, and ankle jeans

I love these tan suede cap toe booties!!! The pointy toe and the different textures of the boots make it stand out to me. I have this boot is this tan and in black, and they are the first ankle boot that I will reach for. These boots are slightly dressier than most ankle boots, so that sets them apart also. The boots run true to size, and I am wearing my usual size 9.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is ready to go out to eat in this chambray button-up, cable-knit cardigan, ankle jeans, and brown suede boots

Woohoo!!! It is time to celebrate the next winner of a $100.00 Amazon Gift Card. All you have to do to enter these drawings is to leave a comment on my blog posts and make sure that you are an email subscriber. Siri will pick a random number, and I will associate it with the comment. Last week’s winner was: Kellie Johnson!!! Congrats Kelli, you should have already gotten my email letting you know that you are the winner.

Over 40 Fashion Blogger, Tania Stephens is wearing a check blazer which could be worn dressy or casual and ankle jeans with boots

Here is an easy way for you to comment. Which look is your favorite, the dressy or casual one? Which look would you wear the most? And, which would be the look you would choose to go out to eat?

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  1. I just enjoy looking at all the ideas you share. It helps me pick out items to buy and items I already have, to put together that I never would have thought of. Thank you!!

  2. Love the casual and would like to know where the cable sweater is from?

  3. Carol Gholson says:

    I love both! I would never have thought to pair a denim shirt with that color cardigan, but it looks so great together! So glad Jo-Lynn Shane recommended you!

  4. Donna Millard says:

    Love both outfits. Hope by subscribing, I’ll be able to purchase some featured items before they are sold out.

  5. Linda Morrison says:

    I love both of the outfits!! Love the colors. I missed this post when it came out and really bummed that all items are sold out.

  6. Karen DeBoulle says:

    Love these posts! Both outfits are items I would choose but I would wear the second one more.

  7. Heather Kish says:

    Super cute outfits! I love the blazer. I need to get more confident in my blazer outfits, this helped me a lot.

  8. Dena J Burch says:

    The French 1/2 tuck is very on trend that would look great too

  9. I love both outfits, so it would depend on the restaurant. Thank you for this blog! I’m 53 and I like to be stylish and classy. You’ve inspired me to work on my wardrobe!

  10. Vonda Gunnells says:

    I love the long cardigan look, I have one similar, so you just suggested todays outfit!

  11. The only thing I might do is tuck the shirt in and add a belt. Great look on you!

  12. Cathy Calabro says:

    Love all of these posts! I can not wait to see what you try on each week!

  13. Have been following you for a while and am now inspired to sign up for your emails. Love your jeans recommendations since they are so hard to find in a nice fit.

  14. Margaret new says:

    Your clothes are lovely but most of all stylish with comfort..

  15. SHEILAH BROCK says:

    I love your blog and all your posts. I use them all the time to help me put outfits together so I’m not a frumpy Gurl. Thank you!!!

  16. Donna Ratinoff says:

    As soon as I saw the band collar jacket you were wearing, I jumped on the computer and ordered it.
    It finally came and I love it. I was able to get a sweater similar to the tank you are wearing, but the jeans were sold out. I have a Hermes scarf that I bought 20 years ago in France and it looks beautiful with the jacket and completes the outfit.

  17. Mary Ruth says:

    Awesone look. I don’t wear much gold or yellow tones since my skin is an olive. But it looks so chic. The jacket could go to church.

  18. Deborah GILBERT says:

    Like both but I would wear the casual one more often. I would wear it to eat out. We don’t go to very fancy places.

  19. Cathy Alves says:

    I really like both outfits. The blazer would be nice for going out to dinner. Everything is sold out 😌 you look great in both outfits
    Cathy Alves

  20. Talbots have restocked the jeans. I jut got a pair in my size.

  21. I really like both outfits but if I had to choose one, I’d go with the one with the blazer. You look great in both outfits, though. That’s so nice that you and Joe enjoy a weekly meal out.

  22. Both of these are cute! I think the blazer would edge out the cardigan for me. The cardigan would be too warm for a restaurant.

  23. Sandra granda says:

    I love the denim with the longer cardigan. Absolutely in love with the hair style.

  24. Mary Zick says:

    Love the Talbot’s jacket, wish it was on sale! It looks great with those jeans!

  25. Gaye Speaks Mize says:

    Both are so beautiful and look amazing on you! Tried to order the sweater….but already out of my size….so sorry!!! Much as i love the sweater…the dressy outfit with the blazer is my favorite. Happy thanksgiving!! God Bless!!!

  26. Love these two outfits unfortunately the jacket is sold out but I was lucky to be able to order the sweater.
    You look great in both outfits
    Cathy A

  27. Donna Marchisotto says:

    Both outfits look great on you, but the one to wear would depend on where you were eating out. For a Saturday night dinner I like to get a little more dressed up. There have not been too many places to get dressed up this past year. When I have the occasion to dress up I say go for it Tania.

  28. Stephanie Niederklein says:

    Loving the look of the cardigan with the denim! Love all the colors!

  29. I like both outfits. Also liked the two shades of the demon.

  30. I like the dressier one (though I can’t wear brown close to my face). IF I get out without the kids in-tow and get to eat out while out, it’s an occasion! Happy my wedding anniversary is coming up, so surely we’ll do something…right?

  31. Eileen T Ellingsen says:

    Tania, I love BOTH outfits!! However, I’m a denim girl through and through..so I VOTE that one! I also love the color of the sweater, however, I have let my natural ‘silvers’ grow in and that color doesn’t work for my hair color anymore! Loved wearing browns when I was a brunette! Do you know if the cardigan comes in a black? You are beautiful in everything you wear!


  32. Karen Kroeker says:

    I love both looks but especially like the dressier one.

  33. I love both of the outfits!

  34. Grace Jones says:

    You look fabulous in both! I totally agree with the other gurls. It’s what ever mood your in.

  35. Charlcy L Green says:

    Tania, only you can put together two beautiful outfits in chambray, denim & caramel! I love both outfits! But my favorite is the casual one w the longer cardigan! SO classy & sexy! I love those velvet striped jeans!

  36. I love the casual with the shirt tucked in!

  37. I can’t decide because both look so great on you. I guess just go with whatever mood you’re in at the time.

  38. I would go with the casual cardigan look. I would get more use out of it than the jacket. Now if I could just get my husband out to dine once a week. Lol. Have a stylish week!

  39. Delores S Williams says:

    Love the dressier outfit! The one with the cardigan is nice but the denim shirt looks a little too wrinkled to wear out. Colors are wonderful though in both!

  40. Love both outfits, but I would choose the causal with the pretty cardigan.

  41. I love a long cardigan it dresses things up! Both outfits are cute though!

  42. I am a cardi lover. So I would go with the sweater. It looksmore comfortable to me.
    I am not much of a jacket/blazer person. I like the softness and pack ability of a sweater.
    Bon Appetite!

  43. Debbie Barth says:

    Love 💕 all the fall looks!

  44. Patricia Wilhelm says:

    I love, love , love these colors. I have a longer, 3/4 sleeve sweater that looks very close to the same color and I hadn’t thought to wear blue with it so thanks for that. Both are great outfits and i have a new to me brown tweed blazer. Would probably wear both but might gravitate to the casual more often. Thanks for all the fabulous finds. Love your blog with all the different price points

  45. laura l tuck says:

    I love the colors. I would wear both but I love the cinamon color with the denim

  46. Willa Parker says:

    My favorite is the casual look. It is something that I would wear to work as a teacher. Minus the boots, though. What other footwear might go that would be more comfortable?

  47. I hope you keep posting even if everything is sold out. I like to get inspiration and often use my own closet to find similar items. We have very similar styles so keep it up!

  48. I love both looks but would probably pick the cardigan for eating out. That’s one of my favorite looks. I know I would wear it a lot. Your lashes look killer in these photos!

  49. Love either outfit. The blazer to me can be casual. Please share your hairstyle.

  50. I love the casual look 😍

  51. Maribeth Conklin says:

    I love the denim shirt and cinna.on sweater. I would get good use in that outfit.

  52. I like the casual look, especially the one with the denim shirt. Your hair looks good too!

  53. Laura Bogani says:

    I love both looks, but am drawn to the cardigan with the denim shirt underneath! I just bought that color cardigan and I didn’t think to wear it with a blue denim shirt! Thanks! Love your hair, too, btw!

  54. Gardeningmama says:

    Love both looks, but realistically wld wear casual more often. Have been wanting a chambray shirt for awhile, just ordered for DH, DD & myself (had to get different colors for DD & me of course, no twinning at 18!) 🙂

  55. Love the boots and jacket. Love how you’ve styled them.

  56. Love both looks. I like the casual one best and love the color of the cardigan. 💕

  57. Deborah Craig says:

    Both are great, but casual has my vote!

  58. Patti Patterson says:

    I really liked both outfits, I can’t decide. I am hooked on that rust – caramel color this fall. The color looks great with the denim! The boots, everything is perfect!
    I would wear both outfits in a heartbeat.

  59. I love both outfits, but I would wear the casual one the most. Thanks for all your nice suggestions.

  60. I would definitely wear the casual look. Might even pair the dressy shell with the cardigan as I’m not a big fan of vollars.

  61. Love casual! The other is nice too but loving the casual! I’d wear both depending on my mood 🤗

  62. Love both outfits but I’m more the casual look.

  63. I would definitely go with casual!! Love the look

  64. I expected the answer to be the casual one but I love you in that jacket. You have found your color!

  65. Barbara K says:

    I’m pretty new to your blog, but I love it already. Your upbeat personality is a joy and I love your fashion choices. What kind of dog is Lucy? She’s adorable. Thank you for the work you put into your blog.

    1. Welcome, Barbara! I’m so glad that you found my blog and are enjoying it. Lucy Lu was a stray that I found walking down the railroad tracks behind my house. She is a Yorkie mix, but no one knows what the mix is. Lol!

  66. Love the cardigan look. Wish I could wear one here in Florida. We actually gotten down into the 70s this last week!

  67. I prefer the casual outfit with the shirt un-tucked.

  68. You look beautiful in both but in answer to your queries, I’d go with the casual.

  69. Marla Campbell says:

    I always look forward to seeing your outfits

  70. Edit Jeremias says:

    I liked the dressier outfit more, but you look good in both.

  71. Marin Mattingly says:

    Love both outfits, especially the sweater. I would want different colors, though. Maybe a green?

  72. I like the first outfit. I am such a fan of Talbots.
    I looked that the blue jacket which is left – you chose the perfect color. Out of my size.

  73. Sharon E Burkhardt says:

    I vote for the cable sweater vs the blazer. It is a softer look and more fun. It is also more comfortable for a restaurant because the sweater does not have the stiffness or structure of a blazer. the cable sweater could be made dressier with a tank top (black or navy?) vs the denim shirt. I love your blog!!

  74. I love the sweater and jacket. Jeans and something great on top are my “go-to” style! Best Wishes! Leigh

  75. Love both, but I would wear the casual outfit more often

  76. Sherry L Jackson says:

    I love both outfits !! I have so many of the items you post!! lol I can recreate both of these looks !!

  77. I like both looks but would probably go for the casual for my lifestyle.

    I have the same coloring as you but do not look good in warm browns and spicy colors although I like them a lot. You seem to be able to wear them though.

    I can’t even wear off white or ivory!

  78. Both look good but I prefer the cardigan casual look.

  79. Linda johnson says:

    I love the cardigan. The jacket is very nice but I am a more casual dresser.

  80. Brenda Lynch says:

    I love them both, but I think the cardigan would be better for me–so Fall and Thanksgiving looking–I may be ordering the cardigan tonight.

  81. Kellie Johnson says:

    Whoo Hoo. thanks for the gift card. Not sure if I will use it to buy Christmas presents for family or Christmas presents for me. I love the cardigan outfit. I’ve been searching for chambray shirt and I love the one you are wearing. I like the long cardigan. This type of sweater has become my “go to” for the fall and winter months. Thanks again.

  82. Barbara Eastman says:

    I love the dressy look. But I would probably end up wearing the other one the most. Both are beautiful on you!

  83. Arja Saari says:

    First look is my favorite, I like to dress up a little when going out.

  84. Sara Jane Kriz says:

    🌻Is 65 old… do you have plus size outfits!! 😄🌻

  85. Linda Hollenbeck says:

    Tania, for some reason I’m not getting your email posts anymore. I have checked spam and it’s not even in there. I really look forward to your daily posts and now I have to hunt for them. 🙁 Any help as to why I’m not receiving them?

    1. That’s weird, Linda. I went in and refreshed your subscription though. Email me tomorrow at Tania@50isnotold.com if it doesn’t come though.

  86. Love both of them…. guess it would depend on the type of restaurant as to which outfit!

  87. Monica Ercanbrack says:

    I love the color of the cardigan with chambray top.
    I always pick cardigans over jackets just more comfort for me. So casual for me.

  88. Patsy McMillan says:

    I love both of these looks!!

  89. I definitely prefer the longer lines of the cardigan. Guess I’m not much of a jacket gal. Both look great on you!

  90. Your first look is lovely on you and would work quite well for a casual dinner date. The second look is nice but looks more at-home comfy (which I love)

  91. I absolutely love the casual look. I am more of a casual style lady and would wear it most often. However, if I am going to a very elegant restaurant, I would wear the dressy look.
    Both look great on you.

  92. Sandy Scruggs says:

    I love that brown cardigan! Where did it come from?

  93. Roberta Temple says:

    Love love love the cardigan sweater! I’m more of a casual girl, but always appreciate seeing different options!

  94. These two looks are right up my alley. I can’t wear the high heel on the booties but other ones will work as well. You look stunning in both outfits and Joe is a lucky man!

  95. I absolutely love the casual look!!!

  96. I love the dressy look with blazer on you.

  97. They are both great but the casual one is the one I like best.

  98. I LOVE that sweater with the chambray shirt!! That’s a look I will emulate for sure!

  99. I love both outfits. I really like the denim and rust. And I love the sweater under the jacket. The outfits you post look great on you. I’ve tried several and they don’t look the same on me. I’ll keep trying:). I love your posts and your honesty.

  100. I love both of them. We tend to go out for a late lunch on the weekends so I would probably wear the casual more often. Love your blog, I have purchase several items that you have posted.

  101. Janice Cone says:

    I absolutely love the way you dress. Both outfits are beautiful. These are some of my favorites as I am an earthy girl, love the new fall tones. I myself would definitely pick number two as I tend to dress more casual.

  102. They both look great! I would wear the casual more

  103. I like the dressier look, and those jeans add such a great touch! Love your style!

  104. I’d wear the jacket to go out to eat. I’m a big fan of blazers/jackets and have them in multiple colors. I love to snuggle in a good cardigan, but being well endowed it’s not my first go-to look. You look great in both.

  105. Janice Jenkins says:

    I love the Denim on Denim look. I have a rust sweater similar to this one, but I would have never put it with Denim on Denim. But I love the way it looks. I know what I’m wearing tomorrow!!😊

  106. Jo Baldridge says:

    They are both great. Close but you can change up or down depending on yur mood.

  107. Love them both. That cardigan is gorgeous!

  108. Christine Clementi says:

    I like the dressier outfit with the jacket for a Saturday night dinner. I tend to dress up when I go out, so that is why I would choose this one.

    I also like the casual outfit! I would wear that during the day for a coffee or lunch date.

  109. Jenniffer says:

    I love both honestly but for where I live the casual is more practical. I will definitely go with the dressier option for work.

  110. Christine Irvine says:

    I like the casual outfit better!

    New Hampshire

  111. I’m not fond of brown or rust but these outfits are gorgeous. Love the pants. I would probably wear the cardigan outfit more often but really like the jacket too.

  112. Dianne Hagen says:

    I am a casual dresser so I would wear the second look more often, but the jacket in the first look is a definite winner, although the blue color would probably be my pick. Both looks are super cute!

  113. I liked both outfits but If I had to choose between the two it would be the dressy one.

  114. I love the casual outfit-something about that color combination! I never would have put the denim on denim but it looks great!

  115. Cheryl Sampson says:

    Love the dressy look, but either looks very fall like and great on you.

  116. I too feel both outfits are great and would work wherever you go. A nice restaurant ..Blazer….pizza…sweater. So that’s my two cents!
    Have a wonderful day…many blessings!

  117. I’m a casual girl, so I love the more casual outfit 🙂

  118. ELIZABETH says:

    Both outfits are really nice. My favorite is the first one. Both are extremely flattering. I am trying to organize my fall clothes to see what I have. Your posts are always an inspiration.

  119. These are great styles! I have several chambray shirts and I like the look with jeans and brown jacket or cardigan.

  120. Love both outfits, but the casual one is what I would wear the most. Gorgeous color combos!!

  121. Christine Simpson says:

    I like both outfits but to pick one I’d go dressy!

  122. I love both of these looks and would wear them both. Which one I chose would just depend on what I had planned for the day.
    I’m like you, I’m all about the rust color / orange this time of year.
    Have a great week.

  123. Susan Erway says:

    I prefer the casual one. I really love all three pieces!

  124. Mary Jo DeSarii says:

    I choose the dressier of the two outfits because being retired I don’t have the opportunity to dress up as often.

  125. Diana McDonagh says:

    I love the dressier outfit! These jeans are so cute I just wish they had them in my size- bummer.

  126. The casual outfit is my favorite especially the cardigan! I love the color! I’m also a big fan of those jeans!

  127. Tania, you look fabulous in all the looks…I usually tend to be casual but your dressy looks are my favorite looks…those jeans with the stripe are great.

  128. Both outfits are really nice, but I love the casual look! The jeans are super cute!!

  129. Both styles are adorable and I’d wear both out to dinner with the hubs. I’d get more wear from the casual one because of my work being casual dress.

  130. Diane Schexnyder says:

    Love the denim and cardigan outfit!

  131. Carol Wollborg says:

    I like the casual outfit. I love the long cardigan!

  132. Those are both great outfits and you look so pretty in them!

  133. The dressy outfit is my favorite!

  134. I like both looks. That detailing on the jeans is awesome.

  135. I have been following you for awhile and really enjoy your posts. I like the outfit with the long cardigan. The colors look great together. And, although casual, I think very stylish.

  136. Lynne A Johnson says:

    So difficult! I like them both. I suppose I would gravitate towards the casual, because of the contrast of the chambray with the brown…yum!
    By the way, I watch your videos and you have a very pleasant voice.

  137. Angela C. Dixon says:

    I like the dressy style! Of course since I work in an office, I have more dressy clothes than casual. Honestly loved them both!

  138. Cara MacNinch says:

    Hi Tania, I love both looks on you. I think I would be more likely to wear the casual look. I really like the denim on denim.

  139. I too love both outfits on you. I definitely would wear both of them depending on the place we were going. I tend to favor sweaters over blazers for comfort but I do love blazers for a more polished look.

  140. Lynn Kawales says:

    I love love love the casual look with the denim jeans, shirt and cardigan. This is definitely my go too outfit! You look fabulous!

  141. Sandra Grogan says:

    Love the casual outfit ,especially the long cardigan!
    It’s now sold out in my size at Target. I’m really liking spice colors this fall!

  142. Both looks are great! I especially like the blazer because it’s different from the usual. Thinking hard about ordering the blue one. The cable knit long cardi is fabulous. The length is dressy enough. I would wear both looks

  143. I’m more of a cardigan girl but both styles look good. Nice to have variety.

  144. Tracy Huggins says:

    I love the Target Cardigan! thank goodness I was able to snag it in my size!!!! Yay!!! Thank you for a great option!!!! 🙂

  145. LAURA Unruh says:

    I love the casual look! the cardigan is an awesome color

  146. Lisa Bohn says:

    I love both looks but would wear the casual one the most.

  147. Ginger Hiller says:

    While both looks are great, I am drawn to the casual outfit because that is more my style these days. The details on the cardigan and the jacket is top notch.

  148. It would depend on my mood, so I would wear both! You look gorgeous in both of them. Love the colors. (Too many injuries for me to wear heels like your fabulous booties, so that is the only thing I would change.)

  149. Kathy Sibbel says:

    Both look great on you, but I vote for the dressy outfit.

  150. Kelli Ferment says:

    I love the casual look. The jacket is pretty but not for me. These fall colors are my color pallette and I love them.

  151. I would like the dressier look, very fallish and you look beautiful!

  152. I like them both! Would probably depend on my mood. 🙂

  153. mary williams says:

    Love the stripe on the jeans. Very slimming and cardigan really picks up the color. Two super outfits that I would wear!

  154. Hi, Tania! I like both the banded jacket and the long cardigan on you. I find I don’t really wear long cardigans, but the jacket looks very useful! I guess it doesn’t matter too much since they’re both sold out. Ha ha. The dressier look is more my style. We are not going out to eat much these days, but fortunately my husband is a great cook!

  155. I love both of them! Honestly, it would depend on my mood which one I wore.

  156. I love them both, but I like the dressy the best!

  157. I love both looks. I would probably wear the casual to places we usually go, but wear the jacket to nicer restaurants, concerts, church, etc.

  158. Stella Gustafson says:

    Love all the outfits you look so pulled together

  159. I would wear the jacket and jeans for a dinner out. Love it!

  160. I love both of them, but I’m more of a cardigan gurl!!

  161. Melody S Morrison says:

    You rock both looks and they are cute! If the restaurant is a little nicer, then I would go with the first look. I really enjoy your posts and have followed you for a couple of years.

  162. You look great in both! I would wear both depending on the restaurant but I especially like the cardigan!

  163. Marie Dee says:

    I vote dressy for going out to dinner no matter what restaurant! There are plenty of other places to wear the more casual one. By the way, you look fabulous!

  164. Leslie B Balme says:

    Love, love the chambray and cardigan!!!!!

  165. I think I’m leaning towards the dressy look. I love the jacket in the blue color. I also like the cardigan! Even though I prefer the dressy outfit here, I tend to go more casual.

  166. Gaylon Scharbor says:

    I love the denim on denim with the cardigan. You look great in both, but it’s my favorite. I’ve been wanting a denim shirt. The cardigan is pretty sweet. I’m short, though, and feel like the long cardigans don’t look right on me. Then, I see other short women wearing them and think they look fine!! Lol!

  167. You look great in both looks, but I vote for the casual one. That rust colored long cardigan just makes your hair and face look stunning!


    I love both looks but would wear the dressy one to eat out.

  169. Carolyn Worthey says:

    Both outfits are so cute. I’m leaning towards the casual.

  170. Barbara Barfield says:

    I like the dressy look but I love sweaters so mine would be a hybrid of the two.

  171. Both outfits were nice, as for wearing for a dinner date depends on the restaurant visited. I like to be comfortable and not too dressy. The brown blazer has a lot of options which is nice to have. Great choice today. Yes fall/winter temps has hit us too. Packed away summer and sandals, boots and sweaters still spring!

  172. Lani Carpenter says:

    I love both outfits but my favorite is the dressier one. Love all your posts and appreciate your clothes and the stores shop that are most suited to the average consumer and us retired women!! Love, love the Sunday devotional. Look forward to reading your blog every day after doing my devotional.

  173. I like the dressier look. I am usually more dressed up than my husband, and I like it that way. That jacket is GORGEOUS. (I like the other look too. Love me som cable knits!

  174. Hi Tania, I love the casual look of the chambray shirt with the duster sweater. I really love the jeans with the velvet spripe down the leg. The boots are beautiful, both in this color and the black.

  175. These jeans are amazing, especially with the cardigan!!

  176. I love both outfits, but I’m more comfortable in public when I feel comfortable, so I would be more likely to wear the second outfit. I love the ideas that you give me to wear items I normally wouldn’t think of! Bless You!!

  177. The shorter jacket looks the nicest to go out in, especially since you will be sitting down to eat.

  178. Love both looks. I am drawn to the sweater look. I really like how the design is on backside of the sweater too.

  179. Kerri Chun says:

    I love them both.

  180. I love both outfits. Love love love the spice color.

  181. Love both outfits, the long cardigan outfit I would wear at home, and wool blazer, I would wear out. You are not kidding about things selling out, I have been looking for a similar color wool blazer for couple months, there is just nothing available. I pinned both outfits to my pinterest, just in case I find the wool blazer. Have a great week!

  182. Tina Borden says:

    I would wear the casual outfit.

  183. LOVE both looks! The casual one is my pick. A lifestyle look! As a retired person I think of the denim with sweater look as a comfortable chic uniform! Love the colours too!

  184. Both looks are attractive, but the cardigan is really eye-catching. I love your fall color palette!

  185. Sandra Cavalier says:

    Look forward to your blog daily!

  186. I love everything about both outfits, but I would definitely wear the casual style more often. We live in FL & casual/comfortable is a big deal😁 Enjoy your blog so much Tania!!

  187. The oitfits are great and I would wear them both. The colours are rich and those boots are fabulous!

  188. Ann H Pavlicek says:

    I love both looks, however, I would probably wear the long cardigan more often. I have seen a lot more brown shades of clothes in store windows. Guess I need to invest in some.

  189. Love the dressy look.

  190. You absolutely nailed these outfits today! The color combinations are are rich and elegant. Well done! Even though items are sold out, I take away ideas on how to style clothes I already have that are quite similar.

  191. JANE GREENMAN says:

    Love the brown tones on you! I would wear either style – I like the chambray shirt with the long sweater. (I had never thought of that!)

  192. Vicki Lemine says:

    I like both looks, however, I’m drawn to the causal look more. The cardigan and the boots are speaking to me.

  193. I love the denim on denim! I would definitely wear that one. I have all the pieces to this look and will be trying it out next time we go out!!

  194. Daleena Vaughn says:

    I love them both. I think I would go with the denim shirt and sweater.

  195. Love the casual ❤️

  196. I love the denim on denim. I would definitely wear that one. I have all these pieces, but never put them together. I will be trying this outfit soon!!

  197. Sheila Dieterich says:

    You always give me a new idea on how to change things up! I love your blog!

  198. Deb Yuras says:

    Definitely the casual one! Love the shirt with that sweater.

  199. Monica Griffin says:

    The c
    ardigan is AMAZING! LOVE the color
    I’m getting that right now!

  200. Danette Greenfield says:

    Love both of these looks! That jacket is great!

  201. Sandy Butler says:

    Love both. The casual one is more me but I like the dressier one for going out.

  202. Love both outfits but I would pick the casual for my favorite….. love that cardigan!!

  203. Jamie Mannin says:

    Love the denim on denim. Thank you for taking away the doubt of that look!

  204. My husband and I go out every Friday night for dinner and I look forward to not having to cook or clean up! I like both outfits today, but the second one is the one I would as it’s not as dressy. They both look great on you!!!

  205. Phyllis McDonald says:

    Love the dressy look the best. Those fall colors are gorgeous. And those boots are everything!

  206. Love the 2nd outfit! Will try and find the chambray shirt. Thank-you!

  207. Both styles are great although I prefer the dressy look with the jacket.

  208. Tina Petersen says:

    Looove both looks- I think I would def pull the cardigan out first when dining out. Im pretty casual lol

  209. Love the cardigan and jeans! Definitely my favourite!

  210. I love both looks so it would be difficult to pick a favorite. Love the rich rust color in both outfits for fall.

  211. Cardigan look is my favorite!

  212. Sherry Pennington says:

    I LOVE both outfits! You certainly have directed me towards new fabulous colors which I now love! For decades all I’ve ever worn was black : (

  213. I love both looks. Great outfits!

  214. Roberta Hower says:

    I love both looks on you. I would go with the long cable knit sweater look. I love the color! The short jacket outfit is a bit dressier and pairs well with the shirt and necklace. I am about soft clothes and comfort…😊

  215. You look great in both of the outfits! My favorite is the blazer outfit.

  216. I too love both looks but if going out to eat – definitely an excuse to dress up! We don’t get many of them these days. I would go further and wear a dress……high heels, jewellery, the lot!!

  217. Beth Cutler says:

    Love both of the looks. I’d wear the denim & cable look for daytime for sure. The dressier look with the jacket speaks to me for a special night with my guy!

  218. I love the look with the band collar blazer! it’s a shame those jeans are sold out because they are so cute! And I love that cardigan – it really helps seeing the clothes on you, because I would have never considered that cardigan after seeing it on the model online.

  219. Both outfits look terrific! I think I would wear the more casual one.

  220. Tisha Johnston says:

    Love them both, hard to choose.

  221. Kelly Brooks says:

    Love the denim shirt and both looks are great

  222. I love both outfits but would probably wear the casual one because I love a good cardigan.

  223. Kimberly Lutz says:

    I love both of these looks! The colors are definitely my style.

  224. TAMI LEWIS says:

    Great outfits! Love the color choices for fall!

  225. Janet Brooks says:

    I like both looks, but I think the casual one is my favorite.

  226. Karen Isaacs says:

    Love the cardigan and jean shirt. It’s a look I would definitely wear.

  227. Tania…you look great!!! I definitely like both outfits and would wear both. I have an assortment of blazers because I wear them to work. I really like a blazer with jeans as it adds a classier touch to the outfit. I also like mixing the chambray with rust especially this time of year. Have a lovely day.

  228. Renata Prellwitz says:

    Love your blog

  229. L❤️VE these outfits, Tania!!

  230. I love the dressy look. Really loving the colors this fall.

  231. Kathy Seibert says:

    I love the banded collar jacket. It can be dressed up,or down. Looks amazing with the jeans.

  232. Melanie Dillman says:

    I love both looks but I think I like the dressy look just a tad bit more. Something about a blazer/jacket and jeans always looks sharp to me and catches my eye!

  233. If it has cloth napkins, and table cloth, I wear the dressy jacket. If it has paper napkins and no tablecloth, I wear the casual look. I love casual myself.
    I treat denim and chambray like any other blue in my wardrobe. I wear them together for that column of color.

  234. Vicki L Werley says:

    Love both outfits. Depends on how I want to dress that day, but now I chose the cardigan outfit.

  235. I really like the casual look better. Both look very nice though.

  236. Christine F says:

    My favorite look is the dressy, but I would probably wear the casual more often. I like to dress up when going out to dinner so I’d pick the dressy

  237. I prefer the dressy one, although I’d get more bang for my buck with the casual one.

  238. I absolutely love you! I am 55 and I’m looking to revamp my wardrobe. I love almost everything you show. It’s totally a style that I love. Thank you for sharing your wardrobe ideas and tips.
    Suzanne Brookshire

  239. I love the cardigan! That look with the denim top is performing our casual thanksgivings.