City Beauty Black Friday Event For 2023

Two years ago, one of my friends influenced me to try City Lips by City Beauty. Whenever I saw her, she talked about City Lips and was obsessed with the product. City Beauty was having a sale, so I tried City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss in clear. The rest is history, and I keep adding more to my wide array of City Beauty products. I couldn’t wait to tell you about the City Beauty Black Friday Event because you can get 40% off and free US shipping on $50+ when you click my links.

I started with City Lips clear Plumping Lip Gloss, but it wasn’t long before I wanted to add a couple of colored ones. I’ve never been a fan of glossy lip products because they are gooey, so I was fully expecting to feel the same about this one. I decided to give it a chance, though, and I’m so glad I did. These are glossy but not gooey.

These add the perfect amount of gloss and color.

I used to wear City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss in clear to bed each night because it helped my lips stay hydrated. Winter is rough on my lips, and they get chapped easily. I now use City Lips Night Oil, morning and night. This product is my obsession! City Beauty has difficulty keeping this product in stock because it is so popular. I’m never without an extra bottle in reserve since I’ve run out before and couldn’t get a new one on order. You can see that I use every little drop that I can. Lol!

City Lips Night Oil is a soft, exfoliating formula that leaves my lips feeling hydrated and moisturized. The formula goes on like silk, and don’t tell City Beauty, but I’ve been using this in the morning, too. The ingredients and lip applicator help to exfoliate your lips, leaving them soft and subtle.

Dry, cracked, and itchy is how I described my skin. It was never soft to the touch, and you could feel tiny little bumps if you touched my arm. That’s not how a woman wants to feel, so when City Beauty told me they had something that would help me have softer, smoother, and firmer skin, I said, “YES, PLEASE!” I wish you could feel how creamy and smooth InvisiCrepe Body Balm feels and how it melts into your skin.

Here are two products I added to my nightly skincare routine back in May. My eyelids were in reasonably good shape, but I noticed a minor drooping about the crease line. Each night, I started applying a tiny amount of the City Beauty Lid Lifting Treatment with my ring finger to my upper lid into the crease line and extending it toward my brow. I still love the product, and my eyes don’t look quite as droopy.

City Beauty’s Ultra-Fill Marionette Line Treatment targets the most challenging lines on our face; nasolabial folds and marionette lines. I apply the treatment under my moisturizer morning and night. The marionette lines are deep, and it will take a long time to see visible results. Consistency is the key to winning the war against time.

If you are like me, you’ve tried everything under the sun to firm and tighten your face and neck. I even went so far as to do a Morpheus procedure, which is like having someone staple your face and neck over and over again. I’m not doing that again, and I didn’t see any improvement.

A couple of my readers mentioned that they love the Advanced Action Sculpting Cream. I love it when my readers tell me about products they love. Like my friend, I was influenced to try this, and I like how smooth my skin feels after applying it. I just started using this regularly, so I can’t say how well it works, but I hope to be free of my Turkey Neck by next Thanksgiving. Lol!

This is a great time to grab a couple of these for yourself. They also make great stocking stuffers, and you get a 60-day money-back guarantee. I usually gift the clear gloss version since I’m not sure which color would look best on others.

I appreciate City Beauty for giving me the opportunity to tell all of you about their big sale. We usually add a code, but some of my readers forget to use it and miss out on the savings. Sooo, City Beauty made it possible for you to get the savings still when you go through my links!!! And, a BIG thanks to all of my readers for supporting brands that allow me to bring you new and fresh ideas.

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  1. Barbara Forney says:

    Love reading your new posts every day. You do an excellent job!!!

  2. Glad everything works well

  3. What a beautiful family photo! I love that you included your daughter via laptop. Happy Thanksgiving and many blessings to you and your family.

  4. The trees are so cute! Could you cut a plastic tablecloth for the beards?
    I keep hearing about city beauty and it sounds great!

  5. Will be happy to find a gloss that is NOT gooey. Used lipsense for a while but couldn’t stand the way it felt on my lips. Thanks for tips on new products.

  6. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I enjoy reading your blog everyday.

  7. I’ve never tried City Beauty but you’ve talked me into it!

  8. Julie Lozano says:

    City Beauty products look like winners! Very interested in the marionette filler as well. The Gnome trees are adorable. Thanks for the beauty tip! Blessings, Julie

  9. sue koren says:

    Never heard of this brand before but it sounds great!

  10. I just checked out the website. The products are free of chemicals like parabens. The sale is great. Thanks Tania. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. I’m responding to those tree gnomes. I think they’re super cute! I guess many things would play into if they’d work for you and Joe. Do you get a lot of wind, how tall are your trees, and if Joe was scared of heights. lol. I think those white plastic tablecloths would probably work for the beards or perhaps heavy white plastic bags depending on how big the beards need to be.

    1. Lorie, we have a bucket truck which would make it easy to reach the trees.

  12. I need to check out this product line. I have super sensitive skin. Do you know if they are free of bad chemicals like parabens and phthalates?

  13. Donna Wood says:

    Oh my goodness….those Evergreen Santas are the bomb!!! JOE – PLEASE MAKE THESE FOR TANIA!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving 🙂

  14. Yes, Joe should do those gnome trees for you!! Adorable.

  15. Love this post and will save it for sure.

  16. Ginger Hiller says:

    I love how those tall trees are decorated! I would have to walk around Hobby Lobby for inspiration on how to make Santa’s beard. I also love City Beauty and need to act on the email I have from them about their BF sale.

  17. Anna Marie says:

    City Lips looks enticing to me but does the color stay on your lips or rub off on napkins etc.

    1. Anna Marie, it is not a stain, so it would rub off.

  18. Oh my goodness- the gnome trees are so cute. C’mon, Joe, make your wife happy!! I have never heard of City Beauty but am always looking for a new line to try.

  19. This all sounds fab for my dry skin, especially during our current season. I don’t n know that I’ve ever heard of this brand – thanks for the rec! 💛

    1. Goodness, I’ve been using them for years, thanks to my friend recommending them.

  20. The Christmas Gnome trees are too cute! What a creative idea…

  21. I’ve really been interested by City Beauty’s Inviscrepe. I may need to give it a try!
    And I’ve had marionette lines since I was a child, but they are now extending below my mouth! Arrrg! I might just give City Beauty a try 😮

    For the decorated trees: you could use large white garbage bags and cut strips up to the top or large swathes of gauze. Plastic table cloths would probably work really well!

    Have a great Thanksgiving!

  22. Tracey Ford says:

    You could use white plastic tablecloths for the beard. Just cut strips but leave a few inches at the top of tablecloth uncut. It should look like fringe when you are done. The layer several cut tablecloths to get the look you are after.

  23. Tania, I Love those gnome Christmas Trees! I have a couple ideas for Joe for beards. How about yarn or rope?? That is a clever idea! I had Rob put lights on our palm tree! I have tried the City Beauty Lip Gloss and the Upper Lid Lift and love them both! I have the gloss in the Tokyo Kiss color, it’s a neutral color and I like it.

  24. Those trees are hilarious, Tania-thanks for sharing! Thanksgiving blessings to you!

  25. Thank you Tania for sharing this special pricing. You introduced me to this product line a year ago and just love how it helps relieve dryness on my skin.

  26. I’m with Joe, pass on the gnomes! Ha!

  27. Most likely will try the deep line moisture cream, & sorry I don’t care for the decorative trees.

  28. I’m not seeing City Lips Matte in Pink Taupe and Rosy Mauve on their website. Can you please send a link to those products? Thanks!

    1. Shelly, they changed the colors quite often, these are a few that I already owned. They might not be available now.

  29. How about white trash bags that have been shredded for the beards??

  30. Those gnome trees are adorable? What if you got some white plastic table cloths and cut them into strips leaving a band (like a hula skirt). You’d. Probably need several to layer over one another on the tree to get the effect in the photo.

  31. Those trees are adorable. C’mon joe you can do it!
    I’m thinking long strands of heavy white yarn?