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Bows Are Trending! How To Wear Them When You’re Over 50

Are you someone who loves bows? I confess I’ve never been one of those women who put bows on everything. But when something is trending, I pay attention, and bows are trending! Today, I’m sharing how to wear them when you’re over 50! I promise you’ll look chic. No worries about looking like Little Bow Peep on this blog, lol.

I’m black and white and CHIC all over. Lol! This is a gorgeous outfit, and there is a surprised twist.

My, oh, my! This is an outfit that you could wear to any event, as long as it wasn’t Black Tie only. I think the creamy cable knit sweater is cute, but the satin black bow on the back takes the look to another level.

I might not be a bow fan when it comes to clothing, but I love this oversized bow handbag. This is not real leather, so the price is affordable. The handbag is structured, and so is the bow. You don’t have to worry about it flopping around or losing its shape.

Here is another handbag, but this one has a metal bow. The strap is convertible, and you can even move the placement of the bow where it is at shoulder level, etc. This woven handbag is soft and pliable. Even though I love the large structured bow on the black handbag, I love the woven material of this one best. Problem solved…I’m keeping both of them. Lol!

Isn’t this chic? It’s a large bow, but there’s nothing “precious” about this sweater. Wear this with a pair of black pants for a column of color, or put it with a pair of white jeans if you want to be more casual. I don’t think you can go wrong with a black-and-white combo. This is also available in other colors like pink and white. Check out the link to see more details on the gorgeous sleeves.

If you have an event where you want to look feminine and professional, I don’t think you can go wrong with a bow tied at the neck. This chiffon blouse is lovely in blue and would look amazing with either a navy or white blazer. Pair it with jeans to elevate a casual look. If you want something more striking, buy it in black or white. Approximately $20 dollars!

A blouse with a bow doesn’t have to be boring! I love the mix-matched floral print with the striped bow. This is not the only fun option. There are a ton of prints, as well as solids, at the link. This is not a stretchy shirt, so if you like your blouses to blouse, lol, then size accordingly. A very pretty option and just $30 dollars.

Ooh-la-la! I think this tulle midi skirt would look amazing at any party or grown-up occasion. To be honest, I think you could make this funky and fun with some boots or tennis shoes. There are no rules in fashion! Sadly, this has an elastic waist, and it only comes in one size. The description says that it will fit 23″-35″ inch waists. If that’s you – have fun!

This is a very pretty way to be on trend with a bow! I love the V-neck, the ruffle at the hem, the batwing sleeves, and the gorgeous, sexy back. Reviewers say that it’s VERY soft, flattering, and runs true to size. Don’t love navy? Don’t worry. It’s available in 15 different colors.

How pretty is this soft grey cardigan from Nordstrom? The bows are a very subtle touch. These bows aren’t just decorative; they actually act as buttons to close the sweater. I would wear it with a lacy camisole or a bralette. It would look great with white or a contrasting color like black or even pink!

This is an elegant and easy way to incorporate the bow trend into your wardrobe. Accentuate your waist in this gorgeous Kate Spade, available in black, white, cream, green, and even strawberry pink! This is available in X-Small to X-Large and is 3/4 inches wide. So nice!

Earrings are a great way to incorporate a trend or color into your current style. They make a statement, but they aren’t heavy, which I love. You can find a pricier version at large retailers, but as something I won’t wear daily, I’m okay with lower quality. I think these look very nice and much more expensive than the price tag. Under $15 dollars!

Hello, Beautiful! If you want to rock the bow trend in a big way, these Badgley Mischka are gor-geous! Do you still wear high heels? My grandmother dressed to the nines and wore high heels up into her late nineties! These would be beautiful for a mother-of-the-bride to wear. Of course, they aren’t cheap; I mean, they are Badgley Mischka, after all. If you would like an inspired similar version for under $50, I’ve got that covered, too.

Are you going to rock the bow trend? Let me know in the comments how you’ll incorporate the trend into your wardrobe!

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  1. Mary Carol says:

    Love the cool handbags and the v-neck navy blouse with the bow.
    We too love our Blue Bell ice cream. I haven’t tried the Dr Pepper flavor yet. Have you tried Bride’s Cake? It is amazing!!

    1. Lol! No, that sounds decadent.

  2. Delanie Collings says:

    I love these! They are so adorable, yet chic and not childish. I already have some of these in my Amazon cart! Shopping while reading…I love it!

  3. I love the cream sweater with bow at back of neck.

    1. I need to make a file of all your emails and advice. Now I’m looking for the one on lip exfoliation. Mine are so dry and wrinkled. You know you’re my go-to person!! 😀

      1. I have a post on Lip Oil coming up, but not specifically lip exfoiliation.

  4. Vickey F Vaughan says:

    Does wearing a peplum style top or dress make the waist and hips look bigger?
    Love the first outfit and light blue blouse.

    1. I think the style is meant to make your waist look smaller by accentuating the hips.

  5. Cute bow earrings, & I will need to do that for someone to make their day!

  6. Bowtie hand back is actually really pretty, I’m thinking about purchasing it.


  7. I do like the skirt and the white bag!

  8. When I saw “bows” in the title of this post, I thought, “Hmmmm, too girlish.” But your post proved that wrong. These are all lovely and sophisticated outfits that have bows!

    1. I’m glad you gave the post a chance. I’m not a girly gurl, but I like “some” bows. Lol!

  9. Phyllis Martin says:

    Do you know why bows are being pushed? I

    1. Phyllis, they aren’t being pushed, they are just one of the latest trends. You can choose to participate or sit this one out. It is your choice.

  10. Jenniffer Groski says:

    Bows are fun but not my cup of tea. The skirt is really cute though.

  11. sue koren says:

    I feel like this is a trend that will come and go pretty quickly

  12. Susan Weston says:

    I like bows on others but never felt comfortable wearing them myself. Maybe I’ll try!

  13. I doubt I will follow the bow trend, but I do love the bag and your outfit at the top of the post with that ivory sweater and your jeans. Very pretty!

  14. I really like the items you selected with the bows. I am going to need to test taste the Dr. Pepper ice cream. Sounds interesting….

  15. Roberta Schwandner says:

    I think these bows you are showing look stylish.

  16. Ginger Hiller says:

    I have a feeling that my husband would like that Dr. Pepper Float ice cream since he is a Dr. Pepper drinker. I hope that Joe is recovering well and that the pain is not as bad. Yesterday my neurosurgeon said that I am where I should be in my recovery. I have several more months before I’ll be back to normal. He stressed that I need to listen to my body and not try to push it too hard. If I participate in the bows trend, I will do it in a discrete way.

    1. Diet Dr. Pepper is both of our drink of choice. That is probably why we like the ice cream. Joe tried over doing it a little yesterday, and he paid the price last night and couldn’t sleep. He is resting today. He never listens to anyone, he has to see for himself.

  17. gsclair09@hotmail.com says:

    I love bows and butter pecan ice cream too.

  18. Yep, has to be a certain kind of bow!

  19. Susan Mckenzie says:

    Not really a “bow girl”. Always feel a little ridiculous at my age!!!

  20. Stella Gustafson says:

    I use to not like bows cause they looked so Gotta. But these are outfits with bows are cute. I put the earrings in my cart

  21. I like bows that are trending now. Great job on the various sizes.

  22. I didn’t think I was a bow fan but some that you shared are really cute.

  23. I’m not sure about bows on my clothes but that purse and those earrings sure are cute!

  24. What great ideas! I never thought of purses and earrings! Thank u

  25. Julie Lozano says:

    Loving the black bow purse!! I’m a bow girl too. All of your styles look gorgeous. The navy bow tie waist top looks like a winner too..
    BTW, I love Butter Pecan as well. Bryers is too die!
    Blessings for a lovely weekend.

  26. Karen Nau says:

    At a political dinner last night, I saw a woman with the most beautiful red shoes with a huge bow on them. I complimented her on them and I noticed others doing the same. Then this morning, I read your blog about bows! I guess I will be seeing them every where now. I, myself like a simple classic small bow.

  27. I used to love Blue Bell chocolate brownie ice cream till I tasted Freddy’s chocolate custard ice cream. Freddy’s has ruined me for any ice cream now. My style is more understated so bows are not for me. Maybe tying a bow in a sash belt or small bow earrings. The blue blouse reminds me of blouses I wore in the 80s. I had a silky red one that I am wearing in old photos.

  28. That ice cream flavor sounds delicious. BP isn’t sold here but my Texas cousin love BP. Bows on the blouse seem more for office workers, not this work from home lady.

  29. I have never even heard of Blue. Bell ice cream, but that flavor sounds DELICIOUS!!! I have several Kate Spade bags that have bows on them…that’s about it for me. Happy Saturday❤❤❤

  30. Janice Nagle says:

    I love bows! I thought bows were only for the young. I’m happy to be wrong!

  31. I’m a bow girl. I bought a red sweater for Christmas that has a bow at the neckline. I have shoes with bows too. I love that sweater with the bow on back also.

  32. I kind of rolled my eyes at the bow trend but some of these are cute!!!

  33. Stephanie Weeks says:

    I’m not a bow person either

  34. I Love the Bows! My husband’s favorite ice cream is Butter Almond. When he told me that, I said you mean Butter Pecan? He said, No Butter Almond! I had never heard of it but they do make it! It’s hard to find though!

  35. Carole from Canada says:

    Ohhhh love the white sweater with the black bow and the black belt with the bow.

  36. Really love the first outfit!

  37. Lots of cute bows. Usually not my style, but the smaller, simple ones might work!

  38. Pam Baker says:

    Oh.my.goodness. The Dr Pepper float ice cream is delicious and very dangerous!

  39. Love the black bag with the big bow and the cream sweater with the black bow on the back. That skirt……OMG!! Lol. Happy Saturday!

  40. Love the surprise bow in the back of the sweater. And the tulle skirt with bows is nice.

  41. Bows make me happy!!
    I usually keep my bows on a smaller scale. I think the first white sweater with the black bow in the back is so cute.
    Butter Pecan is my favorite ice cream too! I can’t wrap my head around Dr. Pepper flavor ice cream.

  42. I am really not a fan of Bows…never was. But, I do love Mint!
    I am in the process of purging, since I have lost a lot of weight. I found a Twinset, in Mint that I had purchased about6 years ago and only wore twice. Now its trendy with its classic style and it fits.

  43. So cute on you! I don’t think I could pull that off. I love the bag though and first sweater.

  44. How cute are these items?! Thanks for sharing!

  45. love your site! You look great in the Quince pants. Considering them myself. I am 5’5″ and 100 lbs. would like a more relaxed fit. Need your advice on the fit for me in straight leg. Your site is for 50’s, but I am a 72 year old and just love it. We all want to look our best and you do it very WELL.

    1. Harper, the large pants were a little too loose on me, and the mediums are a smidge tight. I’m 5’6″ and weigh around 150-155.

  46. Great options for older people to add the bow trend. Thanks

  47. Great post, Tanya. Love the sweaters. I have a similar top with bow in the back and that handbag in a different color. Love how you show trends, but in a way that is sophisticated and for “our age”. Most of allI I love your positive attitude- glass half full view of life. You make me laugh and you make me think. A good friend connected me to your blog a while back. We both agree that we would be friends if you lived nearby. But, as you’ve said recently, we can still be friends. Thank you for what you do and glad family all doing better. 🥰🙏

    1. Lisa, I’m thrilled you and your friend are enjoying the blog. We may not live nearby each other, but we can still be friends.

      1. Yes, we can! We are shopping buddies and we always discuss what you post! We live in sunny Florida, so let us know if you ever come south to escape the winter. A lot of good places to shop ❤️

  48. a bow on a purse is cute and the sweater with the bow in the back looks pretty but it’s not a trend I’ll embrace. heck, I barely wear prints!

  49. Clarice Main says:

    Butter pecan is my husband’s favorite, too!
    Cute bow in back sweater….Love the woven bow purse…

  50. Pam Bowling says:

    I have to admit I am a bow girl. I haven’t worn them in years because I couldn’t figure out how to make them fit my age. I wore them in my hair in college in the early nineties( everybody then) I wore blouses with bows similar to the light blue one to work in the mid nineties. Today, I would wear earrings, and I LOVE the handbags. I do have the cutest pair of sneakers with a bow. You inspired me to try clothing with a bow again.

    1. Yay! I’m glad you’re going to give bows another try.

  51. Nice, but, not for me…..

  52. Jennifer Detweiler says:

    Bows are back!! I’ve also seen alot of ladies wearing bows with ponytails lately. Love the purses!

  53. I love the woven bow handbag! What a great accessory for spring and looks so classy!

  54. Great finds for a more mature woman!

  55. Love Blue Bell ice cream! The story about the order, and getting Dr Pepper Float ice cream is great. Now I have to check out to see if my local store is carrying this option. It’s good to read that Joe is in full recovery mode. Have a blessed weekend, as I check out the black shoes with sparkle and a tulle bow (I don’t do bows but on shoes it does not count)

    1. I saw that flavor when I was placing my order and wondered about it. Now I know. 🤣

    2. Surprisingly, I’m really liking these bow options! The gray sweater, ooh-la-la!

  56. Great post, love the first outfit, so chic! Yes, we can wear bows that are not screaming bows! Ha!

  57. Laura Crenshaw says:

    Honestly, just not sure about the bows? But the cable knit sweater with the bow in the back was so dang cute!!!

    1. I liked the sweater too.

  58. Cute bows, thx for the ideas & that flavor of ice cream sounds so good

  59. So love the beautiful sweater with the bow in back. So pretty. I would definitely wear most of the items you have shown today.