Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky knit colorblock sweater with straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers

I am thrilled that so many of you seemed to have enjoyed yesterday’s post about a capsule wardrobe. It makes me so happy when my posts are helpful! There are times when I feel like I am just playing dress-up, so when a post is something that is helpful, I do a little jig.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky knit sweater with straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers

I did a poll on Instagram stories, and I asked if everyone wanted to see a post on a capsule spring wardrobe, or on spring trends. When I looked the first time, the capsule spring wardrobe was ahead, so I started working on yesterday’s post. Then, this morning I decided to look at the poll again, and the overwhelming winner was spring trends. Dang! That changed quickly. Now, I am going to start doing research on upcoming spring trends for all of you. Let me know if you think that will be a helpful post.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky knit colorblock sweater from Ann Taylor

I try to always make sure that my posts on Saturday are laid back and relaxed. After a hectic week, I am ready to sit back, throw on a warm and cozy sweater, and eat everything in sight. I thought that you would like this chunky knit colorblock turtleneck sweater with a relaxed fit. I think this is an unusual color combination, and I love the addition of the lilac color. This sweater has dropped shoulders, side slits, and is machine washable.

The sweater is an oversized fit, and you can see that it is still large on me even though I am wearing a medium. I am wearing the Sweet Lavendar version, but there is also a Teal option that is very pretty.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky knit colorblock sweater with gold Easton Earrings from Kendra Scott

I didn’t add a necklace to my look today, but I added a pair of gold Easton geometric hoops and a Brylee mixed media bracelet. The Brylee takes all of the guesswork out of figuring out if you should wear gold or silver. The bracelet is easy to put on and take off since it has a magnetic closing.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing the back of a chunky knit colorblock sweater with straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers

The chunky knit sweater is long enough to be worn with leggings, but today I chose to wear it with a pair of straight-leg jeans. This is the new trend for jeans this Spring; straight-leg and a relaxed style. You will either love or hate the tacked large cuff hem, but I think that it makes these jeans very modern looking. If you want to wear jeans, look stylish and modern looking, then look for jeans with this kind of fit.

I am wearing a size 10 in these high-rise cuffed jeans. These jeans are from J. Jill, which is a new brand for me. If you like clothing from this retailer, be sure to let me know if you want me to style more things from them.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers with a glitter star

How many of you have heard of Golden Goose Sneakers? Well, these are them. Lol! Golden Goose sneakers are a hot trend and are an Italian luxury fashion sneaker brand. These extremely high-priced sneakers are now one of the hottest street style trends among celebrities and fashion bloggers. These Kicks Star Sneakers are a nice replica of the Golden Goose sneakers, except these are new-looking. So, if you wanted to scratch them up and roll them in the mud, they could pass as Golden Gooses. Lol!

I am wearing my usual size 9 in these sneakers, but I feel like they are a tad too big for me. If I wore socks, they would probably fit better. These are comfortable and super cute, and though they are not cheap, they don’t even start to compare with what the Golden Goose Sneakers cost.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky colorblock sweater with straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers

Yesterday was National Lash Day, and I forgot to mention that or to celebrate it. Y’all, I didn’t have any lashes for the first 56 years of my life, so this is truly a day that I should remember to celebrate! When I celebrate, that usually comes with a discount for YOU.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is showing her lashes for National Lash Day

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Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a chunky knit colorblock sweater with straight leg jeans that have a large cuff and white sneakers with a glitter star

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To God Goes The Glory!

Isaiah 43:2

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I would love to hear from YOU!

  1. Nancy wrote:

    This might be too time consuming, but there used to be a magazine For decorating design. They would do two identical rooms, one with high end items, and then a copy, but with economical items.Readers were to guess which was which. Would love to see you do something like this with a couple of posts. Would help some of the people see how you can copy a high end look with budget friendly items?

    Posted 4.3.21 Reply
  2. Penny Jo wrote:

    I like your outfit today – I feel uncomfortable in turtle necks but on others they look great. J Jill is a good store to highlight like you do so many others. Why not? i have been following you for about a year and since we have similar coloring, I like to see what you are showing. And good grief people, if something is too expensive then don’t buy it – find something that works for you within the scheme. I would LOVE to have those Golden goose shoes and see them on others and they look so special even if they are wearing resale shop items every where else! I heard once to wear one statement piece in your outfit and the rest doesn’t make a difference. Love your blog, Tania.

    Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  3. Angela wrote:

    Wow, this post brought out some ‘Karens’. For those who are like the style but are on a budget (like myself), think outside of the box! There’s always Poshmark and Ebay. Also, Walmart and Target have the exact same styles for a fraction of the brand name prices. They typically look nice, wash well and are fine for a couple of seasons. For trendy pieces, that’s usually the best bet anyway. Spend a little more on classic pieces that will be worn for more seasons (like a capsule wardrobe.) Tania, I love your style and your posts. You have a little something for everyone. I wouldn’t change one thing.

    Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  4. Nancy Scott wrote:

    The best approach for me is to appreciate all of the outfits shown, take my own body type into account, and try to find things that are similar, that work for me. We don’t want to end up looking like clones! If something is too expensive then I try to find a less costly version. I appreciate the amount of effort you put into doing what you do, and that you have so much fun doing it.

    Posted 2.21.21 Reply
    • Angela wrote:


      Posted 2.21.21 Reply
  5. Mary jo wrote:

    I love the sweater. The colors look great on you. The jeans are super cute too. You have great style!!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  6. Janet H wrote:

    Not much of a fan of this outfit . I’m boxy enough as it is without wearing a sweater like that. I do like the idea, as one viewer commented, of you giving us lower price versions of some of the higher priced items that you wear. Years ago I use to get InStyle magazine, and they always had one article dedicated to dressing like the stars – only at more budget prices. I do like many of the styles you wear, but they are not always affordable for me. That being said, I still have ordered some of the lower priced items you have modeled. I do appreciate all your style, diet & beauty tips. I have purchased Lash Boost, Collagen for Her and Hair Biology. I like them all. Thank you for all your posts.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  7. Jeanne wrote:

    Love today’s outfit and I love JJill. I bought those jeans. Very comfy and stylish.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  8. Lisa Pickford wrote:

    Hi Tania, love the sweater today! I just ordered it and it’s 40% off – whoo hoo!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  9. CT Mary wrote:

    Hi Tania,
    I’ve been following you for about 2 years.
    I too get bummed when prices are high. But if I really love it… I’ll copy it… today I’m all over “shop the post” $20 cuffed jeans!! Thank you!
    I understand you have a lot of followers and you are styling for all of us.
    I’d like to also say…you help me see some styles I don’t like…so then I don’t waste my money or time on buying them. ; )

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  10. Sue wrote:

    I have become a fan of JJill the past 2 years.
    If you too enjoy there clothing would love to see
    some styled on the blog.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  11. Linnie S Z wrote:

    Tania-I am sorry there seem to be some haters on here today. You always put yourself out there which is difficult. I cannot afford some of these pieces any longer, since I lost my job with Covid, but I still enjoy seeing them. I appreciate you.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  12. Charlc Green wrote:

    I love this lilac sweater w those cute jeans and adorable sneakers! You really rock every look, but I love those colors! Thanks for offering us new Spring trends cause we’re all so done w winter! Great lash specials too, and your face looks beautiful in that lash view!!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
    • Marlene Ward wrote:

      I like the sweater but find that baggy style better for the younger crowd. I would prefer more fitted. I like the Jean style and length but just hemmed without the cuff.

      Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  13. RORY wrote:

    More flats and hair bands. Thank you.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  14. Rebecca wrote:

    These verses from Isaiah are my favorite. I love the the wording of the King James Version too. Thank you.

    You look lovely! Always.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  15. Donna wrote:

    I like the sweater. When you post on spring trends perhaps you can share high end vs low end. Similar to what you did with the sneakers – you can show what the expensive version of the trend is, plus an affordable version.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  16. Deb wrote:

    I began following you a few months back and have thoroughly enjoyed your posts. Would love a spring trends post, since I will be self conscious wearing my skinny jeans going forward. Never shopped JJill, but a friend is fanatical about them. Teach me your ways- I need your knowledge!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  17. Kim wrote:

    Yes I would love to see spring trends in a post. I forgot how much I like todays scripture post.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  18. Joanne wrote:

    You look absolutely adorable in this outfit! I love it. I really like those jeans and might order them.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  19. Shannon wrote:

    I love ALL your posts but would like to suggest that you change your background….lose the welcome sign with Christmas decor. It’s very distracting and detracts from your beauty and your outfit of the day. I think the entry area is a great spot, just think the blank wall next to the front door would be a better spot to showcase YOU!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  20. Olivia wrote:

    I found you about a 2 weeks ago. You have an amazing wardrobe. Being a petite size, I’ve been improvising many of your looks and purchased way too many garments.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  21. Kristie wrote:

    LOVE JJill!!!! Please style more from there. So comfortable!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  22. sue koren wrote:

    You had a brand of collegen powder in a post a couple weeks ago – can you remind me of the brand, please?
    Thank you.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  23. Stephanie wrote:

    I am really happy to have found you. I’m a retired teacher and a carpenters wife. When I put my hammer and nails down it’s nice to know what to wear to dinner. Ive forgotten how to put things together. Bless you.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  24. Alice Joffrion wrote:

    I love the sweater but for some reason turtleneck sweaters always make me feel like I am smothering…go figure. If not for that I would buy the sweater, the colors are beautiful. I would need to try on the jeans, they might be cute for spring. I love J.Jill’s clothes. They are generally high quality with lots of comfortable fabrics and styles.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  25. Cara wrote:

    You look adorable, as usual! A great casual look!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  26. Carolyn wrote:

    I would love to see how you style clothes from J Jill.
    I find I have to size down in most of their clothes. Thank you. Enjoy your weekend.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  27. Gayle wrote:

    Love the sweater! A feature on spring trends would be great. I have a purse from J Jill that is over 20 years old and is still going strong after being used on a daily basis.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  28. Sue B wrote:

    Hi Tania, love following your blog and have purchased many items that you have featured. I would love to see more items from J Jill as well!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  29. Judy C wrote:

    Love this outfit Tania. Perfect Saturday put together yet relaxed look. The sneakers are so cute. So glad these manufacturers started making knock offs of the golden goose ones. My daughter just bought a pair yesterday that are a knock off. Love how you mix higher end with lower end fashion lines.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  30. ellen wrote:

    I have shopped at JJill for years and would love to how you put their pieces together!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  31. Dianne wrote:

    I agree with Shari. The sweater is very boxy, and with the wide stripes, is not flattering.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  32. Gina wrote:

    Cute sweater but I have to agree with another lady who posted… I ,personally, do not like the wide cuff cropped Jean look. Have a great weekend!!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  33. Michele wrote:

    I absolutely love this outfit…the colors in the sweater are gorgeous. I am a big fan of J.Jill and always watch for sales. I am looking for a straight, full length jean but just haven’t found the perfect pair yet. The pair you are wearing would be a great option for something more trendy to wear instead of crop skinnies…which I don’t plan on giving up.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  34. Sheryl wrote:

    Love the lavender in the sweater, anything springy catches my eye. I have found I need to size down with the boxy styles!
    I meant to say I love your new house. The style is classic. I know it is 90 mns away, but what direction-hopefully south towards NMB.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  35. Sandy wrote:

    I’m not on instagram but my choice would be Spring trends and then you can pick and choose which “trends” you would want to put in your individual Spring capsule. I can’t believe how expensive those sneakers are if you buy the real thing.Sometime I think it would be interesting if you could do a post on what type of clothes look good on different body types. As much as I like the look of the rolled cuff jeans, they just don’t look good on my body shape. That’s where I struggle is what looks good on a particular “body shape”.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  36. Jean wrote:

    Sorry just can’t follow anymore. You used to have more affordable fashion ideas. These are just too much. Even if money no object I could not spend the money on the clothes you wear.

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  37. Liz wrote:

    Hi Tania. I have been shopping at J. Jill for years. Almost everything I order, I size down 1 size. I have found that their clothing pieces hold up well. I’d live to see you style more of their items! I hope your weekend is great!

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
  38. Shari wrote:

    Sorry … but just can’t love this outfit. The sweater is fine but since it’s so boxy I feel it would look better with more fitted jeans/pants. And those jeans just don’t do a thing for your legs. Not a fan of the wide cuffs. Feel like it cuts your legs off and makes them look short and stumpy. Again, sorry. Just my 2 cents

    Posted 2.20.21 Reply
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