Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old let her husband pick out her outfit, and she is wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater with ankle prints with blue vases on them

Today, we are going to play a game on the blog. If you like the game, we might make it a weekly or bi-weekly feature, so we will wait and see what you think. My blogger buddy, Jennifer from A Well Styled Life, has a weekly feature called, Would You Wear It. She goes to her local mall, takes a photo of a mannequin, and then asks her readers if they would wear the clothing. It is usually a lot of fun, so I decided to do something similar, but with a twist.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old let her husband pick out her outfit, and she is wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater with ankle prints with blue vases on them in front of a picnic table

Today’s version is, Are You Brave Enough To Let Your Husband Pick Out Your Outfit??? I don’t have a local mall, and the nearest one is about 2 hours away. So, I can’t take a photo of a mannequin to show all of you. But, I just received a catalog in the mail, so I handed it to Joe and told him to pick me out some clothing that he would like to see me wear.

I gave him a big black sharpie, and he went through and found TWO outfits that he wanted me to order. Today, you will see the first outfit, and I will upload the second outfit at a later date.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old let her husband pick out her outfit, and she is sitting on a picnic table wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater with ankle prints with blue vases on them

Are You Brave Enough to Let Your Husband Pick Out Your Outfit

  1. Comment if you would wear the entire outfit or only parts of the outfit.
  2. Try to keep the comments specific, such as: “I couldn’t wear those pants because I am short/tall,” instead of, “those pants are hideous.” Remember, what you might hate, someone else might love.
  3. Comment if you are brave enough to let your husband/friend/son/daughter/neighbor pick out an outfit for you.
  4. Finally, comment if you liked this idea and would like to see it as a regular feature on the blog.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater with white trim from Talbots

Joe has always LOVED Talbots. When we first started dating in 1986, he tried to get me to wear their clothing, but I thought it was too matronly for me. Either their styles have changed, or my tastes have changed because I now love their clothing. When he would travel out of town, he would usually go by one of their stores and bring me back something he picked out.

Now, he got to do the same thing, only using modern technology and ordering everything online. When I gave him the catalog to look through, I was shocked at the two outfits he chose. Honestly, I would have never thought that he would pick out this combination.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater from Talbots and sitting at a picnic table

This linen v-neck pullover sweater is a beautiful sky blue. The white trim pops off of the blue, and it emphasizes the v-neck even more. The great part about that is that it draws your eye downward and elongates the neck. This helps to take the emphasis off of any multiple chins that you might have. I also love the cable-knit stitching on the trim that gives the sweater a dressier look. My DIL said, “this sweater is perfect for golf or tennis.” I think she meant it looked like a preppy style.

If the v-neck is too low for you, you can add a camisole underneath or a button-up shirt. I decided that there was enough print in the look, so I didn’t add a shirt. I am wearing a size medium in the top, and I think it is a perfect size.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a pair of ankle prints with blue vases on them

I was surprised that Joe liked the watercolor vases print on these slim ankle jeans. He isn’t usually fond of prints on pants, but I guess a man can change his mind. Evidently, everyone else liked these pants since they are only available in a size 2 and 16. With Talbots clothing, I usually have to size down one size in pants, so I am wearing a size 8, and they fit me fine.

You can still get the same look with this canvas a-line skirt in the same print. I like the length of the skirt since it is longer but not dowdy.

Here are some other printed pants that would also go with the sweater.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater from Talbots with ankle prints with blue vases on them

Joe didn’t pick out the shoes for either outfit, but I added these Vachetta leather sandals in navy. I have been looking for a pair of casual navy sandals since I don’t have any in my closet. I think that I am missing a tote since I can’t find any of my summer shoes. Oh, shoot! That means that I need to go shopping and buy more shoes. Darn, I sure hate that! Lol!!! I am wearing my usual size 9, and these fit me great. BTW, they have a rubber sole, so that will help to keep them from being slippery.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is wearing a blue v-neck sweater with ankle prints with blue vases from Talbots

The last piece of my outfit is this Tory Burch handbag that I bought during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I love quality handbags, and I try to buy one when I find them on sale. I can carry them for years, and I have never regretted making the purchase. Feeling like I got a “deal” is the key, so when I post about a sale, be sure to grab something that you will love for years to come.

Fashion Blogger 50 Is Not Old is sitting on a picnic table laughing while wearing a sky blue v-neck sweater with ankle prints with blue vases on them

Soooo, what did you think about today’s game? This was a lot of fun for me, and I’ve already handed Joe another catalog to look at. I challenge you gurls now, and I would love to hear what your husbands pick out for you.

If you wonder what I found so funny, I am laughing about the time that my sister’s husband got sent to the dog house. He should have watched the show, “what NOT to say!” Lol!

This week’s winner is…..KIM !!! I’m loving doing these weekly giveaways, so keep commenting, and you might be next week’s winner.

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  1. Monika wrote:

    How do I get a private message to you? I have a question about sharing pics.

    Posted 5.10.21 Reply
  2. Anne Smith wrote:

    I’ve noticed that the mature women I observe who look chic and put together are usually wearing solid tops and can pull off a pattern on the bottom. Love this look on you, too.

    Posted 4.22.21 Reply
  3. Ellibelle wrote:

    How fun!! I think he did really well choosing this outfit! I personally would totally wear the sweater, but when it comes to pants I always seem to gravitate towards solid colors. However, if this was reversed (top in this print and pants in the color of the sweater I would totally wear this.
    I do think it looks really good on you and so perfect for spring and summer!

    Posted 4.22.21 Reply
  4. Angelia Wampner wrote:

    The outfit is cute, love the sweater. The pants I would have to try on as I am only 5’3 and not sure of them. My husband has tried to put outfit suggestions together for me. It becomes obvious he doesnt have a fashion sense. Think I will stick to choosing my clothes….. Keep the Let your husband select a outfit for you in the mix, maybe I will be brave again and let mine..

    Posted 4.18.21 Reply
  5. Cara MacNinch wrote:

    I love the outfit! Your husband has great taste. You look awesome.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  6. Betty Sanders wrote:

    I would wear the outfit if it was given to me. I don’t spend that much on an outfit. I love the alternate paisley pants. I doubt that I would let my husband choose an outfit for me! I’ve seen the way he dressed our daughters!! I love this idea for your blog though.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  7. Karen wrote:

    Yes ! Your husbandry’s great taste in clothes and Women!

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  8. Paula G Ryba wrote:

    The “hubby choosing oufits” post was amusing and quirky, great to read about. I don’t even ask my husband about what I wear anymore, maybe one of my daughters if they are around. The last thing my husband commented was an animal print ruana that I wore on a chilly weekend in Abingdon, VA. I felt fashionable, and the fact that he noticed made me feel special. I am 70, and fight constantly with myself to not dress like an old lady, but not dress too young and silly. Your blog helps me immensely, and I have ordered (and kept) many items that you have featured; more from you than any other fashion blog that I follow. Please, Please continue with your fun, personable blog.

    Posted 4.17.21 Reply
  9. I love, love, LOVE that outfit! You always look adorable.

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  10. ELIZABETH wrote:

    Yes I let my honey pick out clothes. He was especially good when I was younger as he would get something a bit sexier. I laughed about Talbots as I would wear that in the eighties and I was too young for that matronly stuff – what was I thinking. I don’t shop there as much these days but sometimes I find some good items.

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  11. Kathy wrote:

    Well done Joe!

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  12. Meredith wrote:

    Fun game! I love the sweater-pretty color and nice style for spring. The pants are very preppy, nice colors but the print isn’t for me. I would let my husband pick something out for me, he knows me pretty well after 31 years married. 😀

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  13. Dana wrote:

    Joe did a good job on the outfit! I’ve been eyeing both of those pieces and you look great in them! I’m not brave enough to let my husband pick out clothes for me, there’s NO telling what kind of potato sack I’d end up in!!

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  14. Lesley wrote:

    You look lovely the colours are perfect on you; Joe really knows what suits you. 🙂

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  15. Charlotte wrote:

    Your husband has good taste. Love the colors!

    Posted 4.16.21 Reply
    • Sharon wrote:

      Joe did a fabulous job with this outfit..I’ve been on the fence about this sweater for a while but ordered on line the night before you posted this…now I’m really tempted to get the pants but Talbots pants are typically too large for me in the mid section and I’m pretty small so I think the pattern might overwhelm my frame but they look great on you. Excited to see the next outfit he picks for you and I think this is a fun feature..in the future you might ask your daughter in law to select something I always enjoy my daughters thoughts on clothes..

      Posted 4.16.21 Reply
  16. Julia wrote:

    Great job Joe! The outfit looks fantastic on you! I would not let my husband pick out an outfit for me. I shudder just thinking about it. Maybe Joe could do a “fashion for your wife” blog post.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  17. Joy M. wrote:

    I would definitely wear this outfit! Joe did a good job. I might let my husband pick an outfit for me out of a Talbot’s catalog, but I wouldn’t turn him loose in a store with a lot of options. God bless his heart, he truly loves me, lumps, bumps, and all and I don’t think he understands camouflage. 😁 I enjoyed this post.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  18. Chris wrote:

    Such a great outfit! Joe has great taste! Can’t wait to see what he picks next!!! Love the colors in this outfit! I would enjoy this feature!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  19. monique dickerson wrote:

    I would wear the sweater but feel I am a little too big on the bottom for the pants. Not sure if I would let the hubs pick out my outfit. He does have pretty good taste ( he chose me, didn’t he?). I love this idea. You should definitely do it again ❤️

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  20. Janice wrote:

    I don’t think I would wear those pants. The top is very preppy looking(showing my age). With the top and pants together I would opt for different sandals more closely matching the top. For me the purse/tote would be a light straw with blue trim. Well, that’s just me. You tend to make anything you put on look great. Tel Joe “nice job”

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  21. Laurel wrote:

    Love the outfit and would definitely wear it. I love the quality of Talbots clothing. What a fun idea having your husband pick out the outfits. Would enjoy seeing you continue with this. I would let my husband pick out an outfit for me. We have similar likes in clothing. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  22. Karyn Lentz wrote:

    I love that you are brave and that your husband has such good taste. Those colors compliment your skin tone.
    Personally I would wear that outfit if it was in autumn colors. I definitely love the purse’s size and color.

    My bravery comes when wearing clothes my 31 year old daughter has chosen for me…a little more textured and patterned that I usually wear. However I always get compliments. So I definitely need her to keep me current and fun.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  23. Carla Webster wrote:

    Love the outfit and the idea of Joe picking your outfit! So fun!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  24. Diane wrote:

    I love this outfit. I would wear the sweater and the pants. Great job!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  25. GAYLE M DAVIS wrote:

    Joe did a good job!! My husband use to pick out almost all my clothes and i always loved what he chose! Now, I can’t get him to go into a store unless it’s Lowe’s or a feed store!!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  26. Kathy wrote:

    I think Joe did great! Looks like a golfing 🏌️ outfit to me … maybe that’s a hint… ha! I’m sure my hubby would pick out something similar….. or maybe I don’t want to see what he would pick out! 😜

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  27. Audrey wrote:

    I really like the sweater. I have noticed it in the Talbot catalog. Looks great on you as well.
    I like the printed slacks, but I am too timid to try them for myself.
    Overall, I feel Joe did a great job picking this outfit.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  28. Julie Traxler wrote:

    I like this game! As for the outfit… your hubby picked a beautiful one for you. The colors and style are amazing!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  29. Julia A. wrote:

    I like the outfit, it looks great on you. Go Joe! He has great taste!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  30. Kim wrote:

    I like the pants but I am petite and think they would over take me. I would not let my husband look at any clothing catalogues because he would think every thing is too expensive. Not sure who I would let pick out clothes for me in my family, maybe my daughter or sister in law.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  31. Nancy M. wrote:

    I can’t put my finger on exactly what I don’t like about this outfit, but I wouldn’t wear it. I think maybe the print in the pants is what throws it for me.
    I would not let my husband pick my outfit. I have too much fun with fashion; it’s my hobby, kind of, so I want it all to myself!
    As far as a regular feature of your blog; nothing against Joe, but I’d say no, what’s the point? You have such a great style sense that I’d prefer to see what you like. And I agree! Talbot’s must have done a revamping to keep up with the trends and what women want, while still keeping their classic look.
    I love their clothes!

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  32. Maggie wrote:

    Joe has good taste. The color combination is very flattering for you. I like the idea of letting Joe pick out an outfit. Can’t wait to see outfit number two.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  33. Penny Jo wrote:

    Joe did great. I cannot wear the sweater as it is too heavy for Gulf coast Texas. It is gorgeous on you. I had a pair of print pants a few years back with this color combo and loved them – too bad I grew out of them haha

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  34. Stacie J Kreitman wrote:

    I think Joe did okay. I have looked at the pants on a mannequin at the mall where I walk, but they look much better on you. Love the sweater.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  35. Kim wrote:

    I like the outfit on you! 😊
    I’m not sure about the print pants for myself only because I carry my weight in my legs.
    Yes, this would be a fun addition to your blog.
    No, I wouldn’t let my husband pick out my clothing.
    We do not have the same taste.
    Kim 🌸

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  36. Tina Wisler wrote:

    Woohoo!! FINALLY figured out how to leave a comment! I think. My ex fiancé was amazing at selecting outfits! They looked great, they were usually something I would never pick and I ALWAYS got compliments.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
  37. Kathy wrote:

    Your husband has good taste! That outfit is great on you, especially love the color of the sweater for you.

    Posted 4.15.21 Reply
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