50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I had babysitting duty on Saturday with Emersyn. Her mother and father took her little brother, and they all drove 2-hours to go shopping. Emersyn doesn’t like shopping, so she chose to come to my house instead. It is cool that she prefers me over shopping. But, I know that when she gets older, I will NOT be her first choice. Lol! She wanted to go and eat (translation: get something from TCBY) and then go to Walmart to get a toy. So, I hopped in the shower while she was watching cartoons.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I had just lathered up my hair when she comes into the room and tells me that she found the Oatmeal Cakes that Joe had brought in the night before. She asked if she could have one, and I told her that she could either have the cookie or TCBY. Talk about a hard decision for her, she finally went and got a coin, and tossed it in the air to see which one she should do. She said the Oatmeal Cake was the winner, and off she ran. I was almost finished with my shower when she came back in and told me that she had been wrong, TCBY won. I said okay, and off she ran. I finished getting dressed, and we went to grab something to eat and then to head to Walmart. It was funny that after she ate she didn’t want to go to TCBY. When we got home, I asked her if she felt alright and she said that she did. I kept asking questions and told her that I was worried about her since she didn’t want TCBY after all. Here it comes…she had eaten the cookie and was planning on eating TCBY too. She played me, but it ended up backfiring on her. She was too full to go to TCBY, so she just got to have one treat. Lol! I laughed at her for the trick not working, and then I told her that we weren’t going to go the Dollar Store after church (our usual routine) since she had fibbed to me. Her little trick backfired on her. Hahaha!
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I love this color blue. On the website, they call it Horizon Blue, so I guess they thought it was the color of the sky on the horizon. I am not that artistic; I call it medium blue or sky blue. But, no matter what you want to call this color, I think that it is beautiful. I bought this, and a few others, about a month ago at Old Navy. This has a crew neckline, long sleeves, and a rib-knit hemline and cuffs. This is machine washable, and I am wearing a size medium. I love wearing cardigans because I think that they help to create a waistline for me since I am shaped like a ruler. I have a photo later in this post that will show you the difference without the cardigan. Here is the link to the sweater, and it comes in several more colors.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40I tried to keep my jewelry colorful. My shorts have so many different colors that I could have chosen a lot of different things. I added three bracelets from the Randee set. The bracelets are all on an elastic cord, making them easy to put on and take off. The long gold necklace is one that I have worn for a long time. I like it because it will go with anything, and I can grab it when I can’t find anything else to wear. It is the Vienna, and it reminds me of Ralph Lauren clothing. I think that the links in the necklace look like a bridle bit for a horse. I can’t leave without talking about these cute multi-colored earrings. These are very lightweight, and they feature every color under the sun. Lol! I can’t remember where I bought these; I think it was from Versona.

50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40See, I told you that I am built like a ruler. I have no curves at all, so the cardigan gives me the illusion of curves. These shorts got the Joe approval stamp. Lol! I had someone request that I do a post on a paper bag waist ( or a ruffled waist) in shorts. I found this pair, and I fell in love with all of the colors. This is by eci New York, and they feature a 6.5″ inseam. These have a drawstring waist and are machine washable. I am wearing a size medium for sizing reference. Here is the link to the shorts.
50 IS NOT OLD | ARE PAPER BAG WAIST SHORTS FOR YOU | FASHION OVER 40Y’all, how is this my life? I need to pick a destination trip so that Joe Stephens and I can go and be pampered by Rodan + Fields. But, I am so torn, and I feel like the squirrel ? (or in this case, chipmunk) trying to cross the road. I keep going back and forth between Banff Canada or New York. The deadline to make my decision is swiftly approaching, and I need HELP!!!

PS: Banff is beautiful and cold, and that is where my daughter wants to go, and New York has always been on my bucket list to go around Christmas time and see the Christmas tree and all of the window displays. And, now Joe has chimed in and says that he wants to go to Miami. Plus, everybody keeps telling me to pick Sedona that it is beautiful! Help me out by commenting on your choice, especially if you have visited any of these places.

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  1. Chris Falk wrote:

    I’ve never been to Banff but I hear it is amazing but after enduring a like Minnesota winter, I would most likely choose somewhere else. I love Sedona! We went there in 2017 while our son and his wife lived in Phoenix. It is so beautiful! It is a unique beauty compared to what I see every day. My son and his wife had their engagement pictures taken there. New York is incredible! I’ve been there 3 times and love it! There is so much to do and so many food choices. That would be my choice if I had to choose!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  2. Nickim298 wrote:

    love the outfit ! i would say NY there is much to see and do. the theater, shopping, the people and most importantly the food. but im bias i from NYC

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  3. Nancy wrote:

    Haha,that s the way to learn about life for her! So funny! I like paper bag shorts, and skirts and trousers!??

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  4. Stephanie J wrote:

    I haven’t been to Canada but I’ve been to New York and Sedona. I would definitely pick Sedona because it is so beautiful!! Sounds like a wonderful problem to have!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  5. Spp wrote:

    No question about it, New York.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  6. AnneA wrote:

    NYC at Christmas time is magic, and you really should see it once in your life. There are pop-up markets in the parks, the window displays are amazing, and don’t miss Radio City and the Rockettes!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  7. Marcia wrote:

    I guess it all depends on whether you want hustle and bustle and lots of excitement or a more quite, peaceful vacation……

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
    • Cindy wrote:

      …and time of year this trip will be.

      Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  8. Joyce wrote:

    Sedona, Arizona. The colors are breathtaking.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  9. Cheryl Peffer wrote:


    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  10. Barbara J Marshall wrote:

    Banff is incredibly beautiful…but, as a Canadian I would say that anyway. In the summer, it is NOT cold, and might even be quite hot. And with the exchange rate right now on the money, your thousand would become a million! Well, not quite.?

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  11. Mary Lou wrote:

    Im all for Banff. I havent been there, but as an assitant, I’ve booked several trips for the execs. They love it. Cute story about Emersyn.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  12. Sondra wrote:

    New York at Christmas time is absolutely magical! I’ve been to Arizona & New Mexico…..NEW YORK would be my #1 hands down choice. Have fun wherever you choose to go!!! Your outfit is darling! At my age….I just don’t do shorts anymore (at least not out of my home). Love the blue sweater but they’re all sold out of my size. Bummer! OH, and I’ve been to New York three times. It would still be my hands down choice!! Ha!!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  13. Angie wrote:

    Sedona, so beautiful, relaxing, very spiritual. Everyone should see it for themselves. Red mountains, blue skies, jeep tours up the side of the mountains. You wont be sorry!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  14. Grace wrote:

    Banff! The scenery is beautiful, and the town itself is so quaint! We went at the end of May last year and the weather was perfect for most of our 10 day trip with Rocky Mountaineer. Clear and 70’s. But it did start raining, and then turn to snow, on the last day, so you have to be prepared!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  15. Sharolyn wrote:

    I have been to a lot of those places. They all have unique qualities of fun. Maybe you should flip a coin. ? ?

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  16. sandy wrote:

    My shorts have to be longer length now a days and I just haven’t gotten into the paper bag look. I feel on me they make my waist look larger; even in long pants that are paper bag style so I don’t think they are for everybody. Nice when you can do the trends and that blue sweater is so pretty. I think you need to choose where “you” want to go or find out why your husband and daughter want to go to Banff and Miami and make sure you want to do or see the same things that they do so you are all on the “same page”.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  17. michelle Johnson wrote:

    Being selfish I say Chicago, Just so I could meet you for a drink !!! You are going to Nashville for convention so that one is out. Banff I’ve been told has beautiful scenery, probably a good place to be pampered. I’ve also always wanted to go to New York, again a good place to be pampered. I think you could go to Miami anytime, yes you wouldn’t be pampered by R+F, but Miami pampers you just by being there.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  18. Lisa wrote:

    Tonya, I’d pick Banff. LOL..but I’m a hiker. I’ve seen beautiful photos of Banff. You can do NY anytime. Love the shorts on you.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  19. Kandy wrote:

    You said it. You want to go to NYC. As mothers and wives, we always go with what the children and husband say……you’ve earned it now. Go to NYC!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  20. Joni wrote:

    Banff all the way!!! But not when it’s super cold!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  21. Miriam wrote:

    Sedona is beautiful!! We’re flying out that way in a few days and I can’t wait!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  22. Sally Bauman wrote:

    I guess it depends on what you are looking for…New York is bright lights big city and busy busy busy! Banff is nature at its finest, but the weather can be tempermental, we have been there in July and it snowed! I am Canadian so of course I would pick Banff…there are Elk that walk the town (not tame though), you would have to check out Moraine Lake & Lake Louise as well as they are just gorgeous and should not be missed…just remember you will get an extra 38 cents on your dollar as well!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  23. Angela Pennington wrote:

    I’ve been to Miami, South Beach area specifically….I suppose it would be warm at Christmas but I just didn’t feel safe there. It was beautiful and I am a rural, country girl so perhaps others would feel differently but I actually felt safer in New York if you can imagine that!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  24. Gayle wrote:

    NYC at Christmas! Sedona is gorgeous in the spring. Banff for a summer trip. I live on Miami Beach, Dec. is nice!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  25. Deborah Wenner wrote:

    Hmm…… this is a tough one! So many good choices, but I’m going to say if you’ve never been to NYC at Christmas, you should go! There will be crowds, but lots to do & see. Make sure to take in a show, & stroll 5th Ave. Go to Bryant Park Christmas market, Central Park,Rockefeller Center, & explore Chelsea & Soho!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  26. Karen wrote:

    Much depends on what you want to do on holiday. I live an hour away from Banff, one of the most beautiful places in the world and I have travelled a lot. Winter you will find snow cold and lots of skiing and winter activities. Hiking trails will be closed or snowy. Spring (around now) or fall are ideal times to come here if you aren’t a winter person/may still have snow but summer tourists haven’t arrived yet. So many beautiful drives and hikes/walks.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  27. Linda wrote:

    I would suggest Banff. We drove there in our motorhome on a trip to Alaska several years ago and it is breathtaking. Every turn in the road is more beautiful than the last. The Canadian Rockies are spectacular. Also since you live on the east side it would be much easier for you to get to New York on a future trip than to get to Banff. Whatever you choose have a great time.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  28. Joanne Poloway wrote:

    I had to chime in with the other Canadians! You should totally come to Banff – it is beautiful and definitely not cold in the summer. It will be cool at night because it is in the mountains. If you need a tour guide I live an hour away and would be happy to help! LOL! I agree that if you are in Banff, you would need to also go and do some side trips for Jasper and Lake Louise. There is also a glacier tour you can do. You would definitely need a warm coat for that. New York was on my bucket list too and I finally got to go with my husband last year for our 20 year anniversary. It was amazing, but expensive. So I guess if the trip is on someone else….But if you want to go at Christmas, you go at Christmas – this is your trip. Both destinations would be great but my vote is for Banff, Canada (but then I am biased!)

    Love the paper bag shorts and have been looking for a pair myself.

    Good luck with picking your trip – I can hardly wait to see where you end up!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  29. Jena wrote:

    Poor Emersyn! Glad she was able to get that off her conscience! You say NYC at Christmas is on your bucket list, so I’d go there. Besides, it’s also expensive, right? Go when someone else is paying and do it in style!!!!! : )

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  30. Crystal Messick wrote:

    Between the 2 choices you are down to I would choose Banff. For me it would be between Sedona, Utah or San Francisco. I hope this helps.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  31. Angie wrote:

    I’m from NY and it is still my first choice because Christmas is a very special time of year, and no one does it better. It’s cold, noisy and crowded for sure. But It’s not just the smell of roasted chestnuts, pizza and Starbucks coffee, the sound of car horns, street musicians, clomping horses pulling ornate carriages near Central Park, the sight of a spectacular tree lit up at night at Rockefeller Center, the lights of Broadway theatres with one-of-kind knockout performances, but it’s also the deep feeling of goodwill, holiness, youthful wonder, and magic that only happens at Christmas.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  32. Johnna wrote:

    If you’re going in the fall/winter I’d pick Sedona. Friends tell me its gorgeous there. I also hear that Banff is totally cool place to go and Joe will like the golf according to my husband. That was his pick. Not a bad problem to have. You look cute in the paper bag waist shorts but every time I put a pair on I find them unflattering. I don’t have curves either. So they aren’t for me. Overall, a cute spring/summer outfit.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  33. Sandy wrote:

    Cute outfit, wear it without the sweater it looks better!!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  34. Linda B. Lott wrote:


    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  35. NS wrote:

    No opinion on a trip but good job on dealing with a lying child. I always told my kids: lie to me about something and the punishment for the lie will be worse than what you were lying about! And, since I live in a small town with lots of cousins, aunts, uncles, etc. I usually found out what they were up to. I’m sure I missed a few things but not too many. By the way, all the kids turned out fine – all have earned master’s degrees, strong marriages, steady jobs, etc.!

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  36. Lori wrote:

    Where did you get the fabric for your shorts? I like your suggestions on how to look like a person has a waist.

    Posted 6.3.19 Reply
  37. Regina R. wrote:

    Banff sounds fantastic – if it’s not in the Winter time.

    Posted 6.5.19 Reply
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