50 IS NOT OLD | AN EXCURSION TO FLORIDA | FASHION OVER 40Happy Friday!!! You are in for a treat on today’s post. I will be sharing a lot of my photos from my trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida, and I am also introducing you to another Tennessee girl on Friday With Friends. You might notice a common theme with the blogger friends that I have been bringing to you so far, and that is the theme of inspiration and positivity. Dawn’s goal is to uplift you with fun, positivity, and great style ideas. However, today’s blogger doesn’t post to a blog much any more but is instead starting a YouTube channel. You can check her channel by going here.
50 IS NOT OLD | AN EXCURSION TO FLORIDA | FASHION OVER 40It was a blast having so many of my business partners on this trip. On the trips that I have earned to Mexico, I don’t usually know anyone else that is on the trips. The fact that I know all of these ladies is one of the things that makes this trip so special. From left to right you have Leigh Ann, (aka Energizer Bunny) Ashleigh, (My daughter) me, and Kim who made this trip for the very first time.
50 IS NOT OLD | AN EXCURSION TO FLORIDA | FASHION OVER 40We all made the trip to Florida to get to meet and hear Jacqueline Qualls speak. She is so inspiring to me for several reasons. She was let go from her high paying corporate job at the age of 62. She had reached the top of the income level at her career and had just landed a huge account for her employers. Instead of getting a raise, she was given a severance package. How she turned her life around is impressive. I love that she is not a spring chicken and that she is from a small town about 15 minutes from where I grew up. She is the perfect example that you are never too old to try new things and reinvent your life.
50 IS NOT OLD | AN EXCURSION TO FLORIDA | FASHION OVER 40Several of us went out to a fantastic lunch at La Crema. If you are a fan of crispy Brussel Sprouts, then you “need” to make a beeline to get these. I promise you that these Brussel Sprouts are worth the trip! We might have spent a few glorious days at the beach. We sat around talking, planning, sharing all things Rodan + Fields. Of course, we also did a whole lot of laying in the sun and playing in the ocean too. Lol!
I loved how the hat cast these shadows on my skin. It almost looks like I have on a lace collar. I had these hats made for the trip because I loved the wording. It has been a fantastic journey already, and I am just now beginning.
Since my daughter is a Marine Biologist, I thought that this photo was perfect. She loves sharks, and this is her favorite shirt.
The last day that we were in Florida, my daughter found an Eco Tour that took us to a freshwater underground cave spring. We had the option of riding a canoe, a kayak, or a paddleboard to the site of the cave which was about a 25-minute trip. I ended up choosing the paddleboard even though I had never ridden on one before.
I am a firm believer in getting out of your comfort zone, and this was far out of my zone. Lol! I was able to stand up reasonably quickly; however, the balancing act was harder to conquer. My dismount was not as graceful; however, it took me a few tries to figure out how to go from the standing position to my knees. The first time that I tried to go from standing to my knees I ended up going in the water. The name of the excursion company is Coldwater Excursions, and it is called that for a reason…the water almost took my breath away it was so cold.
In addition to the paddleboards, they had some snorkeling gear and these little motorized devices that pulled you around in the water. Here is my daughter enjoying the spring, and she even used this device to dive down under the water. The water is crystal clear, and it was amazing what was under the surface. It was hilarious trying to get a picture of all of us when we got to the site. We hadn’t gotten the hang of maneuvering these things yet, and we kept floating away and even turning around backward. The guide was cracking up the whole time.
Be sure to remember to head over to check out Dawn’s YouTube channel.

I never knew that work could be so much fun, I was raised to think that you worked in an office and clocked in from 8:00 am, and you didn’t go home until 5:00 pm. I was taught that you work as hard as you can for someone else, and in return, you will draw a paycheck. However, I was never told that there was no security in this type of environment. After listening to Jacquie’s story, I realized that performance is not always a deciding factor on how long you get to work for someone. I would love to introduce you to the best boss that I have ever found…it is me. Hahaha! I can help you be your own boss also, and next year you can join my friends and me in Florida too.

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  1. Kaye wrote:

    Glad to meet Energizer Bunny. Looked like so much work! lol. Glad it was a good trip.

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
    • Daria armstrong wrote:

      Love your pics from your florida trip. Looks like you all had a bunch of fun. You go girl. And you look fabulous in that swimsuit. I might not be afraid to wear one this summer.

      Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  2. Jena wrote:

    LOVE the pics!!!! Thanks for sharing! Um, were there alligators in that water?!!!!!!!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  3. Alicia Wilson wrote:

    Where did you stay and did you like your accommodations?

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  4. BeeeBeee wrote:

    This reminds me of the headwaters of the Holmes (Homes?) River I visited about 20 years ago. So pretty! Looks like such a fun trip!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  5. Pam Caldwell wrote:

    Beautiful pictures! What was the name of the place where you had the cave, snorkel excursion? I love that there is a machine that can drive you around and down in the water!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  6. Teresa Bolling wrote:

    Looks like you all had a wonderful trip. Glad to meet the “Energizer Bunny”. Have a wonderful weekend!.

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  7. Johnna wrote:

    Talk about inspiring. My gosh, I’m proud of you all. You’re helping me get out of my very comfortable “comfort zone”. It’s scary but exciting at same time. These pictures prove that anything is possible. At least to me. Thanks for the dose of “You can do it” this morning. Love the hat!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  8. Tania, We have our own paddle boards in Gulf Coast Florida and love paddling on the Weeki Wachee River, more emerald green spring-fed waters where you often see manatees in the winter. SUP is the best, no?! I have one of those Freek cases to keep my iPhone dry. It’s the best, too! I love your Friday posts introducing blogger friends. I just followed this week’s on her Youtube channel. Enjoy the weekend!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  9. Angie wrote:

    Love the photos! I actually felt like I went along for the fun just now and had a great time, lol! Tania, you rock!

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  10. Charlcy Green wrote:

    Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures Tanya. You have more fun. And I am so proud of you doing that paddle board. I don’t think I’d be brave enough. I love the hat you designed.

    Posted 5.3.19 Reply
  11. Wendy wrote:

    Love the tropical dress you are wearing above and wondered if you are planning to share the information on it? Thank you!

    Posted 5.5.19 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Wendy, I will have a post on that dress soon. I didn’t get any pictures wearing the dress yet.

      Posted 5.5.19 Reply
  12. Good for you girls – you certainly pushed yourselves out of your comfort zone. Thank you for sharing. Regards – Jill stylishatsixty

    Posted 5.5.19 Reply
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