50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSI know all of you think my blog has been a little off this week. Some of you might even think my blog is a little off “most” weeks. Haha! I wanted to spend a little time with my family which I don’t get to visit with a lot so I haven’t been taking photos of my outfits. It is a little difficult to have a fashion blog without pictures but I am somehow managing. Today, I am going over a few of my favorite outfits from December and telling you what I like about each one.50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSMy Date Night Outfit is one of my favorite outfits. This outfit combined a few of my favorite style items. I like the easy, flowy swing dress style and I love leggings. The blanket scarf is a cute accessory that makes a HUGE impact and is super easy, and cheap, to wear. I think the real reason I love the outfit is because of the memory of a date night. That makes the outfit more special. My plunder jewelry is Raelynn, Abela, and the Wanda.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSFaux fur vest is the perfect winter accessory, it adds warmth and tons of style. I think I like this outfit because of the color of the top. The deep color in the top just pops. I am not a huge fan of bootcut jeans but I wanted to mix up the look some. The wine colored booties also add a different look than my normal brown or black boots. The Plunder necklace with the material strips was a Plunder Posse purchase and not currently available unless you can find it on Ebay. The Annie and the “bling” bracelets are linked in this post in another look. My Ashton earrings are my favorite gold earrings from Plunder.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSI love this outfit for its comfort level. This is such an easy, wear anywhere, outfit. The oversized cashmere top is soooooft. I love cashmere, especially when it only costs me $12.00. You gurls keep saying you are going to come shopping with me at the overstock stores. I am waiting…… My Plunder jewelry is comfortable as well. I am wearing a new necklace that is supposed to be one of their top sellers. It is called the Gabbie. I feel like I will wear this necklace a lot more in the summer months. The black cuff bracelet was a Halloween special purchase, but there is a brown one called Pippa that is identical. I wanted to add a little glamor to the outfit so I put on my Hugo bracelet for a little bling.

50 IS NOT OLD | A FEW OF MY FAVORITE THINGSThis outfit was one I liked for the message. Attitude and confidence are two attributes that I strive for. As we age our identities get lost along the way. We become wife, mommy, friend, waitress, employee, etc. Becoming “me” is something that can take a while to find. Empty nest, retirement, and menopause can take a toil on self-confidence. I love when I get emails from you telling me how you are getting compliments and that others are noticing your outfits. These are confidence building and your attitude will change about yourself. If you wear an outfit like this one you have to have attitude. The lipstick and the shoes are attitude adjustments. The velvet cropped blazer is from Cato Fashions, and it is on sale. The Plunder accessories are three bling bracelets, (Gage, Kylie, and Hugo) and the Joey and Annie necklaces.

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Joining Plunder is 99.00. That is not a huge amount of money for starting your own business but I want to make it even easier. If you join Plunder with me, I will offer to pay half of your kit back to you. If you are interested, then email me for the details at fiftyisnotold@gmail.com

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Opportunities come in different forms and sometimes they come when we aren’t even looking. I can tell you honestly that I am so glad I decided to blindly follow my instincts, even though I had no idea where it was taking me. I can’t wait to see where it is taking me next. Come join me.

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  1. Theresa Harding wrote:

    Enjoying your blog. Hope you had a wonderful time with family.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  2. Sheela Goh wrote:

    For all the reasons you stated, Tania, the confidence booster outfit is my personal fave. It is hard to melt into the background and be a wallflower with red hot boots and lips. And some days, that’s precisely the nudge we all need to remind ourselves that while we are more than enough just the way we are, that doesn’t mean a little self-pampering isn’t good for the heart, mind and soul 🙂 I suppose you could say that my gym time is my red lipstick, my pair of red boots. It’s the one moment within the day that I’m not someone’s wife, someone’s mother, chauffeur, cook, housekeeper, employee, but simply Sheela xoxo

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
    • Sheela Goh wrote:

      On another note, I need to email you about the Rodan & Fields lash serum I’ve been hearing such good things about.

      Posted 12.28.16 Reply
    • Susan Stancliff wrote:

      Beautifully put Sheela! I am the same way. Nothing gives me more confidence than my red lipstick!

      Posted 12.29.16 Reply
  3. Sue wrote:

    These are my favorite outfits you have posted. And I LOVE your hair!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  4. hinesley7 wrote:

    I am in awe that you can post every day. Great job!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  5. Valerie wrote:

    I love the fur vests. Enjoy the holidays and take as much time as you want. Looking forward to seeing more outfits in the future!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  6. Have a fabulous time with family! I like all of your December favorites. Now I think I need some red booties & a fur vest!

    Wishing you health & much happiness in 2017 dear Tania!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  7. Jennifer wrote:

    Since I’ve started following your blog, you have inspired me to wear more color. Love all these outfits. I especially love the faux fur vest. I have one very similar that I wear. Enjoy your time with your family. They are our greatest blessings.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  8. Susan Stancliff wrote:

    Enjoy the time with your family. They are the most important things we have. My favorite is the fur vest. I love it! Have you changed up your eye makeup. It is just popping! Looks fabulous.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  9. Lynne wrote:

    I am really enjoying your blog and all the different things you feature. Please don’t think you need to post an outfit each and every day. Your family is important and we can wait!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  10. Phyllis wrote:

    Love your blog. Take all the time you need. I’ll still be here.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  11. Melesa Garrison wrote:

    My favorite outfit is the glitter deer shirt with the fur vest and the plum pants…Love!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  12. Deborah wrote:

    Please unsubscribe me to your blog.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      Debbie, I CANNOT unsubscribe you. YOU have to do that yourself. At the bottom of the morning email there is an unsubscribe button. Click there to unsubscribe.

      Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  13. Loryl wrote:

    My fav is the cashmere top. Love the soft colors and plunder necklace! Have fun with your family. Us “gurls” can survive a few days without your expertise!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  14. Connie k. wrote:

    ENJOY your family. Thanks for taking time to blog . love the over size cashmere top.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  15. Donna wrote:

    My favorite is the velvet cropped blazer….You look like you could conquer the world ?!!!!!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  16. FunkyForty wrote:

    Enjoy the time with your family – all your outfits are great fun and you always look very well put together!

    xx Yvonne

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
    • Kelley Livingston wrote:

      Hello! Can you please tell us the names of overstock stores you often refer to? Thank you!

      Posted 12.28.16 Reply
      • Tania wrote:

        There is a couple of stores in our town that purchases returns and overstock merchandise from QVC. You just never know what they will have at any given time.

        Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  17. Nancy wrote:

    Just enjoy these days!

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
  18. Caroline wrote:

    All great outfits but I think the faux fur vest one is my favourite. I agree with you the colour of the sweater does pop, it looks amazing on you. Your wooden watch looks great too.

    Posted 12.28.16 Reply
    • Tania wrote:

      The Jord watch is certainly a stunning piece.

      Posted 12.28.16 Reply
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