Decorating for Christmas

DSC_0015_2The big “S” has been replaced, at least for a little while. I originally made the S for my son’s wedding this past July. Since it was not meant to be used but for one day, I made it from a damaged piece of paneling we had at work. However, after the wedding, I decided to hang it, and it has grown to be one of my favorite decorations. The paneling is too flimsy though, so while I have my Christmas decorations up, I am going to remake it in a stronger piece of plywood. I am not so sure that a drunken snowman is the best replacement though. He looks a little creepy peeking over my shoulder. Lol!DSC_0015This has been a warm fall so far this year. I can’t believe that it is already December. It was in the 60’s today, so I took advantage of the nice weather, and wore a 3/4 sleeve cardigan. This cardigan is probably 4 or 5 years old, and it falls into the category of, “An oldie, but a goodie”. It must of had a tag that irritated me, because I have cut it out. I know I purchased it at the OVC outlet, but a lot of good that does. DSC_0002You can’t tell from the pictures, but this top has ruffles around the neck and down the front. I tried to highlight so that you could see, but that just washed out the photo. So, you will just have to take my word for it. The reason I even mention this, is to tell you why I wore a short necklace instead of a longer one. This necklace was made by one of my talented friends, Glamour Works. She makes all kinds of Sabika “style” necklaces and bracelets. I am not a big fan of this style, but I have bought a few things.DSC_0011I just like showing off my new manicure, haha. OPI’s Muir on the Wall is the color. And of course, the Michael Kor’s watch looks good with almost everything. The bracelet is just a link bracelet that I bought at TJ Maxx a while back. Here is a similar one.DSC_0012I own several really nice purses, but this is not one of them. Haha  It actually came from a Van Heusen outlet store. I only bought this one because of the color. Here is a similar one. The leopard shoes are from Cato’s and I bought them last year. Here is a really nice pair by Sam Edelman. I didn’t know if I would wear the leopard print, so I didn’t want to spend a lot on a pair till I knew for sure. DSC_0014The mid-rise skinny jeans are from Old Navy. I like the dark color, they elongate my legs. At least that is what Stacey and Clinton used to say.DSC_0005So what do you think about the drunken snowman? Does he stay, or do I need to find something else?

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    1. Thank you so much, Jo-Lynne!

  1. Oh yes, keep the snowman, he looks kinda dopey. I really like your yellow cardi – it’s something I would wear again and again too. And I have shoes like yours too. I’m an over 50’s blogger who heartily agrees with your title 50 is not old, in the least! Keep on blogging – you look fab x
    Anna’s Island Style

    1. Thanks Anna. I’ll check your blog out????

  2. Hi Tania!
    Wow, you look so pretty! The fact that you think you need to lose weight is crazy to me! You are so slim and this outfit, which is gorgeous, shows it!!
    I LOVE your sweater, the yellow is so pretty and flattering on you 🙂

    1. Tania, you are always so encouraging:)

    1. Debbie, I really like you!!!

  3. You look great. Your outfit is very well put together and the snowman should stay!

    1. Thanks Sandy. It looks like the snowman is a keeper!

  4. It looks like you are way ahead with the Christmas decorating! I really would like it to cool down so we could wear our sweaters and scarves knowing we wouldn’t be sweating because of the temperature. Had a wonderful compliment at Bible study this morning—a lady told me I was the best dressed woman at the Bible study. She checks me out every week. Well, that’s not the emphasis but it sure makes a girl feel great. So from one fashionista to another, thanks for more inspiration to be creative.

    1. Awww, I love that story. We all should remember how a simple compliment affects others. I appreciate you taking the time to comment on my blog. I look forward to everyone’s thoughts☺️☺️☺️

  5. You look great! I love the outfit. I know you cut the tag from your sweater, but I would bet it’s from Isaac Mizrahi. It is very pretty on you. How lucky are you to live near a QVC outlet. That would be dangerous for me, hehe.

    1. That’s who I thought it was from, Lori. So, more than likely we are correct. Two heads are better than one!????

  6. Love the sweater! The snowman is definitely vintage and should stay.

  7. I normally wear the same nail color, but I switched up this last manicure for a bright red for Christmas! I can’t remember the name of it, but I know it’s not Rio Red.

    1. Normally I go bright red for Christmas also. Last year it was red with white polka dots????

  8. One of my favorite looks! Keep the snowman. 🙂

  9. Went to Cato in Lake Havasu, Az for my first time this Saturday!!! Loved it!! Bought a cute sweatshirt…will be back!????????????

  10. Ha Ha You are so funny Tania. Love, love the sweater, so cute. I would not have called him a drunken snowman, but now that you mention it…..I think he looks “vintage.”!!!!

  11. Patsy Holland says:

    I love everything about this outfit! You look fabulous. ps: snowman is cute

    1. Thanks Patsy! I’ll pass that along to the snowman????