50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40Spring was in the air yesterday! It was so nice to see the sun and it made me want to do something fun. I had to work this Monday, those pesky employees insist upon getting paid. Lol! So, I kept looking out my window and longing to go outside. Finally, I got to run to the bank and post office and I soon found out that looks can be deceiving. It looked warm but it was actually very chilly.  50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40I “fessed” up to Joe that I put him on the blog yesterday with his cookie story. He looked very confused and asked me, “what cookie story?” I told him that I had told you gurls about his fortune cookie incident. You should have seen his face! LOL!!!! He said that from now on that I have to get his permission before I can put him on the blog. Ask me if that is going to happen. 50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40Today is day two of my dress series. This olive color dress is by Z Supply and I bought it last fall. This is a sleeveless tank top style dress so I added the cardigan for warmth. I have a couple items by Z Supply and they have all washed up nicely and the ones I have have been very soft. That might just be because I am feeling of the clothing as I shop and I tend to pick soft items. Olive is a color that I have never really been that fond of but it seems to be around a lot here lately so I decided to at least give it a try. I am still on the fence about the color on me, I think it would look better on someone darker complected or with dark hair.

50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40I have on my Trixie earrings today with the dangling light green drops. The earrings are in antique gold and they have a filigree design. The Gabbie necklace has similar matching beads as the Trixie earrings. This was a very popular necklace last year and it looks like it will still be popular this year also. The faux ivory designed flower and the leather tassel makes the necklace a home run. 50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40The two bracelets match the necklace and earrings. One is the Rosa and it has a copper cross attached and the other is the Clementine and it is an elastic bracelet with a monogram charm and a small tassel. I noticed that Plunder has added a new category called Plundermania. The jewelry in that category is 20% off so have fun shopping. 50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40This is the first time that I have worn these shoes. They are by Sole Society and I bought them last fall. They were extremely cheap (5.00) because they were missing one of the laces that tied the back of the shoe. I bought them and then went to a shoe store and bought a pair of thin brown laces and replaced both of the laces. Problem solved and I have a beautiful pair of shoes for 5.00!!! They are on sale, (just hit the highlighted link to be directed to that sale,)but they are a little more than 5.00. Lol!

50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40When I first put on the dress I had in my mind to wear these cute booties. However, when I looked at the photo I quickly changed my mind. They just looked too heavy for the look. The color doesn’t look bad with the dress color but they just don’t look right. What do you gurls think? Did I make the right choice with the strappy sandals or would you have kept on the booties? The cardigan is by Veveret and I bought it at a local boutique last fall. The muted colors and the stripes are what I liked about the cardigan. I bought it specifically to go with this dress but I can wear it with other things as well.

50 IS NOT OLD | OLIVE IS A NEUTRAL | FASHION OVER 40I haven’t posted about Rodan + Fields on here is a LONG time. I have been having small withdrawals. So, today I had to break over a give you a real quick post.

STOP 🛑 overthinking the opportunity!!! I joined R+F for purely vain reasons, I wanted to look better and the best price possible. There, I said it, I wanted the discount! 😱I NEVER intended to “work” the business but I am so thankful that my friends kept asking me what I was doing and why I was glowing. 🌟 I realized that I had just been selfish and hoarding the products for myself. 😲

Now, I also want to share the OPPORTUNITY to you as well as the products. The business has changed everything!!!
Personal Growth 
Trips and Rewards 
Did I Mention Discounts 
And so much more! Quit overthinking this! Quit coming up with all the reasons why you shouldn’t partner with me and just take a chance. I am sooooo thankful 🙏 that I did!!!

I really appreciate all of the shares and the pins of my outfits that you have been doing. PLEASE continue to do that, you won’t believe the difference it has made in my number of visitors to my blog.

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  1. Well, my computer must be off, because the dress is totally NOT olive, but grey. It is beautiful with your violet and grey cardigan and the outfit totally sets off your “violet” eyes. Hahaha. Couldn’t be a better color combination for you!

    • Tania Reply

      It looked gray on my computer also but it is Olive. The dress that I show in the picture links is the same dress but in gray.

  2. I guess I’m not the only one. I thought the dress was more of a gray color also. The shoes were cute. I don’t know if I could do that heel.

    • Tania Reply

      I tried to alter the color on the computer to show the dress’s true color but when I did then I ended up looking like an Ailen. 👽

  3. lovely, your warm weather is making me wish I could wear my summer dresses! so cute and effortless.

  4. LOL.. My computer is showing grey as well. I went back twice to see if I needed new glasses.. The outfit looks great on you. I like both pairs of shoes with it.

  5. Tracy Iredale Reply

    I recently signed up for your blog after seeing you on pinterest and thought there is a adorable southern girl! I love, love, love seeing what your wearing everyday, i did notice in todays pics at your cute little shoes – you need a little moisturizer on your heels. just trying to save you from one girl to another – i also occasionaly have issues i wish someone would tell me about – like when you blow your nose – lol. I just want you to know that you are amazing and i would love to see your closet. you are the only blog i have stayed with. keep up the good work, and keep blogging on sundays – I love it! Have a great day!

    • Tania Reply

      Tracy, that makes me laugh because I noticed it also. I just got back from having a pedicure last week but they didn’t address my heels. I guess it is time for me to get out my microdermabrasion paste jar and go to work.

  6. Traci Fuller Reply

    Definitely the sandals! That dress doesn’t photograph as olive. I thought it was gray as well. Love the cardigan!

  7. My iPad is showing the outfit in grey. I love the color on you and I would stick to the scrappy heels.

  8. Good call on sandals!!! Dress was showing gray for me as well..cardigan adds color, and the jewelry is perfect!!! You look great!!!

  9. Sondra Koons Reply

    Man, I sure thought that dress was grey…at least that’s the way it comes across on my iPad. 🤪Either I’m going color blind or the colors just aren’t coming across as they should. LOVE the scrappy sandals the best with this outfit. Polishes it off perfectly. 👍🏻

  10. Good Morning Tania! It is raining up here in Michigan- so I said to myself, let’s go see what Tania is up to today. True to form-you are a day brightener, with your Spring colors! The colors in your dress are so pretty together. I think I vote for the sandal type shoes to go with the Spring look.

  11. Tina Murphey Reply

    Ok, am I colored blind or is this another one of those dresses that look two different colors depending on who is looking at it? I see a lilac dress with lilac, coral, and white stripes. Tania, have I gone crazy? LOL! I think I need to visit the eye doctor…AGAIN! 🙂

    • Tania Reply

      😂🤣😁 I think I am going to start posting items and just saying they are a different color to mess with you gurls. Lol!!!

    • Tina Murphey Reply

      Well, either way, Lilac, Grey, or Olive, the outfit is beautiful and it looks great on you! I do love the shoes and who can beat a great looking pair of shoes for $5.00.

  12. Alicia Giess Reply

    Your legs look awesome in those shoes!! Beautiful outfit.

  13. I like most of the girls here…the dress looks gray so it’s hard to picture your cardigan with an olive dress..LOL. Your shoes are very interesting today, lucky you to try something new and different for a price of $5. I like the sandals better then the booties with the outfit!

  14. Love the outfit! I love the booties, but the strappy sandals look best with the outfit. They make your legs look awesome as well. 🙂 You look great!

  15. Tania
    I cant to read your blog every day. You have really inspired me to work on my look and have given me many ideas.
    I have such a hard time putting outfits together. I just WISH the cloths you wear were available for purchase. I appreciate your suggestions but its not the same.
    Not giving up hope.

    Mary Ann

  16. Hi. Love this look. Especially the heels. They are gorgeous and do look better with the dress since it’s more of a lightweight, spring look. Wish I had that cardigan too. 🤙 Today. (The dress doesn’t look olive in picture more grey) but just the lighting or camera I guess.

  17. Those shoes!!!! How lucky you were to get them for only 5 bucks!!! Whatever color your outfit is today, it’s beautiful! Wish my hair would fluff like yours…maybe one day R+F will introduce a hair care line. That would be fabulous! Have a great day!

  18. That dress looks gray with lavender undertones on my computer. How strange. Are the dark stripes on the cardigan olive? Agree that the boots are too heavy for the dress. I must say I like the dress in the gray purple shades. I am sure it is just as lovely in the olive shades.

    • Tania Reply

      The stripes on the cardigan were the same color as the dress.

  19. Robin Staley Reply

    sorry, I don’t see olive anywhere except for maybe the shoes

    • Tania Reply

      I’ll have to take a picture of the dress with my phone and see if I can make it show up Olive. Lol!

  20. Love the shoes! Altho I can’t wear high heels any more, they always made me feel pretty & sexy. Your olive/gray outfit is really cute. Tell Joe we love to hear about him–especially the funny stories!

    • Tania Reply

      He said that I just “threw him under the bus” and make fun of him. Yep, I don’t see a problem with that! Lol!!!

  21. Olive is the BEST colour on me. I am blonde and fair but I have greenish haxel eyes and olive makes them greener.

  22. Olive is my new favorite color, paired with rise gold. My new spring favorite. I’m a new follower and I love your sense of style. Shoes are my thing and I love Sole Society. Especially with a great deal like yours. Looking forward to seeing your new creation tomorrow. Happy Spring

  23. DEBRA COLE Reply

    Absolutely love the dress & the cardigan is too die for!!

  24. I think taking one with your phone would prove it’s either gray or olive. What color was the sweater? And don’t tell me it was olive.

  25. Your dress looks grey on my computer and my phone. LOL! I love this look and I really like your shoes. This is a great look on you.

  26. I’m a little behind in reading my posts, but I will catch up. I like the sandals, too. For another look, you could use a grosgrain ribbon in place of the shoe lace!

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