50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40My daughter slipped in for a visit the other day. I heard the door open, and I thought that Joe had forgotten something. So, I walked back into the kitchen and was shocked to see my girl smiling back at me. Lol! Don’t you love sweet surprises like that? She is only staying a few days; she has decided to stay with my parents for a while down in Tennessee. I have lots of family members there, so she is constantly going and doing something with some of them. 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40She went with me today for a photo session and played my assistant. It was the first time that I have tried to coordinate a session where I style 4 or 5 outfits and have the pictures taken. Ashleigh had to help me get everything together and get changed. A Mexican restaurant in town was my changing room of choice. Lol! The waiters just looked at us funny as we walked through with a couple of outfits and shoes and went into the bathroom. After the 4th wardrobe change, they quit even paying me any attention. Lol! I should have styled the last outfit with the huge sombrero that they pass around for peoples birthdays. Hahaha! 50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40This plaid tank top shift dress is one that I picked up when I was in Atlanta visiting my sister a couple of weeks ago. Ashleigh and I went shopping, and we found a little store that was going out of business. We wandered in, and I wandered back out with several items, including this dress. I love the classic plaid pattern of the dress, and I thought it would look great with a shirt under it or worn with a cardigan or jacket.

50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40This cure Jane necklace is one that I bought when I first started with Plunder Design jewelry. I thought that the pearls would show up great against the red nicely. Unfortunately, the Jane necklace is now out of stock, and I have no idea if they will restock it any time soon. The Gentry earrings are in stock! I love these large pearl hoop earrings; they have become a favorite of mine.
50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 4050 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40Want to change things up? Then add an ivory cardigan and the Italy necklace and the Delaney earrings. I like seeing if I can wear an item in several different ways. It extends my wardrobe when I can wear something in the fall and also in the spring.50 IS NOT OLD | WEARING A SHIFT DRESS WITH KNEE BOOTS | FASHION OVER 40 Maybe you saw my post about the NEWEST product that just launched from Rodan + FIelds. It is called Spotless, and it is formulated specially for teens and young adults to address acne. It has already proved to be a big hit since no one wants to see their child suffer from acne when there is a solution. I use my own spotless regimen, but mine is called Reverse. Lol! It is the regimen that is responsible for me becoming a consultant. It removed “spots” from my face, and it has “lightened” my stubborn ones to the point that you probably can’t see them. The remaining spots might be stubborn, but I am even MORE stubborn. If I used this regimen all the time, then the spots might already be gone. I don’t use it in the summer at all, and I only use it 2 or 3 times a week in the winter. If you are interested in getting Spotless for your loved one, or if you are interested in trying my spotless regimen, Reverse, message me or go to my website here.

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  1. I enjoy seeing you style the same outfit for colder & warmer weather and hope that you will do that more often on your blog, especially as we transition from winter to spring. I always look forward to a new post each day.

    • Tania Reply

      I am glad to know that you enjoy the transition looks. I will try to do more of them.

  2. Like the look of the beige sweater & boots. Wondering what your footwear choice was with the ivory sweater?

    • Tania Reply

      I had a pair of ivory espadrilles, but the boots had made indentions in my ankles so I didn’t show that. Lol!

    • Tania Reply

      There is a lot of competition in the clothing industry, so it is hard for little stores to compete, especially since so many people order online now.

    • Tania Reply

      I don’t think that she is going to return. She had talked about working there again this summer, but I think that she is “over the bears.” lol!

  3. Tania, you are just so darn cute! Your creativity and sweet spirit always make me smile!!!

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