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Summer Tops and Dresses That Are Bright And Colorful

Bright colors and prints make me happy. You can see it on my face when I wear something I like. Today’s post shows summer tops and dresses that are bright and colorful, and each one brings a smile to my face.

Unless I mention otherwise, everything fits in the size I’ve ordered. Each photo has the links underneath, including the size I’m wearing. I’m 5’6″ tall, weigh between 150-155, and usually wear a size 8 in bottoms and a medium/large in tops.

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Spring is known for floral prints and pastel clothing. I stumbled across this gorgeous Color Block Cropped Sweater Cardigan and couldn’t hit the “add to cart” button fast enough.

This cute short sleeve cardigan screams SPRING! It is so pretty and soft looking, and I thought it looked great with the pink tank tee.

The back of the cardigan is a beautiful shade of purple. This cardigan has so many colors that you can wear it with almost anything.

I chose to wear the cardigan with these wide-leg crop pants by Draper James. Wide-leg pants are the hottest trend in pants and jeans, so these will keep you modern and young looking. The fit of these crops is fantastic, and a size 10 is the perfect size for me.

I bet you were waiting for me to tell you about this Basket Crossbody Bag. Isn’t it adorable? I like the cinch bag closure, which keeps all your belongings from falling out. Plus, the embroidered flowers look feminine and perfect for spring.

Besides the fact that I should have ordered a large in the Elbow Sleeve Button Front Top, everything else about this outfit is perfect.

I’ve always loved cobalt blue! This top has a smocking detail at the neckline and sleeve hem, which helps to create a puff sleeve. The rayon fabric has a slight texture, and I’ll show you a close-up of that below.

We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so you will need a rain jacket. I really like the fabric on this rain jacket. It manages to feel soft while being coated to keep the rain at bay. I probably should have sized down to a medium since the sleeves are too long.

Here is a look at the back of the jacket so you can see the length.

I’ve never understood why some rain jackets don’t have a hood. Who wants their hair to get wet if it starts raining???

I bought these TOMS wedge sandals last year and still love them. The natural color is a perfect neutral that can be worn with anything. A wedge is the easiest of heels to walk in, and they also look great with dresses and shorts.

These two dresses are sooo beautiful! I love the vibrant colors of both dresses.

I think this might be my Mother’s Day dress this year. Mother’s Day falls on my birthday this year, and this looks like a good celebration dress. We usually go to a Mother’s Day brunch, and since the venue can be cool, I’ll probably add a blazer like this one for warmth. I’ll need to reorder this dress since the large is a little big on me.

This Carryall Tote Bag is an excellent size for carrying all your essentials. It has a shoulder strap that can be removed, and chain link handles that look a smidge dressier. I love that the tote has divided compartments so that your items don’t get jumbled together.

The bright sun lightened the colors in the dress, but this up-close look gives you a better idea of its actual color.

I’m looking ahead to summer and thinking of how hot the summer sun can be. A sleeveless dress is perfect because it is cool, but it can be layered with a lightweight cardigan if I want to cover my arms.

This gorgeous Fuchsia Smocked Neck Dress hits me right below the knee. It has an elastic waist and a small tie belt; however, you could easily add your own belt for a different look.

It features a small flutter sleeve and smocking at the neckline.

The Carryall Tote Bag looks excellent with this dress, also. Here is a better view of the quilted design of the bag and the chain straps.

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  1. SharptopLady says:

    I have a question. You wrote under the photo that you are wearing a large. Then later you said you were wearing a medium and that it didn’t fit. Which size are you wearing in the photo medium or large? I am similar in size, and I have to order online. It is a beautiful dress for a summer wedding.

    1. I was wearing a large and I needed a medium.

  2. Candy Alberts says:

    Good afternoon, love, love those two flowered dresses. Like the material on the blue & yellow flowered one. Cute sweater and beautiful blue color top/blouse. Thanks for posting such cute items.

  3. I found Fresca several months ago. It makes a nice refreshing low carb Paloma cocktail.

  4. My husband and I love Fresca! Joe is not alone.

  5. Fresca used to come in a silver can (maybe it still does).
    Once, when I was in college, I passed a police officer at 2:00 a.m. at a light while drinking a Fresca. Then I got on the Interstate. A couple of minutes later I was pulled over for expired registration. The officer kept flashing his flashlight at my drink holder after he stopped me. I finally caught on and showed him the can (I also had to tell him what Fresca was…) after he had me get out and join him behind the car to admire my expired registration sticker (on the license plate then) he let me go.
    To this day I think he thought he saw a beer can as the light shined off that Fresca as I passed him. Pretty sure they don’t make a habit of pulling folks over at that time of night for expired registration….

  6. MaryCarol says:

    This post should boost the sales for Fresca!!

  7. MaryCarol says:

    Love the cute printed rain jacket on you.

    Yes, I remember Fresca from years ago. I can’t drink anything with caffeine at night but I bet Fresca would be okay. Do you know if it has caffeine?

    1. I’m not sure, but I don’t think so.

  8. Dottie W. says:

    I haven’t heard of Fresca in years and I’m 71! We would go to Florida every year at Christmas and I always had Fresca while I was there. This brought back happy memories for me!

  9. Amazon has Fresca–who knew?? 🙂

  10. Joni Charron says:

    A friend brought some Fresca over during the holidays to add to her vodka! Yummy. They also sell a canned vodka and Fresca drink at the liquor stores. I hadn’t drank any in 20 years until she brought it over and I like it! Kroger has it by us (in Georgia).

  11. As a sister of a Type 1 diabetic in the ’60’s, we always had Tab and Fresca in the house! And our dad was a grapefruit fanatic. 😊

  12. Theresa Q says:

    I was recently reintroduced to Fresca after nearly 45 years! I’m with Joe, I absolutely LOVE it. I don’t remember it tasting this good in my teens but was waaaay better than Tab and is now better than most diet sodas! My new addiction !

  13. L Wilkinson says:

    I’ve loved Fresca since my post- TAB drinking days! I treat myself to one a month! Now they even make cans of Fresca with vodka and/or tequila but I haven’t ran across them yet. Not sure about those 😉

  14. Marilyn Byrnside says:

    Isn’t it aggravating how sizes are different from brand to brand, and even item to item. If I order my usual size L, I need a M, and vice versa. I now have store credits from 2 online stores, where I have bought and returned items several times – started out with a Christmas gift for my husband. I’m so tired of losing money to postage! I’m going to try to order some household items now to use them up.

  15. Fresca! I didn’t realize it was still around! I remember it as a kid back in the 60’s and 70’s but after that it seemed to disappear here in the Northeast anyway. Love the short sleeve cardigan sweater your styling. And I can see spring is in full swing there. Your photos look so beautiful with the blooming trees in the background.

  16. Tania, you don’t remember Fresca from years ago? It was one of the original diet drinks (along with Tab, which I never liked). Now you’re making me want to go find some! And I had no idea there were flavors other than the original.

  17. Deanna Sourk says:

    Love anything Draper James, love the Tomm Wedges, and we love Fresca but they took our favorite off the market – the lemon lime. I guess coca cola is taking it off the market. So bummed. Because it was sugar free and 0 calories.
    Oh and love the rain jacket! I need it for my cruise to norway where we will get rain.

  18. You look lovely, and the clip-dot tiered maxi dress is perfect on you, it will be wonderful for Mother’s Day/Birthday!

  19. Linda Burniski says:

    Awhile back you did a post about dressing simple and classy. Would love to see another.

  20. Diana VanWinkle says:

    I love Diet Fresca! And it makes a great mixer if you enjoy cocktails!

  21. Sarah Warfied says:

    A big yes to Fresca! Love the rain jacket!

  22. Colleen Cavalieri says:

    I LOVE Fresca too! I drink it with vodka LOL Love that pastel sweater and have had my eye on it.

  23. The cobalt blue top is so vibrant and beautiful! It looks great with the white pants.
    I was a Fresca fan in college. Now I want to try it again and see if I still like it. Thanks Joe!!

  24. Tania – you’ll have to tell your husband – in my area (Upstate NY) we have a drink popular in the summer at the golf clubs and such called “A Wedge” – it’s Fresca, Vodka, and Orange Juice…it’s really refreshing (and dangerous, as it doesn’t taste alcoholic, lol)!

    1. That sounds like one I need to try.

  25. Sue Weston says:

    Our house is obsessed with Fresca. I recently found the peach and black-berry flavor online. The grapefruit flavor is readily available in our city.
    Love the yellow dress–great length for tall gals! Wish it came in other colors.

  26. Jeanine Kesey says:

    I love Fresca too! The original is grapefruit flavored. It’s always available here in Texas but I remember my mother drinking it when I was a girl in California. There are different flavors of Fresca that I can buy here. I love the two dresses but the maxi dress is beautiful on you!

  27. I forgot to mention- my favorite is the raincoat!

  28. Fresca! They still make it?!? lol Thanks for the smiles, Tania! I love Kohl’s – always good selections and great prices. On another note, what do you think of platform sneakers? I am hoping I’m not too old for them… Have a blessed day!

    1. I like them if they aren’t heavy. You are NOT too old!

  29. You look great in all of these pretty colors! I fell in love with fresca soda after visiting Cancun. They made us a paloma with tequila and it was a favorite. We are lucky to find it at Walmart here in CA.

  30. The dresses are so cute! Going to get the fuchsia one for my DIL’s baby shower!

  31. I live close to Palm Springs. We have Fresca readily available in the grocery stores. I have not seen it at restaurants though. It’s a perfect summer drink.

  32. I love Fresca too! I rediscovered it about a year ago when a coworker brought some to work. I have stopped drinking soft drinks since I found Fresca. I drink water too but sometimes you just need a little more flavor!

  33. I remember drinking Fresca years ago. I laughed reading all the replies about Fresca and not many about your beautiful dresses! 🤣😉

  34. Christine says:

    I am a Fresca drinker too! I love thé Draper James brand from Kohls. The dresses look adorable on you!

  35. Tania, Fresca is big in Europe, I think-time to take Joe to another continent!

  36. I bought the black dress from Walmart and LOVE it. Who knew….

  37. We love Fresca! Seems like it’s more available in the summer. Our favorite beach drink!

  38. Love the Fresca – Joe story. I had a boss that would drink a six pack of Fresca’s everyday (a while back LOL).

    Love the Fuschia smocked dress.


  39. Sheilah Brock says:

    I love Fresca and it makes a wonderful cockktail called a Frescaloma with Taquila. lol

  40. I love Fresca……drink it often….especially in the summer…it’s so refreshing. Luckily, my neighborhood grocery store always carries it.

  41. Love Fresca. Grew up drinking that and also Tab. I actually have some of the small cans of Fresca in my fridge right now. One of those is just enough to get my fix if I am craving a soda in the afternoon.

  42. Martha Davis says:

    Fresca is sold at the local Walmart where I live in NC. I drink it every now and then. I make sure it is really cold. Love the bright colors 💕

  43. Yes, like Fresca! Can buy it here in Iowa! Drink it plain or as a mixer!
    Like the rain coat,too!

  44. For a refreshing summertime adult beverage, mix Fresca with any orange-flavored rum and serve over ice!

  45. Lisa Franzen says:

    I love Fresca! They have two flavors citrus and peach. The peach is my favorite! It is hard to find, but worth the search!!!

    1. Sue Weston says:

      I recently found it at Amazon on-line.

  46. Beautiful dresses for spring, I also like the color blocked sweater. Thank you for sharing.

  47. Fresca lover here!! Drank Fresca and Tab all through college, which was 40 yrs ago. I can’t find Tab anymore, but I buy Fresca regularly. It’s so refreshing! However, I’m not a soda snob, I also love Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Dr. Pepper……etc. LOL.

    1. Lol! His next choice is Det Coke, but I’m a Dr. Pepper lover.

  48. Dorothy Graham Campbell says:

    I love Fresca too, Tania! I grew up in the Caribbean, where the “lighter” sodas such as Fresca, 7-Up and Fanta were far more popular than Coke!

    1. We used to own a condo at North Myrtle Beach. Our grandkids went there to stay a week and found the Fresca. They LOVED it and drank every bottle we had. We they come to visit, I always make sure to have some on hand.