3 days of BOGO Half Off —— that’s cheaper than consultant pricing! Each day I am adding a new incentive and these are ONLY available through me! This is not a Rodan + Fields promotion. Purchases MUST be made as a Preferred Customer. (New or Existing) Please make each purchase on separate orders. Order the first one and then place the one separately that will be half off on the second order. There is no shipping so the costs will be the same but this helps me keep up with the discounts and also to get more PC orders. I will send you a check for the 1/2 off next week after all the promotions are over.

Thursday, March 29 BOGO

Friday, March 30 BOGO                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Active Hydration Serum

Saturday, March 31 BOGO

Lip Serum

Lip serum just got re-vamped!!! I got mine in today and have already tried it. It feels thicker and richer and has a slight minty smell. Here is what the email said that told me about the new, improved serum.

This popular product features new moisturizing ingredients, including Shea butter, to complement the Vitamin E and Peptides in the formula you know and love to target the appearance of lip lines and wrinkles. Customers will enjoy the richer, velvety smooth formula and the instant cooling and soothing sensation of the ingredients at work. We’ve even perfected the capsules so they’re easy to open.

Regimen Specials

Also, Rodan + Fields currently has SEVERAL specials for you to take advantage of. All these specials are priced at 20% off the price when purchased separately at retail. They specials at this time are:

  • Regimen + Lash Boost
  • Regimen AMP It Up Special

Don’t forget, Rodan + Fields offers a 60-day MONEY BACK guarantee, empty bottles, no questions asked return policy because they are so sure you will love their products!!!

What is a Preferred Customer?

To qualify for a PC purchase to get 10% off PLUS free shipping an order must be at least $80.00. There is a one-time sign-on fee of 19.95 but with most cases, you start saving money on the first order. At the first of each month, I send out an email to every PC that I have scheduled to have a replenishment shipment. I tell you the date of the shipment and the directions on how to edit your cart to change the products and also how to delay the cart if you do not need anything that month. Corporate will also send out a reminder email 5 days before your order is scheduled. There is NO reason for you to ever have to make a purchase you don’t need.

How to Place Order and Become A PC

Go to my website, and take the Solutions Tool if you are unsure what product(s) that you might need. Then hit the SHOP button. All the products will show up under each Regimen tab. Lash Boost and Active Hydration Serum can be found under the Enhancements tab. The Body Moisturizer lotion and the Sunless Tanner can be found under the Essentials tab. You pick out your items and then go to checkout. Once there you will be prompted to login, become a Preferred Customer, or purchase as Retail. Sign up to become a PC and then continue your checkout procedure with your shipping and billing information. You will be on your way to the best skin of your life!!!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any problems or have any questions. Email me at