My R+F Journey

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Have you heard about Rodan + Fields? When I became a consultant it was a company that I had NEVER heard about. I didn’t know that there were real people behind those names. I just knew that I had tried a skincare regimen and for the first time in my 56 years I had found something that really worked! I didn’t ask questions, I just became a consultant in order to be able to buy the products at the best price possible.

Let me back up for a minute and tell you how this all happened. I had been watching my friend post on Facebook about some skincare that she was using and now selling. I was curious but since she was selling it I figured that she had to say that it was good but I didn’t really know if I believed her. A couple months went by and another one of my friends posted her before and after since she had been using Rodan + Fields. BUT, she was not a consultant and was not selling the products. She was just happy with her results and she wanted everyone to see them. I immediately called my friend that was a consultant and said order me the Reverse regimen. I don’t want to order it, the last thing that I need is my husband to see that I am adding another skincare line to the growing mess in my bathroom closet.

I never took off my makeup at night but that didn’t mean that I didn’t know that I should. I just couldn’t get in the habit of washing off all the gunk every night. I had tried many, many times to get in the habit. I signed as a consultant for Beauti-Control because I loved their eyeshadows and blush. Since they also had a skincare line I decided to buy all of the products because I could buy them at cost. I did not see results so I soon quit using them. A friend of mine had a daughter that sold another well-known skincare line and she needed to reach a certain quota of sales. She really didn’t want to sell the products so she let all of us have the products at cost so that she could meet her quota. Once again, I bought all of their skincare products and tried and tried to get in the habit of taking care of my skin. But, just like before, I didn’t see results and soon ended up quitting. You can see why I was not very confident that I would see results. You can see why I didn’t want my husband to see that I was buying more products.

I started my Reverse regimen and within 2 weeks I thought I could see my sunspots getting lighter. But, was I just “wanting” them to be lighter? Was this really working? It was enough to keep me using the products. There was NO doubt that the products were working for me. I went around feeling of my face for the first month because I had never had soft skin before. I called my friend and asked her if there was a discount on the products if I became a consultant. I wanted to know the sign-on cost and if there was a minimum sales quota that I had to meet. I took the leap into the skincare industry only for the personal discounts. I even told my friend that I was NEVER going to sell the products. I am shy, I hate asking people to buy from me. I get my feelings hurt easily.

I am a self-proclaimed worker bee. I am the woman you want to call when you have a fund-raiser that you need a volunteer to work. I am the one you call when you need to set up an event. I am the one you want to call when you need food made to bring to the bake sales. BUT, don’t ask me to sell ANYTHING! When my children had to sell candles at school, we bought them all. Candy bars were sold by other children but ours went in the freezer because I would never sell anything. No Girl Scout Cookies, no popcorn, no, no, no!!! I am NOT a salesman!

Here is what I hadn’t counted on……the blog readers noticed that my face was “GLOWING!” I started getting comments,
What are you doing differently?” “Have you changed the lighting?” “Have you changed your makeup?” I think that I must be slow because I didn’t know what they were talking about. I hadn’t changed anything. I was wearing the same makeup. I was using the very same camera and taking my pictures at the same time of the day in the very same spot. What were they talking about???? THEN, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I had changed my skincare routine! They could “see” the difference!!! Holy Moley! This stuff was working to the point that people were starting to notice!!!

No, I wasn’t a salesman but I was selfish. I was so afraid to “sell” these products that I hadn’t even thought to “share” these products. I loved them and I intended to continue using them. I could see the difference they were making in my skin but I never shared my discovery. I was afraid that I would be judged as a salesman.

So, I have become a Sharesman instead. I share my love of the products and I share my love of the business. My biggest hope would be that you could experience the joy that I have found with these products and this company.